Thursday, 2014-03-13

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mfergood morning folks13:27
mferjamie_h got a few minutes to talk?13:27
jamie_hmfer sure13:28
mferanyone else who wants to talk PHP and free can jump in as well13:29
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wchrisjelight: Thanks for hosting the summit14:45
wchrisjelight: +1 on lunch out and about vs catered in14:46
elightwchrisj: I'm glad we have an office there. Dealing with hotels for this sort of thing is always more complicated than you'd expect.14:51
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ycombinatorhey mfer, jamie_h, any chance we could have the PHP hangouts a little later (maybe by an hour or two) so us west coast time laggards could also participate? :)15:07
mferycombinator yeah. we talked about just that15:07
mferycombinator i'm stuck in meeting hell and i wanted to try and get through a couple things15:07
ycombinatorare there any notes from your meeting today that I could review to catch myself up?15:08
mferjamie_h did you write down your notes somewhere?15:09
jamie_hmfer i'll put them on etherpad15:09
mferycombinator we'll have something for you and samchoi (the west coasters)15:09
ycombinatorthanks guys15:09
mferjamie_h thanks! i've been in meetings and have not had time to think about that yet15:09
* mfer thinks we need a bot in here that handles karma15:10
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wchrisjyo elight:16:50
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elightwchrisj: o hai18:45
wchrisjelight: nm, all good, just a ? about mocking - new to mocking in mt18:46
wchrisjworks now18:46
elightsorry. was between lunch, a train, and walking to where i’m at now18:48
kc5tjaHeh, my karma would not even register.  :)18:59
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kramesI just saw this page
kramesis openstack planing on a replacement for fog?20:17
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mhagedornkrames ...first I have seen20:22
mhagedornhowever it matches our exact goals20:23
kramesmhagedorn good to know I am not the only one20:24
elightwchrisj: see above? That’s going to be Fog::OSC eventually, I imagine.20:26
mhagedornyes elight20:26
wchrisjelight: I created that page yesterday ;-)20:27
elightwchrisj: that explains it20:27
mhagedorneight, krames, just added "Note that much effort is currently being invested in the Fog project in general and the OpenStack provider in particular around this topic."20:32
mhagedornso we got press now20:32
kramesmhagedorn excellent!! Thanks for adding that.20:33
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mferetoews_ did you read my file inline comments for
etoews_mfer: i did. and i thought i replied but apparently i just saved my replies as drafts. f'n gerrit. hold on. i'll try to publish them.21:00
mferetoews_ i don't see my comments inline either... so there is that21:01
etoews_wtf gerrit. my options are save, cancel, and discard.21:01
mferwhat was your comment about phpopencloud?21:02
etoews_maybe it's because the status is already merged.21:02
etoews_ya, i'll just copy it in here.21:02
etoews_It's the closest thing we have to an Official PHP SDK right now. I'm fully aware of the work being done on but it's a WIP. We don't want to fall into the trap of telling developers to wait for something that isn't ready yet. When the OpenStack-SDK-PHP is ready to go, we can put it here.21:02
mferetoews_ is there a reason phpopencloud was considered more official than or what's in zend?21:03
etoews_i wasn't even aware of HP Cloud PHP.21:04
etoews_i certainly understand your concern.21:05
mferwhen is the developers site set to go live?21:05
etoews_is there any sort of timeline on OpenStack-SDK-PHP?21:05
mferweeks to months21:05
mfermy hope is for something entirely usable this summer21:06
mferwithout api changes21:06
etoews_no firm date. but before the summit.21:06
etoews_you're talking about correct?21:06
mferif phpopencloud is going to be the tool for a few months at the most should it be up there or should some other note surround it?21:10
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etoews_mfer: i'll confess i'm not up to speed on what's going on with the php sdk development. do you mind if i confer with our php guys on this today or tomorrow when they're online and get back to you? i'm basically trying not to step on anyone's toes on either side of the fence. ;)21:19
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wchrisjelight: do you think changing the request layer to NOT return Excon objects is a bad thing? We would lose the excon status code ...22:21
wchrisjelight: too much of a breaking change, or too much contrary to "the fog way" atm?22:21
wchrisjelight: was trying to be consistent about what gets returned from the request layer...22:22
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