Wednesday, 2017-06-07

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rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-master-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: manila-ui:
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rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-master-head-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master-head/current: python-openstackclient, oslo.config, rally, networking-bagpipe:
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rdogerritrdo-trunk proposed rdoinfo master: Bump rdoinfo pike-uc tags to latest upper-constraints
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rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-master-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: manila-ui:
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rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-master-head-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master-head/current: python-openstackclient, oslo.config, rally, networking-bagpipe:
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rdogerritYatin Karel proposed openstack/nova-distgit rpm-master: Add os-traits as a dependency
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sbonazzogood morning07:02
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sbonazzoamoralej|off: when you'll be back, can you please review / merge ?07:04
sbonazzojpena|off: ^^07:04
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rdogerritYatin Karel proposed openstack/manila-ui-distgit rpm-master: Some files are renamed so fix distgit
chandankumarykarel__: using * for this patch is not a good idea07:15
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chandankumarif there are so many files you can use a for loop and mv there07:15
ykarel__chandankumar, So should i list all files07:15
ykarel__chandankumar, 14 files are there07:15
chandankumarykarel__: let me check the rpmbuild log07:16
ykarel__chandankumar, Ok07:17
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apevecamoralej, EmilienM - looks like Ihar's fix worked in oooq ovb ha job here
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apevecshall we put it as RPM patch ?07:20
amoralejlemme check07:20
amoraleji was checking which failed07:20
apevecI've change repourl to consistent07:20
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apevecamoralej, yeah, as you said changing does not change url for oooq07:21
apevecso I did change it in oooq07:21
amoralejbut in experimental pipeline07:21
amoralejlook at gate-tripleo-ci-centos-7-ovb-ha07:21
amoralejthat one has the fix07:21
amoralejand failed07:21
amoraleji was double checking07:22
amoralejah, but it's a different neutron patch07:22
apevecright, I picked related from LP bug07:22
amoralejwe can change the depends-on in tripleo-ci one07:23
apevecI've now recheck in
amoralejand test it07:23
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apevecb/c neutron review was rebased this morning07:23
amoralejwhat i like of the change in tripleo-ci is that we can test exactly the job that fail in periodic07:24
apevecamoralej, so does changing url in change oooq jobs or not?07:24
amoralejwhich is not oooq07:24
amoralejnot in oooq07:24
amoralejbut it change in others07:24
apevecwhich one failed in oooq ?07:24
apevecafaict ovb ha is oooq07:24
apevecerr, which one failed in periodic?07:25
apevecand why is periodic on using oooq07:25
amoralejapevec, periodic is not using oooq07:26
apevecok I see, so periodic-tripleo-ci-centos-7-ovb-ha is not oooq07:26
amoralejapevec, tripleo-ci is too complicated07:26
amoralejtoo many job types and tooling07:26
apevecthat's why migration to oooq started!07:26
amoralejdifferent to say what is used where07:26
amoralejyeah, maybe when migration is done it'll be better07:27
amoralejanyway, i'll test last neutron patch with tripleo-ci07:27
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apevecI'll prepare for RPM patch07:30
amoraleji'd say that patch looks good, hopefully!07:31
amoralejapevec, to follow telnet://
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jpenagood morning07:35
apevechmm, review-patches/master is totally out of date, is that synced from upstream in review.rdo ?07:37
apevecjpena, moin07:37
apevecalso, patches for rpm-master should be rpm-master-patches branch?07:37
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apevecok I think this is not worth it, should be short lived anyway07:39
apevec*-rdo-patches make sense since they might live longer07:39
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rdogerritAlan Pevec created openstack/neutron-distgit rpm-master: Neutron patch under review
EmilienMgood morning07:43
EmilienMapevec: awesome07:44
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EmilienMapevec: I'm afraid the quickstart job didn't deploy the patch from Ihar07:45
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EmilienMthe commit is6deb16720306132a4d892851da14b8be6cd277f807:46
EmilienMnot 571f85207:46
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EmilienMsshnaidm|afk: ^ can you confirm maybe?07:46
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apevecso depends-on not worky?07:47
amoralejEmilienM, apevec, fix is applied07:48
amoralejlook at delorean logs07:48
apevecreview was rebased07:48
amoralejthere may be merge commit or something07:48
EmilienMah ok07:48
EmilienManyway, let's merge the distgit patch07:48
apevecI rechecked it07:48
apevecto test rebase07:48
EmilienMbecause I bet the neutron patch won't merge before some hours07:48
apevecbut yeah I think we should go ahead07:49
EmilienMI've +207:49
EmilienMsomeone can approve07:49
EmilienMand we can go make fiesta maybe07:49
amoralejdon't wait for the other test for non oooq?07:49
EmilienMamoralej: which one?07:49
apevecamoralej, revert is easy07:49
rdogerritMerged config master: Increase test coverage for rdoinfo experimental pipeline
amoralejexperimental pipeline07:50
apevecoh we have ftbfs in the meantime07:50
amoralejapevec, ok let's merge07:50
amoralejperiodic jobs will start in a couple of hours iirc07:51
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EmilienMamoralej: I'll start them manually07:51
EmilienMin the NO RECHECK patch07:51
apevecso we also need ftbfs fix07:52
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apevecchandankumar, re. ykarel__: using * for this patch is not a good idea07:52
apevecyou have not commented in review07:52
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apevecso speak now or I''l merge it07:52
*** rcernin has joined #rdo07:52
apevecI think wildcard is constrained enough07:53
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apevecit's not like include everything in a folder?07:53
amoralejEmilienM, that's a bit confusing07:54
amoralejthe updates job is not in experimental pipeline07:54
amoralejand it's part of the promotion, isn't it?07:54
apevecamoralej, it's magic don't touch it :)07:54
amoralejyeah, it looks like magic07:54
apevecblack tripleoci magic07:54
EmilienMamoralej: ovb-updates is in check and ovb-nonha / ha is in experimental07:54
EmilienMbecause in case we have oooq-ha07:54
EmilienM(transition to oooq)07:55
EmilienMoooq folks are working on moving periodic jobs to oooq07:55
EmilienMbut it's WIP07:55
EmilienMthat's why we have old ovb jobs in experimental07:55
EmilienMso we can fake periodic jobs07:55
EmilienMno worries, it's under control07:55
rdogerritMatthias Runge proposed config master: Prevent variable from being interpreted
EmilienMamoralej, apevec: soon, it will be easier and everything will be oooq07:57
EmilienMbut right now, the transition period is confusing I recognize07:57
EmilienMwe are mixing the frameworks, etc07:58
EmilienManyway, once the distgit is merged and in consistent repos, I'll run fake periodic jobs07:58
* EmilienM brb 15 min miam miam07:59
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dciabrinapevec, hey o/ CI job passed for the new pcs pkg \o/08:01
dciabrinapevec, will you have a min to discuss the next steps later today? in particular i'd like to know if we can tag them only for pike08:02
chandankumarapevec: there are lots of file changed,08:02
chandankumarapevec: to unblock the ci we can merge it and but later on we can look for better alternative08:02
*** fragatina has quit IRC08:06
apevecdciabrin, we could, but I would prefer them in common08:08
apevecdciabrin, since this will give us pretesting what is coming anyway for 7.4 right?08:08
apevecdciabrin, just to avoid one more variable, let's first get promotion on master ?08:09
apevecEmilienM, ^ fyi re. pacemaker update08:09
*** Amita has quit IRC08:10
amoralej+1 to wait for promotion08:10
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo08:12
dciabrinapevec, that means that only master will start using the new packages? did I get that right?08:12
apevecdciabrin, so as I said, I'd prefer we push them to common-testing so it's available for all releases08:13
apevecsince those updates will hit all release once RHEL 7.4 is released08:14
apevecbut yes, we can also push them to pike-testing so it will be only available in Pike deps repo08:15
EmilienMback. french croissants are awesome I miss them so much08:15
bandiniEmilienM: +1 on croissants ;)08:16
EmilienMapevec, dciabrin: I agree. Let's wait to get a promotion before upgrading Pacemaker08:16
*** vnogin has joined #rdo08:16
EmilienMwe had enough problems until now to get promotion08:16
*** lucas-afk is now known as lucasagomes08:16
EmilienMI'm happy to upgrade pacemaker later today if we have a promotion in tripleo CI (and rdo)08:16
dciabrinI let you guys do what you think is right :D thx a bunch!08:17
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rdogerritMerged openstack/manila-ui-distgit rpm-master: Some files are renamed so fix distgit
apevecEmilienM, one more thing before promotion, we have bunch of u-c pending
apevecoslo.messaging bump is unclear if safe08:20
apevecshould we run promotion w/o those bumps first?08:20
