Wednesday, 2018-04-18

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openstackgerritwangqi proposed openstack/cyborg master: Drop py33 target in tox.ini
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zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg14:00
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zhipeng#topic Roll Call14:00
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zhipeng#info Howard14:01
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Li_Liu#info Li_Liu14:01
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Melissa_S#info Melissa Sussmann14:02
Helloway#info Helloway14:02
edleafe#info Ed Leafe14:03
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shaohe_feng_#info shaohe14:04
shaohe_feng_hi all14:04
zhipenghi shaohe :)14:05
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zhipengokey guys let's get into business14:07
zhipeng#topic MS1 preparation14:07
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zhipengplease be aware that this week is the MS1 freeze14:08
zhipengwhich means after this week we will not review any more proposals14:09
zhipengthere is another target for MS1 which is the community wide goal14:09
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zhipengwe've already land a patch on mutable configuration enablement14:10
zhipengbut I'm not sure about the mox/mox3 removal14:10
zhipenganyone volunteer to take a look ?14:10
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zhipengnova seems to be the only project working on that14:12
shaohe_feng_Does cyborg  use mox?14:12
zhipengi'm not sure14:12
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shaohe_feng_let me check it.14:12
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zhipengthx shaohe_feng_14:13
zhipengcheck our test files14:13
Guest18705#info Melissa - sorry I disconnected14:13
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: no mox found14:13
zhipengno worries melissa :)14:13
zhipengshaohe_feng_ oh great then :)14:14
zhipengwe've accomplished the community goal then14:14
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zhipeng#info this week is MS1 freeze for all spec proposal14:14
zhipeng#info should try to land those already heavily discussed patches14:15
zhipeng#topic bug report on storyboard14:17
*** openstack changes topic to "bug report on storyboard (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"14:17
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: just spec ready this week? no need for patches?14:18
zhipengshaohe_feng_ yes, we should try to land as many mature specs as possible this week14:19
jiapeido we have a link of spec?14:19
zhipengokey coming back to the bug report14:20
zhipengthe first one14:20
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: still can not work?14:22
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: how to reproduce it?14:22
zhipengi'm asking the author to join irc right now :)14:23
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: OK, mutil-host14:23
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: we does not try multi-host.14:23
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: got it.14:24
shaohe_feng_more details more easy to fix it.14:24
zhipengyes I was just saying that to the author14:26
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zhipengok I just reviewed kosamara's bug report14:27
zhipengi think it is related14:27
zhipengmaybe we should not have a enable_service cyborg14:27
zhipengsince there is no cyborg service14:27
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zhipenglet me re-paste kosamara's report14:27
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: enable cyborg plugin?14:28
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zhipengh[m]Hi! I was trying cyborg in devstack again. At some point devstack is checking if every service is running and 2 things related to cyborg occur:14:28
* zhipengh[m] sent a long message: zhipengh[m]_2018-04-18_14:29:28.txt <>14:29
zhipengGuest52678 we are reviewing another bug report14:30
zhipengwhich might be related to yours14:30
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: does the author enable cyborg plugin?14:30
zhipengshaohe_feng_ i don't think so14:30
shaohe_feng_zhipeng:!/story/2001827 the link just enable service.14:31
Li_LiuI remember Jinghan or someone provided a localrc file or something like that before14:31
Guest52678Hi .. Yes i have enabled cyborg services14:31
Guest52678But still it was failing14:31
shaohe_feng_it should enable both service and plugin14:32
zhipengI think another reason is my enable mutable config patch14:32
zhipengERROR cyborg TypeError: launch_service() got an unexpected keyword argument 'restart_method'14:32
Guest52678Hi Zhipeng, i got the same type of error msg14:32
