Tuesday, 2014-03-11

jamielennoxwchrisj: how's it going00:13
jamielennoxsorry i haven't been around much00:13
wchrisjme neither ;-)00:19
wchrisjhave been looking at your code00:19
wchrisjjamielennox: What TZ are you in?00:22
jamielennoxyea, not convenient for most of these discussions00:22
jamielennoxat a quick look back through the conversation (and there is too much to go far) don't try to anticipate all the auth mechanisms00:25
jamielennoxthere are lots coming00:25
jamielennoxeg https://review.openstack.org/#/c/77977/00:25
wchrisjOur initial focus is v2 auth00:26
jamielennoxand there is a kerberos one there somewhere too00:26
jamielennoxcan i suggest just stealing the auth plugins from keystoneclient?00:26
jamielennoxone of the things i've tried to do is allow for the possibility that auth will have nothing to do with keystone00:27
wchrisjThe current discussion is for the ruby client00:27
wchrisjthis isnt python00:27
jamielennoxthat if a company had an auth mechanism in place then they could do a plugin and an auth_token replacement and bypass keystone completely00:27
jamielennoxah, well same thing applies00:27
wchrisjthere you go00:27
jamielennoxthat's why i've namespaced the plugins to keystoneclient.auth.identity.X00:28
jamielennoxhttps://review.openstack.org/#/c/79474/ is an example of one that doesn't live in the identity namespace because it doesn't know anything about the service catalog etc00:28
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wchrisjbriancurtin: Do you think it makes sense to add a brief agenda item to the meeting today re: the Atlanta Design Summit in May? I think it would be good to gauge interest in getting sdk folks together sometime during that event...13:38
briancurtinwchrisj: seems fine to me, i'll add it13:40
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Alex_GaynorReminder that we have a meeting in 5 minutes in #openstack-meeting-317:55
wchrisjelight: Are you able to see the gist I sent you?17:57
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jnollerI hate trying to remember meeting bot commands18:01
jnollerpython-openstacksdk in openstack-meeting-318:01
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jnollerDaylight savings time followed by a quick shift to SFO time; hilarious18:09
jnollerSorry all18:10
jnollermfer: should we look at moving it to 1800 utc?18:17
mferjnoller i think we are fine either way18:18
jnollersorry for my confusion18:18
jnollerdaylight savings plus flying from texas into sfo in one quick succession has fried me18:18
jamielennoxjnoller: no, will clash with the keystone meeting happening now18:19
jamielennox(though i've no idea if it became more or less convenient for people with DST)18:19
jnollerI have no idea: I do what the calendar tells me to18:21
jnoller... when my laptop is actually on the right timezone18:21
wchrisjjnoller: EXACTLY.18:27
elightwchrisj: Yes. Could you rename with .rb extension? No syntax highlighting.18:35
wchrisjelight: sure - sorry18:35
wchrisjelight: done18:35
elightmuch better thanks18:39
elightwchrisj: I haven’t looked at the API docs for Identity yet. Later versions of Keystone’s API offer different resources?18:47
elightwchrisj: “Discovery” is essentially a Factory for services by version, yes? Seems reasonable to extract it if only because it doesn’t really belong within Identity or necessarily any single service.18:49
elightwchrisj: Though Fog itself seems to encourage putting many things together in a single class that really ought to be spilt apart. Hence the summit.18:49
wchrisjkeystone v2 and v3 differ dramatically18:50
wchrisjelight: ^^18:50
wchrisjelight: discovery initially would be useful here, but I cold see it as a general purpose discovery service acors all services and as a consequence, pulled out, yes18:51
elightwchrisj: I’d like to avoid more metaprogramming though if at all possible.18:51
wchrisjthat's what the python crowd are shooting for as well18:51
wchrisjwhat metaprogramming?18:51
elightwchrisj: Wes really went to town with that in Fog.18:51
wchrisjahhh - AGREED, THUMBSUP !!!!18:52
elighthttps://gist.github.com/wchrisjohnson/5243c222504f7fab3572#file-osc-versioning-approach-rb-L24 and L2518:52
elightThere was more in the “Authenticator” class.18:52
wchrisjelight: there are lots of great ways to handle models for example, without all the magic...18:52
wchrisjalight: but for the sake of versioning, that meta gives you lots o bang for the buck; any of Wes's choices were based in learning ruby18:53
wchrisjthe adapter approach is a solid engineering pattern.18:54
wchrisjDont throw the baby out with the bathwater ;-)18:54
elightwchrisj: Some comments on gist18:56
elightwchrisj: Also, krames and I started this page (https://github.com/fog/fog/wiki/Fog-Summit-Questions) on the fog wiki.18:56
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elightwchrisj: Yes but we could also just pass the authenticator as a parameter to Fog::Identity.new18:57
elightwchrisj: That adheres to the “fog way” (as perverse as it is)18:57
elightwchrisj: Until we can begin to change the fog way at the summit––I hope.18:57
mhagedorneight... in the options hash? yes?18:57
wchrisjelight: so how to handle the differences between v2 and v3 requests, models, etc. all mixd into the same class?18:58
