Tuesday, 2016-10-04

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rdogerritBen Kero created config: oooq: add sudo to package install  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/296500:05
rdogerritMerged config: oooq: add sudo to package install  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/296500:06
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rdogerritBen Kero created config: oooq: fix indenting and simplify multinode dlrn repo copy  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/296600:17
rdogerritMerged config: oooq: fix indenting and simplify multinode dlrn repo copy  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/296600:18
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rdogerritBen Kero created config: oooq: add static dlrn change to create for builds  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/296700:39
rdogerritMerged config: oooq: add static dlrn change to create for builds  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/296700:40
bkeroWell that's odd.00:49
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bkero/usr/bin/git clone --origin origin https://review.openstack.org/openstack/manila /home/jenkins/DLRN/data/openstack-manila -> error: RPC failed; result=18, HTTP code = 200\nfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly\nfatal: early EOF fatal: index-pack failed00:51
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bkeroHuh, a recheck did the same thing. https://review.rdoproject.org/jenkins/job/tripleo-quickstart-deploy/8/consoleFull00:59
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bkeroMaybe outbound traffic of this sort is not permitted?01:15
bkerofbo, tristanC: ^ ?01:15
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tristanCbkero: iirc, "fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly" can happen with let's encrypt certificate when the caller libc is out-dated...01:22
bkerotristanC: do we know if that is affecting the review.rdoproject.org nodes?01:22
bkero"early EOF fatal: index-pack failed" leads me to believe that some data got through01:23
bkerotristanC: issuer=/C=GB/ST=Greater Manchester/L=Salford/O=COMODO CA Limited/CN=COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA01:25
bkeroShouldn't be using letsencrypt01:26
tristanCbkero: oh, my bad, I thought it was review.rdo01:27
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tristanCbkero: anyway, outbound traffic isn't restricted01:33
tristanCdoes it reproduces consistently ?01:33
bkerotristanC: I have tried 2 builds. They both failed consistently.01:33
bkeroI will try a third.01:33
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bkerohttps://review.rdoproject.org/jenkins/job/tripleo-quickstart-deploy/9/consoleFull is the third. 8 and 7 both failed consistently.01:34
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tristanCwell it passed this time, weird... stackoverflow do suggests adjusting http.postBuffer git config01:45
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rdobot[sensu] NEW: master.monitoring.rdoproject.org - check-delorean-newton-current @ http://tinyurl.com/gud2vup |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: puppet-aodh, puppet-barbican, puppet-ceilometer, puppet-cinder, puppet-glance, puppet-gnocchi, puppet-heat, puppet-horizon, puppet-ironic, puppet-keystone, puppet-manila, puppet-neutron, puppet-nova, puppet-os [...]01:57
rdobot[sensu] NEW: master.monitoring.rdoproject.org - check-delorean-newton-head-consistent @ http://tinyurl.com/hlq9rv8 |#| Could not successfully retrieve repository info01:57
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rdogerritBen Kero created config: oooq: adjust tripleo-gate variable  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/296802:43
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rdogerritMerged config: oooq: adjust tripleo-gate variable  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/296802:44
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bkerotristanC: failure #3, I'll try your suggestion.04:06
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bkerotristanC: many failures. It looks like http.postBuffer should only be affecting pushes (POST)05:33
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rdogerritBen Kero created config: oooq: adjust git's http.postBuffer to decrease git clone timeouts  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/296905:41
rdogerritMerged config: oooq: adjust git's http.postBuffer to decrease git clone timeouts  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/296905:42
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tristanCbkero: that might be a bug in gerrit actually, see https://bugs.chromium.org/p/gerrit/issues/detail?id=229506:16
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bkerotristanC: oh. Awesome. How does any of this work?06:27
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tristanCbkero: not really sure how any of this work. though I'm not able to reproduce that error from another rcip-dev instance, currently while true cloning without issue06:34
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bkerotristanC: maybe its the way ansible-role-tripleo-gate or dlrn clone it.06:35
tristanCperhaps you could try adding GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 to the environment of that particular task06:35
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rdogerritBen Kero created config: oooq: disable strict hostkey checking for subnode ssh connections  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297006:45
rdogerritMerged config: oooq: disable strict hostkey checking for subnode ssh connections  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297006:46
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bkerotristanC: tried the postBuffer, still fails :(06:55
rdogerritBen Kero created config: oooq: remove git postBuffer and add GIT_CURL_VERBOSE for debugging  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297106:56
tristanCbkero: as you said, it probably just helps for push sadly06:56
rdogerritBen Kero proposed config: oooq: remove git postBuffer and add GIT_CURL_VERBOSE for debugging  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297106:58
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rdogerritMerged config: oooq: remove git postBuffer and add GIT_CURL_VERBOSE for debugging  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297106:59
bkerotristanC: ^07:01
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tristanClets see!07:03
bkerotristanC: looka that07:09
tristanC"transfer closed with outstanding read data remaining"07:12
bkeroWhen you clean up the newlines: http://paste.openstack.org/show/584126/07:13
bkerotristanC: any ideas?07:14
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bkeroclarkb says that the way this *should* be done is by cloning from git.openstack.org, then checking out the review from gerrit instead of cloning from gerrit.07:14
tristanCbkero: that should help too since git.o.o are roundrobbined, though that doesn't explain why i can't reproduce using git clone directly07:15
bkerotristanC: the command failing is actually /usr/bin/git ls-remote https://review.openstack.org/openstack/manila -h refs/heads/FETCH_HEAD07:16
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bkerotristanC: can you think of a way the job might differ than your own testing?07:22
tristanCbkero: i'm now using https://review.rdoproject.org/paste/show/18/ and it still doesn't reproduce07:24
bkerotristanC: try ansible07:25
bkerotristanC: http://paste.openstack.org/show/584128/07:25
bkerothat is the failing resource07:26
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tristanCbkero: what is bugging me is that the task sometime worked, at least once07:38
bkerotristanC: clarkb did say that sometimes rackspace will kill connections07:40
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tristanCbkero: though i was able to clone the repo many time from the same cloud07:41
tristanCbkero: is 'localhost' from the console-log a nested environment or is it just the entry-point node ?07:42
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bkerotristanC: it's just running against itself with ansible_connection=local07:44
bkerotristanC: sorry, 0048 here, need to go to sleep :(07:48
tristanCbkero: no worries, that error is pretty weird :)07:50
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chandankumarjpena: dmellado number80 \o/07:56
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jpenagood morning07:57
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amoralejgood morning08:03
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dmelladochandankumar: morning08:05
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* number80 at linuxcon so very high latency08:19
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number80amoralej: gnocchi 3.0 will be coming out soon08:27
* number80 not sure he'll be around when it'll happen08:28
amoralejcool, i'm fixing the puppet issue in dlrn, review coming soon....08:28
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apevecisn't 3.0 out already?08:33
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed config: Run DLRN-rpmbuild jobs on changes to newton-rdo branches  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/291008:34
* apevec has finally rebuilt webtest and its depchain in CBS 08:35
apevecjpena, how is Ocata worker going?08:35
number80apevec: jd has already announced it08:35
amoralej3.0.0 is built already http://cbs.centos.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=1254308:36
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jpenaapevec: on its way. I had forgotten to add the worker's ssh key to review.rdo, so it got stuck when trying to open a review for openstack-keystone. It's moving along now08:36
apevecftbfs already...08:36
apevecwell, tbh we are few weeks behind, since s/n was branched08:36
jpenaI'll look at it after we fix the whole newton thing08:37
Humbedoohnumber80: just yell at cliff if the wifi gets too horrible :)08:38
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apevecamoralej, oh yes, Telemetry team self-serviced itself! https://review.rdoproject.org/r/266808:39
* Humbedooh was invited to linuxcon but declined...too much travel08:39
number80Humbedooh: it's actually not that bad :)08:41
Humbedoohas long as you stick with the 5G wifi, it's okay08:41
number80well, I was supposed not to be at $HOME for the whole october month08:41
HumbedoohI remember Cliff running around like a headless chicken when it didn't work last time08:41
Humbedooh(also, he has a decent selection of whisky, but...ahem, another time, another topic :))08:42
number80we're actually getting interest on RDO and RDO/aarch6408:42
Humbedoohthat is always great to hear !08:42
number80I think that when RDO/aarch64 will be released we should plan a mini-cluster demo08:43
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created DLRN: Fix TARNAME for puppet projects  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297208:43
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amoralejjpena, http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297208:44
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amoralejapevec ^08:44
number80amoralej: you rock08:44
* number80 thought it'd be more painful to fix that08:44
amoraleji've done basic testing with puppet-gnocchi which failed in current version of dlrn, i'm doing some more tests08:44
amoralejlet's see if i didn't break anything...08:45
amoralejwe should add a dlrn build for a puppet project to DLRN gate08:45
apevecyes, it still runs glanceclient?08:46
amoraleji think so08:46
