Tuesday, 2017-09-12

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zhipeng1:00pm ok ?16:11
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zhipengh[m]Team Photo 11:40 at lobby front door17:16
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ttk2[m]@zhipengh:matrix.org: sorry flight got delayed by three hours.18:12
ttk2[m]Just getting in now.18:12
zhipengh[m]No problem18:13
zhipengh[m]We resched the photo to 2:30pm :)18:13
zhipengh[m]And let's meet at the lobby at 1:00pm18:14
zhipengh[m]Grab some lunch now !18:14
ttk2[m]That's the plan trying to meet up with my coworkers.18:19
ttk2[m]Maybe two? Sorry for all the trouble. This airport is far from the hotel.18:23
zhipengh[m]No problem18:23
zhipengh[m]Me and Rushil will just be in the lobby18:23
zhipengh[m](nodding off)18:24
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zhipengh[m]Reminder : afternoon meeting starts 2:00pm at front lobby18:54
ttk2[m]zhipengh: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cyborg-dev-docs19:42
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crushiljkilpatr zhipengh[m] Will be there asap19:56
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zhipengfor doc reference20:48
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crushiljkilpatr http://redhatstackblog.redhat.com/2015/05/05/cpu-pinning-and-numa-topology-awareness-in-openstack-compute/22:37
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