elightwchrisj: No, I agree. Because of v2 and v3 differences, we still need separate Services.18:58
elightSo…. there’s that. ;-)18:59
wchrisjsorry to do this, but I need to jump into a python sdks meeting...19:00
wchrisjelight: ^^19:01
wchrisjback in a bit19:01
elightwchrisj: I didn’t know you were working on both. ;-)19:01
mhagedorneight.. wchrisj cloned himself19:01
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mhagedornwhich is confusing for his family19:02
wchrisjnot as much on the python side atm... although am pushing to pick up the pace ;-)19:02
elightmhagedorn wchrisj: So that gist invalidates a lot of what is currently here? https://github.com/fog-openstack-tng/fog_openstack_tng/blob/master/lib/fog/openstackcommon/identity.rb19:03
mhagedorneight.. came late (obviously) to this conversation.. which gist?19:04
mhagedornsorry make that elight19:05
mhagedorn(stupid spell correct)19:05
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wchrisjelight: yes. I mentioned yesterday that we had DRYed up the code, but had not refactored hardly at all, other than handling multiple auth versions. I have been working on getting specs written against requests and models and had not gotten back to the refactoring until now.19:20
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elightwchrisj: Heh. There aren’t enough conventions in fog–hence summit. https://github.com/fog/fog-core/issues/22#issuecomment-3703151819:35
wchrisjelight: yep19:36
elightwchrisj: Strongly recommend capturing some of these ideas in the wiki. We’re going to want an agenda for the summit otherwise the 9 of us are going to be all over the place.19:37
elightwchrisj: for convenience: https://github.com/fog/fog/wiki/Fog-Summit-Questions19:37
elightwchrisj: You have commit bit on fog, yes?19:37
wchrisjelight: not that I'm aware of - can you arrange that?19:37
elightwchrisj: Haven’t had a PR accepted?  That’s been Wes’ policy AFAIK for giving commit privs.19:38
elightwchrisj: Mike has.19:38
wchrisjelight: yep - can get a commit together on fog-core... easy19:38
elightwchrisj: I can’t give commit privs on fog19:39
wchrisjelight: np19:39
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mferwchrisj elight i think mhagedorn has that19:45
elightmfer: Yes, he does19:46
elightOr should19:46
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wchrisjelight: mfer: he does19:46
mhagedornmy name is being used in vain again... what am I supposed to have?19:47
mhagedornApple Newton PDAs? yes19:48
mferdolphm Ruby is happening in Fog, PHP, Go, and .NET are also happening in stackforge19:55
mferthe projects exist and folks are trying to get some code written for them19:55
mferor modified to meed what we've talked about as requirements19:55
dolphmmfer: cool - what are those efforts able to share?20:00
sharwell___dolphm: certain high-level strategies regarding approaching the service catalog in a vendor-neutral manner are fairly easy to share20:01
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mferdolphm https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/SDK-Development, https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpenStack-SDK-PHP, https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpenStack-SDK-Go20:03
mferthat's some top level stuff20:03
mferwe've been talking that the service discovery mechanism is something we can really share20:04
wchrisjmfer: did we say that someone (me) should add a page out there for Ruby as well?20:04
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Alex_Gaynordolphm: I've moved the docs changes over to https://review.openstack.org/#/c/79753/ I'll rebase the other patch on top of master once it's merged because I'm not too good with git20:20
dolphmAlex_Gaynor: you've got both changes in the same branch on your local machine?20:21
Alex_Gaynordolphm: no, seperate branches20:21
dolphmAlex_Gaynor: and each commit has a distinct change-id?20:21
dolphmAlex_Gaynor: then you should be able to git-review them both in parallel20:22
Alex_Gaynordolphm: yeah I am, just saying that until the docs stuff is merged, that content in the diff will be on teh other branch20:22
Alex_Gaynor(I guess I can also roll it back, let me do that)20:22
Alex_Gaynortl;dr; ignore me :-)20:22
dolphmAlex_Gaynor: ah, i follow :) yeah, i'd just use git reset --soft HEAD~1 to uncommit and git checkout -p on your original patch to discard those changes, then recommit with the same change-id :)20:23
dolphmAlex_Gaynor: but there's 100 viable ways to do it with git, so use the one you're comfortable with!20:25
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dolphmfor non-integrated projects, are all pypi dependencies pulled directly from pypi instead of the mirror? or does it try the mirror first for those in global deps, and then fallback on pypi?20:33
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dtroyerI believe stackforge is the same thing as the rest of the OpenStack CI, ie, nothing comes from outside in the check/gate tests20:35
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Alex_GaynorI believe it's contingent on whether you're in teh list of projects in the requirements repo (we are)20:44
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