Friday, 2017-05-19

openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin master: Fix node recover parameter check error
chenyb4Qiming,  i have a question, Where do you use the scaling policy? the scale-out or scale-in help me node autoscaling01:09
chenyb4create receiver don't configure parameter, the receiver webhook well be execute cluster attach policy(scaling policy) ?01:12
Qimingscaling policy is triggered when the size of a cluster is about to be changed01:36
Qimingwebhook is a mechanism for external systems/services to trigger an action on a cluster01:37
Qimingit can be about scaling, it can be about other operations01:37
openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard master: Fix the profile view
chenyb4Qiming, I create scaling policy and attach cluster, the scaling policy How to trigger ?01:45
Qimingit is triggered when you change the size of a cluster01:59
Qimingreadh this:
chenyb4Qiming, I has read the doc, but i don't find triggered scaling policy example. I want to test the scaling policy, How should i do ?02:47
Qimingcreate cluster, create scaling policy, attach scaling policy to the cluster, then do cluster-scale-in or cluster-scale-out02:50
Qimingstill don't understand?02:50
chenyb4ok, thanks02:52
chenyb4I use low version(newton version), So i was create cluster, and attach scaling policy to cluster,the scale-policy has three number, execute 'senlin cluster-scale-out cluster_001', the cluster only create one new node02:56
Qimingwhat do you expect?02:57
Qimingwhat is your scaling policy looks like?02:58
chenyb4I expect execute 'senlin cluster-scale-out cluster_001' the result will be create number equal scaling policy number, this my policy
Qimingit is attached to the cluster already?03:03
chenyb4| 3da14bf9  | policy_scale_out | senlin.policy.scaling-1.0     | True       |03:11
Qimingany error log from senlin-engine?03:14
Qiminghave you set a max_size to your cluster?03:17
chenyb4Qiming, cluster_001 the max_size 5, the min_size 003:18
chenyb4Qiming, log nothing error, when i execute 'senlin scale-out cluster_001', the log display " cluster_001 [e4e717d1] CLUSTER_SCALE_OUT - SUCCEEDED: Cluster scaling succeeded." and cluster-node-list one new node create03:20
Qiminglooks like the scaling policy is not triggered, or there are something wrong along the action execution03:20
chenyb4Qiming, i think so too, i use newton version. the scaling policy is not triggered03:23
Qimingscaling policy should be okay with newton03:23
Qimingunless you have some code mixing the latest code with newton03:23
chenyb4ok, Let me study it a little bit.03:26
chenyb4Qiming, my netwon version env scaling policy the cooldown able to check,but scaling policy number not successful, the master version test successful .03:59
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-dashboard master: Fix the profile view
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