Wednesday, 2017-11-01

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jkilpatrzhipengh[m], I think we can do a demo like that. I'm going to try and find a few weeks to focus on Cyborg in the near future. Try and push it forward some more.09:57
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zhipengh[m]jkilpatr: awesome \m/10:21
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zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:00
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zhipeng#topic Roll Call15:01
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zhipeng#info Howard15:01
shaohe_feng_hi zhipeng15:03
zhipenghi shaohe15:03
shaohe_feng_good evening15:03
shaohe_feng_what does Howard mean?15:04
zhipengmy alias lol15:05
shaohe_feng_got it15:06
shaohe_feng_Any info?15:07
shaohe_feng_are we waiting for others?15:07
zhipengthat is the cmd that will record your name in the minutes15:07
zhipengwe are waiting for justin and crushil15:08
crushilzhipeng, I am here15:08
crushilJust in another meeting15:08
crushil#info Rushil15:09
zhipengno problem :)15:09
crushilzhipeng, Justin is on vacation till this friday15:09
zhipengah okey15:09
zhipengthen we can just start15:09
zhipenghe could catch up later with the minutes15:09
shaohe_feng_any introduce for each?15:11
zhipeng#topic Sydney Summit slide review15:11
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zhipengcrushil is our core reviewer from Lenovo :)15:11
zhipengshaohe_feng_ is from Intel15:11
shaohe_feng_crushil: hello, I'm shaohe feng15:12
zhuliSorry guys, it’s been a long time since we meet last time, unfortunately ,because I work very late today and I am driving home now, couldn’t pay attention to this meeting, so I will read the log history later and send some emails if needed15:12
zhipengzhuli safe driving !15:13
shaohe_feng_crushil: from intel. focus on intel's accelerator15:13
zhipenghope you are using audio to text ML converter zhuli :P15:13
zhipenganyways back to the topic15:13
zhipengwe have one lightening talk at Sydney Summit15:13
zhipengI have sent a simple slide I prepared to ttk[m] and crushil based upon our report to TC back in Denver15:14
zhipengso I might add a few today or tmr, but I think it should be ok now content wise for the lightening talk15:14
crushilI made some changes15:15
crushilAnd I am talking about it to my coworker who will present for us at Sydney15:15
zhipengok gr8t15:16
zhipengi think we should have few problem with the slide15:16
zhipengand we could make the slide publicly available after the summit session15:17
zhipengokey let's move onto the important topic today15:18
zhipeng#topic Placement-Cyborg Interaction Discussion15:19
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zhipengSo I have been studying the Placement/Resource Provider/Trait stuff last week15:19
zhipengand attended the nova-ironic trait meeting yesterday15:19
zhipengso let me first send out some useful links here15:19
zhipeng#info Jay Pipe's writeup on Placement15:20
zhipengthis is as the best as you could get15:20
zhipengand there are two specs that will be very useful to us, from Ironic15:21
zhipeng#info first one is about Ironic report/accept trait with Nova, second one is about trait config in Ironic15:22
zhipengok there is another spec that will help our modeling, is the vGPU spec from jianghua15:22
zhipengand even more interestingly15:23
zhipengwe could also learn something from the kubernetes discussion15:23
zhipeng#info k8s discussion on resource class for accelerators15:23
zhipengwell based upon all the readings i did via the above mentioned links15:24
zhipengI think there several points we need to consider when we modeling cyborg maneged resources15:25
zhipeng#info 1. We need to define CUSTOM_ traits for sure, but also some additions to os-trait lib on FPGA if there are any15:25
zhipeng#info 2. other than the reporting from cyborg-agent to the Placement API, we need (a) the driver also support trait api and (b) cyborg-api support trait15:26
crushilzhipeng, Ya, I have been following the traits discussion on the Ironic end too. So, I might have some inputs once there is a spec up on our end15:27
zhipeng#info 3. There is a caveat for Cyborg on resource provider modeling for accelerators which is we need to find a way to model different types of accelerators in a unified way15:27
zhipeng#info 3a. Traits and resource class are used to define qualitive and quantative side of resource, however we might need a third kind to descirbe accelerators, because only using traits and ResourceClass means we will have a lot them for different accelerators15:29
zhipeng#info 3b. We might need to consider using something like capability to describe the accelerator resource. For example FPGA and GPU both could be used for ML, a user might just want a VM to run a ML workload with the help of an attached accelerator15:30
zhipeng#info 3c. This means we need to enable user to be able to select one capable resource instead of identifing very specifically which resource they want15:31
