Thursday, 2014-04-17

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elightwchrisj_: nothing else on
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wchrisj_elight Sorry! Nothing strikes me as inappropriate here - I like the overall approach. I think we can merge this and then see how it plays out in Storage and Cpmpute; we can tweak as necessary.18:34
elightwchrisj_: *nod* Also my thinking. SD, among other pieces, is sitll very much in flux depending upon our needs as we implement the services.18:35
wchrisj_makes sense elight18:36
wchrisj_want me to merge it?18:36
wchrisj_elight ^^18:36
elightwchrisj_: That’d be nice. Looks like it will have to be merged on the cmd line though…18:36
wchrisj_Ahh, I suspect it just needs to be refreshed from master18:37
elightLemme see if it needs a rebase18:38
wchrisj_I'll tackle if you like18:38
wchrisj_I merged a lot of fixes yesterday18:38
wchrisj_prob he issue18:38
elightwchrisj_: Heh. That was a double rebase18:46
elightwchrisj_: Looks good to go now. Tests pass.18:46
ycombinatormfer: saw your email reply; thanks19:02
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terrylhoweIs the general plan *not* to use mock of the Python SDK?19:58
edleafeterrylhowe: I don't think so. I think mock is excellent for unit testing20:03
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dtroyerterrylhowe: I'm using it for everything above Session/Transport.   I didn't use it there due to the problems of mocking superclasses20:20
terrylhoweI goofing around with some session ideas everyone is bound to hate.  Going to use mock.20:21
dtroyerthere you go setting expectations low so we'll all be pleasantly surprised later… ;)20:22
terrylhowetwo SDK approvals in one day, things are going crazy around here20:44
edleafeterrylhowe: Ha! I just got back from PyCon, and am catching up on all the emails I ignored for the past week.20:45
dtroyersounds like PyCon is even longer than OSDS…except there are two of those per year20:49
edleafedtroyer: well, I took a couple of extra days to enjoy Montreal with my woman  ;-)20:50
dtroyercoolness…  I'm hoping to do exactly that in Paris next fall20:51
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