apevecamoralej, actually it's in dlrn test script, just add it in your patch08:46
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rdogerritchkumar246 created openstack/cinder-distgit: switch to python-tempest as requires under python-cinder-tests  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297308:49
apevecjpena, https://trunk.rdoproject.org/centos7-master/current-passed-ci/ is not redirecting to buildlogs anymore?08:52
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jpenaapevec: yep. Since it was meant to be centos7-newton, the redirect was wrong (going to http://buildlogs.centos.org/centos/7/cloud/x86_64/rdo-trunk-newton-tested/ which does not exist yet)08:53
jpenaI can temporarily add the redirection back08:53
apevecyeah, let's keep it as it was during migration08:54
apevecwe don't need additional load on trunk.rdo to slow it down08:54
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed DLRN: Fix TARNAME for puppet projects  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297208:54
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed DLRN: Fix TARNAME for puppet projects  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297208:56
amoralejtest part will take me some more time...08:57
jpenaapevec: fixed08:57
rdogerritchkumar246 proposed openstack/cinder-distgit: switch to python-tempest as requires under python-cinder-tests  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297308:58
apevecjpena, thanks - verified it works09:00
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rdogerritJavier Peña created openstack/watcher-distgit: Use python-tempest in Requires instead of openstack-tempest  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297409:49
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*** gfidente has joined #rdo09:53
chandankumarjpena: can you remove python-tempest-lib?09:58
chandankumarjpena: https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/2974/1/openstack-watcher.spec09:58
jpenachandankumar, if it's not needed, sure09:59
*** jistr is now known as jistr|mtg09:59
chandankumarjpena: python-tempest >= 12.0.0 what about this?09:59
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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/watcher-distgit: Use python-tempest in Requires, remove python-tempest-lib  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297410:01
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apevecamoralej, quick reivew please https://review.rdoproject.org/r/297510:16
*** zigo_ has joined #rdo10:16
amoraleji don't have +2 for that project10:18
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed DLRN: Fix TARNAME for puppet projects  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297210:19
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apevecamoralej, acl fixed, try reload10:27
*** Pavo has quit IRC10:27
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apevecjpena, is docs/packstack.rst generated?10:31
apevecif not, it looks like it should10:32
jpenaapevec: no, it's hand-edited10:32
apevecotherwise it's get out of sync10:32
*** Pavo has joined #rdo10:32
jpenaactually, yes, we're doing it the wrong way: stuff is added to packstack.rst, then parsed by the plugins. It should be the other way round: auto-documented in plugins, then rst should be generated10:33
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apevecyeah, and this legacy thing is reinventing oslo-config  :(10:38
apevecjpena, where is it parsed?10:38
jpenaapevec: https://github.com/openstack/packstack/blob/master/packstack/modules/documentation.py10:39
apevecthere's still duplicate info in plugins for PROMPT10:39
*** leanderthal has quit IRC10:41
jpenathat's used in interactive runs, iirc10:41
jpenabtw, we have an issue with tempest-lib10:41
apevecwhat is the issue?10:41
jpenain rpm-master we are removing %{_bindir}/skip-tracker and %{_bindir}/check-uuid, but we're keeping them in newton-rdo10:42
jpenathis is causing duplicate file issues when installing10:42
apevecwhy is it kept in newton-rdo ?10:42
jpenait looks like it has never been updated during newton branching10:43
apevecmight be wrong branching10:43
jpenahttps://github.com/rdo-packages/tempest-lib-distgit/commits/newton-rdo/python-tempest-lib.spec shows last commit from Feb 410:43
apevecok, looking10:43
apevecyeah, that's not right10:43
openstackgerritAlan Pevec proposed openstack/packstack: Nested kvm needs explicit hypervisor type  https://review.openstack.org/38164410:44
apevectempest-lib newton-rdo was branched from mitaka-rdo10:45
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*** rain is now known as leanderthal10:46
chandankumarapevec: can we drop python-tempest-lib from newton itself?10:46
toskytempest-lib is stable forever10:46
toskychandankumar: are you sure that no packages depend on it?10:46
apevecI'll force push to fix it CC amoralej10:46
apevecchandankumar, we cannot10:46
*** egallen has quit IRC10:46
apevecthere are still projects which have it in test-reqs, you can work on removeing that upstream10:46
apevecin Ocata, too late for Newton10:47
*** anilvenkata is now known as anilvenkata_afk10:47
chandankumartosky: http://codesearch.openstack.org/?q=tempest-lib&i=nope&files=&repos= there are n numbers of projects which depend on tempest-lib>=0.14.010:48
chandankumarlet me clean up first upstream10:48
toskychandankumar: more restrictive search: http://codesearch.openstack.org/?q=tempest-lib&i=nope&files=test-requirements.txt&repos=10:49
toskyas apevec says, too late for N, it could be a goal for O10:49
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apevecjpena, so tempest-lib didn't have a new upstream release, that's why it was tagged from mitaka http://cbs.centos.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=1029910:58
*** rcernin has joined #rdo10:58
apevecbut in newton we have updated tempest which conflicts10:58
*** jistr|mtg is now known as jistr11:00
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apevecjpena, hm, it should not conflict,  can you point me to the log w/ the issue>11:00
*** dprince has joined #rdo11:01
*** emalikov has quit IRC11:01
*** coolsvap is now known as coolsvap_11:01
*** kaminohana has joined #rdo11:01
apevecnm, branch is still wrong11:02
apevecit was imported from Fedora11:02
jpenaapevec: the error should show up on https://review.rdoproject.org/r/291811:02
*** aortega has joined #rdo11:02
*** jkilpatr has quit IRC11:03
jpenaoh well, it doesn't because it's only testing on cbs11:04
jpenalet me paste it11:04
jpenaapevec: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/443029/47557920/11:06
jpenathe issue is that, since we have the binaries in the newton-rdo branch, dlrn built it11:07
apevecyeah, CBS build is fine11:07
jpenaand when using the package as a dependency, we have the conflict11:07
apevecI'm fixing newton-rdo11:07
apevecalso will fix mitaka-rdo11:07
*** scorcoran has quit IRC11:07
chandankumarpython-tempest-lib is a dependency of python-cinder-tests currently that's why when both are installed then conflicting.11:08
apevecjpena, force pushed newton-rdo, it should be good for Newton dlrn builds11:09
apevecit doesn't not reflect yet actual CBS build, I'll reconstruct that from SRPM11:09
*** jpena is now known as jpena|lunch11:09
*** emalikov has joined #rdo11:10
apevecchandankumar, there should not be conflict w/ CBS builds, where you see that?\11:10
chandankumarapevec: sorry i have not seen conflicting11:11
*** sudipto has quit IRC11:12
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|lunch11:13
*** sudipto has joined #rdo11:13
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*** paragan has joined #rdo11:13
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*** dgurtner has joined #rdo11:20
*** zigo_ is now known as zigo11:23
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo11:23
*** gildub has quit IRC11:24
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-nssdb-distgit: puppet-nssdb: failed to build b9e3de3  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297611:26
*** anilvenkata_afk is now known as anilvenkata11:29
*** ushkalim has joined #rdo11:31
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* chandankumar will be back soon.12:09
*** chandankumar has quit IRC12:10
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*** furlongm has joined #rdo12:16
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*** akshai has joined #rdo12:18
rdogerritmangelajo created openstack/neutron-lbaas-distgit: Add haproxy as a dependency for haproxy  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297712:19
*** karthiks has joined #rdo12:19
*** flepied has joined #rdo12:20
*** trown|outtypewww is now known as trown12:22
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*** number80 has joined #rdo12:35
weshayjpena|lunch, dmsimard, jruzicka, hrybacki, adarazs, trown, gchamoul, coolsvap_  bkero flepied https://review.rdoproject.org/etherpad/p/rdo-infra-scrum FYI12:36
*** karimb has joined #rdo12:37
*** amoralej|lunch is now known as amoralej12:37
*** jeckersb is now known as jeckersb_gone12:38
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo12:39
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*** jpena|lunch is now known as jpena12:42
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*** shaunm has joined #rdo12:42
dmsimardweshay: by the way I have the recording for last week12:43
dmsimardweshay: but I don't know if I should send it somewhere12:44
weshaydmsimard, actually this is a good test.. mark it public in bluejeans and send me the short link12:44
*** gkadam has quit IRC12:44
weshayI've heard mixed reviews re: people being able to access them12:44
dmsimarda good test? :)12:44
*** imcleod-afk has joined #rdo12:45
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed config: Create openstack-post pipeline  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/287312:46
*** unclemarc has joined #rdo12:46
weshaydmsimard, to see if it works properly12:47
*** linuxaddicts has joined #rdo12:48
*** tumble has joined #rdo12:48
dmsimardweshay: sent a pm12:49
*** nstrug__ has joined #rdo12:49
*** scorcoran has joined #rdo12:50
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*** limao_ has joined #rdo12:58
bkerotristanC: any way you could save one of the failing nodes for me to SSH in to?12:58
*** sudipto_ has quit IRC13:00
*** sudipto has quit IRC13:00
*** limao has quit IRC13:01
dmsimardbkero: I can do that13:01
*** akshai has joined #rdo13:01
*** dustins has joined #rdo13:02
*** Goneri has joined #rdo13:02
*** akshai has quit IRC13:02
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*** akshai has joined #rdo13:04
dmsimardbkero: let me know sometime after meeting13:05
*** sudipto has joined #rdo13:06
*** dustins has quit IRC13:06
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*** nstrug has joined #rdo13:08
*** sudipto_ has joined #rdo13:09
bkerodmsimard: ok, thanks13:10
*** panda is now known as panda|afk13:10
bkerodmsimard: getting really weird failures. http://paste.openstack.org/show/584126/13:10
bkerolooks like git-clones from review.openstack.org being dropped on the floor13:10
jaygdmsimard: btw, I have been meaning to tell you, my patch to the spec-generator has been merged if there is a chance to move it and hook it up to gerrit sometime13:10
dmsimardjayg: sure, let's do it sometime today13:11
jaygok, cool13:11
*** nstrug_ has quit IRC13:11
*** vaneldik has quit IRC13:12
*** jeckersb_gone is now known as jeckersb13:12
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed config: Add some missing branches for gerritbot to monitor  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/291913:15
*** rdas has quit IRC13:15
rdogerritMerged config: Add some missing branches for gerritbot to monitor  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/291913:16
