Tuesday, 2018-04-17

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openstackgerritSundar Nadathur proposed openstack/cyborg master: Specification for Cyborg Agent-Driver API.  https://review.openstack.org/56184909:33
kosamaraHi! I was trying cyborg in devstack again. At some point devstack is checking if every service is running and 2 things related to cyborg occur:09:38
kosamara1. expects a devstack@cyborg service, which it doesn't find09:38
kosamara2. devstack@cyborg-api has failed09:38
kosamara#2 causes stack.sh to fail.09:38
kosamaraDoes anyone have any insight? Pastebin: http://paste.openstack.org/show/ym8eEtMcHQjEWeLSkT0F/09:39
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zhipengh[m]kosamara will pass along this to our Intel dev who has been helping debugging16:06
zhipengh[m]Can you also submit a storyboard ticket ?16:07
kosamaraI also had some other problems with my devstack, which may or may not be cyborg-related :) I'll check tomorrow if I can replicate and then make a ticket.17:20
zhipengh[m]kosamara awesome :)22:01

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