Wednesday, 2014-03-12

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Guest8106mfer hey, how shall we handle the discussion points on the tech requirements page?14:27
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jamiehannafordnickname went for some reason...14:31
jamiehannafordmfer how shall we handle the discussion points on the tech requirements page?14:31
mferjamiehannaford can we punt on that conversation until tomorrow?14:33
mfermy morning is filled with fun. the kind of fun career managers like.14:34
* mfer hopes you note the sarcasm in that14:34
jamiehannafordmfer ha, sure :P14:34
mferi'm not a manager or career manager14:34
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kc5tjaCurious -- did anyone join looking for Gophercloud 0.1 related information yesterday or earlier today?18:26
mferkc5tja sorry to say i wasn't paying attention to know if anyone did18:27
kc5tjaNo worries.  I just announced Gophercloud 0.1 yesterday, and got one reshare on Twitter and it's been crickets since then.  Heh.18:27
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dtroyeryou're one RT ahead of the last OpenStackClient release ;)18:47
kc5tjasharwell__: Ahh, that reminds me, I have a bug report to submit for GoWorks.  Or two.  Where can I do so?18:57
sharwell__for now, email me. i'm working on getting either a public issue tracker or changing the license to LGPL18:59
sharwell__curious, were you successful in getting it loaded for your project?19:00
kc5tjaI can launch it from the command-line OK, if that is what you mean.19:02
kc5tjaI opened my Go project OK.19:02
kc5tjaBut, not sure how to invoke gofmt or run my tests with it.19:03
sharwell__Cool. I believe Alt+Shift+F runs gofmt on the current selection, or the entire file if you don't have anything selected. It's the Format Source command avaliable in one of the menus (in case the key binding is different on your system)19:05
sharwell__Eventually I want it to run gofmt on the current block when you type }19:06
sharwell__which really shouldn't be that difficult when you consider I already have both brace matching and the ability to run gofmt on just a part of a file already19:06
kc5tjaAs long as the gofmt block includes the }, that would actually solve one of the bugs I plan on reporting.  :)19:08
sharwell__Are you able to see this:
sharwell__Cool, report away!19:14
kc5tjaWill do.  Except some reports tomorrow.  Today is going to be pretty packed for me with other things.  :/19:14
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mferor anyone else who wants to review PHP changes19:56
* mfer is starting to change all the things19:56
kc5tjaWhy do when you can over-do?  :)19:57
mferkc5tja greenfield is always fun. moving things that have lots of passing tests to a new format is faster for me because I keep the coverage19:58
mferi'm hoping to have the same functionality coverage with a changed api in a couple weeks19:58
mferas i write i execute tests a lot20:01
mferkeeps me honest20:01
* kc5tja nods -- I use a tool called reflex ( to invoke go test every time I change any .go files. It's quite nice.20:04
terrylhoweslowpoke here, where is the python openstack sdk page in launchpad?20:23
mferkc5tja nice. i'll need to take a look into that20:24
terrylhowethanks dabo I was searching on the wrong keywords looks like20:36
mferanyone have philosophies on loosly v tightly coupled systems?20:52
* mfer is in the loose coupling based on interfaces camp20:52
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terrylhoweloosely is more testable20:54
sharwell__properly understood and applied, loose coupling allows for increased long-term maintainability of large software systems. its biggest downside is people tend to overlook that you don't get there automatically - there are still caveats that must be understood in order to prevent the entire system from failing20:55
mferi'm a loose coupler but i had a couple conversations this week that, when i stepped into code, i realized what they meant included tight coupling20:58
mferso, i was looking for some thoughts here because I don't like ticket coupling20:58
mferi like interfaces, loose coupling, and waiting until the last second to make any decisions20:59
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