Friday, 2016-06-17

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jpenagood morning!07:40
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amoralejgood morning rdoers07:46
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mrungegood morning08:01
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number80gpocentek: review granted, a slight oversight. I'll create projects in RPMFactory and stuff08:06
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rdogerritMerged rdoinfo: Add the openstack-cloudkitty-ui package
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rdogerrithguemar created config: Import cloudkitty-dashboard
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mrungenumber80, good morning, do you remember why removal of egg-info is discouraged?08:24
mrungeI can't find anything on fedora wiki about that08:24
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gpocenteknumber80: thanks! I'll fix what needs fixing as soon as I can08:40
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rdogerritAlan Pevec proposed rdoinfo: Add openstack-swift-plugin-swift3 to rdoinfo
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rdogerritMerged rdoinfo: Add openstack-swift-plugin-swift3 to rdoinfo
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rdogerrithguemar proposed DLRN: Add Alembic support
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rdogerrithguemar proposed DLRN: Add Alembic support
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openstackgerritafazekas proposed openstack/packstack: Enable heat-cfn installation by default
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rdogerritJavier Peña created DLRN: Detect and fix cases where Git URL changed
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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Detect and fix cases where Git URL changed
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rdogerritMerged config: Import cloudkitty-dashboard
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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/glance-distgit: Increase nofile and nproc limits for the api server
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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Detect and fix cases where Git URL changed
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amoralejopenstackclient is broken,
openstackLaunchpad bug 1593664 in python-openstackclient "openstackclient fails with --os-token and --os-url" [Undecided,New]10:29
amoralejwho could help us with it?10:29
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rdogerritMerged openstack/heat-distgit: Switch openstack-utils BR to crudini
rdogerritMerged DLRN: Add current symlink to the rsync list
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rdogerritMerged openstack/glance-distgit: Increase nofile and nproc limits for the api server
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rdogerritrdo-trunk created openstack/oslo-config-distgit: python-oslo-config: failed to build d4b7650
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rdobot[sensu] NEW: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| Build failure on centos7-master/current: oslo.config:
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dmsimardamoralej: can you poke #openstack-keystone ?12:15
dmsimardamoralej|lunch: ^12:16
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dmsimardFor OSC Keystone stuff, stevemar should be able to help12:16
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EmilienMgood morning12:28
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number80looks good, 2 scenarios out of 6 are passing for -pending updates12:29
number80I'm fixing the oslo.config failure12:30
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number80(it also needs to fix a deps)12:37
bandininumber80: remind me, did we have a bug open about "Error: Execution of  '/bin/yum -d 0 -e 0 -y list tripleo-common' returned 1: Error: No matching Packages to list12:37
bandinii.e. yum list does not use provides so we break too easily12:38
number80bandini: no, but I think it's a known issue12:38
number80I'd check first on #rdo-puppet12:38
bandiniright now my internal deployments of mitaka and newton are both broken because of this12:39
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rdogerrithguemar proposed openstack/oslo-config-distgit: Add missing BR: python-rfc3986
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number80full passing CI jobs for mitaka \o/12:43
number80now testing liberty12:44
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rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-config-distgit: Add missing BR: python-rfc3986
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rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Detect and fix cases where Git URL changed
