Thursday, 2019-04-04

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ikuo_oHi there, I want to join cyborg PTG from Japan and preparing for it.05:55
ikuo_oDoes anybody know when the cyborg PTG will start and end? from 2nd to 4th May, all days?05:56
zhipengHey welcome !05:57
zhipengWe should have a etherpad you could check out05:57
zhipengikuo_o can you introduce yourself a little bit ?05:58
ikuo_ook, I am an engineer from NTT. We are researching on high performance server platform using accelerators like FPGAs.05:59
ikuo_owe tried to use cyborg to control intel FPGA last year, and showed demo at NTT R&D forum last November..06:00
ikuo_owe want to improve cyborg so that it become useful for network carriers.06:01
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ikuo_omaybe Sundar-san knows us. our colleague saw him at Berlin summit.06:03
ikuo_otetsuro_ is one of my colleague.06:04
ikuo_ois this the etherpad url?
ikuo_oi wrote my name at the attendance.06:07
zhipengAh yes06:07
zhipengJust found it lol06:07
zhipengSo from the schedule it looks like should be whole days, but discussion could end earlier for sure06:08
ikuo_oI see. it depends on the number of the topics to be added later, right?06:10
zhipengFrom past experience, yes06:11
ikuo_oThanks. I should add some topics to the etherpad.06:19
ikuo_oeg. checking FPGA contents for integrity, collecting FPGA resource usage for error handling.06:20
zhipengThat'd be awesome :)06:28
ikuo_owe don't have the exact solutions now, but I'm glad if we can discuss the problem and the way to solve it using cyborg for next release, at the PTG!06:33
zhipengNo solution required as always :)06:35
ikuo_oi see.06:36
ikuo_oI missed IRC meeting yesterday, so I want to attend on next Wednesday.06:36
zhipengYou can check out the logs06:38
ikuo_oThanks I will check it. is there any other platform where discussion held, like mailing lists?06:39
zhipengYes we use the common openstack-discuss mailing list06:42
zhipengYou can send email re anything with [cyborg]06:42
ikuo_ook I will subscribe to it and check logs.06:43
openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Bug-fix: attach_type or control path type should be majuscule.
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Update master for stable/stein
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rahul1231655_Hi All,08:59
rahul1231655_Is it possible, to install openstack stein release with other openstack components rocky release?08:59
rahul1231655_I mean, cyborg stein is compitable with other components's rocky release?09:00
rahul1231655_Please anyone give me a working cURL command for cyborg reprogramming? for cyborg rocky release?09:02
rahul1231655_Hi All, Is anyone here?  I need to ask some question09:41
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Bug-fix: attach_type or control path type should be majuscule.
ikuo_oHi, I have not been involved in stein development and don't have answer. I'm sorry.09:52
rahul1231655_Hi Ikuo, Can you please provide me working cURL command for cyborg reprogramming? for cyborg rocky release?09:59
rahul1231655_If you worked in rocky release09:59
ikuo_oI was also stuck in reprogramming FPGA in rocky release... Maybe the original rocky cord have to be changed to work properly.10:10
rahul1231655_Ok.. I was actually wondering regarding the proper cURL command to do FPGA reprogaramming for rocky release10:17
rahul1231655_I got a youtube video10:18
rahul1231655_If i go 10:10 min, there is a cURL..10:18
rahul1231655_But i am not sure, whether its a actual one or not10:18
ikuo_oI have not tried the curl command, and also want to know the right curl command, if any.10:33
ikuo_oI'm sorry I cannot help you, but you can ask at openstack-discuss mailing list with [cyborg].10:38
ikuo_oI think the reprogramming cord was incomplete at rocky release...10:39
rahul1231655_Can you please give me the mail id, where i can ask this question?10:57
rahul1231655_openstack-discuss mailing list with [cyborg].. I want to know the mail id for this10:57
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ikuo_oUnfortunately I don't have much information because I knew the mailing list today. zhipeng may know the id, who told me the mailing list.11:23
ikuo_oit is time for me to leave... see you!11:24
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