Thursday, 2016-06-23

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Pharaoh_Atemjruzicka: hey00:05
Pharaoh_Atemremember me?00:05
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Pharaoh_Atemjruzicka: are you going to be at Red Hat Summit next week?00:46
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gumbyblakeneed assistance with OSP 8 deploy. how do I specify with interface gets set as br-ex on my nodes ? looks like default is the provisioning network interface01:13
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mrungegood morning05:29
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eliskagood morning :)05:30
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mrungehey eliska o/05:30
eliskamrunge Hello! :) Guten Morgen!05:31
mrungedobrý den eliska05:32
eliskamrunge, :)05:32
* mrunge feels bad to rely on google translate. I wish I could speak more languages05:32
eliskaI tried for a while to refresh my German language.. but it seems like I forgot it completely forever :D so "guten morgen" is all :D05:33
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eliskamrunge, Uncle Google will help us to speak as many languages as we want to.. :D05:33
mrungeuntil you'll hit a place with no internet. those places still exist05:34
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eliskamrunge, fair point.. :D05:38
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jpenagood morning!07:04
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leanderthalmorning jpena07:29
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amoralejgood morning07:43
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partneri'm puzzled, i can install other packages from openstack-kilo-el7-x86_64 but not python-six, it complains its not signed with the same key other packages are.. ?08:17
partneri know, its old version but we are stuck with kilo for some moment more and now i need to expand capacity..08:18
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jpenapartner: I've checked it, and it looks like the package is not signed on any repo (kilo, liberty or mitaka)08:21
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jpenanumber80: any clue? ^^08:21
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number80partner: could you paste the output of yum-config-manager to
number80(not here, you'd flood everyone)08:23
number80meanwhile, I'll check packages, but it's possibly a bad repo configuration08:24
jpenaoh wait08:25
jpenaI'm dumb, I was checking buildlogs08:25
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current-passed-ci @ |#| Traceback (most recent call last):08:25
rdobot  File "/usr/local/bin/", line 72, in <module>08:25
rdobot    versions = retrieve_versions(url)08:25
rdobot  File "/usr/local/bin/", line 53, in retrieve_versions [...]08:25
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-liberty-current-passed-ci @ |#| Traceback (most recent call last):08:26
rdobot  File "/usr/local/bin/", line 78, in <module>08:26
rdobot    source_repo = line['Source Repo']08:26
rdobotKeyError: 'Source Repo'08:26
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number80jpena, partner: I checked packages from <= all signed with the same key (ID 764429e6)08:26
number80including python-six08:26
number80buildlogs packages are NOT signed08:27
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rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-mitaka-current-passed-ci @ |#| Traceback (most recent call last):08:28
rdobot  File "/usr/local/bin/", line 78, in <module>08:28
rdobot    source_repo = line['Source Repo']08:28
rdobotKeyError: 'Source Repo'08:28
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jpenammm, the sensu probe didn't like the dlrn dns change, it seems08:29
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amoralejjpena, maybe the https08:32
jpenaamoralej: oh, true08:32
amoralejlet me run puppet-dlrn08:33
jpenaI forgot that08:33
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jpenaand we force redirection from http to https, cool08:33
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jaosoriorwe're seeing some issues with some RPM downloads. They seem to be unavailable
jpenajaosorior: that probably happened during the DLRN dns switch. Can you recheck?08:45
*** itxaka has joined #rdo08:46
jaosoriorjpena: Will do, thanks08:47
partnerhmm, i am using packages from weird08:50
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derekhjaosorior: jpena is now redirecting to another server , this is also breaking us,08:58
derekh[derekh@Tea540 toci]$ curl -s | grep moved08:59
derekh<p>The document has moved <a href="">here</a>.</p>08:59
jpenaamoralej: we need to fix the redirection ^^08:59
*** dtantsur|afk is now known as dtantsur08:59
amoralejlet me check...08:59
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*** rcernin has joined #rdo09:02
jpenaamoralej: I think I fixed it for centos7-master, give it a look09:02
jpenaderekh: can you try now?09:03
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current-passed-ci @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current-passed-ci: oslo.serialization, openstack-puppet-modules:
amoralejbut i think curl doesn't follow redirects by default09:03
amoralejthat may be another issue09:04
amoralejwget does09:04
jpenaamoralej: yes, but it tells you where it got redirected to09:04
jpenaI tested it with a browser09:04
amoralejyes, but if they use curl in the script...09:04
jpenaamoralej: there's a command-line switch for curl to follow redirections (-L)09:06
amoraleji just changed it for centos-mitaka also09:07
amoraleji'm going to change it in puppet-dlrn09:08
jpenaamoralej: I've improved the regexp, there was a corner case that didn't work09:09
derekhjpena: redirect looks ok now, we'll have to update our curls09:09
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-mitaka-current-passed-ci @ |#| Build failure on centos7-mitaka/current-passed-ci: oslo.serialization, openstack-puppet-modules:
jpenaderekh: if you always use current-passed-ci, you could also change the url and go directly to buildlogs09:10
jpenaI sent an e-mail to rdo-list with the URLs09:10
amoralejyes, that would be even better09:10
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amoralejjpena, promotion job failed because it was just in the middle of the change09:14
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jpenaapevec: do you have permissions to retrigger it? ^^09:15
* apevec reads back09:16
amoralejshort version, relaunch
amoralejwe've lost last night promotion09:16
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chandankumaramoralej, nice view of falling cloud :-)09:17
apevecamoralej, ^09:18
amoralejmonitoring it09:19
apevecmitaka  was promoted09:19
apevecbut now aodh is ftbfs09:19
apevecor not?09:20
jpenaI don't see any ftbfs09:20
apevecnm, that was Jun 2009:21
apevecand sensu reported Build failure on centos7-mitaka/current-passed-ci: oslo.serialization, openstack-puppet-modules09:22
apevecbut those are good09:23
apevecmust be transition09:23
jpenaapevec: that's strange, I didn't know sensu was monitoring build failures in current-passed-ci :?09:23
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apevecnot sure what that probe is doing09:24
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ccamachojpena! morning!!!09:24
*** zoliXXL is now known as zoli|mtg09:24
*** zoli|mtg is now known as zoli|mtg-afk09:24
ccamachoman we are hitting this
openstackLaunchpad bug 1595448 in tripleo " --repo-setup fails when fetching delorean.repo" [Undecided,Fix committed] - Assigned to Carlos Camacho (ccamacho)09:25
*** zhenguo_ has joined #rdo09:25
ccamachothe question is: are we keeping ?? I mean do we need to change the URL or the old one remains forever?09:26
apevecccamacho, it's probably curl -L issue09:26
apevecthat derekh reported earlier09:26
ccamachoaaaaa ok09:26
jpenaccamacho: the URL is staying. In the long run, it would be better to switch to the new one09:26
apevecI assume he's fixing that as we speak09:26
ccamachojpena, ack09:27
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derekhjpena: do you also plan to change the value of baseurl= in
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derekhjpena: otherwise people will just get sent back to the old server09:29
jpenaderekh: mmm true, that's an issue09:29
*** athomas has joined #rdo09:30
jpenawe should make that part of the promote job09:30
amoralejderekh, you may just use a yum repos with baseurl
amoralejno need to curl delorean.repo09:32
derekhjpena: if updating it, can you make the versioned url also available somewhere, e.g. comment out the original baseurl instead of rewriting it09:32
amoralejas the url doesn't change09:32
amoralejwe don't have hashed repos in buildlogs09:33
derekhamoralej: I know thats my next point, I'll now longer be able to reproduce CI jobs with a specific yum repo, trying to get my head around it at the moment09:34
*** abregman is now known as abregman|afk09:34
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jpenaderekh: hashed repos remain accessible via trunk.rdoproject.org09:34
amoralejjpena, ci job is still failing and we started this after the change09:36
derekhjpena: yup, I think we're ok, so long as the hash still appears (even as a comment or something) in
*** karimb has joined #rdo09:36
jpenaamoralej: the promote job error is strange09:36
jpena09:32:41 fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "module_stderr": "", "module_stdout": "Traceback (most recent call last):\r\n  File \"/tmp/ansible_lzzibz/\", line 7, in <module>\r\n    from import ImageBuildManager\r\nImportError: No module named\r\n", "msg": "MODULE FAILURE", "parsed": false}09:36
jpenatoo old repo??09:37
amoralejcannot open:
jpenaok, I see09:37
amoralejit doesn't exist in new server, only in old one09:37
amoralejbecause of timestamp09:38
*** Amita has quit IRC09:38
jpenammm that means the old repo metadata is still being used?09:38
partnernumber80: oh, that's a different key i suppose..