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*** jackNemrod_ is now known as jackNemrod08:20
apevecamoralej, ^08:20
EmilienMapevec: I'm ok either way08:21
amoraleji'm almost sure messaging is bad but i want to test it in gate job before removing08:21
amoralejother than that, i think we can run without bumping reqs first08:22
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rdogerritchkumar246 created openstack/rally-distgit ocata-rdo: Bump rally to 0.9.1 for Ocata
EmilienMamoralej: let's wait for experimental jobs to finish08:24
EmilienMif they pass with new oslo.messaging, could we go ahead?08:24
amoralejyes, but i think it will not pass08:24
apevecamoralej, is it covered in experimental now?08:24
amoralejyes, in p-o-i scenario00308:24
apevecah cool08:25
apevecok, I tend to agree to run promotion w/o those u-c bumps first08:25
apevecwhat about - is that not causing FTBFS in Nova?08:26
EmilienMdo we have plans to have scenario004?08:26
*** zoli|gone is now known as zoli08:27
apevecit has been merged last night08:27
apevecykarel__, amoralej, ^ nova change adding os-traits dep08:27
amoralejyeah, i'm reviewing it right now08:28
*** aufi has joined #rdo08:28
amoralejapevec, jpena, we'll need it for promotion after we get consistent again08:29
apevecinteresting that it did not cause ftbfs in
apevecis it optional dep?08:31
chandankumarapevec: for newton rally 0.9.1 there is one blocker: os-faults, is not available for newton, rest is ok.08:32
amoralejapevec, we don't run unit tests in dlrn08:32
amoralejthat's why it didn't fail to build08:33
apevecoh we disabled them completely?08:33
amoralejchandankumar, maybe we should use some previous release for newton08:33
amoralejyes, in dlrn08:33
*** iranzo has quit IRC08:33
apevecamoralej, but there is unconditional import in nova/objects/resource_provider.py08:33
apevecdocs building should have triggered that?08:34
apevecerr. conf generation08:34
amoralejdoc building is still a mistery for me08:34
number80chandankumar, amoralej: ack, I can retag it but we need anyway a proper branch even if it mirrors ocata-rdo08:34
amoraleji don't understand well what's loaded on doc building08:34
number80(os-faults is branchless lib08:34
*** florianf has quit IRC08:34
number80chandankumar, amoralej: I'll tag it in -pending and run CI first on newton08:35
amoraleji'd say that if there is a previous release, 0.8.x that works in newton and doesn't depend on os-faults, go with it08:35
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*** jackNemrod has quit IRC08:36
*** jackNemrod_ is now known as jackNemrod08:36
*** Amita has joined #rdo08:36
apevecamoralej, looks like latest is really needed08:37
*** iranzo has joined #rdo08:37
apevecnumber80, please keep pending as-is for now08:37
apevecwe have pacemaker update there which should go out today08:37
*** derekh has joined #rdo08:37
apeveconce we haz promotion08:37
number80apevec: I'll put it on hold then08:37
chandankumaramoralej: number80 os-faults is in one place i.e
chandankumaramoralej: may be i can remove the files08:38
*** zenirc369 has quit IRC08:38
*** florianf has joined #rdo08:38
amoralejchandankumar, my point is try to follow stable policy post-GA when possible08:38
amoralejdoes 0.8.0 works with newton?08:39
apevec...where possible08:39
apevecthing is 0.8.0 does not fix the reported issues afaik08:39
apevecso stable policy with branchless is not working08:39
amoralejbranchless is bad, i still don't understand why at least can't create branches for 0.808:40
*** cshastri has quit IRC08:40
chandankumarit's bad08:40
*** tosky has joined #rdo08:40
amoralejso chandankumar, the reported bug in newton is not fix in 0.8?08:40
*** flg has joined #rdo08:41
*** Amita has quit IRC08:41
*** nstrug_ has joined #rdo08:42
*** abregman has quit IRC08:44
*** nstrug has quit IRC08:44
*** limao has quit IRC08:45
*** limao has joined #rdo08:45
apevecamoralej, some projects simply don't have resource to maintain stable branches08:45
amoralejapevec, but operators don't deploy from master08:46
apevecEmilienM, btw puppet-contrail - is that used in ooo? Asking b/c looks like we have older code in >= Ocata
apevecamoralej, some do08:46
amoralejbut some not08:46
amoralejmost, not08:46
amoralejso there should be a way to do bug fixing08:46
amoralejin a sane way08:46
amoralejand backwards compatible way08:46
apevecwell it's not core service, rally is aux tooling08:46
*** jhershbe has quit IRC08:47
apevecso you could deploy it in isolation08:47
apevecseparate box, container, venv whatever08:47
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo08:47
apeveccontainers! solve everything :)08:47
*** sbulage has quit IRC08:48
EmilienMapevec: it's used yes, when contrail is picked as neutron plugin08:48
EmilienMapevec: Michael Henkel should take care of this08:49
EmilienMhe's in Germany, probably awake now. Let's try to ping him08:49
EmilienMI don't think he's here on IRC :/08:50
*** zenirc369 has joined #rdo08:50
apevecalso looks like not getting notifications from review.rdo08:50
ykarel__apevec, can you please check my comment on and suggest if i tried something wrong on
*** cshastri has joined #rdo08:54
*** jackNemrod_ has joined #rdo08:54
*** cshastri has quit IRC08:55
*** abregman has joined #rdo08:55
*** cshastri has joined #rdo08:56
amoralejchandankumar, if we need to push 0.9.1 to newton i think it's better to add os-faults to newton08:56
amoralejnot patching rally08:56
*** jackNemrod has quit IRC08:56
*** jackNemrod_ is now known as jackNemrod08:56
number80amoralej: has password changed?08:56
* number80 can't login to run jobs08:56
*** mvk has joined #rdo08:57
*** zenirc369 has quit IRC08:57
amoralejchandankumar, btw, we should pin os-faults in ocata as it's branchless08:57
*** hos7ein has quit IRC09:00
number80chandankumar, amoralej: newton CI job with os-faults in -pending
*** crazyraven has quit IRC09:03
*** sbulage has joined #rdo09:03
rdogerritMerged rdoinfo master: Remove under-review for pankoclient
rdogerritMerged openstack/nova-distgit rpm-master: Add os-traits as a dependency
rdogerritMerged openstack/neutron-distgit rpm-master: Neutron patch under review
*** ushkalim_ has joined #rdo09:05
*** ushkalim has joined #rdo09:05
chandankumaramoralej: ack sending patch09:05
flgchandankumar: Started with an documentation bug -> bug 1459469 in openstack-rally "RHOS 10: Documentation Bug -> Benchmarking Service" [Urgent,New] - Assigned to chkumar09:07
*** flg is now known as flg_brb09:07
*** sshnaidm|afk is now known as sshnaidm09:09
chandankumarflg_brb: cool, we need one more bz for version bump with keystone errors09:10
*** florianf has quit IRC09:11
*** qwertyco has quit IRC09:14
apevecykarel__, ah so %{description} does not work? I just copied comment from Haikel09:20
apevecnumber80, ^09:20
apevectoo bad09:20
ykarel__apevec, yes it doesn't work09:21
*** nstrug__ has joined #rdo09:21
number80ykarel__, apevec: for some reason, it does not work anymore. I got tricked by old habits09:22
*** nstrug_ has quit IRC09:22
*** florianf has joined #rdo09:22
*** dgurtner has quit IRC09:23
*** flg_brb is now known as flg09:25
*** abregman_ has joined #rdo09:28
apevecamoralej, chandankumar, number80 - back to os-faults in newton - this is new package there, so it's safe to add it09:28
apevecand running weirdo would not cover it anyway09:28
number80apevec: retagging then09:29
*** limao has quit IRC09:29
apevecit just needs to be checked is os-faults deps work in newton repo09:30
apevecthere are few oslo deps09:30
apevecchandankumar, ^09:30
*** abregman has quit IRC09:31
chandankumarapevec: amoralej for downstream do we can ship a new package in Newton?09:31
amoralejyou mean OSP?09:31
chandankumaramoralej: yes09:31
*** crossbuilder_ has joined #rdo09:33
*** crossbuilder has quit IRC09:33
*** number80 has quit IRC09:34
*** nstrug__ has quit IRC09:35
EmilienMapevec, amoralej: when do we know neutron has the patch in ?09:36
* amoralej checking09:36
chandankumaramoralej: one more thing for os-faults <=0.1.11 is used in rally for ocata, do we need to bump to 0.1.11 or 0.1.10 there is no much changes in that,09:37
amoralejEmilienM, it's not built yet09:37
amoralejEmilienM, if you go to the repo for the last neutron build09:38
amoralejwhich is
amoralejlast part of the hash09:38
amoralejafter _09:38
amoralejis distgit commit short hash09:38
amoralejEmilienM, btw, we need to wait for nova build which includes new commit in distgit also09:39
EmilienMok ok09:39
EmilienMI'm so impatient :-D09:39
rdogerritchkumar246 created rdoinfo master: Bump os-faults to 0.1.11 for newton and ocata
amoralejme too, no problem :)09:39
*** limao has joined #rdo09:43
*** owalsh_ is now known as owalsh09:44
*** ekuris has joined #rdo09:46
*** karimb has joined #rdo09:46
*** limao has quit IRC09:47
EmilienMamoralej: when new packages are built, go on and click on rebase and then do "check experimental"09:51
EmilienMamoralej: if job pass, we have promotion09:51
amoralejEmilienM, ack09:53
*** qwertyco has joined #rdo09:55
*** mvk has quit IRC09:55
*** MrAbaddon has joined #rdo09:56
rdogerritchkumar246 created openstack/os-faults-distgit ocata-rdo: Bump python-os-faults to 0.1.11 for Ocata
*** fzdarsky_ is now known as fzdarsky|lunch09:58
chandankumaramoralej: is it ok to bump os-faults to 0.1.11 na?09:59
chandankumarthere is no much change.09:59
*** fragatina has joined #rdo10:00
*** jhershbe has quit IRC10:00
*** Amita has joined #rdo10:02
rdogerritchkumar246 proposed rdoinfo master: Bump os-faults to 0.1.11 for ocata
*** sbulage has quit IRC10:03
sfbenderJavier Peña created DLRN master: Support distgits with spec in subdirectories in rdoinfo driver
flgchandankumar: bug 1459501 in openstack-rally "RHOS 10: openstack-rally (0.7.0) Exception when creating deployment -> user.json beforehand used on other installations" [Urgent,New] - Assigned to chkumar10:12
chandankumaramoralej: if i switch os-faults to 0.1.11., we need higher version of os-faults10:12
chandankumarsorry we need pbr> 2.0.010:12
*** vnogin has quit IRC10:13
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC10:15
