Wednesday, 2014-03-19

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shaunak@mfer @samchoi @jamie_h php sdk meeting starting in 5 min at
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jamie_hshaunak mfer samchoi - sorry, my mac had a meltdown16:14
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wchrisjkrames: yo17:48
krameshey Chris17:49
wchrisjhey,got a sec?17:49
wchrisjquestion about the underlying model implementation in fog-core; I might have stumbled onto a bug17:49
wchrisjin user.rb, we use this to update a user:17:50
wchrisjservice.update_user(, attributes)17:50
wchrisjhowever, with the attr_accessor in play:17:51
wchrisjattr_accessor :name, :tenant_id, :password, :email, :enabled17:51
wchrisjif you call "attributes", it always returns just the id paam17:51
wchrisjnothing else17:51
wchrisjif I comment out the attr_accessor, it returns ALL the attributes17:51
wchrisjwhat's going on? seems backwards17:52
wchrisjor am I missing something?17:52
kramesI bet the attr_accessor line is overriding the methods generated by the attribute line17:52
kramesyou should only use attr_accessor for transient data17:52
krameseverything that might be coming from the service should use attribute17:53
wchrisjanything we can do to prevent this from hanging up someone else?17:53
wchrisjI just wasted 1+ hours debugging this17:54
wchrisjvery innocuous17:54
kramesaside from trying to overload attr_accessor17:54
kramesto check to see if those methods have been declared already17:54
wchrisjahh - in the underlying model itself?17:54
kramesnot crazy about that though17:55
kramesbecause it could cause problems for code outside of fog17:55
kramesdo you think better docs would have helped?17:55
wchrisjmaybe a generator for a model?17:56
wchrisjwith gotchas like this documented INSIDE the output17:56
kramesI was thinking about that too18:04
kramesI think generators were one of the topics for the summit18:05
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wchrisjkrames: I just finished all of my spec updates - would you mind merging that PR?18:34
wchrisjelight: OK by you?18:35
elightwchrisj: The PR we just reviewed? Lemme double check real fast.18:35
wchrisjelight: you DID mention moving this repo to fog account, right?18:37
elightwchrisj: Indeed, to the fog org18:37
wchrisjnow is prob a good time to do that before we open this new PR18:38
elightwchrisj: Good to go18:41
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wchrisjthanks elight:18:56
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mfershaunak are you using this handle instead now?20:22
terrylhoweaka ycombinator20:33
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wchrisjelight: krames:
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