*** Amita has joined #rdo09:38
*** mosulica has quit IRC09:39
*** _milan_ has quit IRC09:39
partnerok i think i got it..09:40
partneri get different hash..09:40
number80Ah, you're using deprecated repositories here:
number80yeah, they may be signed with a different key, maybe apevec can confirm ^09:42
ccamachojpena, quick question, are the deps repos also moving?09:42
*** sdake_ has quit IRC09:42
jpenaccamacho: no, the URL for delorean-deps.repo is the same, and the dep repos are already in buildlogs09:42
partnernumber80: yeah i think our own mirror (for certain reasons) was updated to point to new location but probably was not updated since..09:43
apevecnumber80, is empty09:43
apevecthere's only readme09:43
*** mvk_ has joined #rdo09:43
apevecI'm missing context09:43
* apevec reads back09:43
partnernvm, i think i found the issue09:43
number80apevec: yeah, but I suspect that partner was using old repo and switched to the new ones09:43
partneryeah, sorry for the noise, i think i can get this resolved now, thanks09:44
partnerbut, on the topic, was there some repo i can get 1.3 packages since they are not on the "main" repo ?09:44
partnerwe're stuck with kilo for sometime still and would like to apply bunch of fixes for it since i recall packages were already in testing long ago09:44
*** karimb has quit IRC09:45
*** dtrainor has quit IRC09:45
apevecwe have 2015.1.4 updates in testing repo09:47
apevec.3 should also be there09:47
apeveclooks like we never promoted them09:47
apevechmm, looks like we didn't tag .4 yet09:48
partnercool, thanks apevec09:48
apevecnumber80, ^ I'll mass tag all .4 builds for -testing09:48
apevecnumber80, I've added EOL steps in please edit/add09:49
*** karimb has joined #rdo09:49
number80apevec: ack09:49
amoralejjpena, apevec i think the timestamp for tripleo-common is hardcoded in
jpenaI was trying to find it, and you beat me to it :D09:50
number80apevec: do you mind if I create a "template card" for EOL-process?09:50
apevecnumber80, not at all09:50
*** pcaruana has joined #rdo09:51
number80we have to think about future release wranglers09:51
apevecyes, document all things!09:52
amoralejhow is that repo managed?09:52
apevecand script all things!09:52
apevecamoralej, ansible-role ?09:52
apevecno PRs so I'd assume gerrithub09:53
apevecit's wes & co09:53
apevecthat should be moved to review.rdo09:55
*** tosky has joined #rdo09:55
apevecand under rdo-infra org09:55
*** DV has quit IRC09:55
*** DV has joined #rdo09:56
amoralejfound it, sending the review...09:56
*** fragatina has quit IRC09:56
*** sgotliv__ has joined #rdo09:56
*** sgotliv_ has quit IRC09:57
*** gszasz has joined #rdo09:58
number80I added a CI step, though for Kilo, it'll be just checking that packstack --allinone results in a working cloud09:59
apevecbut why is it still tripleo-common ? Hasn't it been renamed?09:59
apevecnumber80, ack09:59
number80apevec: n-v-r ... package has higher version09:59
number80I still don't get why nobody wants to tag a release in tripleo-common ...10:00
apeveciiuc they want to get rid of it,10:00
apevecbut in the meantime, what the hack, just push the tag :)10:00
*** shardy has quit IRC10:00
miscmhh so I have added tonight the role to deploy the dashboards as asked by flepied10:01
zodbotnumber80: Karma for misc changed to 1 (for the f24 release cycle):
*** abregman|afk is now known as abregman10:01
miscanything more I need to do, like adding to software factory ?10:01
*** sdake has joined #rdo10:01
miscalso, nobody objects to dashboards.rdo as the url ? (not yet put in DNS)10:01
number80singular rather than plural10:02
apevechmm yeah, also that's very specific dashboard10:02
*** jlibosva has quit IRC10:02
*** coolsvap has quit IRC10:02
*** jlibosva has joined #rdo10:02
apevecflepied, maybe release-pipeline is better ?10:02
*** jlibosva has quit IRC10:03
apevecI'd prefer to be just part of website10:03
miscnumber80: I reused the name from upstream10:03
apevecnot subdomain10:03
*** coolsvap has joined #rdo10:03
*** jlibosva has joined #rdo10:03
apevecmisc, upstream is not always right :)10:03
flepiedapevec: I have no preference10:03
*** jlibosva has quit IRC10:03
apevecdamn, so I have to decide10:04
*** jlibosva has joined #rdo10:04
*** jlibosva has quit IRC10:04
*** trozet has quit IRC10:04
miscI prefer to have a separate domain, because currently, the whole stuff requires gcc and ruby and node and I would rather see that as a separate VM rather than the main one10:04
miscand that's also running on a separate port with a apache as reverse proxy10:04
*** jlibosva has joined #rdo10:05
apevecgcc/ruby !10:05
miscwell, gcc to install ruby gems10:05
miscand ruby to run10:05
miscand also node, because why not10:05
*** vimal has quit IRC10:05
miscI almost pondered on movig it to openshift v3, just for the fun10:05
apevecflepied! :)10:05
miscin fact, i could10:05
*** limao_ has quit IRC10:06
*** jlibosva has quit IRC10:06
apevecyeah, it seems to much infra just for one page10:06
apevecflepied, let's host it on openshift?10:06
miscthe marvel of modern web dev :)10:06
*** jlibosva has joined #rdo10:06
apevecmisc, but can you have your own domain on openshift?10:06
miscbut I will first make it production-like, we can tweak later10:06
apevecisn't it all under ?10:07
number80it's possible10:07
miscapevec: nope, we can have the domain10:07
miscnow, openshift v2 is one of my favorite ranting topic10:07
*** zaneb has joined #rdo10:07
*** jlibosva has quit IRC10:07
apevecwe had in openshift10:07
miscand I am french, i have a unlimited amount of ranting topic, so this can give you a idea on how much I can complain :p10:07
*** jlibosva has joined #rdo10:08
apevecmisc, so in the end, all ends up with wine and cheese ? :)10:08
miscapevec: I do not drink wine :p10:08
misc(I also do not drink cheese, but you are not supposed to drink it)10:09
apevecyou're not french then10:09
miscmaybe :)10:09
miscanyway, let's go to the office and we will see there10:09
*** itamarl has quit IRC10:12
*** Amita has quit IRC10:16
*** vimal has joined #rdo10:16
*** zaneb has quit IRC10:16
*** mburned is now known as mburned_out10:16
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|bbl10:17
*** Amita has joined #rdo10:19
*** _degorenko|afk is now known as degorenko10:20
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-liberty-current-passed-ci @ |#| Build failure on centos7-liberty/current-passed-ci: os-testr:
*** akrivoka has joined #rdo10:23
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo10:24
*** shardy has joined #rdo10:24
*** itamarl has joined #rdo10:25
*** zoli|mtg-afk is now known as zoli|lunch10:27
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo10:28
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC10:29
*** thrash|g0ne is now known as thrash10:31
*** sdake has quit IRC10:32
*** cpg is now known as cpg|away10:32
*** Poornima has quit IRC10:35
*** milan has joined #rdo10:39
*** akrivoka has quit IRC10:40
*** egallen has quit IRC10:40
*** coolsvap has quit IRC10:42
*** coolsvap has joined #rdo10:44
*** paragan has joined #rdo10:48
*** ushkalim has quit IRC10:48
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*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo10:49
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC10:50
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo10:51
*** hewbrocca-afk is now known as hewbrocca10:51
*** RedRat has joined #rdo10:52
*** derekh has quit IRC10:53
*** xb_ has joined #rdo10:53
*** mburned_out is now known as mburned10:54
*** jistr is now known as jistr|mtg10:56
*** coolsvap has quit IRC10:58
*** coolsvap has joined #rdo11:00
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current-passed-ci @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current-passed-ci: oslo.serialization, openstack-puppet-modules:
*** dtantsur|bbl is now known as dtantsur11:03
*** ushkalim has joined #rdo11:03
*** akrivoka has joined #rdo11:05
*** nehar has quit IRC11:06
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-mitaka-current-passed-ci @ |#| Build failure on centos7-mitaka/current-passed-ci: horizon, django_openstack_auth, openstack-puppet-modules, os-testr:
*** enikher has joined #rdo11:07
*** enikher has left #rdo11:07
*** sshnaidm_ is now known as sshnaidm11:11
*** puzzled has joined #rdo11:11
*** josecastroleon has joined #rdo11:12
coolsvapnumber80, ping11:13
zodbotcoolsvap: Ping with data, please:
rdogerritEyal created rdoinfo: Add package for Openstack Vitrage
coolsvapnumber80, ping have a question related to delorean repos11:13
number80coolsvap: pong11:14
coolsvapnumber80, hey related to
coolsvapdo we still have buildlogs and trunk?11:14
coolsvapor everything will be on buildlogs11:14
number80trunk will be a redirection but buildlogs is the preferred location as it leverages CentOS more reliable CDN11:15
coolsvapcool thx!11:15
coolsvapi expected the same just wanted to double confirm11:16
ccamachoGuys, after fixing the repo URLs to deploy TripleO (master) Im getting this   puppet-tuskar and puppet-qpid not found. Tuskar should not be installed, Im folowing these steps BTW  They used to work before.11:16
number80coolsvap: np11:16
number80jpena: btw, we should also discuss about setting a deadline for removing redirections ^11:16
number80so people could schedule the transition11:16
*** Egyptian[Home]1 has joined #rdo11:17
*** pkovar has joined #rdo11:17
*** DV has quit IRC11:17
*** Egyptian[Home] has quit IRC11:18
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-hungry11:19
jpenanumber80: ok. I hadn't planned any deadline yet11:19
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|lunch11:19
*** DV has joined #rdo11:19
*** nehar has joined #rdo11:20
number80jpena: could be something like 3 months or post newton release, as there's no hurry11:20
*** ushkalim has quit IRC11:21
amoralej|lunchif someone can help with it'll be appreciated11:21
*** sdake_ has quit IRC11:21
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo11:21
*** egallen has joined #rdo11:21
jpenanumber80: post-newton sounds good11:22
*** rasca has quit IRC11:25
*** karimb has quit IRC11:26
*** karimb has joined #rdo11:26
*** rasca has joined #rdo11:26
coolsvapccamacho, i am also gettting the same error on my local env11:28
*** snarwade is now known as snarwade|busy11:29
ccamachoyeahp, I think openstack-puppet-modules-8.0.0-0.20160502215030.6a3e8bf.el7.centos.noarch.rpm should not have tuskar as a dependency11:31
jpenathe OPM package in that repo is very old, I need to check why11:32
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-mitaka-current-passed-ci @ |#| Build failure on centos7-mitaka/current-passed-ci: horizon, django_openstack_auth, openstack-puppet-modules, os-testr:
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC11:34
*** ushkalim has joined #rdo11:34
*** panda has quit IRC11:34
*** panda has joined #rdo11:35
coolsvapnumber80, one more question11:36
*** pbourke has joined #rdo11:37
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo11:38
coolsvappbourke, hello i am already here :)11:38
pbourkehave you asked?11:38
*** imcleod has joined #rdo11:38
coolsvapnumber80, around?11:38
