Wednesday, 2017-09-13

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crushilzhuli There?02:24
zhuliI mean online, not at the PTG spot02:27
crushilYup, that02:32
crushil*that's what I meant02:32
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crushilHow are you testing functionally with ? Does this commit only create the functional testing framework?02:34
crushilzhuli ^^02:34
zhuliIt do the real API functional testing, I think I'd better to detail the commit message :)02:39
crushilWhat about the unit tests added here ?02:53
crushilThe unit tests don't seem to be testing units.02:53
crushilzhuli ^^03:04
zhulicrushil, I just update the  functional test commit msg, sorry for late reply03:16
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jkilpatrso if I'm reading the project-config repo right the only testing they run is devstack based (well integration testing obviously they run linters and unit tests for everyone)14:07
jkilpatrif we want tripleo testing I guess we can do it on RDO cloud, I'll ask how to do that.14:07
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zhipengjkilpatr that does not affect what you mentioned as a patch for the OpenStack CI system right ? For the integration testing ?16:06
jkilpatrzhipeng, well I'm trying to figure out what goes where, it looks like we will be able to get resource it's just a process that's going to span multiple repos, I'm talking to some of the people responsible for that now.16:07
zhipengokey !16:07
zhipengbtw plz help review zhuli's patches16:07
zhipengi will have another doc patch up shortly16:08
jkilpatrwill do16:08
crushiljkilpatr Can you look at ?16:08
jkilpatrcrushil, done16:25
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crushilzhipeng Are you still in the same room?16:40
crushilzhipeng Is jkilpatr there too?16:41
zhipengi'm at Nova room16:41
crushilGuess I'll stay in the Ironic room16:41
jkilpatrI'm in tirpleo16:47
zhipengnew doc patch coming up !16:47
crushilIt's in merge conflict16:49
zhipengi know ..16:49
zhipengworking on it16:49
zhipengshould be ok now16:52
crushilLeft a review comment16:57
zhipengh[m]Check it now16:58
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crushilzhipengh[m] I don't see a response. :)16:59
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zhipengh[m]Check at again :)17:01
crushilzhipeng Done. Please check again17:08
zhipengthx man !17:09
zhipengwe are very productive !17:19
zhipengcrushil have you take a look again at ?17:20
crushilzhipeng I will fix the Unit testing and functional testing patches17:22
crushilExpect something by end of day today17:23
zhipengh[m]Cool !17:24
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crushilzhipengh[m] Nova 1-3 is placement groups discussion. Hope you're attending that18:01
zhipengh[m]Yes I will18:06
zhipengh[m]Thanks for the heads up man18:06
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zhipengjust created a local patch for official application, snippets:
zhipengas soon as we are ready, I could push the button and go :)22:00
crushilDefine ready22:00
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zhipenggit commit ready22:00
crushilI mean after we have the unit tests and functional tests merged, are we going to push for being an official project?22:01
zhipengthat would be the sign of ready22:01
zhipengwell I will cut a stable branch first22:02
zhipengthen I could push up the application patch to openstack/governance22:02
zhipengask for a formal vote22:02
zhipengof course I also need to write a long ass commit-msg22:06
crushilzhipeng Alright22:07
crushilWill try to wrap the tests by tomorrow22:07
zhipengno hurry22:07
zhipengI think we already beat the expectation of what we could achieve at PTG :)22:07
crushilI want to so that we can file for our official application22:07
zhipengtarget late tmr or early Fri22:08
crushilThat is what a few hours together in the same room can get you22:09
zhipengbut please do check the snippet see if typos there22:18
zhipengI will put up the commit-msg snippet later22:18
zhipengso that we could review it and modify it before my submission22:19
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: CentOS 7.4 point release today has resulted in some mirror disruption, repair underway; expect jobs on centos7 nodes to potentially fail for a few hours longer23:03
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jkilpatrcrushil, when you get a minute could you explain how to use your devstack plugin? trying to push the devstack check and gate job for cyborg23:34
crushiljkilpatr You basically add enable_plugin cyborg in your local.conf23:36
jkilpatrcrushil, should that be found in the cwd or somehwere else?23:39
* jkilpatr doesn't use devstack at all23:39
crushilWhat do you mean by cwd?23:39
jkilpatrcrushil, pwd, the same directory youre running devstack from etc23:41
crushilSo, you do a git clone devstack23:41
crushilWith the appropriate url23:41
crushilAnd then you go to devstack/local.conf23:42
crushilIf there is no sample local.conf23:42
crushilYou need to create it by copying it from sample_local.conf23:42
crushilYou should find ample examples if you google it23:42
crushiljkilpatr I am headed to dinner now23:45
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