zhipengok that is the end of my monologue lol15:31
zhipengany thoughts ?15:31
shaohe_feng_need time to reading the link, too many  info.15:37
zhipengya , any thoughts on my comments above ? besides the links :P15:38
crushilI will chime in once we have specs in our backlog15:43
crushilI have some thoughts about the way we should be implementing traits on our end and handing them over to Nova15:43
zhipengcrushil that brings mine proposals actually15:44
crushilAnd that will alter the implementation of the generic driver as well which I am working on currently15:44
zhipengi think besides justin's general spec15:44
zhipengwe will need one on the driver side and one on the api side15:44
zhipengwould you like to lead on the driver trait spec ?15:45
crushilWhen is the stable Queens release date?15:45
zhipengzhuli and I will work on the api side15:45
zhipengcrushil I need to double check on that15:45
crushilI think we need to be reasonable with the amount of work we promise15:46
crushilI would hate to overpromise and underdeliver15:46
zhipeng#action crushil to work on a new spec on cyborg driver trait support, and zhipeng will work on a new spec on api trait extention15:46
zhipengcrushil that is for sure15:46
zhipengand on that note, let's also start simple15:48
zhipengwe could cover very basic trait descriptions for Queens15:48
zhipengmeaning for example not necessarily model FPGA resources in a Tree structure in full15:48
zhipenglet's deliver something basic in Queens15:49
crushilzhipeng, Exactly with at least a shim that vendors can build upon15:49
zhipengcrushil +115:49
zhipengokey any more comments on this topic ?15:50
zhipengfolks you are more than welcomed to provide further feedback on mailing list later on15:50
crushilzhipeng, We need to have something like a midcycle to go over things that need work on15:50
zhipengthat is what I think15:51
zhipengmaybe a video conf meeting for like 2-3 hours ?15:51
zhipengmaybe the week of Sydney Summit ?15:51
zhipengsince all of us will not be there lol15:51
zhipenglet's do something useful instead15:51
crushilOr we can do that monthly15:51
zhipengof cource that'd be great15:51
crushilJustin and I can be in the same room15:52
zhipenglol don't eat ice cream in front of me15:52
crushilWe'll join from Coldstone15:53
zhipengokey moving onto next topic15:54
zhipeng#topic Generic Driver progress update15:54
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zhipengcrushil any thoughts on what or how much work needed there ?15:54
zhipengi think shaohe could also lend a hand here15:54
crushilSo, I am working on creating interfaces between Cyborg APIs and generic driver. After that is done, I will work on creating a shim for the vendors15:55
crushilThat can be helpful if shaohe can help15:55
crushilDoes shaohe work with you?15:55
zhipengno but we are in the same country, so it'll be easy for us to communicate15:56
zhipengshaohe_feng_ interested ?15:56
shaohe_feng_I'm planning to support inte15:56
zhipenggr8t !15:57
shaohe_feng_we are planning to support intel's accelerator in cyborg15:58
zhipeng#action shaohe_feng_ and crushil collaborate on the driver development for backend support15:58
shaohe_feng_such as intel's GPU and FPGA15:58
crushilshaohe_feng_, That's awesome15:58
crushilI have reached out to other vendors. Intel was one of the vendors that I hadn't talked ot15:59
zhipengnice :)15:59
zhipengokey moving on to next topic15:59
crushilshaohe_feng_, Are you specifically supporting Intel products or Altera products?15:59
crushilsorry zhipeng We can talk about this offline. I don't mean to start another tangent16:00
shaohe_feng_crushil: I can help on some general work16:00
zhipengno worries16:01
zhipengno important items left :P16:01
shaohe_feng_we know better Intel's and Altera specifically products16:02
shaohe_feng_^ crushil16:02
crushilzhipeng, Please send a recurring calendar invite for every month where we analyze where we are16:03
crushilshaohe_feng_, Cool16:03
zhipeng#action zhipeng to send meeting invites for monthly deep dive16:03
zhipeng#topic patch discussion16:03
*** openstack changes topic to "patch discussion (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"16:03
zhipengany outstanding issue there ?16:04
crushilWe need more patches16:04
zhipenghaha yep16:05
zhipengokey then16:05
zhipeng#topic AoB16:05
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zhipengany other business16:05
crushilNothing from me16:06
zhipenganyone else ?16:07
crushilI got an email from NXCA technologies16:07
crushilThey want to know more about Cyborg16:07
zhipengme and justin as well16:07
zhipengnot sure if Amol is at the meeting now16:08
crushilI will schedule a call with them next week16:08
crushilI don't think so16:08
zhipengprobably not16:08
zhipengokey great16:08
zhipengif nothing else, then I will conclude the meeting16:09
zhipengwe have an awesome one today, thx everyone16:09
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