number80coolsvap: yup11:38
coolsvapnumber80, one more question is related to delorean-deps.repo11:39
coolsvapi think we used to have it in trunk11:39
pbourkeits still in trunk11:39
pbourkebut should it be moving to buildlogs?11:39
jpenaccamecho I see the issue. The equivalent OPM package for the new server was built on a later date. I can fix that by replacing the symlinks and running createrepo again11:40
jpenaI'll go for it11:40
*** v1k0d3n has joined #rdo11:41
coolsvappbourke, now i see it in trunk, its at the top, i was searching in current-passed-ci11:41
coolsvapnumber80, ^^11:41
number80ha OPM11:42
number80OPM has been splitted into puppet-XXX packages11:42
jpenanumber80: yes, but we removed a couple dependencies on OPM for puppet-qpid and puppet-tuskar11:42
jpenathe build on the new server was from a later date11:43
jpenait should be fixed now, ccamacho can you test?11:43
ccamachojpena sure man!11:43
*** fragatina has joined #rdo11:43
jpenathis is the kind of expected issues when you run the two servers in parallel for a long time11:43
jpenaccamacho: wait11:44
number80coolsvap, pbourke: re-reading, ok, it was about delorean-deps.repo11:44
jpenaccamacho: if the job is downloading delorean.repo, it should be ok11:44
coolsvapnumber80, it is available with trunk but seems not available with buildlogs11:44
jpenaif not, we should wait until the changes are synced to buildlogs11:44
pbourkeok so maybe we just wait a bit?11:45
coolsvapnumber80, its here
number80jpena: I think coolsvap may have found an issue, delorean-deps.repo is not replicated on buildlogs11:45
*** nehar has quit IRC11:46
jpenanumber80: is it needed?11:47
*** enikher has joined #rdo11:47
coolsvapjpena, we needed it in the past in kolla11:47
coolsvapso its added in the build scripts11:47
*** enikher has left #rdo11:47
number80jpena: well, I think it's confusing not to have everything in a single place11:47
*** gkadam has quit IRC11:49
*** zoli|lunch is now known as zoli11:49
*** rhallisey has joined #rdo11:49
jpenanumber80: I see. But then, we should have it inside each repo, not outside as we have it today11:49
jpenathat's a small change in dlrn, we just need to copy the file to the repo we are generating11:50
* jpena writes down11:50
number80we could also embed it into delorean.repo instead of separate file11:50
jpenaok, lunch time. brb11:50
*** jpena is now known as jpena|lunch11:50
ccamachojpena|lunch have redeployed all but still having the same issue11:51
ccamachojpena|lunch bon appetit11:51
*** coolsvap_ has joined #rdo11:53
*** coolsvap has quit IRC11:53
*** weshay has joined #rdo11:54
*** eharney has joined #rdo11:55
*** amuller has joined #rdo11:56
*** coolsvap has joined #rdo11:57
*** rhallisey has quit IRC11:57
*** rhallisey has joined #rdo11:58
*** coolsvap_ has quit IRC11:58
*** nehar has joined #rdo11:59
*** aortega has joined #rdo12:00
*** unclemarc has joined #rdo12:00
*** dprince has joined #rdo12:01
*** vaneldik has quit IRC12:02
apevecjpena|lunch, number80 - if changing generated .repo, let's do the rename to rdo-trunk-$branch.repo12:02
apevecmaybe symlink for compat12:02
*** lucas-hungry is now known as lucas-afk12:04
*** ppowell has joined #rdo12:04
*** fragatina has quit IRC12:07
*** snarwade|busy is now known as snarwade12:07
*** coolsvap has quit IRC12:08
*** dpeacock has joined #rdo12:09
*** zoli is now known as zoli|mtg12:10
*** kgiusti has joined #rdo12:12
*** scorcoran has joined #rdo12:13
*** karimb has quit IRC12:13
*** sshnaidm has quit IRC12:14
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC12:14
*** sshnaidm has joined #rdo12:18
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo12:18
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-liberty-current-passed-ci @ |#| Build failure on centos7-liberty/current-passed-ci: os-testr:
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo12:19
apevecsensu is confused? ^ dmsimard12:20
apevecos-test is fine in centos7-liberty12:21
*** jcoufal has joined #rdo12:21
*** pradk has joined #rdo12:21
*** fragatina has joined #rdo12:22
*** chandankumar has quit IRC12:24
*** amoralej|lunch is now known as amoralej12:25
dmsimardapevec: that's current passed ci and it parses versions.csv12:26
*** jcoufal_ has joined #rdo12:26
dmsimardDid we change DNS ?12:27
*** itxaka is now known as itxaka|out12:27
*** DV has quit IRC12:28
*** myoung has joined #rdo12:29
*** jcoufal has quit IRC12:29
*** erlon has joined #rdo12:30
*** DV has joined #rdo12:30
amoralejyes, dmsimard, this morning12:31
miscI also pushed a change myself for dashboards12:31
amoralejmorning cest time12:31
dmsimardI didn't resync current passed ci... I would've done it right before the change12:32
dmsimardDon't have my laptop with me right now but I'll check soon12:32
flepieddo you plan to put back the symlinks like current-passed-ci ?12:33
dmsimardapevec: also that comment in the tripleo review reminded me I didn't publish my docs for adding a project to review.rdo12:34
dmsimardflepied: no, we don't, it's a redirect to buildlogs12:34
*** trown|outtypewww is now known as trown12:34
flepieddmsimard: so it supposed to work?12:34
trownonce again DNS switch looks to have broken everything12:35
dmsimardflepied: the entire current passed ci is synchronized to buildlogs, you should have what you need12:35
trowndmsimard: it is not... current-passed-ci is from Jun09 now12:35
trownon buildlogs12:35
dmsimardtrown: because they didn't let me sync before the change12:36
trownsync is manual?12:36
dmsimardBefore the migration yes, after that it's driven by the promote job12:36
trownalso... where did promote logs go? I was looking for the tripleo promote log and it doesnt look like it gets synced12:37
dmsimardtrown: since there has not been any promotions on internal dlrn by yet, that file does not exist yet12:38
dmsimardIt is created by the bash promote script12:38
dmsimardflepied: does a redirect somewhere not work ?12:38
trownok, that much makes sense... just realized I could check jenkins job history for that too12:39
dmsimardI'm going to compare the symlinks now ..12:39
*** jjoyce_ has joined #rdo12:42
sshnaidmhi, I have a question about changing URL of repos, should be changed to other URL or it remains as is? I didn't see it in the mail12:42
*** ccamacho is now known as ccamacho|lunch12:42
dmsimardtrown: f7/53/f753f9b31c62ed9d7216bc296d06f6c86b1bd3f1_99d1c446 is the one that got promoted ?12:42
dmsimardsshnaidm: what's the use case ?12:42
*** jpena|lunch is now known as jpena12:43
dmsimardtrown: f7/53/f753f9b31c62ed9d7216bc296d06f6c86b1bd3f1_99d1c446 for current passed ci12:43
sshnaidmdmsimard, I use this repo, I'd like to know if it change it address12:43
sshnaidmthe redirect won't work for me12:43
dmsimardsshnaidm: not everything gets redirected, just current-passed-ci12:44
trowndmsimard: yep that is what i see
dmsimardtrown: ok12:44
flepieddmsimard: yes redirect was not being followed now it's fixed12:44
amoralejsshnaidm keeps in trunk.r.o12:46
amoralejit's untouched12:46
*** pradk has quit IRC12:46
sshnaidmamoralej, ok, so I can leave it, right?12:46
sshnaidmamoralej, dmsimard thanks12:46
*** jayg|g0n3 is now known as jayg12:46
amoralejyes, if you need current symlink it's the only place to get it12:46
amoralejcurrent-passed-ci and current-tripleo are redirected12:47
*** karimb has joined #rdo12:47
amoralejcurrent and consistent are in trunk.r.o12:47
amoralejtrown, we are trying to get a new promotion in new server12:47
flepiedthe mitaka and master redirect are wrong it seems12:47
*** sdake has joined #rdo12:48
*** jlabocki has joined #rdo12:48
amoralejbut we are hitting
dmsimardapevec, trown, jpena, amoralej: the symlinks are re-sync'd12:48
dmsimardasked KB to re-push asap12:48
ccamacho|lunchamoralej, can you check for example the non-ha job failed because a failed Dependency with tuskar, but that should not happens (After updating the repos URL).12:48
* amoralej checking12:50
dmsimardflepied: wrong ? explain12:50
*** rdas has quit IRC12:50
dmsimardflepied: they work for me12:51
EmilienMfolks, tripleo and puppet ci are both in bad shape again12:51
EmilienMin puppet ci we have SSL issues on the repos see #puppet-openstack12:51
EmilienMand in tripleo, it's worst12:51
*** fragatina has quit IRC12:51
jpenaccamacho|lunch: I'm checking the repo at buildlogs, now the proper opm package is there (1:8.0.0-0.20160613155301.6a3e8bf.el7.centos), and I can install it without dependency issues12:52
flepieddmsimard: a few hours ago the symlinks/redirects were pointing to something less than one day ago. now it's 13d and 16d12:52
*** rlandy has joined #rdo12:52
EmilienMjpena: ok, doing recheck on this patch should work then?12:53
ccamacho|lunchjpena, so we should recheck and wait, right?12:53
dmsimardflepied: yes, this is because the symlinks needed to be synchronized manually (by me) before the DNS change but the change occured before I was awake12:53
jpenaccamacho|lunch: yep, please. If it fails, then we have an issue elsewhere12:53
*** jjoyce_ has quit IRC12:53
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo12:53
EmilienMccamacho|lunch: done12:53
dmsimardflepied: the symlinks are now sync and the CDN will be updated shortly12:53
EmilienMccamacho|lunch: same time :P12:53
dmsimardEmilienM: ^12:53
dmsimardmy statement is valid for current-tripleo and current-passed-ci12:53
ccamacho|lunchjpena, thanks man!12:53
dmsimardcurrent-tripleo is currently out of date on the CDN12:54
dmsimardit will be updated once the CDN is refreshed12:54
ccamacho|lunchEmilienM yeahp12:54
number80We're now big project, we have CDN issues ^^12:54
*** nehar has quit IRC12:56
*** jjoyce_ has joined #rdo12:56
jpenaoh cool, now we can see CI runs live using telnet12:56
dmsimardnumber80: those are not CDN issues12:56
number80dmsimard: CDN isn't out of sync?12:56
dmsimardnumber80: 08:53<@dmsimard>flepied: yes, this is because the symlinks needed to be synchronized manually (by me) before the DNS change but the change occured before I was awake12:57
*** imcleod has quit IRC12:57
flepieddmsimard: what will be the delay now on?12:57
*** gkadam has joined #rdo12:57
amoralejfor some reason current rdo-trunk-master-tested doesn't have puppet-qpid but opm requires it...12:58
jpenaamoralej: master-tested too?12:58
jpenaI fixed that in tripleo12:58
jpenaok, going there12:58
dmsimardflepied: it's currently synchronized every two hours and we have the opportunity to lower that to under 15 minutes if required (the actual synchronization, CDN cache might delay that a bit further)12:58
amoralejjpena, and puppet-tuskar12:59
*** vaneldik has quit IRC13:00
amoralejanyway, that will be overwriten in buildlogs as soon as new symlinks are synced to buildlogs13:00
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current-passed-ci @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current-passed-ci: oslo.serialization, openstack-puppet-modules:
*** egallen has quit IRC13:02
dmsimardI'll move the sensu monitoring to use internal dlrn13:02
