Thursday, 2017-05-18

openstackgerritchenyb4 proposed openstack/python-senlinclient master: Delete TODO about event-delete, The event-delete has been abandoned
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SharisHello everyone. Is there anyone alive?10:28
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xinhuiliHi Sharis11:32
SharisHello. Can i ask few questions?11:37
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SharisI have a non web web application that communicates via tcp protocol. Im implementing this app to openstack and I want to know if Senlin would be a great solution for scaling?12:47
xinhuiliit is12:48
xinhuiliSenlin can help to handle scaling of VM/node12:48
xinhuilifit well for web applciaton12:48
SharisOk, so how than i would apply job for node? Does it creates just slaves or replications of my app?12:49
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xinhuilihow for you to deploy your web application by openstack?12:52
xinhuilido you have a nova yaml12:53
SharisIt's not web app12:53
xinhuiliwith user data12:53
xinhuilior something12:53
xinhuilihave you had any template or yaml to describe your deployment12:53
SharisSo basicaly i have to create template with my snapshot and senlin will handle it?12:54
xinhuiliplease read manual of senlin12:54
xinhuilithere are bunch of use cases shared there12:54
SharisThank you. Just wanted to know basic information if senlin would fit for my app :)12:55
SharisIn short: I want to scale up when vm's CPU reaches lets say 85% and scale down when resources are not being used anymore :)12:57
SharisSo I think senlin would de the job for me :)12:57
Qimingoh, we don't have scale up/down support yet12:57
Qimingwe only support horizontal scaling, which we call scale-in and scale-out12:58
SharisSorry for missleading. Yes, I need to create more VM's when CPU reaches 85% usage :)13:00
Qimingalright, that is doable13:00
SharisCuz I've read that only with Senlin I could accomplish that, cuz scaling in with only heat and ceilometer is kinda buggy.13:01
Qimingokay, give senlin a try then, maybe it meets your requirements13:03
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