rdogerritchkumar246 proposed rdoinfo master: Bump os-faults to 0.1.10 for ocata
*** sbulage has joined #rdo10:15
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo10:18
*** lucasagomes has joined #rdo10:19
sfbenderMerged rdopkg master: Migrate to
mrungecan I beg for another review on ?10:24
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo10:25
*** wolverineav has joined #rdo10:27
rdogerritchkumar246 created openstack/rally-distgit newton-rdo: [DNM] Bump to 0.9.1 for Newton
*** mvk has joined #rdo10:27
rdogerritMerged config master: Prevent variable from being interpreted
chandankumaramoralej: apevec os-faults testsing for rally in newton
mrungethank you jpena10:28
EmilienMamoralej: still not built?10:28
jpenamrunge: no problem, feel free to ping if you need reviews (I keep missing them)10:28
mrungewill do jpena10:29
*** wfoster has quit IRC10:29
*** rook has quit IRC10:29
*** rook has joined #rdo10:30
amoralejEmilienM, current dlrn run started at 8:25 UTC, before patches were merged10:30
*** rook is now known as Guest5259010:30
*** wfoster has joined #rdo10:30
*** gszasz has joined #rdo10:30
*** agurenko_ has joined #rdo10:30
*** wolverineav has quit IRC10:31
amoralejEmilienM, gate-tripleo-ci-centos-7-ovb-ha failed with patched neutron in 47136110:33
amoralejapevec ^10:33
amoralejwith same error10:33
*** agurenko has quit IRC10:34
*** richm has joined #rdo10:34
apevecinteresting, how did oooq ovb ha pass?10:34
apevecwas patch really applied?10:35
*** snarwade has joined #rdo10:37
*** Poornima has quit IRC10:37
*** ubijtsa is now known as assassin10:37
EmilienMlike I was saying earlier10:37
*** abregman_ is now known as abregman10:38
*** paragan has quit IRC10:39
apevecopenstack-neutron-11.0.0-0.20170607074110.6deb167 - it was10:39
*** wolverineav has joined #rdo10:39
*** wolverineav has quit IRC10:40
*** wolverin_ has joined #rdo10:40
*** wolverineav has joined #rdo10:42
*** wolverin_ has quit IRC10:42
rdogerritchkumar246 proposed openstack/rally-distgit newton-rdo: [DNM] Bump to 0.9.1 for Newton
amoralejapevec, EmilienM,
amoralej"6deb167 Patch pyroute2 for eventlet for agents only"10:44
amoralejfix is there10:45
EmilienMso we still have the issue10:47
EmilienMlet's look in neutron logs10:47
amoralejEmilienM, i added some info in the LP10:48
amoralejit seems one issue has been fixed10:48
*** flg has quit IRC10:48
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC10:48
amoralejEmilienM, i think is suspicius10:49
*** jprovazn has quit IRC10:49
amoralejwhy dhcp agents are marked as down?10:49
*** mosulica has quit IRC10:49
EmilienMlet me look10:50
EmilienMmaybe dhcp agents are up later10:50
*** zenirc369 has joined #rdo10:50
amoralejno, they were started before10:51
amoralejin fact you have a "Agent healthcheck: found 13 active agents" message just 12 seconds before10:51
amoralejone thing that changed from the last good to the first bad was puppet-neutron10:52
amoralejthat patch that change ordering10:52
amoralejthe one about wsgi10:52
amoralejshouldn't be a problem10:52
EmilienMI don't see traces in dhcp agents10:53
amoralejthey are always clean10:53
EmilienMin puppet-neutron, we didn't force anything afik10:53
*** rhallisey has joined #rdo10:56
*** vnogin has joined #rdo10:56
amoralejEmilienM, changed ordering10:57
amoralejbecause of
amoralejthat's why that uncover issue in openvswitch-agent that was fixed10:58
EmilienMamoralej: it shouldn't change ordering since we don't deploy neutron in wsgi10:59
EmilienMneutron-server-eventlet is just a new tag but the resource ordering is still there10:59
amoralejbut you change requirement from Service <| title == 'neutron-server' |> to Service <| tag == 'neutron-server-eventlet' |>10:59
*** mosulica has joined #rdo10:59
amoralejagents are included in neutron-server10:59
EmilienMok I missed that, let me look11:00
amoralejso, in the past that constraint affected to agents also11:00
amoralejand all were started simultaneusly11:00
amoralejnow, agents are started before11:00
EmilienMhum no11:00
amoralejwhat shouldn't be an issue11:00
EmilienMit's neutron-service11:00
EmilienMnot neutron-server11:00
*** vnogin has quit IRC11:01
*** agurenko_ is now known as agurenko11:03
*** Poornima has joined #rdo11:04
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-hungry11:04
amoralejEmilienM, you are right, but i checked logs and i'm pretty sure something changed11:05
EmilienMamoralej: I'm happy to revert it11:06
*** shardy is now known as shardy_lunch11:06
EmilienMand test11:06
amoralejmmmm, i'll double check11:06
*** agurenko is now known as agurenko_11:06
EmilienMamoralej: this patch is not critical11:06
*** ushkalim_ has quit IRC11:07
*** ushkalim has quit IRC11:07
EmilienMapevec: I think needs to be rebased + rechecked11:08
EmilienMI don't know why experimental jobs were killed11:08
amoralejEmilienM, nop forget about ordering, i just check order is ok in tripleo jobs11:09
EmilienMsigh, it's something else then11:10
*** jkilpatr has joined #rdo11:10
*** pkovar has joined #rdo11:12
*** agurenko_ is now known as agurenko11:12
*** scorcoran_afk has joined #rdo11:13
chandankumarapevec: amoralej hello11:16
*** vnogin has joined #rdo11:16
EmilienMamoralej: we need ihar11:16
chandankumaramoralej: there are two topic one is os-faults then rally11:17
chandankumarlet me clear mess of os-faults11:17
chandankumaramoralej: i am thinking to update os-faults to 0.1.11 in ocata and 0.1.10 to newton [for that we need a newton branch for os-faults in RDO]11:18
chandankumarapevec: ^^11:18
chandankumaramoralej: apevec what you say on this?11:18
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo11:18
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo11:20
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo11:20
amoralejchandankumar, 0.1.11 seems to be ok for ocata11:22
chandankumarmaking an etherpad for all AI11:22
chandankumarit got meesy so11:22
*** ushkalim has joined #rdo11:23
*** zenirc369 has quit IRC11:23
*** ushkalim_ has joined #rdo11:23
*** number80 has joined #rdo11:25
chandankumaramoralej: number80 can we get a new branch newton-rdo for os-faults?11:25
*** pkovar has quit IRC11:26
amoralejchandankumar, you first have to add it to rdoinfo11:27
chandankumaramoralej: yup11:28
amoralejand then you can send something like
chandankumarthe janki patch :-)11:28
sfbenderMerged DLRN master: Dynamic web page to see CI Votes in DLRN API
*** flg has joined #rdo11:29
*** ekuris has quit IRC11:30
*** julim has joined #rdo11:32
*** athomas has quit IRC11:33
*** julim has quit IRC11:33
*** athomas has joined #rdo11:34
*** julim has joined #rdo11:34
*** ushkalim has quit IRC11:35
*** ushkalim_ has quit IRC11:35
*** fragatina has quit IRC11:38
jankichandankumar, :)11:38
*** fzdarsky|lunch is now known as fzdarsky11:38
*** zoli is now known as zoli|brb11:39
*** Guest52590 is now known as rook11:40
rdogerritchkumar246 created rdoinfo master: Add newton-rdo branch for python-os-faults
chandankumaramoralej: number8011:41
*** milan has joined #rdo11:41
*** snarwade has quit IRC11:41
*** paragan has joined #rdo11:42
*** paragan has joined #rdo11:42
*** jpena is now known as jpena|lunch11:42
*** shardy_lunch is now known as shardy11:43
apevecamoralej, meh so fix one get new bugs?11:43
apevec(re. neuton)11:43
amoraleji think fixed one but wasn't the original problem11:44
amoralejbut i don't know11:44
*** thrash|g0ne is now known as thrash11:44
*** karimb has quit IRC11:44
amoralejapevec, what is strange is why it doesn't happen in oooq-ha11:45
apevecjlibosva, please check updates in
openstackLaunchpad bug 1696094 in tripleo "CI: ovb-ha promotion job fails with 504 gateway timeout, neutron-server create-subnet timing out" [Critical,Triaged]11:45
*** karimb has joined #rdo11:45
apevecamoralej, yeah!11:45
apevecwhat's diff?11:45
*** ekuris has joined #rdo11:45
jlibosvaapevec: was it proven the patch was culprit?11:45
apevecnot really11:46
apevecwe were testing w/o revert and with Ihar's related fix11:46
*** agurenko is now known as agurenko_11:46
apevecone moving monkey patching11:46
*** karimb has quit IRC11:46
*** vnogin has quit IRC11:47
*** karimb has joined #rdo11:48
apevecEmilienM, I'm not getting ovb results on recheck after rebase in - is RH1 cloud working?11:48
openstackLaunchpad bug 1696094 in tripleo "CI: ovb-ha promotion job fails with 504 gateway timeout, neutron-server create-subnet timing out" [Critical,Triaged]11:48
*** jprovazn has joined #rdo11:49
jlibosvaapevec: there were two suspicious patches11:49
apevecnothing in experimental-tripleo in Zuul status page11:50
jlibosvaapevec: and it took a minute for neutron to even hit ipam backend in the server ...11:50
*** atoth has joined #rdo11:50
apevecI've recheck
apevecjlibosva, that seems to be gone, but what amoralej found is dhcp agents still do not work11:51
jlibosvaapevec: yesterday, I saw a lot of amqp related errors but I thought that's cause tripleo starts services while rabbit is not started yet11:52
rdogerritchkumar246 created config master: Add newton-rdo branch to python-os-faults
chandankumaramoralej: number80 and for os-faults newton branch11:52
amoralejjlibosva, what i found is a message in neutron server saying that dhcp agents were inactive, but they were active 10 seconds before11:53
amoralejthat's after rabbitmq is up and all agents have been registered11:53
amoraleji added a link in the LP11:53
chandankumarflg: apevec amoralej number80 pad for tracking this rally update11:54
jlibosvaweird we don't see this in upstream11:56
amoralejjlibosva, in fact we only see that in HA job11:56
amoralejnonha works fine11:56
jlibosvaapevec: are there any mysql-slow jobs?11:56
*** florianf has quit IRC11:56
apevecno idea, amoralej ^11:56
number80chandankumar: ack11:56
amoralejlet me see what i see in mariadb logs11:57
flgchandankumar: thanks11:58
EmilienMapevec: ovb jobs are running fine11:58
*** mosulica has quit IRC11:59
*** vnogin has joined #rdo12:00
*** _bsurfer_ has quit IRC12:00
jlibosvaapevec: EmilienM amoralej do you know what does this mean?