*** zoli|mtg is now known as zoli13:02
*** mlammon has joined #rdo13:02
*** shardy has quit IRC13:03
*** mengxd has joined #rdo13:03
*** eharney has quit IRC13:03
dmsimardjpena: once the fires are extinguished, let me pull up my docs to add a project to review.rdo and let's move your project ? I think you wanted to move puppet-dlrn13:03
jpenadmsimard: yep, sure13:03
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo13:03
*** yfried has quit IRC13:03
*** enikher has joined #rdo13:04
*** egallen has joined #rdo13:04
*** scorcoran is now known as scorcoran_brb13:04
dmsimardalso we were lucky when I resync'd the symlinks13:04
dmsimardno hash mismatch13:04
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo13:05
*** fragatina has joined #rdo13:05
*** enikher1 has joined #rdo13:06
*** enikher1 has left #rdo13:06
*** edannon has quit IRC13:06
trownstill having issues even curl'ing the mitaka repo
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC13:07
jpenaamoralej: I'm going to propose another patch set for your patch to add -L to curl downloads13:08
amoralejok jpena13:09
*** enikher has quit IRC13:09
dmsimardtrown: what's the actual error ? having a hard time parsing that13:09
*** jjoyce_ has quit IRC13:10
trowndmsimard: File contains no section headers.\nfile: file:///etc/yum.repos.d/delorean.repo, line: 1\n'<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN\">\\n'\n13:10
amoralejtrown, that's because curl it's not following redirect13:11
amoralejtesting a new patch set13:11
*** scorcoran_brb is now known as scorcoran13:12
trowndmsimard: I think mitaka might also need sync
dmsimardtrown: all of them needs syncs13:14
dmsimardall three tested repos will be updated soon, KB pushed a sync couple minutes ago13:15
trownoh sweet. thanks13:15
rdobot[sensu] RESOLVED: - check-delorean-mitaka-current-passed-ci @ |#| No build failures detected:
rdobot[sensu] RESOLVED: - check-delorean-newton-current-passed-ci @ |#| No build failures detected:
*** ade_b has joined #rdo13:15
rdobot[sensu] RESOLVED: - check-delorean-liberty-current-passed-ci @ |#| No build failures detected:
*** dustins has joined #rdo13:16
dmsimardI guess the sync just happened :)13:16
dmsimardThanks sensu13:16
dmsimardflepied: ^13:16
dmsimardtested symlinks are up to date13:17
dmsimardand with that, I'm going to take my shower because the fires knocked me out of my morning routine :p13:18
jpenawe have some other packages being installed from direct link:
jpenathat is making fail13:20
dmsimardew ?13:20
*** karimb has quit IRC13:20
EmilienMccamacho|lunch, jpena: still broken13:20
EmilienM2016-06-23 13:10:06.919419 | Error: Package: 1:openstack-puppet-modules-8.0.0-0.20160502215030.6a3e8bf.el7.centos.noarch (delorean)13:20
EmilienM2016-06-23 13:10:06.919516 |            Requires: puppet-tuskar13:20
EmilienM2016-06-23 13:10:06.919703 | Error: Package: 1:openstack-puppet-modules-8.0.0-0.20160502215030.6a3e8bf.el7.centos.noarch (delorean)13:21
EmilienM2016-06-23 13:10:06.919740 |            Requires: puppet-qpi13:21
trownjpena: liberty is less of an issue :), we should fix that one in a second patch13:21
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo13:21
*** imcleod has joined #rdo13:21
jpenaEmilienM: yep, saw that. It could make sense, that's why I rechecked again (repo in ci.centos vs repo in public-facing repo with hashes)13:22
jpenawe should stop downloading delorean.repo if possible, but it should be fixed now13:22
EmilienMjpena: should I 'recheck' again now?13:22
jpenaEmilien: I did13:23
EmilienMjpena: it's useless, jobs are still running, it won't recheck13:23
EmilienMjpena: we need to upload new patchset /me doing it now13:23
jpenaEmilienM: ok, I see13:23
*** ohochman has joined #rdo13:24
*** ohochman has left #rdo13:25
*** akshai has joined #rdo13:25
*** scorcoran is now known as scorcoran_mtg13:26
*** pgadiya has quit IRC13:26
*** coolsvap has joined #rdo13:29
*** eliska is now known as eliska-mtg13:29
amoralejtrown, about changing
*** oshvartz has quit IRC13:31
amoralejthat's openstack-ironic-python-agent-1.1.1 but latest version in liberty builds is 1.0.413:31
*** jistr|mtg is now known as jistr13:31
trownamoralej: that is precisely why we need that line :), stable/liberty version of i-p-a requires EPEL13:32
amoralejso we should look for a similar version in mitaka repos?13:32
*** chem has joined #rdo13:32
*** marios has joined #rdo13:33
*** ccamacho|lunch is now known as ccamacho13:33
*** eharney has joined #rdo13:33
*** dyasny has quit IRC13:33
*** dyasny has joined #rdo13:34
*** richm has joined #rdo13:34
*** yolanda has joined #rdo13:34
trownamoralej: ya I think we can switch to use the mitaka cbs rpm there, that was put there before that existed :)13:34
*** zoli is now known as zoli|afk13:35
*** RoozbehShafiee has joined #rdo13:35
amoralejok, i thing taking it from -mitaka-tested should work13:35
trownya, that works for me13:36
*** hdaniel has joined #rdo13:36
EmilienMamoralej: stupid question, do we still pin osclient?13:36
amoralejwe can unpin it but let's fix this issue first13:37
jpenaok, no more dependency errors with the opm package, let's see what's next13:38
amoralejEmilienM, we need to unpin it carefully to avoid collateral damage13:38
EmilienMamoralej: right, we can test it before with packstack13:40
*** laron has joined #rdo13:43
*** enikher has joined #rdo13:43
*** gfidente is now known as gfidente|afk13:44
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC13:45
*** karimb has joined #rdo13:45
*** ev1lkry- has joined #rdo13:45
*** laron has quit IRC13:46
*** laron has joined #rdo13:46
*** seppho has left #rdo13:47
*** jeckersb_gone is now known as jeckersb13:47
*** egafford has joined #rdo13:48
*** coolsvap has quit IRC13:49
*** nehar has joined #rdo13:50
*** coolsvap has joined #rdo13:50
*** Guest36085 has quit IRC13:51
*** laron has quit IRC13:55
*** vimal has quit IRC13:56
*** yolanda has quit IRC13:56
*** laron has joined #rdo13:56
*** pradk has joined #rdo13:57
*** jhershbe has quit IRC13:59
*** hdaniel has quit IRC13:59
EmilienMtrown, ccamacho: have we found concensus on ?14:00
*** rbradfor has joined #rdo14:00
EmilienMit seems like it works14:01
trownccamacho: who said old URLs will be deprecated?14:01
*** eliska-mtg is now known as eliska14:02
trownccamacho: in any case, one of the URL switches in that patch switches from 'current' to 'current-passed-ci' which we definitely do not want14:02
jpenatrown: there are no plans for a short-term deprecation. number80 and I discussed it earlier on IRC, and agreed they shouldn't be kept forever either. Maybe post-Newton could be a good moment14:02
*** rbradfor has quit IRC14:02
jpenaso if it works fine with the new URLs, they should be the way to go, and we avoid a 2nd change later14:02
jpena(and 1 redirect, but that's peanuts :D)14:03
trownwell... I would argue that adding -L to unblock CI is a much safer path, and that is proved by the above patch being incorrect as is14:03
trown-L is not possible to mess up14:04
*** zoli|afk is now known as zoli14:04
*** vaneldik has quit IRC14:05
*** rbradfor has joined #rdo14:05
ccamachoEmilienM I will like to see if CI passes, In patchset 2 I tested the curl -Lo, locally worked14:05
EmilienMwe really need to find a solution quickly14:05
trownya quick fix is -L14:06
EmilienMccamacho: look at zuul and telnet the nodes, you can see the job running14:06
EmilienMand I can see them deploying undercloud14:06
EmilienMso it works14:06
trowncurrent patch is incorrect for stable jobs14:06
EmilienMI don't want to push on things14:06
ccamachoOk, should I rollback to -L ?14:06
*** scorcoran_mtg is now known as scorcoran_afk14:06
EmilienMbut newton 2 is really soon and if we don't land our work, we'll never make newton on time14:07
trownEmilienM: ya, but landing something that breaks stable jobs is not good, when -L 100% fixes the issue14:07
trownit is just not "future-proof" for some definition of future that is post newton14:07
* ccamacho adding the -L instead the new URL, then we can see the best approach14:08
EmilienMtrown: right, my point here is "please help us to keep a stable CI"14:08
trownbut tripleo-ci as it currently exists is not future-proof over that same period14:08
trownccamacho: thanks14:08
ccamachotrown, np dude14:08
*** shardy has joined #rdo14:09
*** nehar has quit IRC14:12
*** sdake has quit IRC14:13
ccamachoEmilien, trown, done, I also added the -L for deps, just in case those repos will move14:14
*** scorcoran_afk is now known as scorcoran14:15
*** sdake has joined #rdo14:16
*** aortega has quit IRC14:18
mariostrown: ccamacho fwiw my review had -Lo (as well as changing the repo)14:19
ccamachomarios, yeahp but at the end we will keep the old repos URLs14:20
ccamachoonly using the -Lo option14:20
mariosccamacho: ack, am on the company call/wasn't paying attentino here, just confirming it sounds (-L) like a sane thing to use/do14:21
ccamachomarios, only adding the -Lo seems to be the most conservative option14:21
trownccamacho: marios, it is what we did for RDO image building too, so when it needs to change at some point in the future I will make sure to change it everywhere14:22
ccamachotrown ++ neat14:22
*** v1k0d3n has quit IRC14:23
trownI am not totally sure RDO image building will work with the buildlogs URLs actually14:23
ccamachoIm locally deploying the packages, for all master/mitaka/liberty, just to test things..14:24
ccamachoinstack_virt_setup seems to work xD xD xD14:24
*** josecastroleon has quit IRC14:26
*** laron has quit IRC14:27
*** ade_b has quit IRC14:28
*** carlwgeorge has left #rdo14:29
*** laron has joined #rdo14:36
*** ayoung has quit IRC14:37
*** Amita has quit IRC14:37
*** jistr is now known as jistr|mtg14:38
*** pblaho has quit IRC14:38
jschlueterdid we do a cutover of the dlrn server? I see a timewarp of a number of builds backwards after the latest current-passed-ci promotion14:39
*** scorcoran is now known as scorcoran_brb14:40
jpenajschlueter: yes, we did it today. Newer promotion should happen as soon as things are stable14:40
*** links has quit IRC14:41
*** scorcoran_brb is now known as scorcoran14:41
jschlueterjpena: :-( so we have time-warp in current-passed-ci14:41
*** josecastroleon has joined #rdo14:41
*** pcaruana has quit IRC14:41
jpenajschlueter: I think the updated version was being synced to buildlogs, dmsimard am I wrong?14:41
*** jrist has quit IRC14:43
trownjschlueter: what do you mean by timewarp?14:44
trownjpena: looks like sync went through
jpenajschlueter: actually, I'm checking and it looks correct, compared to what we haad in the old server14:45
jschluetertrown: yesterday current-passed-ci showed later version for openstack-aodh-2.0.1-0.20160607164941.77238e3.el7.centos.src.rpm, now it is showing openstack-aodh-2.0.1-0.20160601233846.6f897a2.el7.centos.src.rpm,14:46
*** satya4ever has quit IRC14:47
jschlueterjust one example I see around 170 ish packages go backwards in time14:47
jpenajschlueter: I see
jpenaactually, the repo has multiple versions of each rpm14:47
*** pnavarro has quit IRC14:48
jschlueterjpena: then I may have to look closer at my scripts that track this14:49
trownjschlueter: wait the second NVR in your example is newer14:49
trown0607 < 061214:49
trownoh nope lysdexia14:49