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Follow-up on purge patch
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rdobot[sensu] RESOLVED: - check-delorean-newton-current @ |#| No build failures detected:
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number80apevec, flepied: any objection that I give +W to ?13:17
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen13:17
number80I'm trying to decrease the review queue for DLRN13:17
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flepiednumber80: what does git bake?13:19
*** dustins has joined #rdo13:20
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jpenaflepied: that's used to "bake" the sh object, so it has some specific parameters (cwd in this case). There is no git bake command13:20
number80yeah, just sh magic13:20
flepiedah ok because I see it executed twice13:20
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number80the other reviews are bit more complex, so I'd like to flush the simple ones and focus on the gitdriver and purge one13:21
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number80the reqcheck one is blocked until we have a new release of rdopkg on pypi13:22
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trownjpena: have we switched dns at this point?13:33
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*** dgurtner has joined #rdo13:33
jpenatrown: not yet. I made a change to the DLRN code so the current symlink is synced, and I'm waiting for all workers to do it (fedora ones basically)13:34
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jpenaonce that is done, we should be clear13:34
trownjpena: I think we may have broke our hacked fix of the tripleo-common break13:34
trownwe have but no tripleo-common symlink13:35
trownI thought our workaround for the rename deleting the tripleo-common package was to symlink it13:35
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trownand it would get taken care of by promote, but we havent had a promote in a while (looking into that today)13:36
jpenatrown: that should not be an issue, the openstack-tripleo-common package provides and obsoletes tripleo-common13:37
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trownjpena: ya but puppet3 is dumb13:37
trownit does not handle virtual packages13:37
trownjpena: is the failure13:37
jpenatrown: yeah I know :). But were we fixing this via a symlink?13:37
jpenaalso, can't we set "allow_virtual" to true in TripleO?13:38
trownjpena: I thought that was our workaround until we got a promote... maybe I am misremembering13:38
rascatrown, jpena, so the only workaround is to manually apply this at the moment?13:38
trownrasca: ya that is the fix13:39
jpenatrown: no, the symlink workaround was because we had changed the timestamp for the same package13:39
trownrasca: but I thought we had some dlrn side workaround for this... it was not failing earlier this week13:39
rascatrown, just trying to wonder how to put it in quickstart :)13:39
rascatrown, sure, everything was working until this morning13:39
jpenawhy don't we add the following to the tripleo manifest:13:40
jpenaPackage {13:40
jpena  allow_virtual => true,13:40
trownrasca: right which means something else changed13:40
jpenathat will fix this and other similar issues13:40
trownjpena: well any tripleo change would have to go through CI and land in dlrn, and then get promoted13:40
rascatrown, I can support you to whatever investigation about this13:40
trownjpena: we need some short term solution to unbreak current-passed-ci13:40
trownI am confused how this broke all of the sudden without a promote13:41
*** imcleod has joined #rdo13:41
rascatrown, here's the error:
*** mosulica has joined #rdo13:42
jpenatrown: I'm confused. The fix I propose should pass CI13:42
rascatrown, I'm going to fill a bug about this in rdo so we can track this13:42
trownjpena: my point is it will not be available to 'current-passed-ci' in the trunk repos until the middle of next week13:43
trownrasca: thanks13:43
trownjpena: and we should not have broken 'current-passed-ci' ever, but definitely not for days13:43
jpenatrown: oh, I see13:43
trownsomething changed13:44
*** mcornea_ has joined #rdo13:45
jpenatrown: I'm checking the current-passed-ci repo. It was created on June 9, and the tripleo packages look ok (they were created on June 9 too)13:45
trown was before what ever broke13:45
trownand is after13:46
trownthose two jobs are testing the exact same repo13:46
*** links has quit IRC13:46
trowntwo days ago passed, today not13:46
*** mcornea has quit IRC13:47
jpenatrown: was there a change in the undercloud image?13:48
rascajpena, I don't think it's a matter of undercloud image, I'm having the problem in baremetal, from scratch, without using any undercloud image13:48
rascatrown, jpena, bug 1347736 in instack-undercloud "Unable to install undercloud because tripleo-common is missing" [Urgent,New] - Assigned to jslagle13:49
