Wednesday, 2019-04-03

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openstackgerritzhurong proposed openstack/python-cyborgclient master: Change the service-type to accelerator
openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/python-cyborgclient master: fix service name in client
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Li_LiuHi guys03:01
Li_LiuSundar, you gonna run the meeting right?03:01
Sundar_Hi Li_liu, sure03:02
Sundar_#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:02
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Sundar_#topic Roll Call03:03
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xinranwanghi Li_Liu  Sundar_03:03
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:03
Sundar_#info Sundar03:03
Sundar_Hi xinranwang03:03
Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:03
Sundar_Let's wait a moment for others to join03:03
Yumeng#info Yumeng03:03
Yumenghi all03:04
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wangzhhHi all.03:04
yikun#info yikun03:04
wangzhh#info wangzhh03:04
Sundar_Hi everybody, let's get started03:04
Sundar_#topic Status03:04
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Sundar_It looks clean to me. Great job, everybody!03:05
Li_LiuWe should be cutting the RC2 within a couple of days03:05
Sundar_One question I have: What do we do with the patches with merge conflict, which will never really be merged?03:05
Li_Liuany hope on  ?03:05
Sundar_Li_Liu: We should do a bit more testing IMHO. We are working on a CI setup03:06
xinranwangSundar_:  my patches related to PoC will never get merged.03:07
Sundar_xinranwang: Do you agree on OPAE driver patch?03:07
xinranwangLi_Liu:  the current opae still has some bugs, we'd better wait for next release of OPAE03:07
Sundar_xinranwang: I think the origial idea for the non-mergeable patches was to share with the team. They can download it and refer.03:08
Li_Liuxinranwang, sure03:08
xinranwangSundar_:  yes03:09
Sundar_What do others think about these non-mergeable patches?03:09
Sundar_Li_Liu, wangzhh, Yumeng, yikun, anybody?03:11
Li_LiuWe can keep them there for reference for now03:11
Li_LiuMight need to find a cleaner way to back log them03:12
yikun+1, It's better merge thoese in next release for me03:12
Sundar_#agreed Leave the non-mergeable patches as they are, for now03:13
Sundar_Any other patch to discuss?03:13
Li_LiuI think we are good03:14
Li_LiuI will cut RC2 tomorrow03:14
Sundar_Yes, thanks Li_Liu.03:14
Sundar_#topic PTG preparation03:14
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Sundar_We need to fill the schedule03:14
Sundar_Some folks have asked for a demo03:15
Li_LiuCan Intel provide some infrastructure for the demo?03:15
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Sundar_I am preparing 2 demos -- was meant to be one, but will probably be 2 :)03:16
Coco_gaoHi all03:16
Coco_gao#info Coco_Gao03:16
Sundar_Hi Coco_gao03:17
Sundar_One is at the Intel booth, with a real-world app (genomics) + CYborg + Nova in upstreamable form. Probably no programming here.03:17
Li_Liuis it on-site server or off-site server?03:17
Sundar_Other is for the Nova folks. There have been several asks, and I am trying to show programming. But we don;t have full discovery03:17
yikunso this one including the e2e device attach demo? :)03:17
yikunI mean the 1st one03:18
Sundar_Nova folks want to see discovery but we have to say the Intel OPAE driver is WIP. I have some setup scripts to populate the Cyborg db and Placemen directly03:18
Sundar_yikun: First one also does not have discovery03:19
Li_Liudemo is always hacky :P03:19
Sundar_Li_Liu: on-site server : I'll either do a live demo or use a some video for backup03:19
Sundar_Yes, a few hacks but, IMHO, Nova's real interest should be in Cyborg APIs and how they get called03:20
Li_LiuI see03:20
Sundar_Internals of device discovery shouldn;t matter -- except that Cyborg should not conflict with PCI whitelist03:20
Sundar_Li_Liu: my question is, is it too late to get a room for the demo?03:21
Li_LiuWe can just pre-populate the DB as if the discovery is happening03:21
Li_Liuyou mean during the PTG or summit?03:21
yikunSundar_: agree, so the key is show cyborg api/client and the key interface of attachment.03:21