*** akshai has quit IRC13:16
*** rdogerrit has quit IRC13:16
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo13:16
*** rdogerrit has joined #rdo13:16
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*** limao has joined #rdo13:18
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*** dustins has joined #rdo13:19
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*** tiswanso has joined #rdo13:21
*** READ10 has joined #rdo13:21
toskyis http://mirror.centos.org/centos/7/cloud/x86_64/openstack-newton/repodata/repomd.xml returning 404 expected?13:21
dmsimardtosky: yes13:21
jpenathat's the GA bits, which are not there13:21
dmsimardtosky: it's in rdo-release and disabled, it's the stable repository13:22
dmsimardtosky: once GA has happened, it'll be available13:22
toskyso how did I end up with that?13:22
toskyshould I always enable RDO_TESTING in packstack?13:22
dmsimardtosky: installed rdo-release?13:22
dmsimardtosky: oh, yeah, Packstack messes with the repos.13:22
dmsimardyou need --use-rdo-testing=y13:22
*** permalac has joined #rdo13:22
toskypackstack messes as long as the developers (many people here) decide that it should be messy13:23
*** gszasz has quit IRC13:24
*** chandankumar has quit IRC13:25
*** eharney has joined #rdo13:26
dmelladooh, so that was the 'trick'13:27
*** kaslcrof has quit IRC13:33
*** nstrug has quit IRC13:33
*** ushkalim has quit IRC13:33
*** jaosorior has quit IRC13:34
*** jaosorior has joined #rdo13:35
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*** gszasz has joined #rdo13:37
*** fultonj has joined #rdo13:38
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*** limao has joined #rdo13:39
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*** rodrigods has joined #rdo13:40
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*** anilvenkata is now known as anilvenkata_afk13:45
*** chandankumar has quit IRC13:47
jschlueterapevec: fyi puppet-heat will need another tag before GA if possible to pull in https://review.openstack.org/#/c/378639/13:48
apevecEmilienM, ^ will there be 9.5.0 ?13:48
*** links has quit IRC13:49
EmilienMapevec: not afik13:49
EmilienMbut I can propose one if oyu want13:49
EmilienMor you can even propose it13:49
EmilienM9.4.1 or something13:49
jschlueterwould be appreciated for OSP 1013:49
EmilienMjschlueter: you can propose it to openstack/release13:50
jschlueterwithout that patch we see overcloud deploy failures in certain setups13:50
EmilienMyep, I got it13:50
jschlueterEmilienM: how do I do that? /me hasn't been through this side of things before13:50
EmilienMjschlueter: well, if you look at git history, you can see examples of releases13:51
EmilienMa sec, I'll give you an example13:51
EmilienMjschlueter: https://review.openstack.org/37196513:52
EmilienMjust submit 9.4.1 for puppet-heat with the right SHA1 and we're good13:52
*** jprovazn has quit IRC13:53
*** satya4ever has quit IRC13:55
*** Poornima has quit IRC13:56
mnaseris it possible to rework the horizon packages so that the compress runs in the background during a restart of httpd?13:56
*** panda|afk is now known as panda13:57
mnaserright now a restart will stop httpd from starting till the compress command runs (or maybe from a start)13:57
*** anilvenkata_afk is now known as anilvenkata13:57
mnaseror maybe trigger the compress manually if x changes? :X13:57
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo13:57
*** chandankumar1 has joined #rdo13:58
*** READ10 has quit IRC13:59
*** coolsvap_ is now known as coolsvap13:59
*** limao_ has joined #rdo14:00
*** Amita has quit IRC14:01
chandankumar1is review.openstack.org down?14:02
jschlueterEmilienM: thanks14:02
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The Gerrit service on review.openstack.org is being restarted to address performance degradation and should return momentarily14:02
dmsimardmnaser: not familiar with this particular bit but if you propose an improvement in a review, it can be a good forum for discussing the issue that we can highlight in mailing list/meetings14:02
*** marrusl has joined #rdo14:03
*** chandankumar has quit IRC14:03
*** limao has quit IRC14:03
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo14:03
*** kgiusti has joined #rdo14:04
*** shardy_mtg is now known as shardy14:06
*** morazi has quit IRC14:07
mnasersorry to ask for this but where are spec files stored14:10
mnaserive been looking for the past 10 minutes14:10
mnaseri am 100% i've seen them on github at some point but i cant find them14:10
chandankumar1mnaser: https://github.com/rdo-packages14:10
mnaseri was on redhat-openstack14:10
jaygjpena: hey, I see a ton of rdo-trunk review for failed puppet module builds, what do we need to do with these?14:12
*** gfidente has quit IRC14:13
*** arxcruz has quit IRC14:13
*** chandankumar1 is now known as chandankumar14:15
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed DLRN: Fix TARNAME for puppet projects  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297214:16
*** jeckersb is now known as jeckersb_gone14:18
jpenajayg: we're working on it. It's due to the distgit branch change for newton (moving to newton-rdo), which has uncovered some issues in dlrn/specs14:18
jpenadon't worry for now, amoralej is working on a dlrn patch, and we'll probably close them all if it works fine14:19
*** bcafarel_ is now known as bcafarel14:19
jaygjpena: ok, cool, let me know if you need anything from me!14:19
openstackgerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/packstack: Revert "Pin pycparser to 2.13"  https://review.openstack.org/38188014:20
openstackgerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/packstack: Revert "Pin pycparser to 2.13"  https://review.openstack.org/38188114:20
*** emalikov has joined #rdo14:20
openstackgerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/packstack: Revert "Pin pycparser to 2.13"  https://review.openstack.org/38188214:20
*** tosky has quit IRC14:20
amoralej^ is the issue already fix in pycparser dmsimard?14:20
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created rdo-infra/weirdo: Revert "Pin pycparser until upstream issue is resolved"  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297814:21
dmsimardamoralej: yes, as per openstack-dev and https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:merged+NOT+branch:master+project:openstack/requirements+topic:bug/162983014:21
*** jeckersb_gone is now known as jeckersb14:21
*** tosky has joined #rdo14:21
*** mcornea has quit IRC14:21
EmilienMjschlueter: just to make sure, are you going to submit a patch?14:22
*** mcornea has joined #rdo14:23
jschlueterEmilienM: in meeting yes planning on it here within 10 minutes14:23
dmsimardbkero: ok, let me know when you have a job running, I'll hold your nodes14:24
*** rpioso has joined #rdo14:26
*** Pavo has quit IRC14:27
dmsimardjayg: remind me where the repository for the spec generator is ?14:30
*** pilasguru has quit IRC14:30
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo14:30
dmsimardweshay, trown, adarazs: While I'm in the middle of project creation on review.r.o, I'd like to move ci-config. May I ?14:30
*** limao_ has quit IRC14:30
weshayack from me14:31
trowndmsimard: doesnt really matter to me... better to do it now before we start cloning it for quickstart jobs14:31
dmsimardtrown: well it's still going to be on github, at the same place14:31
dmsimardtrown: just changing where reviews+CI for it takes place14:31
adarazsdmsimard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ussCHoQttyQ (Neutral Response)14:31
dmsimardadarazs: *clap clap*14:31
jschlueterEmilienM: https://review.openstack.org/381892 if you can double check14:32
EmilienMjschlueter: thx14:32
*** pnavarro has quit IRC14:32
dmsimardjayg: nevermind, found it https://github.com/strider/opm-toolbox14:32
rdogerritJavier Peña created openstack/keystone-distgit: Remove httpd/keystone.py  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297914:32
dmsimardjayg, gchamoul: what do you say we give it a more generic name. specgen ? or something14:32
*** Pavo has joined #rdo14:32
*** k4n0 has joined #rdo14:33
*** apetrich has quit IRC14:34
*** apetrich has joined #rdo14:34
apevecdmsimard, jayg - I'd like that puppet generator merged into https://github.com/openstack/renderspec14:36
apevecso maybe keep it at github where it is now for incubation14:36
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed DLRN: Fix TARNAME for puppet projects  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297214:37
dmsimardapevec: oh, okay then - I wanted to at least move it to somewhere for code review14:37
apevecthere is code review now in github PRs :)14:37
dmsimard.. yeah14:37
jpenaocata bootstrap is finally done, just two packages failed14:37
*** dmacpher has quit IRC14:37
*** dmacpher has joined #rdo14:38
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed config: Create openstack-post pipeline  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/287314:38
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed config: Run DLRN-rpmbuild jobs on changes to newton-rdo branches  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/291014:38
strigaziHi all, is centos-release-openstack-newton out?14:39
dmsimardweshay, trown, adarazs: there's quite a bit of unmerged reviews on ci-config: https://review.gerrithub.io/#/q/project:rdo-infra/ci-config+status:open14:39
dmsimardcan you try and get them merged or abandon them so I can move it ?14:39
dmsimardstrigazi: it'll be out when the release is done14:39
*** rook_ is now known as rook14:39
dmsimardstrigazi: so not yet :)14:39
adarazsdmsimard: can you +1 this? https://review.gerrithub.io/296074 I think you looked through it already.14:39
dmsimardstrigazi: in the meantime if you'd like to test the new release you can use rdo-release: https://rdoproject.org/repos/openstack-newton/rdo-release-newton.rpm14:40
dmsimardstrigazi: the stable repository [openstack-newton] is not yet available but the testing one (release candidate) is14:40
rdogerritIhar Hrachyshka proposed openstack/neutron-distgit: Load br_netfilter if present for iptables aware agents  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/287414:40
adarazsweshay: I still don't know why we need to do this: https://review.gerrithub.io/29454414:41
ihrachysjlibosva: ajo_: the updated patch for br_netfilter mess14:41
dmsimardadarazs: we should put that in https://github.com/rdo-infra/rdo-infra-playbooks14:41
dmsimardadarazs: for which I'm setting up code review today14:41
strigazi@dmsimard, I will try. Was it you that you where asking in #openstack-containers about the magnum packages? I want to build magnum's packages for our upgrade at CERN14:42
adarazsdmsimard: looks like currently it's devoted to other stuff :)14:42
dmsimardadarazs: it was renamed14:42
*** numans has quit IRC14:42
weshayadarazs, the full gate should run the most complicated deployment imho14:42
dmsimardadarazs: description needs fixing too but ideally our infra related playbooks should be there14:43
weshayadarazs, or at least one of them14:43
weshaywe should also add a newton gate at this point14:43
weshayor drop liberty14:43
adarazsweshay: yep. I think we can actually remove liberty14:43
dmsimardstrigazi: yes! I spent some time to try and get proper magnum testing in puppet-openstack-integration (and in RDO CI because we leverage their testing) but I did not have enough time to finish before newton.14:43
adarazsweshay: exactly. but should we also enable tempest on minimal_pacemaker then?14:43
ajo_ihrachys, what about it?14:43
weshayadarazs, k.. what you think of switching to mitaka and newton and using pacemaker on newton and minimal on mitaka14:44
ihrachysajo_: oh I forgot to ^ :)14:44