*** pkovar has joined #rdo12:01
amoralejcould that be haproxy?12:01
*** chlong has joined #rdo12:02
number80mfedosin: did you create a fedora ticket for glareclient or do you prefer we find a proxy for that?12:03
*** amuller has joined #rdo12:04
*** noslzzp has quit IRC12:04
mfedosinnumber80: hi! no, I think I haven't created it yet12:05
mfedosingive me 10 minutes :)12:05
*** ushkalim_ has joined #rdo12:05
*** ushkalim has joined #rdo12:05
*** karimb has quit IRC12:06
*** ccamacho is now known as ccamacho|lunch12:06
*** mosulica has joined #rdo12:06
*** morazi has joined #rdo12:06
apevecEmilienM, amoralej - so we have non-ha working in both oooq and old jobs, ha ovb working in oooq but failing in old jobs: what's the config difference in last two?12:09
*** lucas-hungry is now known as lucasagomes12:09
apevecfrom tripleo12:09
apevecthere must be some diff12:09
apevecin overcloud deploy?12:10
apevecwhere is overcloud deploy log in old job?12:11
*** karimb has joined #rdo12:11
jlibosvaapevec: re. dhcp agent, there is this message: This differs from the current server timestamp: 2017-06-07T09:42:37.556431 by 122.382109 seconds, which is more than the threshold agent downtime: 75.12:11
apevecin oooq:
jlibosvaMessage received from the host: controller-2-tripleo-ci-c-baz.localdomain during the registration of DHCP agent has a timestamp: 2017-06-07T09:40:35.174322.12:12
*** ratailor has quit IRC12:12
*** fragatina has joined #rdo12:12
*** jhershbe has quit IRC12:13
*** trown|outtypewww is now known as trown12:13
amoralejjlibosva, that message is at the very begining, right?, after that there are messages "Agent healthcheck: found 13 active agents"12:15
amoralejwhich means all agents are active12:15
jlibosvaamoralej: is there an ntpd running or something so it synced time later?12:16
amoralejdunno, let me check12:16
*** florianf has joined #rdo12:16
jlibosvamaybe if we could add a custom patch to the CI to add more logging, we could get more information about where is the server too slow12:17
amoralejyeah, ntpd is running with 0.centos.pool.ntp.org12:18
apevecamoralej, interestingly, that's one of the diffs, oooq deploys with --ntp-server pool.ntp.org12:19
*** egallen_ has joined #rdo12:19
apeveccomparinv envs12:19
*** imcleod has joined #rdo12:20
amoralejapevec, non-oooq job uses12:21
amoralej--ntp-server 0.centos.pool.ntp.org12:21
amoraleji don't thing that's a big difference...12:21
*** egallen has quit IRC12:22
*** egallen_ is now known as egallen12:22
amoralejapevec, there is a "--validation-warnings-fatal" parameter in non-ooq12:23
*** imcleod has quit IRC12:24
*** itamarjp has joined #rdo12:24
*** itamarjp has joined #rdo12:24
*** ratailor has joined #rdo12:26
apevecamoralej, oooq has --validation-errors-nonfatal12:26
apevecbut not sure what it actually means12:26
*** iniazi_ has joined #rdo12:26
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo12:26
amoralej yeah, i've checked that pingtest validation succeeded in oooq jobs, it isn't ignoring errors or something like that12:26
*** rlandy has joined #rdo12:26
rdogerrithguemar created config master: (WIP)Nodepool: Import CentoS 7 image elements from openstack-infra
rdogerrithguemar proposed config master: (WIP)Nodepool: Import CentoS 7 image elements from openstack-infra
number80reviewers needed ^12:28
*** mosulica has quit IRC12:29
*** iniazi has quit IRC12:30
*** ekuris has quit IRC12:31
amoralejapevec, it seems oooq job has TLS while non-oooq doesn't12:31
*** zoli|brb is now known as zoli12:32
*** mosulica has joined #rdo12:32
amoralejand non-oooq is applying but i don't see any relation12:32
*** jprovazn has quit IRC12:33
apevecpabelanger, please review when you can12:36
apevecit's for running upstream ooo jobs in rdo12:36
*** julim has quit IRC12:37
*** imcleod has joined #rdo12:37
apevecpabelanger, number80, we need all that imported?12:37
apevechow do we keep it in sync?12:37
apeveci.e. cannot that be checked out from an upstream repo (where is it from?) in the jobs?12:38
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo12:38
number80apevec: yes, but I'm not familiar enough with nodepool to know if that's possible.12:41
number80we can possibly automate syncing from upstream repo though12:41
number80We won't ever need to modify the elements downstream12:42
apevecEmilienM, amoralej, posted overcloud cmdline diff analysis in
apevecI almost created etherpad, then remembered we have that trello board!12:43
apevecbtw we didn't have the card for this issue12:43
rdogerritMike Fedosin proposed rdoinfo master: Add glare and glareclient packages
*** karimb has quit IRC12:43
number80mfedosin: thanks, I'll start looking at the client12:44
mfedosinnumber80: done bug 1459553 in Package Review "python-glareclient - client library for Unified Artifact Repository (Glare)" [Unspecified,New] - Assigned to hguemar12:44
apevecnumber80, right, but best to avoid any chance of ending up with the fork12:44
mfedosinnumber80: thank you very much!12:44
amoralejapevec, there may be anywhere to reproduce this out of CI environment?12:44
apevecwe'll wait for pabelanger to chime in12:44
*** agurenko_ is now known as agurenko12:44
apevecamoralej, dunno, jlibosva ^12:44
number80apevec: anyway it has -W if the (WIP) comment is not enough12:44
apevecamoralej, when it happens, during pingtest ?12:45
apevecI guess you could try deploying OC with the same parameters, then run that test12:45
amoralejyeah, but we need a big maching able to run three controllers and one compute12:45
jlibosvaamoralej: apevec rdo-cloud?12:46
apevecyeah then you need ovb12:46
apevecsingle VM won't be enough12:46
*** jpena|lunch is now known as jpena12:48
*** yfried has quit IRC12:49
*** imcleod has quit IRC12:50
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo12:51
*** karimb has joined #rdo12:52
*** eharney has joined #rdo12:56
apevecamoralej, EmilienM - both neutron and nova have been rebuilt in current "consistent"12:56
*** sasha21 has joined #rdo12:56
apevecbut at this point we are not sure neutron patch help right?12:56
EmilienMapevec: I can recheck, just in case12:56
apevecwas going to say that12:57
*** ccamacho|lunch is now known as ccamacho12:57
*** _bsurfer_ has joined #rdo12:57
*** trown is now known as trown|brb12:58
*** pkovar has quit IRC12:58
*** julim has joined #rdo12:59
number80Let's move forward with glare reviews ^13:00
*** zoli is now known as zoli|afk13:00
*** eaguilar has quit IRC13:00
*** sasha21 has quit IRC13:00
*** edannon has quit IRC13:00
*** agurenko is now known as agurenko_13:01
*** sasha21 has joined #rdo13:01
pabelangerapevec: number80: jeepyb has a tool called manage-projects, it has the ability to keep a git repo in sync with upstream. In that case, you'l import project-config and configure manage-project to keep it in sync.13:03
*** imcleod has joined #rdo13:03
*** pkovar has joined #rdo13:04
apevecpabelanger, can we sync only part we are interesting in?13:05
pabelangerapevec: no, the who repo13:06
*** ihrachys has joined #rdo13:06
number80pabelanger: we have stuff that may conflict, we want to keep our downstream elements13:08
pabelangernumber80: I would keep them in different repos, and configure nodepool-builder to import different PATHs13:08
pabelangerthere is an elements: setting in nodepool.yaml where you define the location of them13:08
pabelangerin that case, you just clone up stream element on to your builds, and don't have to manage them13:09
number80pabelanger: oh13:09
number80that's interesting, I'll explore that13:09
*** dgurtner has quit IRC13:09
number80well, we can keep in sync upstream repo w/o any hassle13:09
*** ohochman has joined #rdo13:10
ihrachysEmilienM, I see my patch for neutron helped?13:10
*** ohochman has left #rdo13:10
ihrachyswe will quicken the merge then13:11
EmilienMihrachys: we're not sure13:11
ihrachysEmilienM, I think apevec said in rdo review that it helped13:12
apevecnumber80, pabelanger, ok, that's not too bad, whole project-config is ~ 50MB13:13
apevecihrachys, in one job13:13
apevecihrachys, failing still in other :(13:13
apevecsee later comment from amoralej13:13
*** toure|biab is now known as toure13:13
ihrachysapevec, but that's a different issue right?13:13
*** trown|brb is now known as trown13:13
apevecalso might be oooq ovb-ha worked all the time...13:13
amoralejihrachys but the error seems to be the same13:14
apevecyeah, it's no eventlet lock anymore afaict13:14
ihrachysamoralej, "weirdo jobs are failing because it needs neutron-lib-1.7.0 which is not in current-passed-ci but it's in consistent, so it should be ok." ? is it the comment?13:15
amoralejihrachys, nop we are talking about comment in
openstackLaunchpad bug 1696094 in tripleo "CI: ovb-ha promotion job fails with 504 gateway timeout, neutron-server create-subnet timing out" [Critical,Triaged]13:15
rdogerritPradeep Kilambi created openstack/gnocchi-distgit rpm-master: Update gnocchi project url
