OpenStack IRC meetings


OpenStack IRC channels and meetings are logged. You can find them here:

Meeting schedule

The IRC meetings schedule is driven by the openstack-infra/irc-meetings repository. To propose a change, please submit a change to that repository in Gerrit.

Here is the link to an ICS file containing all OpenStack IRC meetings, for use in your favorite calendaring app:

Here is a list of current meetings with their descriptions:

Akanda Meeting

API Working Group

App Catalog Team Meeting

Barbican Meeting

Ceilometer Team Meeting

Chef Cookbook meeting

Cinder Team Meeting

Cloudpulse Team Meeting

Compass developers' meeting

Congress Team Meeting

Container Networking Team Meeting

Containers Team Meeting

Cue (Message Broker as a Service) team meeting

DefCore Committee Meeting

Designate (DNSaaS) Meeting

Documentation HA Guide update Meeting

Documentation Team Meeting

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) Team Meeting

Fuel Team Meeting

Glance Artifacts Sub-Team Meeting

Glance Drivers Meeting

Glance Team Meeting

Group Based Policy Team Meeting

Heat (Orchestration) Team Meeting

Hierarchical Multitenancy Meeting

Horizon Team Meeting

I18N Team Meeting

I18N Translation test meeting

Ironic (Bare Metal) Team Meeting

Ironic/neutron Integration team meeting

Keystone Team Meeting

Kolla Team Meeting

LBaaS Meeting

Libvirt Meeting

Manila Team Meeting

Mercador Project Meeting

Mistral Meeting

ML2 Network Sub-team Meeting

Murano Meeting

Networking BGPVPN meeting

Networking L2 gateway meeting

Neutron Distributed Virtual Router Meeting

Neutron drivers Meeting

Neutron L3 Sub-team Meeting

Neutron PTL Office Hours

Neutron QoS Meeting

Neutron Service Chaining meeting

Neutron Team Meeting

Neutron VPNaaS Meeting

Nova API Meeting

Nova Cellsv2 Meeting

Nova Hyper-V Team Meeting

Nova Scheduler (ex. Gantt) Team Meeting

Nova Team Meeting

Octavia Meeting

OpenStack Ambassadors Meeting

OpenStack Ansible Deployment Meeting

OpenStack Community Infrastructure Meetings

OpenStack Community Office Hours

OpenStack Cross-Project Meeting

OpenStack Data Processing (Sahara) Team Meeting

OpenStack Diversity Work Group Meeting

OpenStack Log Working Group Meeting

OpenStack Operators Team Meeting

OpenStack Product Team meeting

OpenStackClient Team Meeting

Operators Monitoring/Ops Tools Working Group

Operators Tag Group Meeting

Oslo Team Meeting

PCI Passthrough Meeting

Poppy Team Meeting

Project Infrastructure Team Meeting

Puppet OpenStack Team Meeting

Python-openstacksdk Meeting

QA Team Meeting

Rally Team Meeting

RefStack Development Meeting

Release Team Meeting

Satori Team Meeting

Search Team Meeting

Security meeting

Senlin Team Meeting

Solum Team Meeting

Swift Team Meeting

Tacker (Virtual Network Function Manager) Team Meeting

Technical Committee Meeting

Telco Working Group meeting

Third Party Meeting

Third Party Working Group Meeting

Trainers Team Meeting

Training-guides Team Meeting

Tricircle Meeting

TripleO Team Meeting

Trove (DBaaS) Team Meeting

User experience (UX) Team meeting

VMwareAPI Team Meeting

XenAPI Team Meeting

Zaqar Team Meeting

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