ihrachysajo_: I updated it14:44
ajo_ah :)14:44
ihrachysajo_: http://review.rdoproject.org/r/287414:44
dmsimardstrigazi: it didn't help that I was not very familiar with magnum at all but you can see the WIP I have here: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:magnum-testing14:44
EmilienMjschlueter: minor comment, otherwise it looks good.14:44
dmsimardstrigazi: would definitely willing to work some more on that and backport the testing coverage to newton if we can14:44
rdogerritJakub Ruzicka created rdopkg: [WIP] refactor: split actions.py into action modules  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298014:44
adarazsweshay: we could do that. and not enable tempest for the pacemaker one?14:44
jschlueterEmilienM: ack thanks14:45
weshayadarazs, ya.. I would expect pacemaker to run validate14:45
weshayadarazs, I'll update the review14:45
adarazsweshay: so +1.14:45
jruzicka+1525, -145414:45
jschlueterEmilienM: commit message updated, thanks14:46
*** ayoung has quit IRC14:46
adarazsyay, now I'll have 4 gerrits open to do my daily work :/14:46
*** ayoung has joined #rdo14:46
jaygdmsimard apevec: sorry, I was scrolled back and didn't realize it, just catching up on chat now14:46
rdogerritMerged config: Create openstack-post pipeline  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/287314:46
jruzickaadarazs, openstack, rdoproject, gerrithub, and what's the fourth one?14:47
EmilienMjschlueter: ah... wait14:47
EmilienMjschlueter: we need to patch puppet-heat before, I always forget14:47
EmilienMjschlueter: i'm doing it now14:47
adarazsjruzicka: code.engineering for some internal stuff.14:47
jschlueterEmilienM: what patching?14:48
EmilienMjschlueter: metadata.json14:48
EmilienMjschlueter: otherwise tarball won't be created with the right version14:48
jschlueterEmilienM: ahh ok14:48
* jschlueter nods14:48
EmilienMjschlueter: https://review.openstack.org/38190114:49
adarazswe need a gerrit-hub-hub that integrates the interface between all of them.14:49
EmilienMjschlueter: we need to get that merged and backported14:50
EmilienMjschlueter: then i'll update your release request with new SHA114:50
EmilienMjschlueter: and we're good :)14:50
rdogerritRicardo Noriega created rdoinfo: Adding python-networking-bgpvpn package  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298114:51
jschlueterEmilienM: ack14:52
jruzickaadarazs, oh, right. It's a diverse ecosystem :-p14:53
jaygapevec: there has always been code review, it would just be easier to have it in gerrit for consistency, even if you want to later push for it to be merged (I don't know enough of that other project to have any idea how yet), and I think having it in an org would make it more easily reviewed and visible to our group in the meantime14:54
*** ade_ has quit IRC14:55
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed config: Run DLRN-rpmbuild jobs on changes to newton-rdo branches  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/291014:57
weshayadarazs, updated14:59
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo14:59
*** dgurtner has quit IRC15:00
jlibosvaihrachys: have you tested that?15:00
ihrachysjlibosva: now I did :)15:00
ihrachysjlibosva: it tries to set those knobs, and logs accordingly15:00
ihrachysjlibosva: the only glitch is modprobe will issue a FATAL message in the log15:01
jlibosvaihrachys: should be kmod dependency only for l2 agents?15:01
ihrachysjlibosva: on old platform15:01
ihrachysjlibosva: that's an interesting suggestion.15:01
jlibosvaihrachys: so why not redirecting to /dev/null like you do in devstack?15:01
ihrachysjlibosva: oh you think it's stderr? I haven't thought about it. lemme check.15:02
jlibosvaihrachys: I would expect that stderr fd is just replaced by syslog or something, no?15:02
weshaytrown, fyi.. updating oooq full gates https://review.gerrithub.io/#/c/294544/15:03
ihrachysjlibosva: yeah, seems better15:03
adarazsweshay: reviewed. we should make the same change for the rest of the gates.15:04
ihrachysjlibosva: I will respin.15:04
jlibosvaihrachys: ack. I'm also gonna produce some RDO patches then15:09
*** rcernin has quit IRC15:10
*** kaminohana has quit IRC15:12
rdogerritIhar Hrachyshka proposed openstack/neutron-distgit: Load br_netfilter if present for iptables aware agents  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/287415:13
ihrachysjlibosva: ajo_: ^ new15:13
jlibosvano karma here?15:14
adarazsI can bring my "hubbot" that has a karma plugin :)15:15
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-hungry15:16
*** paramite has joined #rdo15:17
*** kaminohana has joined #rdo15:19
EmilienMjschlueter: also https://review.openstack.org/38191615:19
EmilienMjschlueter: for ipv6 we need a new release of puppet-swift15:19
EmilienMjschlueter: so for osp10 you take latest tag?15:19
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo15:20
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC15:21
*** panda is now known as panda|bbl15:21
*** akshai has quit IRC15:24
*** saneax is now known as saneax-_-|AFK15:24
dmsimardtrown, weshay, adarazs: I'm migrating ci-config right now. Reviews can be just re-submitted if need be.15:24
jlibosvaihrachys: I have another thing to think about :)15:25
*** smeyer has quit IRC15:25
ihrachysjlibosva: think as needed, just put -1 or smth :)15:26
jlibosvaihrachys: well I don't think that's crucial so it should block others to merge :-P15:27
*** vaneldik has quit IRC15:27
*** aufi has quit IRC15:28
*** pbandark has quit IRC15:28
jschlueterEmilienM: currently we have current-tripleo-rdo builds, but we are working on transitioning to stable builds + any patches needed to not lose functionality15:28
EmilienMjschlueter: ack15:29
jschlueterEmilienM: why are all of the puppet-XXX named openstack-XXX ?15:29
EmilienMjschlueter: we'll continue to provide regular tags but keep in mind stable/newton in puppet modules are really stable15:29
EmilienMjschlueter: so... it's a long story15:29
EmilienMbut the short story comes from the way to generate puppet modules from puppetlabs tooling15:30
EmilienMwe have the "openstack" namespace in puppetlabs forge15:30
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Migrate several rdo-infra projects to review.r.o  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298215:30
EmilienMso modules are called openstack-*15:30
EmilienMthat's the main reason15:30
dmsimardjpena, number80: Can I get a sanity check on http://review.rdoproject.org/r/2982 ?15:30
EmilienMbut the tarballs are puppet-*.tar.gz http://tarballs.openstack.org/puppet-nova/15:30
EmilienMjschlueter: ^15:30
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed config: Migrate several rdo-infra projects to review.r.o  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298215:31
ihrachysjlibosva: replied. I don't like the idea. we may leave rhel7.2 broken then15:32
*** akshai has joined #rdo15:32
*** mcornea has quit IRC15:32
*** leanderthal is now known as leanderthal|afk15:33
jschlueterEmilienM: ack ok makes sens15:34
*** eaguilar has quit IRC15:34
*** flepied1 has joined #rdo15:35
*** dgurtner has quit IRC15:35
*** flepied has quit IRC15:37
rdogerritMerged config: Migrate several rdo-infra projects to review.r.o  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298215:38
*** rdogerrit has quit IRC15:38
*** toanju has quit IRC15:38
*** rdogerrit has joined #rdo15:38
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:39
*** pnavarro has joined #rdo15:42
jlibosvaihrachys: ok. so you think it's better to always call the sysctl? You count with that we remove the sysctl code from neutron, right?15:42
ihrachysjlibosva: yea15:42
ihrachysjlibosva: relying on the module not being loaded is unsafe I believe15:42
jlibosvaihrachys: k, thanks. +2'ed15:43
*** eharney has quit IRC15:44
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created rdo-infra/ci-config: Test commit do not merge  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298315:44
dmsimardweshay, trown, adarazs: FYI, wfm: https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/2983/15:45
dmsimardJust need to setup core reviewer group which I'll do in a moment15:45
*** mcornea has joined #rdo15:46
*** eharney has joined #rdo15:47
*** rcrit has joined #rdo15:47
rcritafter reading https://www.rdoproject.org/documentation/rdo-packaging/ I don't see how one gets a new package added15:47
dmsimardrcrit: then that's a problem and we need to improve documentation :)15:48
rcritI come from the Fedora world so is there some similar package submission/review process?15:49
rcritand I'm a bit of an edge case..15:49
dmsimardrcrit: I need to afk a bit but I'll get back to you if no one else does -- it's different if you're packaging an OpenStack project than if you're packaging, say, a new python dependency15:50
rcritno worries, I'll check back later15:50
*** akshai has quit IRC15:51
apevecrcrit, https://www.rdoproject.org/documentation/rdo-packaging/#how-to-add-a-new-package-to-rdo-trunk for OpenStack projects15:51
apevecfor those we build every commit on master in RDO Trunk repo15:52
apevecwhich project is it?15:52
apevecjschlueter, openstack puppet tarball issue is fixed in dlrn by amoralej15:53
rcritapevec, in Newton Nova added a new mechanism to add additional instance metadata via a REST service. I've added such a service.15:54
rdogerritRicardo Noriega proposed rdoinfo: Adding python-networking-bgpvpn package  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298115:54
rdogerritJakub Libosvar proposed openstack/neutron-distgit: Sync test-requirements with -test subpackage  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/290715:55
rdogerritJakub Libosvar proposed openstack/neutron-distgit: Sync test-requirements with -test subpackage  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/290715:56
*** tiswanso has quit IRC15:56
*** karimb has quit IRC15:58
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo15:59
*** tiswanso has quit IRC15:59
*** karthiks has quit IRC15:59
rdogerritRicardo Noriega proposed rdoinfo: Adding python-networking-bgpvpn package  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298115:59
*** akshai has joined #rdo16:00
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo16:00
*** karimb has joined #rdo16:00
*** jaosorior has quit IRC16:02
apevecamoralej, https://review.rdoproject.org/r/2972 is tested and ready to merge?16:03
*** zoliXXL is now known as zoli|gone16:03
*** morazi has joined #rdo16:03
jschlueterapevec: ack thanks!16:04
*** imcleod-afk is now known as imcleod16:04
apevecamoralej, we'll need coordinated changes on rpm-master for all openstack puppet modules16:04
amoralejyes apevec16:05
jpenaapevec: yep, that's part of the plan. We'll only need it on rpm-master once we've updated DLRN for the centos-ocata worker16:05
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo16:05
amoralejthat's the plan16:05
amoralejupdate DLRN in centos-newton, fix all issues there16:05
apevecbut number80 has pushed ?dlrn macro workarounds, those will need to be reverted ?16:05
amoralejyes for puppet-ceph and puppet-swift16:06
apevecah only 216:06
*** zoli|gone is now known as zoli_gone-proxy16:06
apevecok, let's merge dlrn fix16:06
apevecamoralej, the same topic:fix-puppet-tarballs for all reviews?16:07
amoralejok apevec16:07
apevecare you going to script it, it's bunch of modules16:07
jpenaapevec: I'm hitting merge, then moving to the centos-newton worker to continue with the plan16:07
amoralejyes, i have the script ready16:08
*** dhill_ has quit IRC16:08
chandankumarapevec: dmellado jpena amoralej dmsimard trown Good Night, see you tomorrow :-)16:10
*** scorcoran is now known as scorcoran_afk16:10
dmelladochandankumar: g'night!16:10