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo13:17
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo13:17
ihrachysapevec, ah ok, then it's same issue, just a minor diff in what neutron-server needed to do13:18
ihrachysso it doesn't help13:18
ihrachyswhich is good to know since it means it's not pyroute2 really13:18
*** edannon has joined #rdo13:18
rdogerritIhar Hrachyshka created openstack/neutron-distgit rpm-master: Revert "Neutron patch under review"
openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack stable/newton: Synchronize Puppetfile constraints for non-OpenStack modules
amoralejihrachys, we are running periodic jobs with the patch now, just in case13:19
*** imcleod has quit IRC13:20
*** imcleod has joined #rdo13:23
ihrachysso in dhcp agent, I see messaging timeouts13:24
ihrachysand I don't see the failed requests in any of controller neutron-server logs13:24
ihrachyslike if the thread serving the RPC endpoint never gets up (or never gets yielded to)13:25
*** scorcoran_afk is now known as scorcoran_biab13:25
ihrachyshm but then later, there is this "2017-06-07 09:47:52.672 162553 INFO neutron.agent.dhcp.agent [req-23932ef9-c19d-4834-bec4-af83a87ad1ba - - - - -] All active networks have been fetched through RPC."13:26
ihrachysso probably SOME requests are served13:26
ihrachysinterestingly, right after "MessagingTimeout: Timed out waiting for a reply to message ID c6f81a75c4b34a9cb7f75babc2e7eabf" we see "No calling threads waiting for msg_id : c6f81a75c4b34a9cb7f75babc2e7eabf"13:27
*** pradk has quit IRC13:27
ihrachyslike the message was dispatched after the waiting thread timed out13:27
ihrachysit looks really like stdlib not being patched properly13:28
ihrachyson the agent side13:28
ihrachysjlibosva, ^ thoughts?13:28
*** jcoufal has joined #rdo13:29
*** egafford has joined #rdo13:29
jlibosvaihrachys: how do you know there are messages sent to dhcp agent? Aren't they supposed to be seen in the server logs?13:30
*** links has quit IRC13:30
*** eharney has quit IRC13:31
ihrachysjlibosva, that's the dhcp log file. the agent initiates rpc_state, it times out; right after, oslo.messaging dispatches the reply to us, but we no longer wait13:31
*** jprovazn has joined #rdo13:31
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|lunch13:31
jlibosvaihrachys: but server logs there are 13 active agents13:32
jlibosvawhich means the state was received13:32
ihrachysfor all of them?13:32
ihrachyslooks like sometimes we can reach it server; other times it never replies (in time)13:33
ihrachysor we fail to dispatch/yield properly13:34
*** eharney has joined #rdo13:34
openstackgerritEvgeny Antyshev proposed openstack/packstack master: Allocation pools for demo subnet
jlibosvaihrachys: 13 agents - 3 computes, each has 4 agents and one compute with just ovs-agent13:35
ihrachysjlibosva, this is recognized by server later13:37
ihrachystimeouts happen before13:37
ihrachysI think this may not explain why neutron-server stuck but still point at some workers/eventlet issues13:37
*** abregman is now known as abregman|mtg13:37
ihrachysassuming same issue happens on both sides13:37
jlibosvardogerrit: I'm looking here:
*** Goneri has joined #rdo13:39
jlibosvaihrachys: ^^ :)13:39
ihrachysjlibosva, right, and timeouts happen in dhcp agent
*** scorcoran_biab is now known as scorcoran13:39
jlibosvawhile request for subnet creation is at
ihrachyshow do you explain those timeouts?13:39
ihrachysand the fact that the message is delivered right after timeout?13:40
ihrachys(I suspect it was all along in the queue, just oslo never got yield13:40
*** jmelvin is now known as jmelvin|brb13:40
*** florianf has quit IRC13:41
jlibosvaihrachys: tripleo starts services while rabbit may not still be running, right?13:42
jlibosvaI'm looking at rabbit logs but there is no TZ13:42
ihrachysdoesn't explain why message is delivered immediately after timeout13:43
ihrachysif it would be down, we would never see reply13:43
*** chlong has quit IRC13:43
*** ratailor has quit IRC13:43
jlibosvaihrachys: where do you see it was delivered?13:44
*** noslzzp has joined #rdo13:44
*** jmelvin|brb has quit IRC13:45
ihrachysI believe this is oslo.messaging telling us 'I have a message, but everyone bailed out from waiting it, so I just drop it'13:45
ihrachysworth a check in code though if my interpretation is correct13:45
jlibosvaihrachys: it happens every time there, also in previous traces13:46
ihrachysall of them failed to yield to handler (?)13:47
*** abregman|mtg is now known as abregman13:47
jlibosvaihrachys: one important piece of information - apevec said it happens only in HA envs13:50
*** Poornima has quit IRC13:50
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo13:51
jlibosvaapevec: amoralej|lunch is there a log for rpm versions on the nodes? when did you switch to using ?13:51
apevecjlibosva, worse, in only one specific HA job13:52
ihrachysapevec, what's the main difference of the job from others?13:52
apevecso far, I've only analyzed overcloud deploy command diff in
*** eaguilar has quit IRC13:53
apevecbut need someone from tripleo/ci to tell what those env diff exactly means13:54
ihrachysapevec, workers yaml, I wonder what this is13:57
ihrachysI see api_workers and rpc_workers and rpc_state_report_workers all = 113:57
*** dgurtner has quit IRC13:57
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo13:58
*** florianf has joined #rdo13:58
*** eaguilar has quit IRC13:59
*** abregman has quit IRC13:59
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo13:59
socialapevec:   file /usr/share/openstack-dashboard/openstack_dashboard/local/enabled/__init__.pyc conflicts between attempted installs of openstack-manila-ui-2.8.1-0.20170607091520.a4fe656.el7.centos.noarch and openstack-dashboard-1:12.0.0-0.20170605133011.c01c4d9.el7.centos.noarch14:00
*** zaitcev has joined #rdo14:00
*** abregman has joined #rdo14:01
*** nyechiel has quit IRC14:02
*** jhershbe has quit IRC14:04
*** lkuchlan has quit IRC14:04
*** eaguilar has quit IRC14:04
*** Amita has quit IRC14:05
apevecykarel__, chandankumar ^ see from social14:05
*** amoralej|lunch is now known as amoralej14:06
amoralejperiodic job failed with that too14:06
chandankumarapevec: yes, time to fix it.14:06
*** agurenko has joined #rdo14:06
apevecso we install manilla by default?14:07
amoralejthat's weird14:08
amoralejjlibosva, last job that passed the subnet create point already had python2-eventlet-0.20.1-1.el7.noarch14:09
*** agurenko_ has quit IRC14:09
*** ykarel__ has quit IRC14:09
jlibosvaamoralej: ok, thanks. Since it might be related to eventlet I wondered whether it could be the reason14:09
*** edannon has quit IRC14:12
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo14:12
ihrachysjlibosva, and it used old pyroute2 but it's not clear if that would affect anything14:13
*** gkadam has quit IRC14:13
ihrachysconsidering that my patch hasn't solved the issue14:13
jlibosvaihrachys: what about the other related to push notif?14:13
ihrachysbut then, if that would be something on agent side, we still patch for pyroute there14:14
ihrachysjlibosva, I dunno, I haven't followed up14:14
*** noslzzp has quit IRC14:14
ihrachysjlibosva, the thing is, it seems that the lock happens twice during the course of the request - between quota and ipam, and between ipam and ovo_rpc14:14
ihrachysfirst should not have been affected by the ovo_rpc code14:14
ihrachysand it's still not clear why it's subnet specific14:15
*** janki has quit IRC14:16
jlibosvaihrachys: if db operations are slow, subnet might have lot more than network create, no?14:16
ihrachyswell I doubt it's slow for exactly 60 secs ;)14:17
ihrachyswhat those 60 secs could be?14:17
jlibosvacould be a yield from within db transaction context, dunno. It had similar symptoms. Would be helpful to get mysql-slow logs or similar to confirm db works fine14:20
openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack stable/newton: Set Keystone endpoint version according to answer file
*** zoli|afk is now known as zoli|wfh14:21
*** prateek has quit IRC14:22
apevecjlibosva, amoralej - checking tag history, python-eventlet-0.20.1-1.el7 was tagged pike-testing on May 2314:23
amoralejlast run that passed was on May 26th14:23
amoralejfailed at a later stage14:23
*** pradk has joined #rdo14:24
apevecok, so we can eliminate eventlet update14:24
*** flg is now known as flg_brb14:25
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo14:26
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo14:26
deletehi, I have installed ocata using packstack all in one and I get this error while trying to launch an instance  Failed to create PTY: Operation not permitted14:26
*** pradk has quit IRC14:28
amoralejdelete, is that a VM?14:28
amoralejdo you have nested virtualization enabled?14:28
amoralejwhat version of centos do you have?14:28