Li_LiuDo we need an extra room for thedemo?03:22
Li_LiuI thought each team should be getting a room and we can just use that03:22
Sundar_A room with a projector, which can potentially accommodate a large #people. ( I am thinking of the bw provider demo for Neutron at last PTG)03:23
Sundar_Li_Liu: Ok, does that room have a projector?03:24
Li_LiuAnother option is to show it during our project update session during summit03:24
Li_LiuI will ask them03:24
Sundar_I think Nova folks will have tons of questions03:24
Sundar_Would be good to do this at the PTG, drive discussion and closure03:24
yikunMaybe you could send a mail to ML, and arrange it in the beginning cyborg meeting/(or nova-cyborg meeting)03:25
Sundar_Li_Liu: Thanks03:25
zhipengPlease please use your phone to record it03:25
yikunif the demo video is available, and we can also send it to ML, and let the tons of question comes before PTG. :)03:26
Sundar_yikun, all: Yes, we need to set a time in consultation with Nova. May be Thursday or Friday, since many folks will not be there on Sat -- including yours truly.03:26
Sundar_On a related note, I am thinking of setting a cross-project with Ironic, because (a) Ironic deployments are going up, (b) people want accelerators in bare metal, and (b) this may a path to host K8s + accelerators on Cyborg03:27
Sundar_That would also require setting a specific time03:27
Sundar_Request to all of you: please fill out , so that we can estimate how much time each will take.03:28
Sundar_I'll stop here, and let you folks speak -- for a change :)03:29
Li_Liusure will do03:29
yikunSundar_: Note that 4.5 ~ 4.7 is china Chingming festival (So, Friday Sat Sun is vacation in China)03:29
Sundar_I see03:30
zhipengSundar_ big +1 on Ironic thought03:30
Sundar_zhipeng: :)03:31
zhipengI've tried to get this started a while ago (Julia was not convinced back then )03:31
Sundar_I spoke to Julia too a couple of times. I agree, it was a bit premature without getting Nova fully lined up03:32
zhipengKeep up the great work !03:33
Sundar_Another big thing coming up -- Intel PAC N3000
Sundar_I'd like to present it in tomorrow's Zoom call. This has *huge* interest from telcos, and also represents quite some changes for CYborg.03:34
Li_Liugreat, looking forward to it03:34
Sundar_I tried to fold this into our device model, but the details kept changing03:34
Coco_gaoSounds good.03:36
Coco_gaoWhat about the demo, do you need any help?03:36
Coco_gaoI think the discovery part may be functional, but not the nova interaction part.03:37
Coco_gaoCould you pls introduce you demo a little bit in tommorows meeting?03:37
Sundar_Coco_gao: Yes. I am about to make one more set of changes, including support for programming with v2 API. Please review the pilot branch patches after that!03:37
Sundar_Coco_gao: I need to merge the master with the feature branch, and then we can see what parts ork03:38
Sundar_Re. Intro the demo tomorrow, please give me some more time. Because only today I got permission to merge master onto the pilot.03:39
Coco_gaoThank you, take your time.03:40
zhipengThe glorious git rebase03:40
Sundar_I tried a rebase, and #infra folsk said no, I need to do a merge. I tried the merge and that failed, because I need permissions. Then I have to figure out how to get those permissions. Now that is done -- so onto the glorious merge :)03:42
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-cyborgclient master: fix service name in client
Coco_gaoaha, I see the gerrit information.03:43
Sundar_Any other topic on PTG preparation?03:43
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Sundar_#topic AoB03:44
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Sundar_Li_Liu, loking forward to the room info. All the best for the RC2 cut.03:45
Li_LiuI have sent the email to confirm03:46
Li_LiuWill let you know once they get back to me03:46
Sundar_Thanks, Li_Liu03:46
Sundar_Great job on Stein, and thanks everybody! Good day (or good night). Enjoy the Chingming festival!03:47
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wangzhhThx Sundar, Bye all.03:48
Coco_gaoThanks for all the efforts.03:48
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