*** noslzzp has quit IRC14:49
trown0607 > 0601 indeed14:50
*** scorcoran has quit IRC14:50
*** noslzzp has joined #rdo14:50
*** racedo has joined #rdo14:50
jschlueterhmmm why does the folder have multiple in it now? it didn't yesterday iirc before changeover14:50
trownit is a different method of hosting all together14:52
trownCDN vs static web server14:52
*** coolsvap has quit IRC14:52
jschluetertrown: ack14:52
* jschlueter will have to re-tool to consume this then14:52
* jschlueter makes note to pay better attention at RDO weekly meetings14:53
trownjschlueter: we have been trying to make this switch for over a month :)14:53
zodbottrown: Karma for jpena changed to 1 (for the f24 release cycle):
*** danielbruno has joined #rdo14:53
*** danielbruno has quit IRC14:53
*** danielbruno has joined #rdo14:53
*** jaosorior has quit IRC14:53
jpenajschlueter: it's being painful, but we really had to do it once and for good14:54
*** dustins has quit IRC14:55
*** dustins has joined #rdo14:55
*** coolsvap has joined #rdo14:55
jschluetertrown, jpena: I didn't realize the impact of the switch ...14:55
*** jrist has joined #rdo14:55
dmsimardtristanC: it would be really useful to have the formatting options in etherpad14:57
apevecdmsimard, jpena, I didn't realized buildlogs is accumulating old builds14:57
dmsimardtristanC: like styles, headers and stuff14:58
trownjschlueter: I wonder if you couldn't consume the repodata some how
dmsimardapevec: we just discussed it with KB14:58
jpenaapevec: I just realized ~10 mins ago14:58
trownjschlueter: because that will have only the "real" builds14:58
apevecbut if it does, it should be limited otherwise it will run out of space quickly w/ rdo trunk14:58
trownya, it is already at 6G14:58
apevectrown, yeah, that's what I'd suggest vs parsing directory listing14:58
*** shardy has quit IRC14:59
jpenawhat about versions.csv once the patch to add the NVRs is merged?14:59
jpena I mean15:00
trownapevec: actually talking to centos folks, it is not synced, but generated from the content there, so it would include all versions too15:00
*** tbarron|errand is now known as tbarron15:00
dmsimardjpena: I checked for sensu and it's fine, I convert the csv to a dict and then I use keys so it won't break15:01
*** tshefi has quit IRC15:01
*** xinwu has joined #rdo15:01
*** mvk_ has quit IRC15:02
*** jargonmonk has joined #rdo15:02
jschluetertrown: possible to do that, but don't have that in place right now15:02
amoralejthen versions.csv is the only way to have the list of packages included in the original hashed repo15:02
amoralejor following the link in delorean.repo15:02
*** jargonmonk has quit IRC15:02
jschlueterversions.csv if it has nvr's would work as well!!!15:03
jschluetertrown: +1 to that option15:03
*** jargonmonk has joined #rdo15:03
*** scorcoran has joined #rdo15:03
*** spr1 has joined #rdo15:03
trownya NVRs in versions.csv seems like the only way really15:03
*** _elmiko is now known as elmiko15:04
jpena(shameless plug) then vote for :)15:04
* jschlueter looking15:05
*** fragatina has quit IRC15:06
*** pblaho has joined #rdo15:06
jschlueterjpena: can we get just the nvr without noarch or the srpm ?15:06
jschlueterif I was reading one of the tests it was dumping rpms15:07
jschlueteror I could be reading it wrong15:07
*** shardy has joined #rdo15:08
jpenajschlueter: you're reading it right. Let me think of a way to do that, right now it's the list of RPMs provided by dlrn15:08
*** eliska has quit IRC15:09
*** scorcoran has quit IRC15:09
jschlueterjpena: that would get cumbersome, just the srpm or nvr would be preferable15:09
*** enikher has quit IRC15:10
jschlueterjpena: looks like getNVRfromlist might do that15:11
*** josecastroleon has quit IRC15:11
jschlueternope .. that concats things together15:11
jschlueterthe easiest we have found is to pick up only the srpm15:11
*** xinwu has quit IRC15:12
jschlueterand use just that or if you want nvr strip off src.rpm15:12
*** josecastroleon has joined #rdo15:12
*** ppowell has quit IRC15:12
number80jpena: maybe we can just read it from the build scripts?15:13
number80after all, it's generated at build time15:13
*** smeyer has quit IRC15:14
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo15:14
*** DV has quit IRC15:14
jpenawe get the list of rpms bult here:
apevechmm, where is built_rpms coming from?15:15
jpenaif we just want the src.rpm, I can simply find it there15:15
jpenathen pass it to dumpshas2file directly, without any conversion in utils.py15:15
*** sdake has quit IRC15:16
*** jargonmonk has quit IRC15:16
apevecpromotion is green?15:16
*** DV has joined #rdo15:16
miscoh yeah, need to wait for the cron15:17
miscgosh, i was so happy to have it working that I forgot to check15:17
jschlueterare the src.rpm's included in the built_rpms or not?15:18
eggmasterdmsimard: is it possible to persuade dlrn to use the local data/$(project) without fetching from upstream? I want to do a mitaka dlrn RPM build to include this change (I am impatient to test it in RPM form before the change is merged) and I feel like I'm unnecessarily complicating things. Is there a way to do this with something like 'rdopkg mockbuild'? Thx, asking you b/c you helped me earlier15:18
eggmaster(big mistake ;))15:18
jpenajschlueter: yes, they are.15:18
apeveceggmaster, --dev should do that15:19
apevecis it not working?15:19
jschlueterjpena: then a simple filter to only output the src.rpm would do the trick15:19
jschlueterif 'src.rpm' not in XXX:15:19
*** sdake_ has quit IRC15:20
*** gfidente|afk is now known as gfidente15:20
apeveceggmaster, ah, only packaging git15:20
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC15:20
ospi am having an issue attempting a magnum bay-create on mitaka . When attempting i see TrusteeCreateFailed: Failed to create trustee in the logs - any ideas? I have added the trust information but the error persists.15:21
jschluetereggmaster: grab latest dlrn build, pull locally, pull it apart, add patch for the review you were looking at and rebuild ?15:21
miscapevec: ok so now, does it look correct ?15:22
flepiedmisc: \o/15:22
eggmasterapevec: yeah, I also tried creating a fork of manila in my github and pointing dlrn at that via a local rdo.yml (created a branch called 'staged', but it falls back to eggmaster/manila master!)15:22
*** scorcoran has joined #rdo15:23
*** belmoreira has quit IRC15:23
miscthat's on os1.rdoproject.org15:23
miscI might look at openshift some time15:23
apeveceggmaster, you need to change branch in rdoinfo15:23
eggmasterapevec: ah, I thought projects.ini would do that15:24
jpenajschlueter: yep, that would work. So to summarize: do we all prefer just having the src.rpm in the NVR column?15:24
*** alexismonville has joined #rdo15:24
jschlueterjpena: I don't care either way ... if you go by naming if you named column nvr then would be cleaner to strip .src.rpm off15:25
trownjpena: wfm, though I had no personal use case for that feature15:25
*** shardy has quit IRC15:25
jpenajschlueter: ok, that's easy15:25
* jpena goes for it15:25
apeveceggmaster, hm, it should, it not specified in rdoinfo15:25
apevecanyway rdoinfo overrides it15:25
apevecjpena, yeah, and only NVR from src.rpm15:26
jschlueterjpena: thanks, that ask is from me to make it easier to consume a versions.csv and pick out what build we should have and tie it together with where and how it was built15:26
*** gkadam has quit IRC15:26
jschlueterjpena: also probably should be "Pkg NVR" for column name15:27
jschlueterPkg NVRs does not make sense15:27
*** aufi has quit IRC15:28
ev1lkry-why does Red Hat or no one offer LDAP training anymore makes no sense15:30
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:31
*** pilasguru1 has joined #rdo15:31
*** ppowell has joined #rdo15:31
*** sdake has joined #rdo15:31
trownoddly placed question is odd? this channel is for the RDO distro of OpenStack, not sure LDAP training offerings make sense here15:31
*** v1k0d3n has joined #rdo15:32
ev1lkry-sorry random rant I know that :)15:33
*** pilasguru1 is now known as pilasguru15:33
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo15:34
*** ushkalim has quit IRC15:34
*** panda has quit IRC15:34
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo15:34
*** choirboy has joined #rdo15:34
*** panda has joined #rdo15:35
*** coolsvap has quit IRC15:35
*** racedo has quit IRC15:36
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC15:36
*** sdake has quit IRC15:36
*** READ10 has joined #rdo15:37
*** lkuchlan has quit IRC15:37
flepiedmisc: if I update the code of the dashboard what do I have to do to have the new code in production?15:37
*** ayoung has joined #rdo15:37
miscflepied: ask me to redeploy15:38
miscI can make it auto update however15:39
*** Tenhi_0 has joined #rdo15:39
*** zoli is now known as zoli|gone15:39
*** laron has quit IRC15:39
*** laron has joined #rdo15:39
flepiedmisc: yes please it'll be easier15:39
*** zoli|gone is now known as zoli_gone-proxy15:39
miscfor now, that's just almost a prototype15:40
misclike, i did complete that during meeting :)15:40
*** v1k0d3n has quit IRC15:41
*** josecastroleon has quit IRC15:42
flepiedmisc: let me know if you need any help15:46
*** Tenhi_0 has quit IRC15:46
*** coolsvap has joined #rdo15:47
*** mcornea has quit IRC15:48
*** racedo has joined #rdo15:49
*** itamarl has quit IRC15:49
miscflepied: I need a working A/C :p15:49
jschlueterjpena: what's likelyhood of getting a versions.csv for current-passed-ci this week that has the nvr in it?15:50
* jschlueter wonders how much work to put into keeping things rolling vs waiting for better fix to come along15:50
jpenajschlueter: I'll try to get the updated patch ready today or tomorrow morning, from there it's up to the reviewers15:50
dmsimardonce the patch is in, there needs to be a current-passed-ci promotion15:51
jpenadmsimard: true, true15:51
jschlueterjpena: ack, so at least tomorrow more likely next week till I can expect versions.csv in current-passed-ci to include it15:52
jschlueterjpena: thanks15:52
*** mcornea has joined #rdo15:52
*** athomas has quit IRC15:53
dmsimardtristanC, fbo: Is there an ETA for the next upgrade of software factory ?15:53
dmsimardi.e, the replication.config changes15:54
tristanCdmsimard: we confirmed 2.2.2 is working fine, is already running it. i guess it's a matter of planning the 30 minutes or so downtime15:54
dmsimardI'm on PTO starting tomorrow, just fyi15:55
dmsimardbut when we do the upgrade, I'd like to move replication.config to use a user rather than keys15:55
tristanCdmsimard: hum, well we could either do it like cowboy today, or send a mail and plan it for after your pto15:55
*** mengxd has quit IRC15:55
eggmasterapevec: fix was to change 'tags=mitaka' and edit local rdoinfo/rdo.yml to point to my github fork, adding settings for upstream and source-branch for manila.15:56
dmsimardtristanC: today is probably not a good day15:56
dmsimardtristanC: too many things going on today15:56
tristanCdmsimard: alright, then let's set the plan before your pto :)15:56