zhipengi will take a look into that14:32
Guest52678like the link you provided14:33
zhipengGuest52678 yeah I probably know what triggers it lol14:33
zhipengGuest52678 the solution is three fold I guess: (1)remove cyborg from enable_service(2)add cyborg plugin in the enable_service(3) wait for my patch on the restart_method error14:35
zhipengthx for the bug report :)14:36
zhipengI would otherwise has no clue about the problem I introduced14:36
zhipengokey let's move on14:37
zhipeng#topic Rocky Critical Spec Review14:37
*** openstack changes topic to "Rocky Critical Spec Review (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"14:37
zhipengnow let's start from the mature ones14:37
zhipeng#info Sundar's sched spec14:38
zhipengshaohe_feng_ Li_Liu looks good to you guys ?14:38
zhipengedleafe sorry14:38
Li_LiuOverall looks good to me. But I think Jay's most recently comment still needs to be addressed14:40
Li_Liushouldn't be a big change14:41
zhipeng#info programming spec14:42
edleafezhipeng: sorry, on a call14:42
edleafezhipeng: I'll review it today14:42
zhipengedleafe no problem :) thx man14:42
zhipengGuest18705 are you around ?14:43
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zhipengI think you or chuck should help review the programming spec14:44
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: looks good to me.14:44
zhipengaltho Li_Liu should have more than enough exprience on Xilinx FPGA :)14:44
zhipengokey next14:46
zhipeng#info bitstream metadata standardization14:46
Li_Liuzhipeng: about the fpga reconfigure spec, should we put that in for R? or we wait for future?14:46
Li_LiuI mentioned in the community email last week14:46
zhipengLi_Liu I doubt we have enough bandwidth on that14:46
Li_Liuok, great14:46
zhipengdon't forget to reply to Jay's comment :)14:47
Li_LiuSure, but hope Sundar can provide some insights as well14:47
Li_Liufor Jay's comment I mean14:47
zhipengof course14:47
chucksongok, I will take a look at the programming spec14:48
zhipengI guess metadata still needs Sundar's further review14:48
zhipenghey thx chucksong14:48
zhipengalso the metadata one I just mentioned :)14:48
zhipeng#info quota spec still needs more work14:49
zhipeng#info will need Sundar to present on the new agent-driver api spec14:49
zhipengokey I think that was we could do for today14:49
zhipeng#topic other open patches14:50
*** openstack changes topic to "other open patches (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"14:50
zhipeng#info object/api implementation for vf/pf14:50
zhipengI think this looks great now14:50
zhipengshaohe_feng_ could you help workflow+1 it ?14:51
Li_Liugood to see this patch can be merged. Will have another follow up patch14:51
zhipengLi_Liu lol14:51
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: yes14:51
Li_Liushaohe_feng_ could you try the patch after it merged?14:51
shaohe_feng_Li_Liu: yes.14:52
shaohe_feng_will try14:53
zhipengokey gr8t14:53
zhipeng#topic AoB14:53
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"14:53
zhipengany other business ?14:53
shaohe_feng_what is AoB?14:54
Cocosame question for me14:54
zhipengany other business14:55
zhipengany other topics14:55
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: client?
zhipengLi_Liu just workflow+1 it :)14:56
Li_Liuthanks a lot :)14:56
zhipengi mean plz workflow+1 that patch14:57
zhipengnot just cr+2 :P14:57
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: will add openstackclient plugin and httpclient code later.14:57
zhipengsounds great shaohe14:57
Li_Liujust did14:57
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: maybe a example cmd. such as: cyborg accelerator list14:58
zhipengoh yes exactly14:59
zhipengbtw the first week of may I will be traveling to KubeCon EU15:03
zhipengand will socialize cyborg with the k8s community15:03
zhipengif you guys have any design ideas, plz feel free to share it15:03
zhipengat the moment I only had discussion with Sundar15:03
zhipengand looks like a CRD controller might be the patch15:04
shaohe_feng_EU, which country?15:04
Li_Liuinterested to see their reactions on Cyborg15:04
zhipengyes if we were to propose an incubation project something like kube-cyborg15:04
zhipengwould be a very intersting idea :P15:05
zhipenganyways, still two weeks away, feel free to chime in15:05
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: sounds good15:05
zhipengokey if no AoB15:06
zhipenglet's conclude the meeting todday15:06
zhipengthx everyone for participating15:06
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Cyborg Project Discussion"15:07
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-cyborgclient master: Initialize cyborgclient repository
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