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC13:49
EmilienMI still see the osc-lib dependency missing, isn't fixed?13:49
*** fragatina has joined #rdo13:49
EmilienMI tested with very recent URL13:49
EmilienMand I still got
EmilienMI thought python-openstackclient would deploy it13:50
*** Goneri has joined #rdo13:50
*** fragatin_ has joined #rdo13:50
*** arif-ali has joined #rdo13:51
*** rodrigods has quit IRC13:52
*** rodrigods has joined #rdo13:53
*** fragatina has quit IRC13:54
jpenatrown: there's something I don't understand. Looking at the failed job, I see tripleo-common was installed in, then it fails during the undercloud installation. Isn't that the same machine?13:54
*** Goneri has quit IRC13:55
*** pradk has joined #rdo13:56
trownjpena: the task that installs tripleo-common does it on the virthost, because that is what we use to build the images13:56
rdogerritDavid Moreau Simard created config: Create the artifacts directory before sending logs to it
trownjpena: I am booting up an env from one of the pre-baked images, I think it is only the jobs which are using a newly built image that are hitting this13:57
trownwhich to me points to something changing on the dlrn server13:57
rdogerritMerged config: Create the artifacts directory before sending logs to it
*** sgotliv_ has joined #rdo13:57
jpenatrown: when was each image built (new and old)? That could explain it13:58
*** arif-ali has quit IRC13:58
trownjpena: well the old images were built at last promote (for mitaka a few days ago)13:59
openstackLaunchpad bug 1593664 in python-openstackclient "openstackclient fails with --os-token and --os-url" [Undecided,New]13:59
trownjpena: the failing jobs are the ones that have built images from today, either promote, or periodic jobs that test image building13:59
amoralejdifferent issue13:59
EmilienMamoralej: it's weird, in my jobs I don't see the osc-lib package though14:00
amoralejlet me check14:00
trownjpena: note the periodic jobs that test image building are really just rebuilding the image that passed ci, so they should never fail14:00
*** rgogunskiy has quit IRC14:00
EmilienMoh python2-osc-lib-0.1.1-0.20160616161216.4e3d973.el7.centos.noarch14:00
EmilienMI was looking for python-osc-lib, my bad14:00
EmilienMamoralej: ^ it's ok14:00
amoralejyes, it is14:01
amoralejin fact, it should affect anyone using admin_token for bootstrap keystone14:02
amoralejpackstack is also broken14:02
amoralejand not sure about tripleo14:02
amoralejprobably too14:02
EmilienMayoung: how can we fix that in puppet-keystone? ^14:03
amoralejdevstack uses keystone-manage to bootstrap it14:03
EmilienMwe do that ^14:03
amoralejlet me look for how they do it...14:03
*** jhershbe has quit IRC14:05
number80need help to review CI failures for liberty pending updates => (look at latest generic job executions below)14:06
amoralejEmilienM, my guess is that with this they don't need admin_token14:06
*** athomas has quit IRC14:06
jpenatrown: wait, do these jobs use the trunk-primary DNS at all?14:06
amoralejanyway, openstackclient should work fine with admin_token14:06
number80jpena: no, just CBS repo14:06
trownjpena: hmm periodic shouldnt but promote does14:07
*** zoli|afk is now known as zoli14:07
jpenabecause we switched trunk-primary to the machine in on June 1314:07
jpenato see if the promote job worked, remember?14:07
jpenathen we realized we needed something else14:07
trownhmm, ya doesnt explain the current image building periodic job failures thoug14:08
trownthey use trunk.r.o
jpenaok, then I'll look elsewhere14:09
*** athomas has joined #rdo14:10
trownit really has to be either dlrn or the image building role... and nothing has changed in the image building role14:10
trownbecause the image built a few days ago works, and should have the same content as one built today from the same repos14:10
jpenatrown: there have been no changes in the old dlrn server, afaik. All changes have been done in the new one14:10
trownso odd14:11
jpenastill, where does the virthost install tripleo-common from? It looks like it is mirrored locally14:11
*** sdake has joined #rdo14:12
trownthe virthost just installs it to do image building, it installs from a specific master repo
trownbut that version does not end up inside the image itself14:13
*** ccamacho|lunch is now known as ccamacho14:22
trownjpena: I wonder if it is the deps repo that changed?
*** chopmann has quit IRC14:23
jpenaohhh I see!14:23
trownjpena: that is from the old image14:23
jpenathat's it14:23
jpenawe switched to newton deps14:23
jpenathat broke it14:24
jpenabecause previously, even if the package was renamed, we still had tripleo-common from mitaka14:24
jpenathat could be a short-term hack/fix14:24
*** paragan has quit IRC14:24
trownhmm.. that explains master... wonder if we are getting newton deps on mitaka14:25
jpenafor master it was it, for sure. Check vs
