Monday, 2014-03-17

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wchrisjelight: krames: Check this out:
krameswchrisj nice!!!16:02
wchrisjthat page is still in development, but fog is getting the nod as the "official" ruby sdk effort of OpenStack16:02
wchrisjSo I need to rework/rename the page I added last week; unfortunately it gives the impression that OpenStack has a dedicate ruby effort, which isnt really true. It's a different sort of project.16:04
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wchrisjElight: krames: I'd like to take a few minutes during our midweek meeting to discuss what needs to go on the wiki page and the wording, so everyone has a hand in it.16:26
wchrisjmhagedorn: ^^16:26
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wchrisjelight: krames: how close do you think we are to merging this PR?17:02
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wchrisjelight: krames: Not rushing you guys - just anxious to get this next PR completed so we can rock and roll on Compute and Storage!17:27
wchrisjkrames: elight: back in a bit - errand17:27
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elightwchrisj: will review further once my trainer is done kicking my ass.17:38
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wchrisjelight: lol - have fun!18:22
elightwchrisj: inhaling lunch. Will finish review soon!18:23
wchrisjelight: as one who recently lost 35 lbs, it's definitely worth it!18:23
wchrisjgood for you18:24
elight+1. Almost 40 pounds down now.18:24
wchrisjelight: SWEET! Now that's an accomplishment...18:25
elightwchrisj: thanks. Long way to go yet though! But progress is heartening18:25
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wchrisjelight: krames: Do you guys run code metrics on your projects/code on a regular basis?18:58
elightNo. Just CI on fog for now. And we should.18:59
wchrisjelight: I just ran metric_fu - really interesting; btw - I haven't been doing this consistently either, but think we should19:00
krameswchrisj have you seen this?
elightBut we ought to get our other projects under CodeClimate. Though Fog is the largest.19:02
elightAnd the messiest by far19:02
elight2.89 sounds about right….19:02
wchrisjkrames: I have heard of it, but not seen much19:04
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wchrisjelight: in tenants and users, we return self in cases of create and update; do you think both should return true instead of self? e may need to refactor a bit if create/update differ in the response...19:28
elightwchrisj: I *believe* so19:29
wchrisjok - I'll change across the board for now19:29
wchrisjelight: AR returns the created object on success19:34
wchrisjfor reference...19:34
elightwchrisj: That method behaves very differently than the #create method in the Fog models19:35
elightwchrisj: ActiveRecord #create takes hash args, news an object, then saves it19:35
elightwchrisj: In this case, #create is being called on an instance of an object. It’s already been new’d.19:36
elightwchrisj: So “create” isn’t analogous. The create in Fog is more like ‘save a new record’19:36
wchrisjelight: ahh, I see the distinction. This deserves some discussion later19:36
elightIt’s not really “create”. Or not analogous to Rails.19:37
wchrisjour current approach leaves a bit to be desired... ;-)19:37
elightHeh. Yes.19:37
wchrisjok for now19:37
wchrisjHowever, we are going to do a LOT of refactoring, and I'd like to nail down and document the approach we agree on. This could be much cleaner.19:38
elightwchrisj: Use the TNG repos wiki to track this?19:39
elightwchrisj: Or, wait, the TNG repos issues19:39
wchrisjI'll open a ticket19:39
wchrisjelight: On my part, I need to grok what we get automatically from the base collection and model classes, even if they might change later.19:41
wchrisjelight: krames: do either of you have a hard opinion on leaving/ripping out the find methods within the collections in the immediate term? I renamed them to "get_" but will kill them if you prefer...20:27
elightLeaning toward kill20:28
wchrisjok, we can revisit once we settle on the overall aproach20:28
wchrisjworks for me20:28
kramessounds good20:28
wchrisjelight: krames: so do we wantto kill the "get" methods too? any fiind-ish type of method?20:30
wchrisjkill that too?20:30
wchrisjthe get actually populates from the service20:30
wchrisjall of the related methods-> find_*, get_*, etc.20:32
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