*** DV has quit IRC15:56
*** myoung has quit IRC15:56
*** aortega has joined #rdo15:57
amoralejtrown, maybe you are checking it already but both tripleo jobs are failing in centos.ci15:57
miscflepied: will likely do tomorow, still lots of meeting now15:57
flepiedmisc: ok np15:57
*** xb_ has quit IRC15:57
*** josecastroleon has joined #rdo15:58
amoraleji'm seeing "Stack CREATE FAILED (overcloud): Resource CREATE failed: The Referenced Attribute (ControllerServiceChain config_settings) is incorrect." in both15:59
*** spr1 has quit IRC15:59
*** jlibosva has quit IRC15:59
sshnaidmsorry if I missed - do we have a problem with mistral packages in repositories?15:59
trownamoralej: odd... that is how promote jobs are failing... or is that what you are talking about?15:59
*** jschwarz has joined #rdo15:59
apeveceggmaster, ah yes, it's mitaka15:59
trownamoralej: we are discussing in #tripleo, something bad got merged in tht, I reproduced locally and dowgrading tht fixes it16:00
amoralejok, thx16:00
amoraleji'm checking a packstack job16:00
trowntrying to find the bad commit16:00
apevecjschlueter, trown - repoquery --repoid=rdo-trunk-master --archlist=src -qa16:00
apevecreturns only latest build16:01
*** DV has joined #rdo16:01
*** vimal has joined #rdo16:01
*** jlibosva has joined #rdo16:01
apevectrown, so repodata contains only latest build, just under repodata/ there are few last sets kept16:02
apevecfor the case when somebody has local old repodata cached16:02
*** xb_ has joined #rdo16:03
*** mcornea has quit IRC16:03
*** ppowell has quit IRC16:03
*** READ10 has quit IRC16:04
dmsimardflepied: what's the source for tripleo pin packages on the dashboard ?16:06
*** noslzzp has quit IRC16:07
jjoyceapevec: That makes sense16:07
dmsimardok, ty16:07
apevecjschlueter, jjoyce : [rdo-trunk-master]16:08
apevecthat's current-passed-ci16:08
*** milan has quit IRC16:08
apevectrunk.rdo redirects here16:09
*** pbourke has left #rdo16:09
jschlueterapevec: do I put that in my system? or a separate config? I haven't worked much with repoquery for a repo not installed on current system16:09
apevecyou could drop that into /etc/yum.repos.d16:10
*** karimb has quit IRC16:10
apevecas disabled16:10
*** noslzzp has joined #rdo16:10
jschlueterapevec: ack, thought that might be the case ...16:10
*** pilasguru has quit IRC16:10
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/openstackclient-distgit: Dummy commit before unpinng
*** pilasguru1 has joined #rdo16:11
*** karimb has joined #rdo16:11
* jschlueter doesn't like that approach very much for creating automation tooling16:11
jschlueterapevec: thanks for the info16:11
*** DV has quit IRC16:11
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/openstackclient-distgit: Dummy commit before unpinning
*** READ10 has joined #rdo16:12
*** DV has joined #rdo16:12
apevecjschlueter, or put it in a file then --config16:13
apevecrepoquery --config=./rdo-trunk.repo --repoid=rdo-trunk-master --archlist=src -qa16:13
*** pilasguru1 is now known as pilasguru16:13
apevecso you don't mess with system config16:13
*** p01nt3r75 has quit IRC16:14
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk16:14
*** scorcoran is now known as scorcoran_brb16:15
*** noslzzp has quit IRC16:16
*** aortega_ has joined #rdo16:16
*** tesseract- has quit IRC16:17
*** READ10 has quit IRC16:18
mariosEmilienM: trown ccamacho guys, i realise we said the -L should follow the redirect to the new repos, but what about 'bumping' openstack-puppet-modules (in this particular case, could have been another package) in that delorean repo? i am tracking this with if not clear what i mean (but launchpad is down for me at the moment)16:19
openstackmarios: Error: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1595541 ( The error has been logged16:19
jschluetertrown: ok so after factoring out the duplicate entries found another package puppet-git that when through timewarp16:19
*** aortega has quit IRC16:19
mariosty openstack for confirming it isn't just me16:19
*** DV has quit IRC16:20
jschlueterprior current-passed-ci I believe had puppet-git-0.4.0-0.20160421140218.5e86224.el7.centos.src.rpm now it's at puppet-git-0.4.0-0.20160421132658.5e86224.el7.centos.src.rpm,16:20
*** DV has joined #rdo16:20
dmsimardjschlueter: some packages may have timewarped but hold the same versions16:20
jschluetertrown, apevec: ^^ any thoughts on this case?16:20
*** noslzzp has joined #rdo16:21
dmsimardjschlueter: this is because the previous and the new DLRN instances did not build packages at the same rate16:21
jschlueterdmsimard: any reason for the timewarp?16:21
trownmarios: openstack-puppet-modules does not get updated, it is just a meta-package with "Requires:" on puppet-* packages16:21
*** sdake_ is now known as sdake16:21
dmsimardso, for example, a new commit lands in puppet-git16:21
dmsimardthe new dlrn builds it immediately but the old dlrn could lag some hours behind16:21
apevecjschlueter, thoughts on ?16:21
jschlueterwere they running in parallel?16:21
dmsimardjschlueter: yes16:21
number80apevec: we got a problem python3 folks are pushing changes in rawhide in oslo libs16:21
apevecnumber80, yes, they've been warning us to fix that, now they're taking action...16:22
jschlueterapevec: we now have some timewarp in packages confirmed between current-passed-ci and prior one16:22
apevecnumber80, that's why I asked jruzicka to work on py3 sync16:22
number80apevec: yeah, but pushing unstable versions won't help16:22
apevecjschlueter, ah timestamp part of Release16:22
number80and it'll break sync16:22
*** fabrici__ has joined #rdo16:22
*** scorcoran_brb is now known as scorcoran16:22
apevecjschlueter, that's b/c new DLRN was faster16:22
apevecnumber80, oh, they're pushing all the latest versions?16:23
apevecI thought they're just fixing specs16:23
*** garrett has quit IRC16:23
dmsimardWe've migrated from a virtual machine running on a ceph-backed volume to bare metal running on SSD16:23
number80apevec: I saw tickets open by new-hotness in their tracker16:23
number80new-hotness blindly open tickets when there's a new release upstream16:23
number80it looks like, I'll have to spend time reviewing their tracker16:24
*** fabricio_ar has quit IRC16:24
*** READ10 has joined #rdo16:24
apevecnumber80, I see changes like this
apevecno version bump16:24
jschlueterdmsimard: timewarp is a problem if we want to keep dlrn upgrade working, if we don't care then ignore me ... I just want to try to understand the delta's that I'm seeing coming out of the new dlrn server vs the old one16:24
rdogerritJavier Peña created config: Add puppet-dlrn to zuul
number80apevec: changes like that are ok16:24
number80though I'm not sure they tested installation16:25
*** ifarkas has quit IRC16:25
apevecnumber80, yeah, could be scripted mass-push?16:25
number80apevec: nope, it looks manual, but all I see is mock build test, and no install16:26
apevecjschlueter, upgrade between dlrn repos is not currently in the scope16:26
number80"it builds so it works" TM16:26
apevecship it!16:26
apevecjschlueter, on rdo-trunk-master that is16:26
apevecon rdo trunk stable it should work, b/c we're advertising it as a source of hotfixes for stable repo rdo users16:27
*** gszasz has quit IRC16:27
dmsimardapevec: rdo trunk stable ?16:28
*** mlammon is now known as mlammon_food16:29
dmsimardoh, ok.16:29
apevecdmsimard, ^ that's what I meant :)16:29
dmsimardjschlueter: the timewarp is not a regular occurence, it is something that happened with the one time migration16:29
jschlueterdmsimard: ack16:29
dmsimardafaict there was realistically no other way of proceeding with the migration other than having both dlrn running in parallel16:30
dmsimardwithout incurring several hours downtime when rsyncing data from a server to the other16:30
dmsimardhaving both running in parallel also allowed us to properly test the new instance16:30
*** laron has quit IRC16:30
number80ok, I'm syncing stuff16:30
*** josecastroleon has quit IRC16:31
*** alexismonville has quit IRC16:33
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed config: Add puppet-dlrn to zuul
mariostrown: yes but the spec was changed to not include puppet-tuskar and puppet-quid like top two reviews at
*** saneax is now known as saneax_AFK16:35
trownmarios: ah, now it is making sense :)16:35
*** noslzzp has quit IRC16:35
mariostrown: yah sorry man, the launchpad bug is still not loading for me, it is described there16:35
rdogerritMerged config: Add puppet-dlrn to zuul
*** josecastroleon has joined #rdo16:36
trownmarios: we should probably add openstack-puppet-modules to the "current" repo includepkgs in for that reason16:36
mariostrown: so besides the repo issue, the build is failing for me cos those modules aint there no more16:36
mariostrown: s/build/yum install openstack-puppet-modules/16:37
mariossorry got a bit carried away ;)16:37
*** DV has quit IRC16:38
apevecmarios, where is that old OPM build coming from ?16:38
apevecthise deps have been removed some time ago16:38
*** DV has joined #rdo16:39
mariosapevec: right... sec16:39
mariosapevec: the delorean.repo url for --repo-setup now resolves to
mariosapevec: and that has openstack-puppet-modules-8.0.0-0.20160502215030.6a3e8bf.el7.centos.src.rpm16:39
mariosapevec: which as from the date, is 2016 May 2nd, predates those fixes at
apevecah tripleo symlink16:40
apeveccan we get rid of it? :)16:41
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/oslo-context-distgit: Provide a Python 3 tests subpackage
marioswoo launchpad is back16:42
*** jistr|mtg is now known as jistr16:42
rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-context-distgit: Provide a Python 3 tests subpackage
mariosapevec: trown : tracking this with - i figured the info would be useful to capture for anyone looking, and as the discussion today has shown perhaps not obvious. any comments appreciated16:43
openstackmarios: Error: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1595541 ( The error has been logged16:43
*** egallen_ has joined #rdo16:43
*** aortega_ has quit IRC16:43
apevecwow that's long bug title :)16:43
mariosapevec: yeah wanted to get my moneys worth on that text box16:43
*** jpich has quit IRC16:44
number80duh, predictible downloads url work again )_)16:44
*** egallen has quit IRC16:45
*** egallen_ is now known as egallen16:45
amoraleji thought jpena fixed the puppet-qpid and puppet-tuskar thing16:45
*** hanchao has quit IRC16:45
amoralejprobably it only lacks replication16:45
mariosamoralej: it is fixed indeed
mariosamoralej: in the spec file16:46
mariostop two commits16:46
amoralejyes, but the packages in current-tripleo are not updated16:46
*** noslzzp has joined #rdo16:47
trownmarios: ok, so we need a promote of current-tripleo to make that fix available using repo setup16:47
apevecnumber80, due to popular demand? :)16:47
amoralejif it's before the patch16:47
apevecamoralej, yeah, and it's now chicken/egg to update tripleo symlink16:47
trownmarios: and promote is failing on
openstackLaunchpad bug 1595616 in tripleo "Image building with --all is broken" [Critical,Triaged]16:47
trowntripleo promote that is16:47
number80apevec: well, I like , it was shorter :016:48