deletesorry, the host is a physical server14:28
deleteit's up to date14:29
amoralejcould you disable selinux with "setenforce 0" and check?14:29
deleteyes, I tried, but same result14:30
apevecamoralej, jlibosva and fwiw upstream u-c was first bumped to eventlet 0.20.1 on Mar 2014:30
*** emalikov has quit IRC14:31
*** pradk has joined #rdo14:31
*** jaosorior is now known as jaosorior_away14:31
amoralejdelete, what version of qemu-kvm-ev do you have?14:32
deleteamoralej: qemu-kvm-ev-2.6.0-28.el7_3.9.1.x86_6414:32
amoralejlooks good14:32
*** karimb has quit IRC14:32
deleteI wonder if I would have the same problem if I try newton14:33
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC14:36
*** limao has joined #rdo14:36
*** flg_brb is now known as flg14:36
*** limao_ has joined #rdo14:40
*** limao has quit IRC14:40
*** rbartal has quit IRC14:41
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo14:41
*** abregman has quit IRC14:43
*** pkovar has quit IRC14:43
deleteamoralej: any idea? do you know anyone who can help me ? should I ask in a mailing list?14:43
amoralejdelete, you can send a mail to rdo-list14:44
*** eaguilar_ has joined #rdo14:44
*** pkovar has joined #rdo14:44
deleteamoralej: just noticed "libvirt" was not installed by packstack14:44
amoralejit was installed previously?14:44
amoralejwhat version do you have?14:45
*** cshastri has quit IRC14:45
rbowenReminder: Meeting in 15 minutes. Agenda at
*** eaguilar has quit IRC14:46
*** karimb has joined #rdo14:46
number80pradk: is someone from gnocchi project uploading 3.1.8 tarball on pypi?14:50
jpenanumber80: is ready to merge? I saw some comments on the bz about it being a Guinea pig for your review automation14:50
apevechold on14:51
number80jpena: I'll duplicate it and create a fake ticket for automation in the tracker14:51
apevecit has multiple projects ?14:51
*** dustins has joined #rdo14:51
*** ykarel has joined #rdo14:51
number80yes client and service14:51
jpenathe project creation job can handle that :)14:51
* number80 nods14:52
pradknumber80, hmm should be there.. ok lemme double check14:52
apevecmy OCD prevents me to approve that :)14:52
number80apevec: that's why reviews are here :)14:52
apevecbut whatever14:52
apevecwould then both project be tracked under
number80but semantically, it doesn't bother me, since it's client/server14:53
apevecit does make sense in a way14:53
apevecremoving -114:53
jpenamy OCD is not so strong, I can approve it14:55
apevecpradk, 3.1.8 is missing
apevec3.1.6 is latest14:55
rdogerritMerged rdoinfo master: Add glare and glareclient packages
pradk3.1.6 is the latest tag on github as well, i'll update the patch .. i probably looked at 3.0.8 and updated14:57
rdogerritrdo-trunk created config master: Create project for glare
rdogerritrdo-trunk created config master: Create project for glareclient
rdogerritMerged openstack/swift-distgit rpm-master: Add container sync service
rdogerritPradeep Kilambi proposed openstack/gnocchi-distgit ocata-rdo: Update to 3.1.6
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed config master: Ensure there is no master branch in distgit repos
pradknumber80, i need new pair of glasses, 6 looked like 8 to me14:59
jpenameeting time!15:00
jpena#startmeeting RDO meeting - 2017-06-0715:00
number80pradk: nw :)15:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Jun  7 15:00:26 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is jpena. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.15:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'rdo_meeting___2017_06_07'15:00
jpena#topic roll call15:00
*** karimb has quit IRC15:01
jpena#chair chandankumar trown rbowen apevec number8015:01
openstackCurrent chairs: apevec chandankumar jpena number80 rbowen trown15:01
jpena#chair amoralej15:01
openstackCurrent chairs: amoralej apevec chandankumar jpena number80 rbowen trown15:01
jpena#chair ykarel15:01
openstackCurrent chairs: amoralej apevec chandankumar jpena number80 rbowen trown ykarel15:01
jpenaremember that the agenda is at, in case you want to add some last-minute topic15:02
*** karimb has joined #rdo15:02
jpenalet's start15:02
jpena#topic Doc day, June 8, 9 (Tomorrow!) -
jpenarbowen: ^^15:03
rbowenWe would like to have a moment of your time over the coming two days to improve our website and documentation.15:03
rbowenI have opened a number of new tickets over the past few days.15:03
rbowenIf there's something that bugs you about our website, please open a ticket.15:03
rbowenAnd please consider spending some time tomorrow or Friday helping us fix those things.15:03
*** flg has quit IRC15:04
*** julim has quit IRC15:04
rbowen /EOM15:04
jpena#action everyone contribute to doc days15:05
jpenanext topic?15:05
jpena#topic Proposed mailing list move15:06
rbowenSo, this one is a little more involved.15:06
rbowenAnecdotally, some folks in the community don't like to ask beginner questions on a mailing list that is plainly developer-centric15:06
rbowenMeanwhile, I've also wanted to move our lists from to for some time15:06
rbowenI talked with Duck and misc a day or so ago, and they said that this is certainly doable, and made some recommendations15:07
rbowen1) That we use instead15:07
rbowen2) that rather than merely forwarding the old list, we add an autoresponder saying that the discussion as moved to the new list.15:07
rbowenAt the same time, we could split rdo-list into a dev@ and users@ list15:07
rbowenI'm looking for feedback about what you folks think about this proposal.15:07
rdogerritMerged openstack/gnocchi-distgit newton-rdo: Update to 3.0.9
apevecso no doing mass-subscribe of existing users?15:08
rbowenWell, that's one of the questions.15:08
Ducksorry to be late15:08
rbowenWhether we could copy over the existing subscriber list, and, if so, whether that would go to dev@ or users@ or both.15:08
jpenaI like the idea of having two lists, specially if it encourages beginner questions15:08
rbowenMy inclination would be to copy it over to dev@ and give people detailed instructions of how to move to users@ if they want to.15:09
*** rpioso has joined #rdo15:09
chandankumarapevec: what about dropping a mail to the subscribers, if you want to subscribe to this please click on this and otherwise ignore?15:09
rbowenANd them more aggressively promote the users@ list to beginners.15:09
rbowenchandankumar: Yes, that's another option, but I suspect that we would lose a lot of people in the transition.15:09
apevecthat would be my concern15:09
*** snarwade has joined #rdo15:09
apevecso given current focus copying rdo-list -> dev makes sense15:10
*** mosulica has quit IRC15:10
jpenayes, I'd rather migrate existing users to dev@ and encourage everyone to subscribe to users@15:10
rbowenSo my vote would be to copy the list over to dev@ and then promote users@ on that new list as the new place for "support"15:10
amoralejyeah, i'd copy subscriber and send a mail with instructions to unsubscribe15:10
rbowenI don't know what the timeline is for such a move. Duck and misc are waiting, I believe, for some decisions about these things we're discussing now before they move forward with it.15:11
rbowenI am relying on them for details like where this infra actually runs.15:11
amoralejrbowen do you now how many subscriber rdo-list has?15:11
*** amuller has quit IRC15:11
*** gvrangan has joined #rdo15:11
*** amuller_ has joined #rdo15:11
rbowenYes, I do. One moment. Grabbing stats15:11
*** rcernin has quit IRC15:11
apevecamoralej, unsubscribe instructions are in the footer of every post15:11
rbowenrdo-list has 851 subscribers15:12
rbowenrdo-newsletter has 2370 subscribers15:12
*** dgurtner has quit IRC15:12
rbowenapevec: They are, however, a lot ofpeople ignore that, and some mail clients hide the footers.15:12
rbowenSo we would want to draw attention to it more directly in an announcement email.15:12
jpenabtw, where would we host those lists?15:12
apevecrbowen, good point15:12
apevecjpena, OSAS shared infra I think15:13
Duckso we can provide support for hosting it either in OSAS Community Cage or elsewhere if you prefer15:13
rbowenDuck, misc: do you want to comment on where these lists might be hosted?15:13
apevecw/ other projects15:13
rbowenBeat me to it. :-)15:13
amoralejyes, we could send an announcement list with info about new users one and unsubscribe instructions15:13
Duckwe host ML, and Minishift and oVirt are coming15:13
Duckwith Mailman315:13
rbowenThe existing archive would remain where it is, in perpetuity15:13
jpenaDuck: ok, that's great15:13
rbowenWe would also provide the new HyperKitty interface for people that prefer that kind of thing, right Duck?15:14
number80Why not migrate everyone to both lists and ask people who wants to opt-out from either or both lists?15:14
Duckas for migration from 2.1 it was not fine in the past and I'm testing it again with 3.1 out recently for oVirt15:14
