Thursday, 2017-09-14

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zhipengh[m]I discussed with dims over dinner , he suggested that we submit the application patch on Monday morning, that will guarantee it will be everyone's top list03:08
zhipengh[m]Thurs night or Friday, people will forget03:08
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crushilttk2[m] There?03:32
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jangutterHi, are any Cyborg team members present here at the PTG? I'm sitting outside the "Vail" room and it's empty.15:13
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zhipengh[m]Hi jangutter , sorry we wrapped up most of the discussion on Tuesday , I forgot to send an email out17:01
zhipengh[m]Is there any topic you want to discuss ? We are still around PTG17:02
zhipengh[m]ttk2: could u help land ?17:07
ttk2[m]sure I'l look it over17:07
crushilzhipengh[m] We met with jangutter17:11
zhipengh[m]crushil oh great ! What did you guys discuss about ?17:13
crushilzhipengh[m] Bunch of things ranging from what jangutter's company is doing with accelerators, what Cyborg's objective is and how we can work together17:15
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zhipengh[m]Cool, which company does he work for ?17:17
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zhipengh[m]crushil ttk2 kind reminder that we will have the team interview from 1:00-1:30pm18:07
crushilzhipengh[m] We know. We were trying to find you18:07
zhipengh[m]I'm just sitting in front of ballroom a like an old man...18:08
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crushilzhipengh[m] jkilpatr What do you want cyborg.conf.sample to look like?19:22
zhipengh[m]from what perspective ?19:22
crushilzhipengh[m] For instance ironic.conf.sample looks like this
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zhipengi think we could have a much shorter one ...19:26
zhipengso as we discussed we will focus on pci-e first19:26
crushilzhipeng I agree. But what all do you want me to put in there19:26
zhipengthat;d be our hardware type to start with19:26
crushilI would like to put in a cyborg conf sample as part of the devstack process19:27
zhipengprotocol wise i can't think anything particularly needed for accelerators19:27
zhipenglike for ironic that'd be ipmi or redfish19:27
zhipengat the moment there is no standard mgmt protocal for FPGAs or GPUs I guess19:28
zhipengwe could some stuff under the api section19:29
zhipengi think zhuli mandated some number for port and host ip etc19:29
zhipenggod ironic's conf is long~~~19:30
crushilWe need it for devstack plugin19:30
zhipengwe could also have some stuff under conductor and deploy19:30
zhipengya i know19:30
zhipengI think we could just setup very basic parameters to begin with19:31
zhipengand we add more stuff later19:31
crushilI used an empty one. It starts the services, but then doesn't do anything19:31
zhipengokey then we could just add what we have for hardware type, api, conductor and deploy, that should be enough19:32
zhipengjustin finally tamed the jenkins dragon19:34
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zhipengjkilpatr ttk2[m] add infra cores to the patch, it'll move faster19:34
ttk2[m]zhipeng: gimme a second to look over the results and move it out of wip19:37
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crushilSo, I am going to wait till we have an official sample .conf19:40
ttk2[m]to what merge your devstack changes?19:41
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ttk2[m]who are the infra cores anyways?19:41
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crushilOr I can push it with an empty sample conf which we can fill it up later19:42
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zhipengh[m]Andreas ?20:00
zhipengh[m]crushil sounds good either way20:00
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zhipengcyborg mentioned at line 17221:15
zhipengand also just mentioned at the meeting21:15
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zhipengrealized that for queen we also need to extend placement api in order to receive our request ...21:17
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zhipengoh just confirmed no need for placement api extension21:31
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zhipengalso see line 10621:36
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crushil_zhipeng jkilpatr This devstack plugin is taking a while on CentOS21:43
zhipengno problem21:43
zhipengthat is not blocking factor right ?21:43
crushil_You can go to TC today21:43
crushil_And point to the patches21:43
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jkilpatrzhipeng, from the context it looks like "this affinity stuff won't make queens"21:44
zhipengI will submit the patch on Monday morning like dims suggested21:44
crushil_What's the affinity stuff?21:44
zhipengsorry @10821:44
zhipengwrong line number since people wrote more stuff above it .,...21:45
crushil_zhipeng What document are you looking at?21:48
zhipengline 10821:49
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crushil_zhipeng Ah21:50
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