*** scorcoran_afk has quit IRC16:10
jlibosvaapevec: hi, do you know (I bet you do :)) when python-webtest https://cbs.centos.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=12662 package will be available for DLRN CI?16:10
rdogerritchkumar246 proposed openstack/rally-distgit: Added -doc subpackage and done spec cleanup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/276416:11
*** chandankumar has quit IRC16:11
*** jcoufal_ has joined #rdo16:11
*** itamarjp has joined #rdo16:12
*** itamarjp has joined #rdo16:12
*** jcoufal has quit IRC16:12
*** dhill_ has joined #rdo16:13
*** itamarjp has quit IRC16:14
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo16:14
rdogerritMerged DLRN: Fix TARNAME for puppet projects  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297216:15
*** karthiks has joined #rdo16:15
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed config: Run DLRN-rpmbuild jobs on changes to newton-rdo branches  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/291016:15
*** weshay is now known as weshay_lunch16:15
apevecjlibosva, oh yes, I forgot to proceed with that one: can you grab that build and try it locally if you can?16:16
jlibosvaapevec: ok16:16
apevecI'll tag it for -testing, was not sure how to test ot'16:16
apevecthere were also few deps on it, I'll need repoclosure16:17
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-swift-distgit: Revert "Abstract differences between upstream/DLRN-generated tarballs"  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298416:17
*** links has joined #rdo16:17
*** kaminohana has quit IRC16:18
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-swift-distgit: Revert "Abstract differences between upstream/DLRN-generated tarballs"  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298516:18
*** links has quit IRC16:18
trowndmsimard: something is off with ci-config setup on r.r.o http://paste.openstack.org/show/584248/16:19
trownoh... maybe it is my remotes...16:19
trownlooks like it still tried to submit to gerrithub16:20
rdogerrittrown created rdo-infra/ci-config: Update LOCATION and BUILD_SYS in cloudsig-testing jobs  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298616:21
*** arxcruz_ has joined #rdo16:21
trowndmsimard: ah yep, need to delete the old remote, solely updating .gitreview will not overwrite the old "gerrit" remote16:21
*** lucas-hungry is now known as lucasagomes16:21
*** tiswanso has quit IRC16:23
dmsimardtrown: ahh, maybe git review -s ?16:24
*** hrw has quit IRC16:25
dmsimardtrown: if you're good with http://review.rdoproject.org/r/2986 I'll merge16:25
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo16:25
dmsimardI haven't yet set up the access, have food in my mouth16:26
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-swift-distgit: Remove tarsources fix  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298716:26
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC16:26
*** hrw has joined #rdo16:27
*** rpioso has quit IRC16:27
*** Pavo has quit IRC16:27
*** openstackgerrit has joined #rdo16:27
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v openstackgerrit16:27
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC16:28
*** tesseract- has quit IRC16:29
*** openstackgerrit has joined #rdo16:29
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v openstackgerrit16:29
*** eharney has quit IRC16:29
*** morazi has quit IRC16:29
trowndmsimard: ya lets do it, need that to get cloudsig-testing quickstart jobs actually testing the image we build16:30
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC16:30
trowndmsimard: dont kick the jobs yet though, need to clean up the artifacts server and pre-create the right directories16:30
*** abehl has quit IRC16:31
*** garrett has quit IRC16:31
*** openstackgerrit has joined #rdo16:31
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v openstackgerrit16:31
*** Pavo has joined #rdo16:33
*** gszasz has quit IRC16:34
*** pnavarro has quit IRC16:34
rdogerritMerged rdo-infra/ci-config: Update LOCATION and BUILD_SYS in cloudsig-testing jobs  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298616:35
*** ohamada has quit IRC16:35
*** karthiks has quit IRC16:35
dmsimardtrown: fyi now that it's on review.r.o, we could totally do a job that'd update the jjb automatically on ci.c.o16:35
*** k4n0 has quit IRC16:36
trowndmsimard: oh that would be pretty sweet16:36
*** milan has quit IRC16:37
*** rbowen has quit IRC16:37
trownok, pushed that jjb and kicked the cloudsig newton job... food time16:38
*** karimb has quit IRC16:40
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch16:40
*** READ10 has joined #rdo16:47
*** ihrachys has quit IRC16:48
bkerodmsimard: job is running16:48
dmsimardbkero: send me your public key16:50
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-ceph-distgit: Revert "Revert "Fix %prep section""  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298816:50
*** rbowen has joined #rdo16:50
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen16:50
*** tiswanso has quit IRC16:50
bkerodmsimard: http://paste.openstack.org/show/584256/16:51
*** karthiks has joined #rdo16:52
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo16:53
*** weshay_lunch is now known as weshay16:54
*** hewbrocca is now known as hewbrocca-afk16:55
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-ceph-distgit: Remove tarsources fix  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298916:55
*** egallen has quit IRC16:55
*** fzdarsky is now known as fzdarsky|afk16:57
jlibosvaapevec: I created a local repo containing python-webtest and python-waitress but can't make it work with dlrn. Is there anything I need to configure in order rpmbuild sees my repo?16:58
*** weshay is now known as weshay_mtg16:58
apevecyou'd need to insert it into dlrn's mock config...16:59
dmsimardrcrit: so is that code you want to package in the nova tree, then ?16:59
apevecbut you could just install it and run rpmbuild17:00
*** ccamacho has quit IRC17:00
*** strigazi is now known as strigazi_AFK17:00
*** derekh has quit IRC17:00
bkerotristanC: Huh, I replicated the problem.17:00
jlibosvaapevec: ah, thanks17:01
*** mcornea has quit IRC17:03
dmsimardjpena: does DLRN clone from review.o.o ?17:04
dmsimardor from git.o.o ?17:04
apevecfor upstream17:05
apevecI mean, whatever is in rdoinfo17:06
apevecwe have git.o.o I think in the template conf17:06
apevecupstream: git://git.openstack.org/openstack/nova17:07
apevecdmsimard, ^17:07
jpenadmsimard: distgits are cloned from review.o.o17:07
dmsimardreview.r.o * ?17:07
*** social has joined #rdo17:07
jpenayes, sorry, review.rdo.o17:08
apevecdistgit: http://review.rdoproject.org/r/p/openstack/nova-distgit.git17:08
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created rdoinfo: Change upstream URL for puppet-corosync  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299017:08
apevecas an example17:08
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo17:08
*** eaguilar has quit IRC17:09
dmsimardjpena: so to wrap up, you're ok with keeping the logic outside of dlrn for triggering periodic jobs for repos outside of upstream ?17:09
*** jpich has quit IRC17:09
jpenadmsimard: yes, that makes more sense17:09
dmsimardalso much more easy imo17:09
jpenaanything else would be adding even more complexity (or building unneeded packages)17:10
*** strigazi_AFK is now known as strigazi17:11
rdogerritMerged rdoinfo: Change upstream URL for puppet-corosync  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299017:14
apevecamoralej, you have  2 -W in https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/q/topic:fix-puppet-tarballs - are those ready now?17:15
*** jprovazn has joined #rdo17:15
amoralejnot yet, as they are for rpm-master, we need to update dlrn in that worker before17:15
apevecah right they are17:15
amoralejcd ..17:15
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-corosync-distgit: Change Source0 URL  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299117:17
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-swift-distgit: Revert "Abstract differences between upstream/DLRN-generated tarballs"  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298517:18
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk17:18
*** jlibosva has quit IRC17:18
dmsimardrcip-dev problems again ..17:21
*** emalikov has quit IRC17:22
*** strigazi is now known as strigazi_AFK17:22
*** tiswanso has quit IRC17:22
*** pkovar has quit IRC17:23
*** eharney has joined #rdo17:24
*** dmacpher is now known as dmacpher-afk17:24
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*** sudipto has quit IRC17:24
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo17:26
*** ayoung has quit IRC17:27
*** ayoung has joined #rdo17:27
*** nmagnezi has joined #rdo17:29
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-aodh-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299217:29
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-corosync-distgit: Change Source0 URL  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299117:31
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-ceph-distgit: Revert "Revert "Fix %prep section""  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298817:31
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-corosync-distgit: Change Source0 URL  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299317:33
*** flepied has joined #rdo17:34
*** flepied1 has quit IRC17:37
*** tosky has quit IRC17:37
dmsimardrbowen: I see ~2300 reviewers but almost ~2700 committers for Newton17:37
*** rbowen has quit IRC17:37
dmsimardI feel like liking to rdoinfo is pretty bad17:38
dmsimardWe should have something better than that17:38
*** rasca has quit IRC17:39
dmsimardoh, I scared rbowen off17:39
*** arxcruz_ has quit IRC17:40
*** jschwarz has quit IRC17:40
*** weshay_mtg is now known as weshay17:41
*** jschwarz has joined #rdo17:42
*** egallen has joined #rdo17:42
gregworkany suggestions on how to clear an overcloud that is stuck in DELETE_FAILED ?17:42
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed puppet/puppet-aodh-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299217:43
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-aodh-distgit: Use upstream_version in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299417:45
*** Goneri has quit IRC17:46
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo17:47
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-heat-distgit: Use upstream_version in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299517:49
*** rbowen has joined #rdo17:49
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen17:49
*** imcleod has quit IRC17:51
*** imcleod has joined #rdo17:52
*** egallen_ has joined #rdo17:53
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-ceilometer-distgit: Use upstream_version in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299617:54
*** egallen has quit IRC17:54
*** egallen_ is now known as egallen17:54
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-ceph-distgit: Use upstream_version in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299717:56
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-cinder-distgit: Use upstream_version in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299817:57
*** sdake has quit IRC17:58
*** rcernin has joined #rdo17:58
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-nova-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299917:59
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-corosync-distgit: Change Source0 URL  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299317:59
*** ccamacho has joined #rdo18:00
*** ayoung has quit IRC18:01
*** degorenko is now known as _degorenko|afk18:01
*** ayoung has joined #rdo18:01
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-barbican-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/300018:01
