Saturday, 2016-06-18

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trown|outtypewwwnumber80: fyi pending repo looks good for mitaka/master
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dmsimardgbraad: I think you'll like the UI changes we've been working on for ARA :)01:49
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* misc wonder when it will be in epel02:04
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dmsimardmisc: what, ara ?02:10
dmsimardI can make a copr when it reaches a first stable release, maybe02:10
dmsimardnever sent something to epel02:10
* dmsimard is not a fedora packager and stuff02:10
dmsimarduntil then, pip install ara :p02:11
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* misc will register arra on pip and place a evil packet that add cowsay in prompt of bash02:13
dmsimardgood luck with that02:16
dmsimardit's already on pypi :)02:16
miscarra with 2 R ?02:19
misc is free, so I will just wait until someone make a typo :p02:19
misc( )02:20
dmsimardwow didn't know that was a thing02:21
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dmsimardand wow that's pretty evil02:22
dmsimardwas expecting a white hat approach and stuff02:22
dmsimardoh, wait, it's not that bad02:23
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dmsimardcould be used for very evil things though02:23
miscbecause basically, who ever use that is either a dev or a ops, so either have useful code, or have useful ssh keys :)02:25
misc(one more reason to keep ssh keys on tpm/smartcard/yubikey/others)02:26
dmsimardyeah, just that bash history part could contain juicy things if it wasn't for the grep :)02:26
dmsimardYou ever published something to EPEL ?02:27
miscI think I did02:27
miscnot different from Fedora02:27
dmsimardthat doesn't help me much, I never submitted something to fedora either02:27
dmsimardmy experience is around RDO, dlrn and I have *one* package that I maintain a copr for02:28
miscoh, I can tell more, but it is a bit late to explain the whole process :)02:28
dmsimardyeah, I'll do some reading once I get there02:28
dmsimardI've had this bookmarked for a while
miscyeah, that's the ref02:29
miscif you need any clarification or anything, I can help (or number80 too, even if he is likely busy enough)02:30
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number80misc: I already looked, fixing it w/ newer Flask should land first02:34
number80trown|outtypewww: interesting since I rebuilt some ironic packages02:35
number80namely: openstack-ironic{,-python-agent,-inspector}, instack-undercloud is coming too02:38
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number80I'll be adding the tripleo-job to my script calling all relevant jenkins jobs for stable packages promotion02:42
dmsimardnumber80: not sleeping yet ? I'm about to go and I'm a couple time zones before :p02:43
number80dmsimard: I slept 2 hours and will go back soon02:44
dmsimardActually waiting for this iso to download, going to try out see if it can fix all my lenovo laptop shitty optimus woes02:44
* misc is hungry02:44
miscdmsimard: downloading iso ! aren't you using half of your quota ?02:44
dmsimardI have unlimited internet but it costs me an arm :)02:45
dmsimard80mbps down/10 mbps up02:45
number80damn,  I used to pay 8EUR/month for FFTH02:45
dmsimardTelcos in Canada are such a steal :(02:45
mischow much is a arm ?02:47
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dmsimard76$/month for 80 Mbps down, 10 Mbps up and unlimited bandwidth. It's actually not an awful package.02:48
dmsimardThere's worse in Quebec.02:48
miscyeah, that's not so bad02:48
miscthat's kinda the price I pay here in France, but for pro FFTH (so slower than the consumer grade, but i can shout on them and fixed ip)02:49
dmsimardthe 10 Mbps up.. it took me two days the first time I sync'd my backups offsite02:49
number80wow, that's more expensive than my electricity, city gas and internet bills combined02:49
dmsimardwhat, 76$/month ? wth02:50
misc(but it does look more expensive in canadian dollar)02:50
dmsimardmy electricity bill is much more than 76$/month :p02:50
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dmsimarddo you live in a shack ? :)02:50
miscdmsimard: he generate electricity with his anger02:50
dmsimardoh, that explains a lot02:51
miscinstead of turning to super sayian02:51
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number80dmsimard: no, I have three workstations running 24/7 though02:51
