Thursday, 2018-11-29

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sapd1Hi everyone. I'm installing senlin, But I get this error when run every command call to senlin-api.
dtruongwhat version of senlin are you using?  Rocky?01:27
dtruongsapd1 ^01:27
sapd1dtruong: Yes. I'm running Rocky from ubuntu repository.01:27
sapd1dtruong: this is my configuration file:
dtruongare you making requests to the REST API and you get those errors?01:30
sapd1dtruong: yes01:31
dtruongcan you show us the request?01:31
sapd1I run the command " openstack --debug cluster build info"01:32
sapd1I think API can't connect to message queue.01:32
dtruongare there any error messages in the logs when you start up senlin-api or senlin-engine?01:33
sapd1I don't see any connection to mysql01:35
dtruongthis only happens when senlin-engine is not running01:45
dtruongis senlin-engine up and running correctly?01:46
sapd1dtruong: I have two containers which are running senlin service.01:47
dtruongare you exposing the senlin ports in the containers?01:47
sapd1I run senlin-engine inside senlin-api container. So it's working now.01:47
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sapd1yes. I'm using containers to run senlin services.01:48
dtruongbut are you exposing port 8778 in both containerse?01:49
sapd1no. I only expose port 8778 for senlin-api container.01:50
sapd1infact I'm using port 8777. Because nova-placement-api is using port 877801:50
dtruongok, that's fine01:51
dtruongbut you have to expose that port in the senlin-engine container as well01:51
dtruongthen it should work01:51
sapd1senlin-engine does not listen on any port. So when we expose this port It does not make sense.01:52
sapd1two cotnainers can't expose same port.01:53
JudeCrossYeah you're right the way we did was use --net=host01:56
JudeCrossI can give you my whole docker run command if that would be helpful for you?01:57
sapd1JudeCross: so which method do senlin-api and senlin-engine communicate with each other?01:58
JudeCrossit is done through RPC calls via rabbit.02:02
JudeCrossSo your containers "should" just need the ability to communicate with Rabbit.02:02
sapd1JudeCross: yes. It can connect to rabbitmq. So when we use rabbit for message queue. Do we need senlin-api and senlin-engine on same host. (use network_mode=host)02:05
JudeCrossYou shouldn't need to no. and no the engine and api do not need to be on the same host.02:08
openstackgerritsapd proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard master: Fix missing auth_url when create senlinclient
JudeCrossAs far as I remember I used --net=host to simplify things.02:09
sapd1JudeCross: Do you run multiple api and engine?02:11
JudeCrossTwo API and two engine02:12
sapd1JudeCross: Senlin-dashboard has many bugs.02:20
JudeCrossYes it does...02:21
JudeCrossThat is something I am going to be targeting here shortly to try and get it into good shape.02:21
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sapd1dtruong: How to specify version of API when request to API?03:52
sapd1I don't know environment key.03:53
sapd1API version '1.0' is not supported on this method.", "type": "MethodVersionNotFound"03:53
dtruongIf you are making a request using curl, you can specify it like this: -H "OpenStack-API-Version: clustering 1.12"04:28
dtruongIf you are using the OpenStack CLI, it should already be using the correct microversion04:29
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sapd1dtruong: I'm using Openstack CLI, But it does not work.06:06
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openstackgerritVieri proposed openstack/python-senlinclient master: adding a venv for py36
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dtruongCan you provide us with the entire command output when running it with debug flag?07:09
sapd1dtruong: my command is "openstack --debug cluster node adopt --identity a1b41fab-ec6c-4bcc-bcd1-267c02dbba76 --type os.nova.server-1.0 --name server-cirros-test"07:21
dtruongWhat version of the senlin pythonclient are you using?07:30
openstackgerritsapd proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard master: Fix missing auth_url when create senlinclient
sapd1dtruong: 1.7.007:36
dtruongSenlin python client for Rocky is 1.8.0:
dtruongCan you try with that version?08:03
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eanderssonAlso make sure you update the openstacksdk to rocky.08:33
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openstackgerritJude Cross proposed openstack/senlin master: Add action_update api to cancel actions

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