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-ceilometer-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/300118:02
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-ceph-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/300218:02
*** rpioso has joined #rdo18:02
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-cinder-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/300318:02
*** tiswanso has quit IRC18:02
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-glance-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/300418:03
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-gnocchi-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/300518:03
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-heat-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/300618:03
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-horizon-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/300718:03
*** tiswanso has joined #rdo18:03
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-ironic-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/300818:04
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC18:04
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-keystone-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/300918:04
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-manila-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/301018:04
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-mistral-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/301118:05
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-neutron-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/301218:05
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-openstack_extras-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/301318:05
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-openstacklib-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/301418:05
*** abehl has joined #rdo18:06
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-oslo-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/301518:06
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-ovn-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/301618:06
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-sahara-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/301718:06
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-tempest-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/301818:07
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-tripleo-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/301918:07
*** egallen_ has joined #rdo18:07
dmsimardbkero: ^ this is spam18:07
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-trove-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/302018:08
bkeroSo this is what spam looks like.18:08
*** egallen has quit IRC18:08
*** egallen_ is now known as egallen18:08
bkeroIt's almost as if DRY18:08
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-vswitch-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/302118:08
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-zaqar-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/302218:08
amoralejnext time i'll warn to disable rdogerrit before :)18:09
dmsimardamoralej: bah, not required18:10
rcritdmsimard, no, it's a separate package that is called from nova using REST18:10
dmsimardamoralej: I mean, unless super excessive18:10
dmsimardrcrit: so where's that project ?18:10
amoralejnope, it's done18:10
dmsimardamoralej: I didn't mute rdogerrit when I switched tarballs.o.o URLs.. I made you suffer through all that18:10
*** egallen has quit IRC18:11
*** mcornea has joined #rdo18:11
dmsimardrcrit: is that where the project is going to live or will it be proposed in /openstack ?18:12
rcritTBD I think. I have a blueprint which hasn't gotten any nibbles yet.18:12
dmsimardrcrit: the project can be proposed to be hosted under the openstack umbrella without being part of big tent or anything18:13
rcritit'd be nice to be in the openstack stream of things but it's a very specific thinger18:13
dmsimardI have https://github.com/openstack/ara :)18:13
*** Goneri has joined #rdo18:13
rcritok, so I could propose moving the project then?18:13
rcritand it'd then have to live (and die) by gerrit, etc?18:14
dmsimardrcrit: yeah, looks a bit like this: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/321226/18:14
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created puppet/puppet-keepalived-distgit: Use upstream_name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/302318:14
amoralej^ hopefully the last one18:14
rcritoh nice, I"ll use this as a template, thanks :-)18:15
rcritI guess I should wait on any packaging until that is done18:15
rcritI have a COPR on it now, that's it18:15
dmsimardbkero: there's a bunch of 2 nodes in nodepool right now18:16
dmsimardnot sure why18:16
*** egallen has joined #rdo18:16
bkerodmsimard: that's odd. They should get commissioned when a job ends18:16
*** abehl has quit IRC18:17
*** akshai has quit IRC18:18
rdogerritMerged config: Run DLRN-rpmbuild jobs on changes to newton-rdo branches  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/291018:18
*** eaguilar has quit IRC18:18
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown18:21
*** linuxaddicts has quit IRC18:23
*** alexismonville has quit IRC18:25
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-ceilometer-distgit: puppet-ceilometer: failed to build 5ceee6f  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/302418:25
*** athomas has quit IRC18:25
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-aodh-distgit: puppet-aodh: failed to build 3dd59ed  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/302518:26
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-barbican-distgit: puppet-barbican: failed to build 82dc3c9  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/302618:26
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-ceph-distgit: puppet-ceph: failed to build ad02bd9  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/302718:27
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-ironic-distgit: puppet-ironic: failed to build 65c28a7  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/302818:27
*** Pavo has quit IRC18:27
*** shardy is now known as shardy_afk18:27
*** Pavo has joined #rdo18:28
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|off18:29
*** jpena is now known as jpena|off18:30
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-cinder-distgit: puppet-cinder: failed to build 5b2cdb4  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/302918:32
*** bnemec has quit IRC18:34
*** suresh12 has joined #rdo18:34
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-keystone-distgit: puppet-keystone: failed to build 348a7bf  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/303018:34
*** KarlchenK has quit IRC18:37
dmsimardrcrit: sorry I got sidetracked18:37
dmsimardrcrit: I say that because you'll have a better chance of being accepted/considered seriously if the project lives in /openstack, even if it's not big tent18:38
dmsimardat least IMO18:38
dmsimardWe don't have any formal policy around what we package (or do we?)18:38
rcritI totally agree, it's a great idea.18:39
rcritit'll have a ton more control than me just shoving bits up when I feel like it :-)18:39
*** visibilityspots has quit IRC18:46
*** egallen has quit IRC18:46
rdogerritLuke Hinds proposed rdoinfo: Adding python-networking-bagpipe package  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/289718:47
*** visibilityspots has joined #rdo18:48
*** akshai has joined #rdo18:50
*** visibilityspots has quit IRC18:53
*** suresh12 has quit IRC18:54
*** v1k0d3n has quit IRC18:54
*** visibilityspots has joined #rdo18:54
*** suresh12 has joined #rdo18:54
*** v1k0d3n has joined #rdo18:54
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-nssdb-distgit: puppet-nssdb: failed to build b9e3de3  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/303118:57
*** rwsu_ has joined #rdo19:01
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo19:03
*** rwsu has quit IRC19:04
trownapevec: number80, openstack-tripleo-ui missing from newton-testing repo is a known issue?19:04
* apevec looks19:04
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo19:04
apevecnot tagged http://cbs.centos.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=1265019:04
trownthat is what failed quickstart jobs on https://ci.centos.org/view/rdo/view/cbs-promote-pipelines/job/rdo-promote-cloudsig-newton/19:04
apevecnumber80, ^ any reason not to?19:04
apevec-ui-deps was tagged19:05
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC19:05
*** v1k0d3n has quit IRC19:05
apevecthere was some talk about updating -deps but didn't follow it closely19:06
*** racedo has quit IRC19:07
apevecopenstack-tripleo-ui-1.0.3-1.el7 tagged -testing, now it's waiting game until cdn picks it up19:07
*** v1k0d3n has joined #rdo19:08
trownapevec: awesome thanks, I will watch for it and rekick jobs19:08
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo19:09
dmsimardrbowen: we should host that package list somewhere19:13
dmsimardsomewhere that is not paste.fedoraproject.org :P19:13
rbowenYeah, I was just tinkering with a way to auto-generate that so that it's always updated.19:14
rbowenNot having direct access to the web server has definite downsides.19:14
dmsimardok, if it's placeholder if's fine with me19:14
rbowenI suppose I'll put it in a regular page and update it manually every week or so.19:14
dmsimardIt's not going to change so much19:15
dmsimardespecially for stable releases19:15
dmsimardapevec: do you know if number80 ever finished verwatch v2 ?19:15
dmsimardjruzicka: ^ ?19:16
Humbedoohrbowen: define direct access19:17
* Humbedooh always wondering if such things can be...demanualized with a bit of trickery :)19:17
rbowenHumbedooh: All updates to the website go via git pull requests. Thus, I can't, say, set up a cron job on the server to update a doc in-place.19:17
rbowenThere's lots of ansible stuff in place to do things. I have not yet learned my way around ansible.19:17
Humbedoohthe web site requires an ansible run to update?19:18
* Humbedooh mumbles something about gitpubsub/gitwcsub :p19:18
Humbedoohpull requests could be automated though19:19
*** dyasny has quit IRC19:20
*** egallen has joined #rdo19:21
rbowenYou mean auto-accepting pull requests? Or just from certain people? Or what?19:21
Humbedoohwell I meant auto-creating them19:22
rbowenOh, sure. Yeah, I can do that from my side, for sure.19:22
Humbedoohso you'd just have to push a button and merge an automated update19:22
Humbedoohthen hire a bunch of ponies to smash the merge button for you and have coffee19:22
dmsimardoh, ponies. rbowen has a pony project.19:23
Humbedoohwhy yes, he does :)19:23
Humbedoohhe has...several in fact19:23
trownWild Stallions?19:30
Humbedoohonly if they don't get their apples - then they can become quite unruly19:31
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC19:32
*** dyasny has joined #rdo19:33
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-neutron-distgit: puppet-neutron: failed to build 15ecd74  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/303219:37
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-tempest-distgit: puppet-tempest: failed to build edb1cd7  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/303319:37
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-openstack_extras-distgit: puppet-openstack_extras: failed to build 920f324  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/303419:38