*** scorcoran has quit IRC16:48
apevectrown, designateclient !?16:48
amoraleji can create the links manually in the current-tripleo link16:48
apevecmarios, re. OPM update - can you add it to the list of packages to pull from 'current' ?16:48
apevecamoralej, that would be messing with promoted content16:49
amoralejpackage in the repo is from commit
trownapevec: ya, the downside of a modular unified client...16:49
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/oslo-log-distgit: Provide a Python 3 tests subpackage
trownalso the downside of using a massive client application just to wrap a simple image building shell command, which is why RDO image building didnt hit that16:50
number80I hope everything will be as easy to cherry-pick ...16:50
*** egallen has quit IRC16:50
*** akshai has quit IRC16:51
mariosapevec: ack thanks i can try that for now as workaround16:52
mariostrown: thanks for the info man16:52
mariostrown: appreciate any comments on the bug if you have a sec (so it can fulfill its purpose of documenting what/how for this type of update), otherwise i'll followup tomorrow16:53
*** egallen has joined #rdo16:53
amoralejapevec, but how that could passed tripleo ci?, that's what i don't understand well16:53
*** ppowell has joined #rdo16:53
apevecamoralej, hmm, good point16:54
trownmarios: surely16:54
apevecamoralej, why is that repo missing those puppet-* packages?16:54
amoraleji've checked that in the old server puppet-qpid and puppet-tuskar didn't exist16:54
amoralejin the current-tripleo repo i mean16:54
* marios eod bai16:55
mariosthanks rdo16:55
*** toanju has quit IRC16:57
amoralejapevec, just found it, o-p-m package in current-tripleo in old server was from a different distgit commit16:58
*** akshai has joined #rdo16:58
*** racedo has quit IRC16:58
*** fragatina has joined #rdo16:58
amoralej9d3bcf2d in old server vs 189412f4 in new one16:59
apevechmm, weren't symlinks synced?16:59
amoralejit's a building order16:59
amoralejonly the pointer to the hash repo16:59
amoralejbut the content of the same hash repo in both servers is different16:59
amoralejbecause of the order16:59
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/oslo-utils-distgit: Provide a Python 3 tests subpackage
amoralejand of builds may differ slightly17:00
amoralejdepending on when the run-dlrn starts17:00
apevecbut content should've been synced17:00
amoraleji don't think the content has been synced17:03
rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-utils-distgit: Provide a Python 3 tests subpackage
amoralejold server17:03
amoralejcurrent-tripleo/openstack-puppet-modules-8.0.0-0.20160520142355.6a3e8bf.el7.centos.noarch.rpm -> ../../../6a/3e/6a3e8bf41d22f79b3a8de9f43acb74faac7d6fe8_9d3bcf2d/openstack-puppet-modules-8.0.0-0.20160520142355.6a3e8bf.el7.centos.noarch.rpm17:03
amoralejnew server17:03
amoralejcurrent-tripleo/openstack-puppet-modules-8.0.0-0.20160502215030.6a3e8bf.el7.centos.noarch.rpm -> ../../../6a/3e/6a3e8bf41d22f79b3a8de9f43acb74faac7d6fe8_189412f4/openstack-puppet-modules-8.0.0-0.20160502215030.6a3e8bf.el7.centos.noarch.rpm17:03
amoralejbut the hashed dir is the same17:04
*** josecastroleon has quit IRC17:05
*** jschwarz has quit IRC17:06
*** jlibosva has quit IRC17:07
apevecdmsimard, have you synced tripleo symlink?17:07
apevecthere's diff ^17:08
*** amuller is now known as amuller_afk17:08
dmsimardI've explained why distgit hashes can differ from old to new instance17:09
dmsimarddo I need to explain that again ? :(17:09
amoralejdmsimard, content was not synced, only the link itself, right?17:10
*** hynekm has quit IRC17:10
dmsimardboth dlrn instances were running in parallel, nothing was synced17:10
amoralejyeap, that was my understanding17:10
apevecbut that's why content should've been synced17:10
apevecjust for the transition17:10
apeveclike actual RPMs17:11
apevecamoralej, any other diff ?17:11
*** coolsvap has quit IRC17:11
amoraleji have to check17:11
apevecamoralej, we can't just create symlinks, we need to copy actual rpm files17:11
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC17:11
amoralejwe can change the symlink to the rpm with same source and distgit commits built in the new server17:12
*** noslzzp has quit IRC17:12
dmsimardapevec: new:
amoralejdifferent timestamp17:12
amoralejbut same content17:12
dmsimardaccording to that output, there is no difference for the tripleo repo17:12
*** itxaka|out has quit IRC17:12
*** noslzzp has joined #rdo17:13
apevecdmsimard, diff is in the rpms17:13
apevecsame repo hash doesn't mean same rpms inside17:13
dmsimardapevec: I know that17:14
dmsimardwe never mentioned anything about rsyncing packages across dlrn instances afaik, though17:14
apevecamoralej, do we have that exact combination of source+distgit on the new server?17:15
amoralejfor o-p-m yes17:15
apevecdmsimard, yeah, we missed that17:15
amoraleji can change the link17:15
apevecamoralej, ack - go ahead17:15
dmsimardapevec: I *believe* we initially did a rsync, like, 2 months ago17:15
apevecb/c what we currently have definitely is not what passed CI17:15
dmsimardapevec: so do you want me to rsync the packages over ?17:16
dmsimardfor current-passed-ci explicitely ?17:16
dmsimardit wouldn't take long to transfer it but it might be a while for it to reach cdn unless we poke KB again17:17
apevecdmsimard, let's first have amoralej do symlink surgery17:17
number80apevec: reassigning to myself some py3 tickets, they tried to update some of them17:17
jpenaI'm pretty sure I checked it this morning when I first fixed it, let me see17:17
number80e.g rfc3986 to 0.3.1 which breaks kilo17:17
number80this one is not critical, as I just need to postpone import in CBS but proper review is required17:18
apevecnumber80, ack17:19
rdogerritJon Schlueter created openstack/osprofiler-distgit: use %license macro for LICENSE file
apevecnumber80, do we want to keep list of related bz in py3 trello card?17:19
*** coolsvap has joined #rdo17:20
*** nixpenguin has joined #rdo17:20
*** ev1lkry- has quit IRC17:20
number80apevec: just trackers will do17:20
amoralejshould be fixed17:20
apevecamoralej, there'll be CDN delay17:20
number80but considering the hurry, let's just not slack and fix tickets immediately17:21
apevecamoralej, also first it needs to push to buildlogs17:21
*** cpg|away is now known as cpg17:21
dmsimardapevec: fyi I ramped up jpena on project creation in review.rdo17:21
*** pkovar has quit IRC17:21
apevecdmsimard, cool, we need that documented, I think number80 also has his notes17:21
jschlueternumber80: license macro cleanup ... what is the general logic for usage?17:21
dmsimardapevec: what I have is
number80apevec: I still have two blog drafts on my disk17:22
apevecnumber80, let's first update rpmf before publishing widely17:22
apevecit should be improved/simplified right?17:22
*** sdake has quit IRC17:22
dmsimardapevec: a big part of that will be simplified when software factory is upgraded to have replication.config moved to the config repo17:23
apevecjschlueter, what do you mean?17:23
dmsimardapevec: and when we migrate projects replication to use a user instead of ssh keys17:23
jschlueterapevec: what is the correct usage? I've seen slight variations in how the cleanup is done to make use of the license macros17:24
jschlueterapevec: does it only have to go in the base %files section or does it need to go in all sub-rpms as well?17:24
number80jpena: wrapper script to create projects in RPMF =>
number80./createproject <upstream_name>17:24
number80works nicely for packaging projects only17:24
*** scorcoran has joined #rdo17:25
dmsimardyeah when I tried it for a non-packaging project is failed due to an error from rdo-create.py17:25
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch17:25
apevecjschlueter, it needs to be in subpkg if it can be installed standalone i.e. doesn't depend on other subpkg which contains license17:25
dmsimardnot your wrapper script, just pure rdo-create.py17:25
jschlueterapevec: ahh ok that's the rule of thumb, thanks, got it17:25
*** bcafarel has left #rdo17:26
number80dmsimard: packaging projects made opinionated choices, so we need to improve sfmanager for the other use-cases17:26
*** iberezovskiy is now known as iberezovskiy|off17:27
apevecamoralej, please update to explain situation with tripleoci symlink17:28
openstackLaunchpad bug 1595541 in tripleo "tracking bug for new build of openstack-puppet-modules into please" [Medium,Triaged] - Assigned to Marios Andreou (marios-b)17:28
*** ayoung has quit IRC17:28
*** josecastroleon has joined #rdo17:28
apevecdmsimard, we can't test amoralej's fix until it's pushed to buildlogs?17:28
*** paragan has quit IRC17:29
apevecwhen does it run?17:29
dmsimardapevec: what did amoralej fix where ?17:29
*** ohamada has quit IRC17:29
apevecamoralej, have you re-run createrepo ?17:29
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/oslo-reports-distgit: Provide a Python 3 tests subpackage
apevecdmsimard, linked OPM build in tripleo symlinked repo on new server to match what was in old17:30
rdogerritJon Schlueter created openstack/barbican-distgit: update to use license macro
dmsimardamoralej: you did that on the internal dlrn in ?17:31
*** aortega has joined #rdo17:31
dmsimardapevec, amoralej: KB has a cron that syncs what is on the nfs server directories to the CDN17:32
dmsimardright now it runs every 2 hours but can be configured to run in less time if need b17:32
amoraleji think it's synced already17:32
*** KarlchenK has quit IRC17:32
*** tosky has quit IRC17:34
*** pilasguru1 has joined #rdo17:35
*** myoung has joined #rdo17:35
jpenathat's what I fixed earlier today. Later, the current-tripleo symlink changed to another dir in the ci.centos server, and that's what amoralej has fixed (but it hasn't been synced yet)17:36
*** karimb has quit IRC17:36
*** pilasguru has quit IRC17:36
*** pilasguru1 is now known as pilasguru17:36
dmsimardtrown|lunch: ah, weirdo needs that curl -L too I guess17:36
*** racedo has joined #rdo17:38
*** rcernin has quit IRC17:38
apevecjpena, which repo have you fixed?17:39
jpenaapevec: current-tripleo17:39
apevechow come it changed?17:39
apevecand what was pointing to before?17:39
jpenait was pointing to a hash named 18/aa/18aa22e7c579f12fafce28f09948e260e9cadc6c_6317d8a717:40
jpenawe can still see it at
apevecit's 39/b4/39b44bf2ee28cc21ce92e5cd694cd82a4ad7ac8f_6bf0c01f now17:41
jpenaright, and that's were amoralej fixed it17:41
jpenait probably got changed when the other repos were synced17:41
amoralejthat's the one if fixed, yes17:41
apevecso 18/aa/ was Jun 2 and now it's Jun 1217:42
apevecso it was missing step that dmsimard did later, syncing symlinks17:43
dmsimardI synchronized the top level repository symlinks17:43
apevecok, mystery solved17:43
dmsimardI didn't synchronize anything below that17:43
*** abregman has quit IRC17:45
apevecyeah, both were needed, in the right order :)17:45
*** shivrao has joined #rdo17:46
*** gfidente is now known as gfidente|afk17:47
amoraleji added the explanation in launchpad17:47
apevecamoralej, thanks17:47
apevecso all is synced now to CDN ?17:47
amoralejyes, it is17:47
