Wednesday, 2014-04-16

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wchrisjelight So we are meeting in 65 mins?13:54
elightwchrisj: Yes. I’ve had it on my calendar14:12
wchrisjSorry - miscommuniction on this end - just making sure we were clear.14:12
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mhagedornelight, wchrisj OSC Hangout
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mferPHP SDK meeting in #openstack-meeting-3 in 2 minutes15:28
elightwchrisj mhagedorn krames:
elightwchrisj mhagedorn: identity map pattern:
mferin 2 minutes i'll end the meeting. leaving it open until then16:28
ycombinatormfer, wrong channel :)16:31
ycombinatorglenc ended it in the other one16:31
mferi saw that16:31
mferand i noticed glen did it16:31
mferbefore i could pipe up another meeting started16:31
mferthanks glenc16:31
mferjamie_h does your json schema setup work for arrays being imported as well as json files?16:32
jamie_hmfer right now it handles strings (either file paths or json_decoded data) or file resources16:33
jamie_hfor remote schemas, we could use a stream wrapper or something16:33
mferjamie_h for opcode caching is would be nice if we could represent json as a php data structure. we'd save on a constant parsing step16:34
jamie_hmfer sure, definitely something to think about16:34
jamie_hCan we discuss at a later date? I'm on vacation in a Prague cafe right now, and the wifi is not great :P16:34
mferjamie_h sorry. thanks for coming. hit me up when you get back. thanks again and have fun!16:35
samchoijamie_h: what are you doing here then!16:35
samchoijamie_h: I certainly wouldn't get on irc during vacation :)16:35
jamie_hsamchoi ha! I'm asking myself the same question16:35
jamie_hCatch everyone later16:35
ycombinatormfer: like bugs, is it possible to know which blueprints are actively being worked on?16:37
mferycombinator blueprints have assigned names and states16:38
mfersome of those states are set by a bug and tied to reviews if marked int he commit messages16:38
mferif i say in a commit message a blueprint or bug is implements/fixed or partially so the bot will update the blueprint/bug16:39
mferycombinator for example, see
mferin the whiteboard the gerrit urls were added by the bot16:40
ycombinatorso in the meetings, when we go over bugs and blueprints, do we only consider blueprints in "started" state?16:40
wchrisjelight krames mhagedorn - merge complete16:40
ycombinatorI'm asking because I'm working on but I don't know how to get it into started state16:40
mferycombinator i think it depends on what were talking about. if we're talking about things that need to be discussed before work starts then that will happen.16:41
mferycombinator if you're logged in you can choose the edit icon nest to implementation16:41
elightwchrisj: Ok. Time to face the music and rebase my branches...16:41
mferthat will let you set state16:41
ycombinatorah, implementation16:41
mferycombinator blueprints are not obvious.16:41
mferi'm not even sure how i stumbled on soem of this16:42
mferon the bright side, there is a long term plan to replace launchpad for this stuff16:43
mferit's under active development16:43
mferso, things will hopefully get better16:43
ycombinatorI have some questions about the user guide - what's the best place to discuss them? put them on a wiki page? send email to openstack-dev with [php sdk] tag? or here?16:43
mferycombinator two things. if you send stuff to the list i'd suggest the project name [openstack-sdk-php].16:44
mferycombinator you can do either or. i'll be around here all afternoon. if you have questions i can likely try to respond in short order here.16:44
mferit's up to you16:44
ycombinatorokay, thanks16:45
mferycombinator i'll be around and can chat until 5pm ET today.16:46
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elightthis rebase ow ow ow17:08
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elightwchrisj mhagedorn krames: we should standardize on yard ( docs for our code comments17:32
krameshavent we already?17:32
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kramesmaybe I am thinking of fog itself17:33
elightkrames: Not inside openstackcore17:33
wchrisjelight  krames Find by me17:34
elightironically, written by one of our counterparts, I believe, at AWS: Loren Segal.17:35
elightLong before he was at Amazon ;-)17:35
elightwchrisj mhagedorn krames: Ready for review and merge unless there are more concerns:
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wchrisjelight pr#22 merged18:29
elightAh! Hahaha.18:30
elightAnd here I was just starting to look at base_provider_path18:30
elightOk so THAT will be a new PR then.  That’s fine, actually.18:30
elightwchrisj: we need to get better about cleaning up branches post-PR18:32
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elightwchrisj mhagedorn krames: Do we really *care* about validating services in ServiceDiscovery?  If the service can’t be required, is that not enough?18:34
elightJust so long as failures to require result in a useful error message, I think18:35
elightThat’d probably be adequate18:35
elightAnd it’s less work all around18:35
wchrisjelight - As a matter of habit, we should be deleting a branch after merge, no?18:36
elightwchrisj: +118:36
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wchrisjelight krames - branches cleaned up18:39
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elightwchrisj:     ServiceDiscovery.register_provder('openstackcommon', 'fog/openstackcommon/services')18:40
elightwchrisj: And for any other provider under OSC as well18:40
elightSo Rackspace or HP18:40
elightHmm… I’m not even sure we need the first arg18:41
elightreally may only need that path...18:41
elightWhich would mean we could do it once so in the core.rb for each provider.18:41
elightAnd the ServiceDiscovery could just use that.  ‘identity’, ‘storage’ et al just drives which file name to look for.18:42
elightand the presence or absence of such becomes our “validation” as well.  Failure to require is a useful error message.18:42
elightMy head hurts. I haven’t taken enough breaks today… >.<18:43
wchrisjyou've been doing some good work tho ;-)18:50
wchrisjelight ^^18:50
elight<3 now let me get a screenshot of that to send to mgmt....18:50
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dtroyerterrylhowe: would you mind if I fixed up some of the formatting in ?  I've been doing those as the code is touched for other reasons, and since I've left it for so long already…19:33
terrylhoweSounds good dtroyer19:36
terrylhowethat one always reminds me wouldn't it be nice if find was a method of resource19:37
dtroyerI see things like this as a breakdown in the resource-first model.  What kind of resource do you have to find of all you really have is a filter of some sort?19:39
dtroyerterrylhowe: ok, double check me on that review20:00
terrylhoweLooks good dtroyer20:03
dtroyercool, thanks for letting me do that.  I'll sleep better tonight. ;)20:04
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