trownhmm... shouldnt be14:26
trowncool so mystery partially solved14:26
trownmaybe something else is happening on mitaka14:27
trownoh indeed, recent mitaka periodic job fail did not fail in that way14:28
*** jlibosva has quit IRC14:29
*** flepied has quit IRC14:29
jpenaso, about fixing it, I think the easiest (although somewhat dirty) way would be to tag tripleo-common for newton, while we get a new set of packages through CI14:30
*** jlibosva has joined #rdo14:30
*** social__ has quit IRC14:30
eggmasterapevec: anything I can do to help move along? idk what the process is. thx.14:30 bug 1344148 in distribution "RDO mitaka openstack-tempest build requires updated python-urllib3" [Unspecified,Modified] - Assigned to apevec14:30
trown+1 for that solution, it is really not that bad, because openstack-tripleo-common has higher version14:31
*** paragan has joined #rdo14:31
*** paragan has joined #rdo14:31
jpenanumber80, apevec is that something you can do? ^^14:31
trownrasca: you said you hit this on mitaka? I think you might be using newton deps for mitaka14:31
*** nehar has joined #rdo14:32
number80jpena: I can remove it from testing -tag (and keep it in release only)14:32
number80so it should not appear in -testing anymore14:32
number80(and w/o breaking users)14:32
jpenanumber80: actually, what would fix this is to tag the old tripleo-common-2.0 we have in mitaka to be in newton14:32
rascatrown, these are the repos I'm setting:14:33
rascasudo curl -o /etc/yum.repos.d/delorean.repo{{ release }}/current-passed-ci/delorean.repo14:33
rascasudo curl -o /etc/yum.repos.d/delorean-deps.repo{{ release }}/delorean-deps.repo14:33
rascawhere release is mitaka or master14:33
number80jpena: yeah, but people using stable repo won't have tripleo-common at all14:33
trownnumber80: ya, we broke master current-passed-ci when tripleo-common package went away... there is already a fix for it in a later instack-undercloud package, but we need to fix current-passed-ci14:34
number80you don't use -release repo?14:34
number80then removing it from -testing should be enough?14:35
jpenanumber80: we're speaking about master.14:35
trownrasca: that looks right... are you sure that issue appears on mitaka and not something else? I can not find a CI job that shows it on mitaka14:35
jpenano, there's no need to remove anything. I'll try to explain it again14:35
rascatrown, will recheck immediately14:35
number80You need this build in in -newton?14:35
trownnumber80: exactly14:35
jpenathat's it :)14:35
*** social has joined #rdo14:35
number80I thought you wanted me to remove it temporarily from mitaka to pass CI14:36
trown shows what repoquery looks like on an old image (before newton deps)14:36
*** social has quit IRC14:36
trownnumber80++ woot thanks14:37
number80David is in PTO, right?14:38
jpenanumber80: just checked the calendar, he's on PTO until July 314:39
jpenaimcsk8: around?14:39
number80ack, I'll try figuring out if weirdo generic jobs failed for a valid reason or not :/14:39
trownwait dmsimard is not on PTO until next week ya?14:39
trownscared me14:40
dmsimardwhat can I help with ?14:40
*** social has joined #rdo14:40
trowndmsimard: [10:39:45] <number80> ack, I'll try figuring out if weirdo generic jobs failed for a valid reason or not :/14:40
jpenatrown: oh silly me, I was looking at next week's calendar :o)14:40
*** tosc_fiberdata has quit IRC14:41
*** nehar has quit IRC14:41
dmsimardok, I can look14:41
number80dmsimard: I had job failure w/ liberty repo, and I see weird stuff like 'command not found' => here's one
number80thanks :)14:41
*** dprince has quit IRC14:42
dmsimardwtf? 12:52:51 stderr: ./ line 2: tox: command not found14:42
dmsimardlet me dig ..14:43
trownnumber80: it looks like something in the pending repo breaks tripleo
number80trown: well, the generic jobs all passed w/ mitaka14:43
*** dprince has joined #rdo14:43
trownnumber80: I need to merge a patch to tripleo-quickstart to get overcloud logs from those jobs, and will rekick once the fix for master hits14:43
dmsimardnumber80: you know what's retarded about that14:43
dmsimardnumber80: ansible is BEING RUN from tox14:43
dmsimardthe level of retardation is spectacular14:44
number80dmsimard: yeah, I have no idea why it failed here14:44
dmsimard12:51:39 ansible-playbook runtests: commands[1] | ansible-playbook -vv -i hosts playbooks/packstack-scenario001.yml -e ci_environment=ci-centos -e delorean_url= -e delorean_deps_url= -e version=stable/liberty14:44
dmsimardoh wait14:44
*** Mohamed_Fawzy has joined #rdo14:44
dmsimardthat's not going to work14:44
*** ihrachys has quit IRC14:45
number80dmsimard: oh14:45
trownliberty is not weird enough for weirdo14:45
dmsimardthere was a lot of work involved in upstream projects (packstack and puppet openstack) to make it "compatible" with weirdo14:45
dmsimardthese changes were done through mitaka trunk cycle14:45
dmsimardso they're in stable/mitaka but not stable/liberty14:45