dmsimardoh, so you don't need to heat during the winter, got it02:51
misc(I will not explain how he generate city gaz, suffice to say this involve gastronimic speciality of south of france and a working digestive system )02:52
number80misc: I pay 2 or 3 euros of subscription, I don't cook that often02:53
miscand on that classy note, I am gone before the sun is up, now that I managed to get automated ansible role creation of VM with enough knob to be reused more than once02:53
misc(on libvirt, cause with openstack, there is a module)02:53
dmsimardttyl :)02:53
number80misc: sun's already up technically for almost an hour02:53
number80I hear my little buddy and roosters awake02:54
miscnumber80: shit, well, too bad for me :(02:55
number80*that *are02:55
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dmsimardyou have roosters ?02:55
number80dmsimard: no, I'm currently not home02:55
number80I'm somewhere in the alps02:56
dmsimardah, eh02:56
number80sadly, no Duck in the yard, just poultry and rabbits02:58
number80fresh eggs providers and alien-looking things02:59
dmsimardmy mother lives in Gasp├ęsie (way north, like 12 hours north of Montreal)02:59
dmsimardHer neighbor has cows, chickens, a pony02:59
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dmsimardneedless to say the neighbor is popular with the kids when we go on vacation :)03:00
number80lol, yeah :)03:00
number80cows riding \o/03:00
dmsimardthose tongues man03:00
dmsimardso gross03:00
number80yeah, huge vicious animals03:01
number80(never try to ride a cow, they're not that friendly)03:01
dmsimardspeaking from experience ?03:01
number80Yeah, I was lucky there was no bull or I wouldn't be here03:02
number80it's uncomfortable and they try to throw you when you least expect it03:03
number80(always watch your kids, I was a kid once so I know what these little beasts can do)03:03
dmsimardyou were a kid once !??03:04
dmsimardme too!03:05
dmsimardsleep for me, ttyl03:06
number80same goes, good night and enjoy your w-e03:06
DuckI was summoned :-)03:08
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reedipHi, I want to deploy a multinode Openstack Mitaka on centos, to create an operational experimental cloud. I was considering if there is any link/doc to do the same?  Also, what should be the base version of the Centos OS ? Any help would be great.06:54
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nikrereedip, i am no expert07:04
nikrejust any user with the same goal07:05
nikrei follow this link07:05
nikreit is prepared for liberty07:05
nikrebut i try it on mitaka07:05
reedipnikre: thanks for the information and for helping me on a weekend :)07:06
reedipnikre: I will try it out07:06
nikreshare your experience with me too07:06
nikrewe are on the same track07:06
nikrei can help if u get stuck anywhere on preparing your virtualbox and vm's07:07
reedipsure, I will... thanks again nikre :)07:09
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gpocenteknikre, reedip : the official installation doc is probably your best chance to succeed:
gpocentekor use tripleO for a production cloud:
reedipdear gpocentek... thanks. I was using centos 6.8, realized its a mistake for now, so working on centos7 . As it is a PoC cloud, therefore opted out of tripleo for now. But will keep in mind when we want to launch something production grade for PoC07:30
nikreif you need a PoC environment inside a vm07:34
nikrethere are nuances that you dont need to re-discover07:34
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number80gpocentek: actually you submitted into the wrong branch  => (new review to submit it against the correct branch)09:04
gpocenteknumber80: right, I'm not used to rpm-master yet, thanks for the new patch09:10
number80np, it was on my todo to finish that import anyway :009:11
gpocenteknumber80: the doc is not clear on who is supposed to do what, so I went ahead09:11
number80well, master branches should not exist in -distgit repo, I'll check w/ SoftwareFactory guys, how to fix it09:12
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number80ok, it built09:36
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number80ok, swift endpoint is dead or he wants me to stop working :)09:56
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Gerrit is restarting now to relieve memory pressure and restore responsiveness16:38
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rdogerritMerged openstack/tripleo-common-distgit: update datadir installs
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