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openstackgerritJude Cross proposed openstack/senlin master: Add action_update api to cancel actions
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dtruongReminder that the Senlin meeting will start in 12 mins05:19
dtruong#startmeeting senlin05:30
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dtruongall right, time for the senlin meeting05:30
dtruonganybody here to join?05:30
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dtruongok, let's get started05:35
dtruong#topic berlin summit recap05:35
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dtruongAt the Berlin Summit, I held the Senlin project update.05:36
dtruongThe video was recorded but it has not yet been posted.05:36
dtruongThere weren't any questions but I did get some feedback from a Senlin user after the session05:37
dtruongTheir feedback was that they were doing POCs with Senlin and looking to use it.05:37
dtruongHe also said he liked the proposed additions to the health policy for URL based checks.05:38
JudeCrossHopefully we can get some bug reports/feature requests from them.05:38
dtruongYes.  I told him to contact us in the IRC channel if he has any questions.05:39
dtruongThe other relevant session at the Berlin Summit was Autoscaling forum.05:39
dtruongIt was a joined discussion with the Heat team.05:40
dtruongAlso present was the Magnum PTL to give their perspective.05:41
dtruongDue to the short time frame of the session, we were not able to have any detailed discussions.05:42
dtruongThe main outcome was that we all agreed that Heat and Senlin should collaborate more going forward.05:43
dtruongSo it was decided to create a new Autoscaling SIG.05:43
dtruongOther feedback I got from an operator who is using Heat autoscaling was that Senlin was not being considered by them at this point because it is not vulnerability managed.05:44
dtruongThis is referrring to the Openstack Vulnerability Management program05:47
dtruongSince this seems to be requirement for some operators, we should consider getting Senlin under that process as well.05:48
dtruongOk, moving on.05:48
dtruong#topic Autoscaling SIG05:48
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dtruongAs mentioned before, there is a proposal in the mailing list to create the new Autoscaling SIG05:49
dtruongIf you have any input, please reply to the email with your thoughts.05:49
dtruong#topic blueprints05:50
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dtruongNo changes on the status of the existing blueprints since the last meeting05:51
dtruongBut we have a new blueprint submitted for action update05:51
dtruongany update on the status of that blueprint, judecross?05:51
JudeCrossVery close, have a patch set up right now that needs review.05:52
JudeCrossand testing.05:52
JudeCrossI will be updating the openstack sdk05:52
JudeCrossand the senlin client05:52
JudeCrossto account for this change.05:53
dtruongSounds good.  Thanks.05:53
dtruongPlease help review the his patch set ^05:53
dtruong#topic meeting time and frequency05:54
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dtruongWe discussed a few weeks ago about changing the meeting time to a different time on alternating weeks05:54
dtruongAt the Berlin summit, I met a couple users based in the US that were interested in Senlin.05:54
dtruongPlus the fact that 3 of our core reviewers are located in the US, I would like to propose holding every other meeting during US daytime.05:55
dtruongI was thinking Thursday at 11am PST05:56
dtruongJudecross: any thoughts on that>05:56
JudeCrossI am 100% for that05:56
JudeCross11:00am PST sounds perfect05:57
dtruongOk, I'll send out an email to the mailing list to propose that.05:57
dtruongLast topic is open reviews05:58
dtruongWe have judecross's patch set that needs review:
dtruongI also have a patch set that has been reviewed but needs workflow:
dtruongAny help to look at those would be great.05:59
Qimingcan we schedule it at, for example, 17:00pm pst?06:00
Qimingit would be 9:00 am in Beijing06:00
dtruongThat's fine for me too.06:00
JudeCrossI am ok with that time as well06:00
Qiming11:00 am is 03:00 am in beijing06:00
dtruongMy proposal is to keep the current time slot for every other week so that people in Asia can join.06:01
QimingI see06:01
dtruongThe only concern with 17:00pm PST is that if anybody from US east coast or from Europe wants to join, it would be late for them.06:02
Qimingus east would be night time, bad time slot for europe, ...06:04
Qiminganyway, just a suggestion06:04
Qiming11:00 am pst is it then06:05
dtruongok, sounds good.06:05
dtruongI'll send it out to mailing list to get more feedback from otheres06:05
dtruongand if the majority prefers a different time slot for alternating meeting time, we can definitely change it06:06
dtruong#topic open discussion06:06
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dtruongthat's all i have for today.06:06
dtruonganybody want to discuss anything?06:07
Qimingthanks for the update, dtruong06:07
dtruongNo problem.  If you have any feedback on the Autoscaling SIG, please reply to the email thread, qiming.06:09
dtruongI would like to see the new SIG document the current status of autoscaling and then describe the different use cases before any decision is made on a common autoscaling solution.06:10
Qimingme too06:11
dtruongSounds good then.06:13
dtruongJudecross: do you have anything to add?06:14
dtruongok, let's end the meeting then06:14
dtruongthanks for attending everyone06:14
JudeCrosssorry about being late :)06:14
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JudeCrosshave a good night :)06:15
dtruonghaha, you are late to the party eandersson06:16
eanderssonI blame who ever sent me the meeting invite :D06:16
eanderssonsays it's in 15min06:16
dtruongbecause that person forgot about daylight savings time ending in Nov06:17
dtruongall right, i'm gonna log off06:19
dtruongcatch you at the next meeting =P06:19
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openstackgerritFilippo Inzaghi proposed openstack/python-senlinclient master: Add Python 3.6 classifier to setup.cfg
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