apevecrbowen, how can we ensure last post in the old archive is pointing to new location?15:14
rbowennumber80: I thought of that. Do you think that's the right thing to do?15:14
Duckyes Hyperkitty is provided15:14
number80(we need the experts on the users list otherwise, beginners would not enjoy it much)15:14
rbowenapevec: We would close the list to posts from anybody but moderators (ie, me, and a handful of other people)15:14
apevecnumber80, yeah but we need experts willing to help15:15
apeveccan't force them15:15
*** eggmaster has joined #rdo15:15
number80rbowen: I'm inclined to that option, and we can offer opt-out15:15
*** eaguilar_ has quit IRC15:15
Ducklike this
apevecso by subscribing they committ answering :)15:15
number80apevec: we need to seed initial list, we can turn it to opt-in then15:15
rbowenI guess we can subscribe them to both, and then encourage people to unsub from the one they're not interested in, and hope most people stay on both.15:15
Ducklocal accounts as well as social ones are possible15:15
rbowenThe users list is indeed useless if the experts aren't there to answer their questions.15:15
*** vnogin has quit IRC15:15
rbowenDoes anybody strongly object to number80's proposal here15:16
amoralej+1 to subscribe current subscriberts to both15:16
chandankumar+1 to number80 proposal15:16
*** vnogin has joined #rdo15:16
*** vnogin has quit IRC15:16
number80I fear the inerty of experts not looking at the other list15:16
Duckonce the "organizational" part is decided we can start a test instance and polish the config15:16
apevecI'm for dev only15:16
jpena+1 to number80's proposal. You can always unsubscribe if you want15:16
rdogerritMerged openstack/gnocchi-distgit rpm-master: Update gnocchi project url
*** MrAbaddon has quit IRC15:17
rbowenok, we appear to have general consensus. I will follow up with Duck and misc, and report back next week with some notion of timeline to get this done.15:17
rbowenThank you for your input.15:17
* Duck :-)15:17
chandankumarrbowen: one more thing are we moving the list from mailman2 to hyperkitty ?15:18
rbowenNote that newsletter@ would also migrate over, but since that is send-only, it's less difficult.15:18
rbowenWe would be moving from mailman2 to mailman3. HyperKitty would also be available, as that runs on top of MM3.15:18
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo15:18
*** ed_b has quit IRC15:18
rbowenie, you can still participate via email, and don't have to use the clicky clicky if you don't want to.15:18
jpenaok, moving on?15:19
rbowenDone with this topic. Yes.15:19
jpena#topic With latest SF version we can create branches via reviews to config project15:19
amoralejthat's mine15:19
amoralejso, now we can create branches in distgits using reviews in config project15:20
amoralejwhat enables it to be used by package maintainers15:20
amoralejin the past that was done by RDO cores at new release preparation15:21
Duckcould I have a chair, I'm a bit tired :-) ?15:21
amoralejbut some maintainers complaint about why that was not available for them15:21
jpena#chair Duck15:21
openstackCurrent chairs: Duck amoralej apevec chandankumar jpena number80 rbowen trown ykarel15:21
*** ed_b has joined #rdo15:21
amoralejso, should we document how to create new branches so that maintainers can get control on that?15:21
number80amoralej: yes \o/15:22
jpenaamoralej: what is the purpose of this, to have a distributed branching process?15:22
amoralejyeah, more control for maintainers15:22
amoralejif they want|can15:22
*** noslzzp has joined #rdo15:22
amoralejof course, if they don't do it on time, we will15:22
amoralejbut at least they can have more participation in the GA process15:23
jpenaI'm fine with that, but the config change needs to be approved by one of the maintainers anyway15:23
*** qwertyco has quit IRC15:23
amoralejmy idea was to create a doc about what to do for new releases15:23
amoralejso that maintainers can follow it15:23
jpenasounds good to me15:24
amoraleji was thinking if we could trigger it from some change in rdoinfo, to centralize it15:24
amoralejbut i don't see any easy way15:24
amoralejso i think the best is let them send a change directly to the resource15:24
*** smeyer has quit IRC15:24
amoralejbut if anyone has a better idea, let me know15:25
amoralejand that was it15:25
jpenaaction item?15:25
*** Amita has joined #rdo15:25
number80I guess we can also publish a proper schedule with actions for maintainers15:25
amoralej#action amoralej to document process for maintainers to prepare packages for new releases15:26
amoraleji started writing
amoralejbut that has mix of maintainers and rdo cores actions15:26
amoralejso i don't know if it's a good idea to publish it15:26
jruzickaonce it is documented, I can look at automating it with rdopkg15:26
*** chlong has joined #rdo15:26
*** ushkalim has quit IRC15:27
jruzickardoinfo change -> config change should be doable15:27
*** ushkalim_ has quit IRC15:27
*** julim has joined #rdo15:27
amoralejok, i'll reserve some time these two days for this doc15:27
*** dsneddon has joined #rdo15:27
jpena#topic rdopkg moved to softwarefactory-project.io15:28
jruzicka#info rdopkg migrated from to https://softwarefactory-project.io15:29
jruzicka#info rdopkg github mirror moved from openstack-packages to softwarefactory-project namespace:
jruzicka#info rdopkg issues tracking still on github:
*** julim has quit IRC15:29
*** gvrangan has quit IRC15:30
jruzickathanks jpena for valuable assistence15:30
jpenayou're welcome ;)15:31
apevecexcellent, all our tooling has a good home now15:31
apevecnext is automation of releases, this works for dlrn I think?15:31
jpenawhat do you mean apevec?15:32
amoralejjruzicka, any plan to release new version of rdopkg?, there is a merged feature i'm interested in for a job in review.r.o15:32
apeveconly to pypi, rpms repo is next15:32
jruzickafinally, jschlueter put rdopkg under analysis, you can see some stats here:
jpenaah ok15:32
apevecjpena, publishing to pypi when tag is pushed15:32
jpenayes, the change as merged today15:32
jruzickaas well as software factory's integrated RepoXplorer:
jruzickaamoralej, a plan is to release next version using automated releases15:33
jruzicka#action jruzicka to automate rdopkg release15:33
*** caboucha has joined #rdo15:33
apevecjruzicka, is openhub new Ohloh?15:33
apeveclooks familiar15:34
rbowenThey changed their name 3 or 4 years back now.15:34
jschlueterapevec: openhub itself is old15:34
jruzickaamoralej, if a new version is required, I can release manually but I wanted to make it happen once and for all :)15:34
amoraleji can wait15:34
jruzickaapevec, yes, I'm basically following in jpena's footsteps with DLRN, stealing all his hard work :D15:34
apevecrbowen, man, I'm old :)15:34
jschlueterit's related to blackduck ... and they offer services to opensource communities15:35
apevecthey don't show project $$$ value anymore?15:35
*** karimb has quit IRC15:35
*** eaguilar has quit IRC15:35
jruzickathey think "rdopkg has a young, but established codebase maintained by a large development team with increasing Y-O-Y commits"15:36
rbowenIt's still in there somewhere. You just have to dig for it.15:36
jruzickafurthermore, average time to land for rdopkg is 6 days ;)15:36
apevecfun stats15:36
apevecbut not more I guess :)15:36
*** udesale has quit IRC15:36
*** karimb has joined #rdo15:36
jruzicka#info rdopkg to appear in fedora repos along with DLRN soonish15:37
jruzickaright, jpena? ^15:37
*** caboucha has quit IRC15:37
apevecnot bad15:37
jpenajruzicka: yep.15:37
jruzickabut we removed lots of code...15:37
jruzicka20 k lines changed by me15:37
jruzickanot fair metric as we keep it minimal :)15:38
jruzickathat's it.15:38
*** agurenko has quit IRC15:38
*** julim has joined #rdo15:39
amoralejneutron has > 5M dollars, not bad15:39
jpenaso... back to the topic. Anything else to add?15:39
jruzickaamoralej, I'll release new version for you then.15:41
rdogerritYatin Karel created openstack/manila-ui-distgit rpm-master: Fix conflict with openstack-dashboard
*** jlibosva has quit IRC15:41
jpena#topic chair for next meeting15:42
amoralejjruzicka, i can wait for a cuple of weeks15:42
jpenaany volunteers?15:42
jruzickaI can chair15:43
jpena#action jruzicka to chair next meeting15:43
jpena#topic open floor15:43
*** snarwade has quit IRC15:45
*** panda is now known as panda|bbl15:45
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jpenano more topics, so let's get 10 minutes back15:50
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openstackMinutes (text):
amoralejthanks jpena!15:50
rbowenAwesome. Thanks for your brutal efficiency in running the meeting. :D15:50
Duckthanks jpena15:50
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo15:51
ykarelsocial, apevec, chandankumar
*** tshefi has quit IRC15:52
*** iranzo has quit IRC15:56
apevecykarel, amoralej - I wonder how test install during rpmbuild did not catch this?15:57
