Tuesday, 2014-03-18

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wchrisjelight: krames: Am I crazy, or did we talk about the *new* fog openstack provider living in the fog account as a separate repo? Or did we say it would be in the same reppo as fog?15:14
elightwchrisj: We talked about it living in its own repo until it’s ready to go live15:15
elightwchrisj: And then it would go into the fog repo15:15
wchrisjahh, ok15:15
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krameswchrisj I finished reviewing your pr16:40
elightAnd I’m done as well16:58
wchrisj_elight: krames: Cool - thanks guys. I'm fighting with some specs atm; will let you know when I am done so you can take a final pass thru it and merge.17:18
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Alex_GaynorFYI: I'm going to propose removing us from projects.txt so we aren't impacted by the global-requirements freeze at this point in our development.17:48
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jnollerAlex_Gaynor: +118:06
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* mfer wonders where all the phpers are at this afternoon18:14
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briancurtinFYI: python-openstacksdk meeting in 5 minutes over in #openstack-meeting-318:55
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jamielennoxdtroyer: so i want to grab a minute to figure out how we expose auth plugin options to the world20:02
wchrisj_jamielennox: let's try and connect on a hangout sometime20:03
wchrisj_meeting ATM20:03
jamielennoxwchrisj_: sure20:04
dtroyerjamielennox: sure…I'm free after meeting day ends (2 more hours) until bedtime if that works for you20:04
jamielennoxdtroyer: it's only just gone 6am - i'll be here a while yet20:04
jamielennoxlet me know when you're available20:05
jamielennox(i have a few meetings left as well today)20:05
shaunakhey samchoi, do you have a gmail address I could use for the hangout?20:06
samchoishaunak: samfchoi@gmail.com20:07
samchoithanks for organizing the meeting20:07
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elightwchrisj_: don't suppose we can push our OSC meeting back one day this week?20:23
wchrisj_lemme check20:23
wchrisj_elight: Same time on Thursday?20:36
elightwchrisj_: works for me!20:37
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samchoishaunak: Out of curiosity, are you in the Bay Area? You had mentioned you're also in the west coast.21:09
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shaunaksamchoi: yes, I am - san jose21:55
shaunaksamchoi: where on the west coast are you?21:56
samchoishaunak: I'm based out of the Sunnyvale office21:56
shaunakoh cool21:56
shaunakwe should get coffee sometime21:57
samchoigreat, always good to have more people in the same time zone :)21:57
samchoisure, are you working remotely?21:57
shaunakwork from home most of the time21:58
samchoiyea same, I'm in the east bay so it saves quite a lot of time not commuting each day...21:59
samchoiall freeways leading to silicon valley seem to be getting worse21:59
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wchrisjjamielennox: How does your day look tomorrow - I have a free afternoon22:32
jamielennoxwchrisj: so i'm in brisbane which is UTC+10 - is now + 1 hour ok?22:33
wchrisjBrisbane, Australia? is it 8:35pm your time currently?22:35
wchrisjjamielennox: ^^22:36
jamielennoxwchrisj: yes, but 8:35am22:36
wchrisjaha, ok22:36
jamielennoxi can do a bit earlier the following day but i know i won't be around till 9 tomorrow22:37
wchrisjthat will be fine.22:37
wchrisjlet's try for that, and use the next day as a fallback in case something comes up22:38
jamielennoxwchrisj: sure22:38
wchrisjdo you have a gmail address?22:38
jamielennoxwchrisj: anything particular you're looking to discuss?22:38
jamielennoxwchrisj: jamielennox@22:38
wchrisjI ws thinking we could discuss the code you referred me to22:39
wchrisjgiven the discussion earlier today, I'd like to get some of your ideas further along if I can22:39
jamielennoxwchrisj: yep, that's fine22:39
wchrisjI'd like to get behind them if that makes sense once we talk22:39
wchrisjwill send you an invite.22:40

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