Friday, 2014-04-18

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terrylhowe Python SDK session layer02:37
terrylhowelet the hate flow through you :)02:37
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briancurtinsweet, dtroyer's OSC/sdk accepted for Tuesday May 13 - 4:40-5:20
dtroyerIt looks like they want to push all client-related stuff into two blocks…we'll need to figure out how to split it up15:22
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elightwchrisj krames: Can we get this much merged?
elight(1) I’ll be at RailsConf next week. (2) I’m concerned that the spec changes may be needed in master now because of the SD changes.  Tests passed in master for me earlier but, now, I don’t see how. ;-)17:06
elightOh never mind I do17:07
elightMaster was still requiring identity_vX which it shouldn’t.17:07
elightAnyway, this is a decent point to merge even though it’s incomplete.17:07
elightBetter than having a long running branch, IMO17:07
wchrisjelight np17:14
wchrisjelight - sorry wa unresponsive - didnt see the messages17:14
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mferanyone want to take a look a the PHP change
mferit's for PSR-217:46
* mfer is looking and noticing the other php folks are not around17:46
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