rdogerritMerged config: nodepool: reduces min-ready to better use cloud resources
*** shivrao_ has joined #rdo17:49
dmsimardtrown|lunch: hey, does quickstart have a get_url that follows redirect in ansible ⅝17:49
amoralejbtw, apevec, i tested latest version of osc17:49
amoralejworked fine17:49
amoralejtomorrow we can unpin it17:49
jpenaenough changes for today :)17:50
jpenagotta go now (family needs attention), see you tomorrow17:50
apevecgood new for EOD !17:50
apevecamoralej, jpena thanks, have a nice evening!17:50
*** racedo has quit IRC17:51
apevectrown|lunch, should be fixed on rdo side17:51
openstackLaunchpad bug 1595541 in tripleo "tracking bug for new build of openstack-puppet-modules into please" [Medium,Triaged] - Assigned to Marios Andreou (marios-b)17:51
apevectrown|lunch, now just that osc/designateclient thing17:51
*** jpena is now known as jpena|off17:51
*** shivrao has quit IRC17:51
apevechas ben's workaround been pushed as a review somewhere?17:52
*** ppowell_ has joined #rdo17:52
*** racedo has joined #rdo17:52
*** tumble_ has joined #rdo17:54
*** tosky has joined #rdo17:54
*** shivrao_ has quit IRC17:55
*** ppowell has quit IRC17:56
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/oslo-serialization-distgit: Provide a Python 3 tests subpackage
*** josecastroleon has quit IRC17:58
*** anilvenkata has joined #rdo17:58
*** egallen has quit IRC18:00
*** toanju has joined #rdo18:01
*** leanderthal is now known as leanderthal|afk18:02
*** scorcoran is now known as scorcoran_afk18:02
*** laron has joined #rdo18:05
*** noslzzp_ has joined #rdo18:05
*** akshai has quit IRC18:06
*** noslzzp_ has quit IRC18:07
*** noslzzp has quit IRC18:07
*** noslzzp has joined #rdo18:07
*** fragatina has quit IRC18:08
*** toanju has quit IRC18:10
*** rbrady has quit IRC18:10
*** sdake has joined #rdo18:11
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC18:12
*** sthillma has joined #rdo18:12
rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: aodh:
*** sshnaidm is now known as sshnaidm|afk18:14
dmsimardunpackaged /usr/bin/aodh-combination-alarm-conversion18:14
*** degorenko is now known as _degorenko|afk18:16
amoralejapevec, i've compared sourcecommit_distgitcommit for current-tripleo between old and new server18:18
amoralejthe only remaining difference is puppet nsssdb18:18
amoralejpuppet-nssdb 2e163a21fb80d828afede2d4be6214f1171c4887_846ea6e |puppet-nssdb b9e3de3fef3eb359ebfba383cd3cf251e5913621_846ea6e18:18
amoraleji think it should be pretty sane18:18
amoraleji have to leave now18:19
apevecamoralej, thanks18:19
apevecI think we can ignore that diff but I'll double check18:19
apevecyeah, NFC
apevec(non functional change :)18:20
*** bfournie has joined #rdo18:20
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|lunch18:21
*** egallen has joined #rdo18:21
*** amoralej|lunch is now known as amoralej|off18:21
*** akshai has joined #rdo18:24
dmsimardjpena|off: the gerrit review for FTBFS aren't being created18:25
*** visibilityspots has quit IRC18:30
number80damn, the bugzilla py3 ticket is so huge that it crashed my firefox instance18:31
*** visibilityspots has joined #rdo18:31
number80I already have more than 30 tickets to fix ...18:31
number80and 4x that number to review18:32
*** akshai has quit IRC18:35
*** shivrao has joined #rdo18:35
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown18:37
*** racedo has quit IRC18:38
*** rodrigods has quit IRC18:40
*** rodrigods has joined #rdo18:40
*** coolsvap has quit IRC18:41
*** coolsvap has joined #rdo18:42
*** vimal has quit IRC18:43
*** zodbot has quit IRC18:44
*** RedRat has quit IRC18:44
*** rbrady has joined #rdo18:44
*** zodbot has joined #rdo18:48
*** scorcoran_afk is now known as scorcoran18:51
trownwe found a pretty awful dlrn bug...18:51
trownit doesnt have non-zero exit when it fails to build (at least in the tripleo-ci case) so if you use it for gating, you might not actually test the change you thought you tested18:52
*** dciabrin has quit IRC18:52
*** ccamacho is now known as ccamacho|Zzz18:52
trownits how ttps:// happened18:53
*** laron has quit IRC18:53
*** dciabrin has joined #rdo18:53
EmilienMto complete trown, see logs:
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/saharaclient-distgit: Add python 3 support
trownEmilienM: actually looking closer I think it is actually
trownI think jpena had a fix for that18:56
*** toanju has joined #rdo18:57
EmilienMtrown: I don't see it in
*** dpeacock has quit IRC18:59
*** akshai has joined #rdo18:59
*** xb_ has quit IRC19:00
trownwe do indeed do --local in
trownI think that is the fix19:00
*** laron has joined #rdo19:01
*** mburned is now known as mburned_out19:03
dmsimardtrown: hey, do you have a get_url that follows redirects in oooq ?19:03
*** amuller_afk is now known as amuller19:03
trowndmsimard: afiact not possible19:04
trownhmm... extra a in there19:04
trownor lysdexia19:04
trownor I need to go to sleep19:04
trownfor a week straight19:05
dmsimardapevec: you realize that the passive instance will not have the fixes that amoralej and jpena did, right ?19:05
*** mburned_out is now known as mburned19:06
dmsimardtrown: new ansible lint release19:08
dmsimardplenty of new checks19:08
dmsimardfailing horribly19:08
*** lkuchlan has joined #rdo19:09
*** DV has quit IRC19:10
*** josecastroleon has joined #rdo19:10
*** sgotliv__ has quit IRC19:14
*** DV has joined #rdo19:15
*** karimb has joined #rdo19:18
*** flepied1 has joined #rdo19:19
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo19:22
*** flepied has quit IRC19:22
apevecdmsimard, yeah, should be done on both19:26
dmsimard 19:27
*** scorcoran is now known as scorcoran_afk19:29
*** ayoung has joined #rdo19:31
*** akshai has quit IRC19:32
*** panda has quit IRC19:34
*** xinwu has joined #rdo19:35
*** panda has joined #rdo19:35
*** fabrici__ has quit IRC19:37
*** akshai has joined #rdo19:39
*** toanju has quit IRC19:39
*** josecastroleon has quit IRC19:40
*** karimb has quit IRC19:41
trowneggmaster: did you try out and did it resolve that issue for you? if so, apevec can we merge that? it is really bad19:41
trowns/it/not having it/19:42
trownbecause if you are gating a project using dlrn to build the packages... you kind of dont want dlrn to instead just build master19:42
*** laron has quit IRC19:43
apevecouch, it was doing that silently19:44
trownya tripleo merged some bad patches because CI failed to fail19:45
trownmaybe only one bad patch... might have got lucky19:45
*** egallen has quit IRC19:46
*** fabricio_ar has joined #rdo19:46
apevecdo you feel lucky, tripleo?19:46
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Remove the weirdo image from trystack
rdogerritMerged config: Remove the weirdo image from trystack
EmilienMapevec: yeah we are really lucky to have found it today19:49
trownit at least started happening pretty recently\%22cleaning%20directory%20and%20cloning%20again\%22%20AND%20filename:\%22console.html\%2219:50
apevecdmsimard, guess what? amoralej|off was thorough and did fix it on passive trunk too :)19:50
*** derekh has joined #rdo19:50
dmsimardapevec: oh really19:50
apevecalright, anything else left blocking promotion except designateclient ?19:51
apevectrown, might have been after the fix for giturl change ?19:52
trownapevec: designateclient actually does not affect us... we use tripleo-common library directly to build images rather tripleoclient... harder to tell with tripleo promote because of all these other issues...19:53
apevectrown, so it blocks current-tripleo symlink promotion19:54
trownapevec: ya19:54
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rdogerritMerged DLRN: Fix repo handling when local=True
*** fragatina has joined #rdo19:59
dmsimardI guess ^ needs to be pulled in the repositories20:01
dmsimardlast commit in dlrn on centos-master dates back to april ..20:01
dmsimardor not, weird git log20:01
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apevecdmsimard, 1500 was for tripleoci and they install dlrn from git iirc20:05
apevecwe don't need to update dlrn code on dlrn prod20:05
dmsimardapevec: ok20:05
trownyep, tripleoci pulls git master20:06
trownmight change that to pin to a commit and periodically update it :)20:06
trownthe test coverage on dlrn itself is not so spectacular20:07
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rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: aodh:
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apevecpin all thing?20:14
trownwell at least pin the critical to gate the thing you are trying to gate thing :)20:14
apeveclet's have a release, and use tag20:14
apevecwe should be close20:15
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number80apevec: concerning could you push in pypi, a new release of rdopkg?20:21
*** sasha2 has quit IRC20:22
number80AFAIK, that's the main blocker in this review20:22
*** sasha2 has joined #rdo20:22
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apevechmm, I don't have credentials, I asked jruzicka to document release procedure20:25
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rdogerritMerged config: Use zuul-cloner to provider weirdo, not git
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*** dmsimard sets mode: +v rdogerrit20:37
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dmsimardapevec: around ?20:40
dmsimardapevec: going to need to ninja merge something in packstack20:41
number80why nobody pirate merge? :(20:41
openstackgerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/packstack: Follow redirects when using curl to setup repositories
dmsimardapevec ^20:42
dmsimardnumber80: yarrrrrrrrr20:43
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dmsimardtoday was a bad day20:44
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rdogerritpkilambi created openstack/aodh-distgit: Add aodh-combination-alarm-conversion to openstack-aodh-common
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rdogerritpkilambi proposed openstack/aodh-distgit: Add aodh-combination-alarm-conversion to openstack-aodh-common
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rdogerritPradeep Kilambi proposed openstack/gnocchiclient-distgit: Add python3 support for gnocchiclient
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apevecdmsimard, I'll merge it21:41
apevecwait, no CI ?21:41
apevecah still in check21:42
apeveceta in 7min21:42
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rdogerritMerged openstack/aodh-distgit: Add aodh-combination-alarm-conversion to openstack-aodh-common
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rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: aodh:
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Follow redirects when using curl to setup repositories
rdobot[sensu] RESOLVED: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| No build failures detected:
apevecdmsimard, ^ -L fix merged22:49
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openstackgerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/packstack: Follow redirects when using curl to setup repositories
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