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-nova-distgit: puppet-nova: failed to build ee41b1c  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/303519:38
*** elmiko is now known as _elmiko19:40
*** shardy_afk is now known as shardy19:41
*** jkilpatr has quit IRC19:42
*** READ10 has quit IRC19:46
*** jkilpatr has joined #rdo19:48
*** toanju has joined #rdo19:49
*** nmagnezi has joined #rdo19:50
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC19:50
rbowendmsimard: https://www.rdoproject.org/documentation/package-list/19:54
*** eharney has quit IRC19:55
*** jdennis1 has quit IRC19:55
*** suresh12 has quit IRC19:56
*** paramite has quit IRC19:58
dmsimardrbowen: neat19:59
number80dmsimard: I plan to work on it next week20:00
dmsimardrbowen: we can iterate on that somehow, already better than have humans parse yaml20:00
dmsimardnumber80: ok20:01
*** dprince has quit IRC20:01
number80problem is that I never have time, next week, I'm going to hack during pycon.fr sprints20:01
*** visibilityspots has quit IRC20:01
number80basically, the remaining piece is to generate proper reporting from gathered data, and cleanup those fetcher20:02
number80I also fixed frozenflask for python320:03
*** shardy has quit IRC20:03
*** dyasny has quit IRC20:03
*** visibilityspots has joined #rdo20:04
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-sahara-distgit: puppet-sahara: failed to build f4ddf02  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/303620:06
*** paramite has joined #rdo20:06
*** jkilpatr has quit IRC20:06
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-trove-distgit: puppet-trove: failed to build f8711ad  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/303720:06
mwhahahaso what's the deal with -^20:07
dmsimardmwhahaha: we're ramping up ocata20:07
dmsimardmwhahaha: there's some fixes in the pipe already20:07
mwhahahawell stop breaking stuff :D20:07
dmsimardmwhahaha: tl;dr https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/q/owner:amoralej%2540redhat.com+status:open20:07
*** eharney has joined #rdo20:08
*** ccamacho has quit IRC20:08
mwhahahaisn't that going to conflict20:08
mwhahahawith the actual services?20:09
*** Goneri has quit IRC20:09
*** jdennis has joined #rdo20:09
EmilienMmwhahaha is probably right :)20:10
dmsimardmwhahaha: you mean like https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/3021/1/puppet-vswitch.spec ?20:10
mwhahahayea don't do that20:10
mwhahahathat's a terrible idea20:10
dmsimardor https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/2992/2/puppet-aodh.spec ?20:10
dmsimardI'm pretty sure that's relative to where the tarball extracts20:10
dmsimardthe puppet modules when extracted from tarballs.o.o are in a funny path20:11
dmsimardi.e, nova will extra to openstack-nova20:11
dmsimardbut so will puppet-nova20:11
mwhahahaoh i thought it extracted to puppet-nova20:11
dmsimardsince the builds are sandboxed (mock chroot) they don't conflict20:11
EmilienMyes I already explained why20:11
dmsimardEmilienM: yeah, I know20:11
dmsimardEmilienM: just needs to be adjusted in spec files I think20:11
dmsimardnot sure why it's breaking /now/, jpena and amoralej probably have more details20:12
mwhahahathat's odd20:13
*** dyasny has joined #rdo20:16
rdogerritslagle created rdoinfo: Do not use newton stable releases for openstackclient  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/303820:17
slagleapevec: fyi ^20:17
slaglewe shouldnt use stable releaes of openstackclient20:17
dmsimardslagle: we use upper constraints20:18
slagledmsimard: yes, but they don't maintain and do newton releases20:18
dmsimardUnpinning that means we'd be releasing a version that hasn't been tested upstream20:19
slagledmsimard: so for rdo newton, we need to use u-c from master20:19
slagledmsimard: it's likely my rdoinfo patch is wrong, but whatever is needed to accomplish that ^20:19
dmsimardhm, I don't know20:19
*** choirboy has joined #rdo20:19
*** jkilpatr has joined #rdo20:20
dmsimardstevemar: should we use whatever is in u-c for openstackclient in stable releases ?20:20
slaglehe just told me  that :)20:20
slagleover in #openstack-sdks20:20
dmsimardslagle: oh, I don't idle there20:20
dmsimardeavesdrop to the rescue20:21
*** gchamoul has quit IRC20:21
EmilienMslagle: I'm very concerned by current CI status in tripleo20:21
EmilienMslagle: all master jobs use packages from stable/newton20:21
dmsimardEmilienM, slagle: we haven't yet bootstrapped ocata20:21
dmsimardit's in progress, should be ready this week if all goes well20:22
slagleEmilienM: it just means we're testing with newton packages. is that a huge deal?20:22
*** gchamoul has joined #rdo20:22
dmsimardslagle: hm, so you're saying we need a version that hasn't yet been tagged with that backport in ?20:22
slagledmsimard: yes. and i'm also saying that going forward, rdo should be using the version from master u-c for all branches20:23
EmilienMslagle: yes20:23
*** rbowen has quit IRC20:23
EmilienMslagle: we have patchs failing in master because another patch in master hasn't been backported20:23
slagledmsimard: e.g., the stable/newton build is broken and will never be fixed20:23
EmilienMso you need to backport a patch in stable/newton, wait it's build in delorean and recheck master patch again20:23
dmsimardslagle: never fixed why ? the backport request is there, it's just not merged/tagged/bumped20:23
dmsimardslagle: if there's an u-c bump to, I don't know, 3.2.1 (up from 3.2.0) we'll pick it up20:24
slagledmsimard: b/c as a project team, they don't maintain stable/newton20:24
slagledmsimard: look at dean's comment on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/372712/20:24
slagleand they just confirmed the same in irc20:24
dmsimardwell TIL20:24
dmsimardis that specific to osc ?20:24
slaglei dunno, it was news to me as well :/20:25
dmsimardlet me hop on sdks...20:25
dmsimarddoesn't start well20:25
dmsimardwe have historically never continuously packaged master releases of osc20:25
dmsimardif my memory serves right20:26
dmsimardeven before we used upper constraints20:26
slaglei think a lot of clients don't use stable branches honestly20:26
slaglebut i don't really know for sure20:26
dmsimardslagle: but the tests upstream run is against upper-constraints, anything beyond that they don't test20:27
dmsimardso they have no guarantee that master of osc works with stable/newton20:27
dmsimardor any other release beyond what is in u-c20:27
*** Pavo has quit IRC20:27
*** zeroshft has joined #rdo20:28
EmilienMso puppet CI is now blocked20:28
EmilienMit blocks releases for puppet-heat and puppet-swift20:28
*** zeroshft has quit IRC20:28
EmilienMwhich is required by osp1020:28
pabelangerWow, no backports into stable branches? Then what is the branch for?20:28
*** Pavo has joined #rdo20:29
EmilienMdmsimard, mwhahaha: having CI blocked right now is very critical20:29
*** egafford has quit IRC20:29
dmsimardno kidding20:30
pabelangerthat said, we always consume latest version with shade20:30
EmilienMis there anyone working on it?20:30
dmsimardLet's not put that on our fault, okay? Unpinning osc can break as many other things and you know it20:30
trownEmilienM: I brought this up earlier... I dont understand why master is pointing to stable/newton20:30
dmsimardslagle: do you mind if I take this to openstack-dev ?20:30
trownIIRC that was the whole reason we named it master and not newton from day 120:30
trownbecause we had this same mess at the end of mitaka20:31
dmsimardI'll leave to apevec's discretion if we unpin that for now20:31
slagledmsimard: not at all, go4it20:31
slagledmsimard: there isn't a release even from master yet with the fix, so we can put the unpin on hold for now20:31
EmilienMtrown: me neither20:32
dmsimardapevec: FYI would need your input on whole conversation up until this point on http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23rdo/%23rdo.2016-10-04.log.html#t2016-10-04T20:17:0620:32
trownosc was one of the main offenders that started the U-C stuff to begin with20:32
EmilienMtrown: I don't like it20:32
*** coolsvap has quit IRC20:32
slagletrown: yes, we want to use u-c20:32
*** Pavo has quit IRC20:32
slagleit's just that we want u-c from master for newton as well20:33
trownEmilienM: ya I didnt get an answer earlier... just that "ocata is being stood up", which does not answer why we cant have master DLRN pointed at master branch of projects20:33
slaglewe don't want per commit builds or anything20:33
*** aortega has quit IRC20:34
EmilienMdmsimard: my concern was about puppet CI, not osc exactly20:35
*** jayg is now known as jayg|g0n320:37
trownEmilienM: ya I think there are two conversations being comingled20:38
trownof immediate concern is the fact that master DLRN work is not pointed at master branch20:38
*** rbowen has joined #rdo20:38
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen20:38
*** shardy has joined #rdo20:39
EmilienMmy immediate concern is http://logs.openstack.org/28/381428/1/gate/gate-tripleo-ci-centos-7-nonha-multinode/c5e6317/console.html#_2016-10-04_18_21_17_72201320:39
*** v1k0d3n has quit IRC20:42
trownhmm so we cant build puppet-vswitch?20:44
trownEmilienM: do we collect the rpmbuild.log from dlrn anywhere?20:46
mwhahahait's not that one20:46
mwhahahait's all of them, probably related to the https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/q/owner:amoralej%2540redhat.com+status:open20:46
dmsimardslagle, trown, EmilienM: openstack-dev for OSC issue: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-October/105075.html20:47
rdogerritrdo-trunk created puppet/puppet-glance-distgit: puppet-glance: failed to build 975d7ab  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/303920:47
*** kgiusti has quit IRC20:47
mwhahahatrown: and possibly -^20:47
*** paramite has quit IRC20:47
EmilienMI know what they'll tell you20:48
EmilienMto update osc20:48
dmsimardEmilienM: it worked in devstack ?20:48
slagledmsimard: thanks, and sorry to open a can of worms...i dont fully understand all the implications here20:48
*** suresh12 has joined #rdo20:48
*** suresh12 has quit IRC20:48
dmsimardslagle: it's ok, not your fault20:48
dmsimardslagle: osc is a repeat offender20:48
dmsimardslagle: we started pinning to upper constraints mostly because of them in the first place20:48
trowndmsimard: apevec any reason to not go through and merge all of https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/q/owner:amoralej%2540redhat.com+status:open that have passed CI?20:49
*** v1k0d3n has joined #rdo20:49
dmsimardtrown: I have no clue if amoralej|off was done with that20:49
trowndmsimard: the "Fix tar name in %setup" patches must be done :P20:49
* dmsimard shrugs20:50
dmsimardjust saying I have no idea20:50
dmsimardmaybe apevec knows20:50
trownk, they are pretty obvious, so I am going to merge those ones as it is blocking other CI20:50
*** seanatcisco has joined #rdo20:51
trownpretty clearly why the builds are failing https://trunk.rdoproject.org/centos7-ocata/5b/2c/5b2cdb40d27e76478482531c5c5c40dc6cf8d6ec_63b3dac5/rpmbuild.log20:51
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/manila-ui-distgit: Update to 2.5.1  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/304020:52
dmsimardso just for the record20:53
dmsimardOSC doesn't update upper constraints on stable releases too much20:53
dmsimardstable/mitaka version is ancient https://github.com/openstack/requirements/blob/stable/mitaka/upper-constraints.txt#L29820:53
dmsimardlet's see what comes out of the thread ...20:53
*** jprovazn has quit IRC20:54
*** dhill_ has quit IRC20:54
*** suresh12 has joined #rdo20:55
rdogerritBen Kero created config: oooq: adjust subnode operations to use private addresses  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/304120:55
