Friday, 2018-12-14

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sapd1_dtruong: I will try late04:10
dtruongtime for senlin meeting05:30
dtruong#startmeeting senlin05:30
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dtruonganyone here to join for the meeting?05:30
dtruongok, let's get started05:34
dtruong#topic announcements05:34
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dtruongthe new meeting time for odd weeks has been approved:05:34
dtruongthis week is an even week, so the meeting is at 530 UTC on Friday05:35
dtruongnext week the meeting will be on Thursday at 1900 UTC05:35
dtruong#topic blueprints05:37
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dtruongwe have a new blueprint for action update05:37
dtruongIt's already been implemented and merged.  But jucross is making an addition to that API to allow force action update.05:38
dtruongOk, that's all the updates for the blueprints05:40
dtruong#topic reviews05:40
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dtruongWe need reviews on a few patches.05:40
dtruongTempest for the health policy are implemented and working:05:41
dtruongThe main difficulty was making it work correctly under python 305:41
dtruongFor it to pass under python 3, this change in senlin is needed:05:42
dtruongIt converts the response from requests from bytes to string if necessary05:42
dtruongIn python 2 this conversion was done automatically, but it is not in python 305:42
dtruongnext review is to fix senlin client to work with latest openstacksdk:05:43
dtruongThe openstacksdk removed the deprecated clustering functions in favor of functions that were renamed to match their naming convention05:44
dtruongThis patch fixes senlin client to call those renamed functions.05:45
dtruongWe should merge this soon because senlin client in master is currently broken05:45
dtruongAlso, the senlin client fix is depended on by the fix for the senlin dashboard05:46
dtruongSenlin dashboard on master is also broken because old way of authentication with openstacksdk doesn't work anymore05:46
dtruongthe patch set fixes that but also needs the fixes for senlin client to merge first05:47
dtruongtwo reviews that need we help to look at.05:48
dtruongThis is a bug fix to prevent the health manager from potentially spawning multiple health checks on the same cluster.05:48
dtruongThis one is the addition of a force option to the action update API05:49
dtruongok, that's all i have05:51
dtruong#topic open discussion05:52
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dtruonganybody else have something to discuss?05:52
dtruongok, it'll end the meeting then05:55
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