amoralejbecause it probably doesn't depends on horizon15:58
apevecah it depends on python-django-horizon15:58
apevecnot openstack-dashboard15:58
amoralejnot in openstack-dashboard15:58
apevecisn't that a bug?15:59
amoralejyes, it is15:59
amoralejusr/share/openstack-dashboard/openstack_dashboard/local/enabled/ is provided by openstack-dashboard16:00
amoralejykarel ^16:00
*** eaguilar has quit IRC16:00
apevecit installs to {_datadir}/openstack-dashboard/16:00
*** fzdarsky is now known as fzdarsky|afk16:01
*** mcornea has quit IRC16:01
apevecykarel, might be worth check all other *-ui packages16:02
apevecand example-ui spec16:02
amoralejone thing i realized is that we are not consistent in using /etc/openstack-dashboard/local/enabled16:03
apevecactually, example is correct
*** gkadam has joined #rdo16:04
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rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed rdoinfo master: Add more maintainers for Heat
*** caboucha has joined #rdo16:30
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rdogerritMerged rdoinfo master: Add more maintainers for Heat
*** bogdando has quit IRC16:39
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openstackgerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/packstack master: [WIP] Add support for OVN
rdogerritJavier Peña created config master: Remove references to rdopkg in sanity-check exclusions
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openstackgerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/packstack master: [WIP] Add support for OVN
*** pnavarro has joined #rdo17:17
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rdogerritYatin Karel proposed openstack/manila-ui-distgit rpm-master: Fix conflict with openstack-dashboard
*** jlibosva has quit IRC17:23
amoralejapevec, re. ovs 2.7.0, what's missing to tag it into pike-testing?17:24
apevec1. me rebuild with epoch17:26
apevec2. test verification17:26
*** wolverineav has quit IRC17:26
amoralejwho is testing, is the test in the last mail in rdo-lit enough17:27
amoralejor is someone else working on testing that?17:27
apeveclemme do 1. first, I've behind with that17:27
numansamoralej, apevec hi i just sent an email on the same subject :)17:27
apevecI didn't hear from numans17:27
apevecah, timely :)17:27
amoralejhe just sent a mail17:28
numansapevec, i was about to do the manual testing i.e update17:28
amoralejthat's why i asked17:28
*** amuller_ is now known as amuller17:28
apevecso don't have ooo CI job which would cover ovs incl. upgrade?17:28
numansapevec, what do you mean by (1). you mean you will be setting a job to have epoch ?17:29
numansapevec, probably i will wait for (1) so that i can pull the ovs 2.7 rpms from their for my local testing17:29
apevecno, it's just due to history of ovs builds in CBS, we now need to patch Epoch: 1 in Fedora rebuilds...17:29
numansapevec, i don't have much idea on ooo CI jobs17:30
numansapevec, ok17:30
numansapevec, you still need a CI job to be satisfied right ?17:31
*** rcernin has joined #rdo17:31
apeveclocal test is also fine, CI is better b/c it's publicly reviewable17:31
numansapevec, ok. agree on that17:31
*** wolverineav has joined #rdo17:32
numansapevec, i will do local testing and get back to you tomorrow :)17:32
apevecweshay, adarazs - ^ any suggestion which oooq jobs would cover ovs upgrade?17:32
numansapevec, please have a look at the email i sent and reply with your comments if you have any :)17:33
*** fragatina has quit IRC17:35
apevecI did, will repl17:36
weshayapevec, one more link coming17:36
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo17:36
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown17:37
apevecweshay, thanks!17:37
*** vnogin has quit IRC17:39
*** _bsurfer_ has quit IRC17:40
numansweshay, in order for the CI job to pick up OVS 2.7 rpms for the upgrade job from here - any idea or any pointers on what needs to be done ?17:44
apevecfor oooq jobs we can insert CBS candidate repo into list of repositories, I'll find an example we did for testing pacemaker update17:47
apevecalso new ovs rebuild is coming, I'll untag previous ones17:48
numansapevec, thanks. that would be great17:48
*** wolverineav has quit IRC17:50
*** wolverineav has joined #rdo17:50
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk17:50
numansapevec, for the build (which you triggered), I don't see some of the back ports in the ovs 2.7 branch.  Any idea why ? Just curious17:51
apevecas you see from NVR openvswitch-2.7.0-3.3fc27.el7 this is Fedora Rawhide rebuild17:52
numansgot it17:52
apevecin CBS we should only build what's publicly available17:52
apevecso either from Fedora or ftp.redhat.com17:52
apevecand in latest is only 2.6.1-1017:53
apevecbtw I'll also rebuild that one17:53
numansthanks for the info17:53
apevecso we can decide per release/project  which one to take17:53
*** zoli|wfh is now known as zoli|gone17:57
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*** julim has joined #rdo17:58
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*** gszasz has quit IRC17:58
numansapevec, one last question before i go to (sorry to bother you), is there a repo file for this build ? so that i can add it in /etc/yum.repos.d/ and run yum install ..17:59
*** gkadam has quit IRC17:59
apevecit's autocreated by Koji when build is tagged18:00
numansapevec, thanks.18:01
*** eaguilar has quit IRC18:03
rdogerritYatin Karel proposed openstack/manila-ui-distgit rpm-master: Fix conflict with openstack-dashboard
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openstackgerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/packstack master: [WIP] Add support for OVN
openstackgerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/packstack master: [WIP] Add support for OVN
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rdogerritMerged openstack/gnocchi-distgit ocata-rdo: Update to 3.1.6
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rdogerritMerged openstack/manila-ui-distgit rpm-master: Fix conflict with openstack-dashboard
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deletehi, I installed ocata and newton with packstack all in one and noticed that in both cases the "http" or "https" was missing on the glance section of the nova.conf, had to add that manually in order to start an instance19:41
*** trown is now known as trown|brb19:42
deleteNo protocol specified in for api_server '', please update [glance] api_servers with fully qualified url including scheme (http / https)19:43
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EmilienMapevec: now promotion jobs fail on dib20:03
EmilienMswitching on #tripleo20:03
EmilienMapevec: sounds like some packaging error?
*** rbowen has quit IRC20:06
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The Gerrit service on is being restarted now to clear some excessive connection counts while we debug the intermittent request failures reported over the past few minutes20:07
apevecEmilienM, we just merged the fix20:08
*** julim has quit IRC20:08
apevecwas there progress on neutron issue?20:08
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EmilienMapevec: no20:24
EmilienMapevec: I'm drinking french wine to forget life is tough20:26
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rdogerritrdo-trunk created openstack/openstacksdk-distgit rpm-master: python-openstacksdk: failed to build c8f5194
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apevecEmilienM, I join you with Slivovitz21:13
*** flg has quit IRC21:14
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apevecwth, cinder rpm build takes 30min !21:24
apevecthose unit tests are insane21:24
apevecI think we'll need to disabled it, same as in nova21:25
*** zerick_ has joined #rdo21:25
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rdogerritwes hayutin created rdo-infra/ci-config master: remove daily trigger causing failures in promotion
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rdogerritAlan Pevec created openstack/cinder-distgit rpm-master: Do not run unit tests (temporarily) under DLRN
apevecjpena|off, ^ stole yours from Nova :)22:07
rdogerritMerged rdo-infra/ci-config master: remove daily trigger causing failures in promotion
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apevec4 more cinder patches in the queue "Mark * driver as unsupported" x 30min each...23:11
*** openstack has joined #rdo23:14
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v openstack23:14
rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed rdoinfo master: Bump rdoinfo pike-uc tags to latest upper-constraints
rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed rdoinfo master: Bump rdoinfo pike-uc tags to latest upper-constraints
*** thrash|bbl is now known as thrash23:27

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