rdogerritMerged config: oooq: adjust subnode operations to use private addresses  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/304120:58
*** dhill_ has joined #rdo20:58
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-cinder-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/300320:58
*** dhill_ has quit IRC21:01
*** dhill_ has joined #rdo21:01
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/sahara-tests-distgit: Update to 0.3.0  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/304221:02
*** rbowen has quit IRC21:10
*** akrivoka has quit IRC21:11
dmsimardweshay, trown: there's a super mega awesome feature coming in ansible 2.221:11
dmsimardan include_role task21:11
dmsimardwhich means, amongst other things, you can call roles from within roles easily21:11
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-ceilometer-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/300121:11
dmsimardbut more importantly, you can now effectively wrap roles inside a block to catch failures21:12
dmsimardmy dream of https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/13587 comes true21:12
trowndmsimard: EmilienM apevec amoralej|off now I am not sure if I should have merged that... https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/2972/ looks like it was meant to fix this issue... or did it break it? I am going to stop before doing more harm21:12
trownI need to take off, talk to you all tomorrow21:12
*** trown is now known as trown|outtypewww21:12
EmilienMshould we revert?21:13
dmsimardtrown|outtypewww: what did you merge? can you revert it ?21:13
rdogerritBen Kero created config: oooq: adjust mkdir to create intermediate directories  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/304321:13
*** unclemarc has quit IRC21:13
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-ceph-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/300221:13
bkerooh hey a code review21:13
dmsimarda wild code review has appeared21:14
EmilienMtrown|outtypewww: hey you still around?21:14
EmilienMshould we revert it?21:14
EmilienMeverything is broken now21:15
*** shardy has quit IRC21:15
*** tiswanso has quit IRC21:15
*** mcornea has quit IRC21:15
trown|outtypewwwI don't understand the issue enough to say... it seems to me that all these "Fix tar name in %setup" patches are the fix we need, but it is too late for me to fully grok what happened21:15
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-aodh-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/299221:16
trown|outtypewwwand I need to get to the daycare... ^ these are what I hit merge on, and they are passing dlrn CI, so they cant be too broken21:16
rdogerritMerged config: oooq: adjust mkdir to create intermediate directories  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/304321:18
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed puppet/puppet-ceph-distgit: Remove tarsources fix  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/298921:21
dmsimardamoralej|off: hey, you around still or what ? :)21:21
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-vswitch-distgit: Fix tar name in %setup  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/302121:21
dmsimardoh, looks like amoralej|off is reverting the merges21:21
dmsimardEmilienM: amoralej|off says since https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/2972/ merged it should be okay21:22
dmsimardEmilienM: what timezone is http://logs.openstack.org/28/381428/1/gate/gate-tripleo-ci-centos-7-nonha-multinode/c5e6317/console.html#_2016-10-04_18_21_17_722013 in ?21:23
dmsimardUTC I guess ?21:23
*** jeckersb is now known as jeckersb_gone21:25
*** toanju has quit IRC21:25
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo21:25
*** jkilpatr has quit IRC21:26
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo21:28
*** akshai has quit IRC21:30
EmilienMdmsimard: yes21:32
EmilienMI see a lot of green here http://tripleo.org/cistatus.html21:33
EmilienMmwhahaha: can you try recheck?21:33
mwhahahai rechecked a few, we'll see21:35
vkmchey all, I'm trying to deploy packstack with mitaka packages using an already existing external network21:36
vkmcI followed this guide https://www.rdoproject.org/networking/neutron-with-existing-external-network/21:36
vkmcI can access instances from the server in which I deployed packstack21:36
vkmcbut, I cannot resolve DNS from within the instances21:36
vkmcI need to automatize the process of launching an instance and installing stuff from repos, so I need to be able to resolve DNS without having to manually ssh to the instance and change resolv.conf21:37
*** toanju has joined #rdo21:37
vkmchas anybody setup a deployment like htis?21:37
apevecEmilienM, trown|outtypewww, dmsimard - let's keep reviews with topic:fix-puppet-tarballs for amoralej/jpena/me tomorrow21:39
dmsimardapevec: some were merged by trown|outtypewww21:39
*** eharney has quit IRC21:40
*** dbecker has quit IRC21:40
rdogerritMerged openstack/keystone-distgit: Remove httpd/keystone.py  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/297921:41
apevecok, that should be fine, since ocata dlrn is not published yet, but let's leave the rest to Javier and Alfredo21:43
dmsimardapevec: I posted to openstack-dev about that OSC backport thing: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-October/105075.html21:45
*** jcoufal_ has quit IRC21:45
dmsimardslagle submitted https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/3038/ but OSC hasn't cut a new release yet anyway21:45
*** toanju has quit IRC21:45
apevecosc pretends to be branchless??21:47
apevecit can't be!21:47
dmsimardI'm not saying it's branchless21:47
apevecit depends on branched clients21:47
dmsimardI'm saying if they don't backport and release to stable branches21:47
dmsimardthey may as well be21:48
*** akshai has joined #rdo21:48
apevecbut they cannot21:48
apevecdue to branched deps21:48
dmsimardIf they tag 3.2.1 on master and don't backport to stable/newton / update upper-constraints it's sort of pointless21:48
dmsimardi.e, newton will stay broken21:48
*** akshai has quit IRC21:49
apevecyeah, that's just silly21:50
dmsimardwhat do we do in the meantime ?21:50
dmsimardcarry the patch ?21:50
dmsimardwe can't block the release for that21:50
apevecbut really, I wonder what OSC folks will reply21:51
apevecotoh they do not claim anything like stable:follows-policy in projects.yaml21:52
apevecvkmc, networking folks are mostly emea21:55
vkmcapevec, will ask tomorrow again :) thanks21:55
dmsimardapevec: ok I'll submit it21:55
dmsimardwith commentary in commit message21:55
dmsimardEmilienM, slagle: FYI ^21:55
*** jmelvin has quit IRC21:56
dmsimardapevec: patch both rpm-master and newton-rdo right ?21:57
dmsimardno wait, it's already in master21:57
dmsimardjust newton-rdo.21:57
*** dgurtner has quit IRC21:58
apevecoh it might get tricky, newton-rdo is used for both dlrn and cbs, but it will work for now, only changes on stable/newton post-tag are reqs updates22:01
bkerodmsimard: do you know if rcip-dev nodepool allocation is exhausted due to bug again?22:01
bkeroI've been waiting in queue for 45min22:01
*** eaguilar_ has joined #rdo22:02
EmilienMvkmc: hey22:03
EmilienMvkmc: when you created the network in neutron, did you set dnsnameservers?22:03
*** eaguilar has quit IRC22:03
EmilienMif not, that's why it doesn't work22:03
EmilienMdmsimard: ack22:04
*** mburned is now known as mburned_out22:04
EmilienMvkmc: http://docs.openstack.org/developer/neutron/devref/dns_order.html#update-subnet-dns-nameservers22:04
dmsimardapevec: do I need to increment version number ?22:05
EmilienMI'm out22:05
dmsimardapevec: I added changelog for 3.2.0-222:05
apevecdmsimard, Release:22:05
apevecVersion: is always from upstream22:05
EmilienMvkmc: let me know in private if you managed to get it working, cheers22:06
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created openstack/openstackclient-distgit: Temporarily carry upstream patch to resolve authentication issues  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/304422:09
dmsimardthankfully it's a clean patch on 3.2.022:09
dmsimardapevec: ^22:09
dmsimardbkero: no capacity issues22:10
dmsimardbkero: just lots of stuff being tested22:10
bkerodmsimard: Okay, I'll be patient.22:10
dmsimardbkero: all that stuff that amoralej|off submitted earlier :)22:11
mwhahahadmsimard: it seems that we're still seeing failures for the packaging of puppet stuff, http://logs.openstack.org/16/381916/1/check/gate-tripleo-ci-centos-7-nonha-multinode/a3bfcc5/console.html#_2016-10-04_21_41_46_15882822:16
mwhahahaoh maybe not, lets see22:22
rdogerritMerged openstack/heat-templates-distgit: Add upstream_version fallback macro  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/291322:23
mwhahahanope still failing22:23
*** aortega has joined #rdo22:24
dmsimardmwhahaha: don't have intimate knowledge with the issue but apevec told us to wait22:28
* mwhahaha wanders off then22:29
dmsimardmwhahaha: perhaps start an email thread (or rdo-list) to make sure it's not forgotten22:29
*** amuller has quit IRC22:31
*** bytesandbolts has quit IRC22:31
*** bytesandbolts has joined #rdo22:33
*** alexismonville has quit IRC22:36
rdogerritMerged openstack/neutron-distgit: Load br_netfilter if present for iptables aware agents  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/287422:36
*** suresh12 has quit IRC22:38
*** suresh12 has joined #rdo22:38
rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed openstack/neutron-distgit: Sync test-requirements with -test subpackage  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/290722:39
*** karimb has joined #rdo22:39
number80dmsimard: you're supposed to submit patches to patches branches => https://www.rdoproject.org/blog/2016/09/introducing-patches-to-rdo-cloudsig-packages/22:40
dmsimardnumber80: doh22:40
karimbhi folks, any clue why  vms can always start paused ?22:40
dmsimardapevec already approved, block it ?22:40
karimbenought disk space on my box22:41
number80dmsimard: you can fix afterwards22:41
number80not a blocker :)22:41
dmsimardnumber80: i'll read post in a bit22:41
apevecnumber80, meh, yeah but frankly that's pain :)22:41
apevecI'd rather we do not have patches22:41
apevecand patch is only for exceptional cases22:42
number80apevec: right, but tracking patches history is still useful22:42
apevecthis is really OSC upstream disfunction22:42
number80yeah :(22:42
number80anyway, if it were a blocker, I could still have -W but that'd be plain stupid in this case22:43
number80well, we can revisit patches branches future22:44
number80except for few packages, they're mostly unused22:45
*** eaguilar_ has quit IRC22:46
*** eaguilar has joined #rdo22:48
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rdogerritBen Kero created config: oooq: fix repo copying to subnodes  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/304523:09
*** aortega_ has joined #rdo23:10
rdogerritMerged config: oooq: fix repo copying to subnodes  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/304523:11
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rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed DLRN: Translate pypi names into OpenStack names using pymod2pkg  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/219523:20
*** Poornima has joined #rdo23:20
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rdogerritMerged DLRN: Translate pypi names into OpenStack names using pymod2pkg  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/219523:35
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rdogerritMerged openstack/app-catalog-ui-distgit: openstack-app-catalog-ui: add tests dir to rpm  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/293223:53
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