dmsimardthat's why there's no weirdo jobs in the liberty promotion pipeline14:45
number80well, then I had to manually test common deps promotion on liberty14:45
dmsimardthere's no integration gate jobs in upstream packstack stable/liberty14:46
dmsimardthey started in mitaka, too14:46
rascatrown, something was wrong in my mitaka deploy, I'm re running it right now, so do not consider my considerations about mitaka14:46
trownrasca: ack, I will ping you when the newton fix is live14:47
rascatrown, great, many thanks14:47
trownI think we just missed sync so it will be a couple hours14:47
*** flepied has joined #rdo14:48
*** rbowen has quit IRC14:52
*** pcaruana has quit IRC14:54
*** DV has quit IRC14:56
*** Marquis42 has quit IRC14:56
*** Marquis42 has joined #rdo14:57
*** flepied has quit IRC14:57
*** DV has joined #rdo14:57
*** xinwu has joined #rdo14:59
shaunmis there an easy to way to convert md to html using the same converter as our middleman deployment, just so I can make sure I have syntax right?15:03
jschlueterafazekas just filed this LP which is causing packstack to fail if CONFIG_HEAT_CNF_INSTALL is enabled15:04
openstackLaunchpad bug 1593766 in puppet-heat "HEAT CFn installation fails with Invalid parameter admin_address" [Undecided,New]15:04
*** Mohamed_Fawzy is now known as Mohamed_fawzy15:05
*** mosulica has quit IRC15:05
*** tesseract has quit IRC15:05
*** rcernin has quit IRC15:07
*** zoli is now known as zoli|gone15:08
*** dprince has quit IRC15:08
*** rbowen has joined #rdo15:09
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen15:09
*** dprince has joined #rdo15:09
*** myoung is now known as myoung|biab15:09
zoli|gonehave a good weekend15:10
*** dprince has quit IRC15:11
*** zoli|gone is now known as zoli_gone-proxy15:11
number80ah I see that apevec did neutron 8.1.2, I was trying to unblock pending reviews first :015:13
*** aufi has quit IRC15:14
*** DV has quit IRC15:15
*** Tenhi_ has joined #rdo15:16
jschlueterjpena:  ... we saw this issue today just fyi and roundabout we found your patch for it as well15:16
openstackLaunchpad bug 1593766 in Packstack "HEAT CFn installation fails with Invalid parameter admin_address" [Undecided,New]15:16
*** DV has joined #rdo15:16
*** shaunm has quit IRC15:16
jpenajschlueter: yep. I'll change the commit message to include the bug15:17
*** leanderthal is now known as leanderthal|afk15:17
jschlueterjpena, apevec: who is a core for getting landed (openstack/packstack)15:18
jschlueterjpena: cool thanks15:18
openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Fix Heat CFN template
jpenajschlueter: well, I'm core but I can't merge it since I sent the patch. dmsimard or imcsk8 can help here15:19
jschluetercool thanks guys!15:19
jschlueterhow much blocking a current-passed-ci promotion for RDO newton ?15:20
*** sdake has quit IRC15:20
*** flepied has joined #rdo15:21
dmsimardI think trown is more up to date than I am15:21
dmsimardbut /me looks15:21
dmsimardoh, everything is broken.15:22
dmsimardit's that openstackclient keystone issue.15:22
dmsimardI think amoralej has the ball on that one15:22
jschlueterafazekas|dentist: ^^15:22
*** jlibosva1 has joined #rdo15:23
*** danpawlik has quit IRC15:23
*** toanju has joined #rdo15:23
jschlueterdmsimard: ahh ok15:23
dmsimardhang on let me get you the bug15:23
*** Tenhi_ has quit IRC15:23
openstackLaunchpad bug 1593664 in python-openstackclient "openstackclient fails with --os-token and --os-url" [Undecided,New]15:23
jschlueterso we are averaging promotions once a week then currently15:23
jpenadmsimard. when you said "everything is broken" I immediately thought about
dmsimardamoralej: did you poke anyone ?15:23
amoralejjschlueter, waiting on
dmsimardjpena: yes, of course, so did I15:23
dmsimardjpena: that was the point :)15:24
amoralejyes, in #openstack-sdks15:24
* jpena should see less kid movies15:24
*** Guest7793 has quit IRC15:24
dmsimardamoralej: more importantly, did anyone get back to you ? :p15:24
amoralejkind of... :)15:24
trownjschlueter: more or less... this osc_lib issue has been around for a week15:24
amoralejtrown, this is a diferent one15:25
*** afazekas|dentist is now known as afazekas15:25
dmsimardamoralej: ok I'll come help15:25
amoralejdmsimard, "hmmm…   we're in a break-things phase right now, preparing for a major release..."15:25
openstackgerritafazekas proposed openstack/packstack: Enable heat-cfn installation by default
*** xinwu has quit IRC15:25
trownamoralej: ugh... that type of respone infuriates me...15:27
*** smeyer has quit IRC15:27
*** jlibosva has quit IRC15:27
trownwe can't "prepare for a major release" without merging broken stuff?15:27
*** jlibosva1 has quit IRC15:27
afazekasThis change somehow lost it's +A (packstack) .15:28
amoralejwe shouldn't trown..15:28
amoralejmaster is suposed to be sane, and if it's broken, go and fix it15:28
*** jlibosva has joined #rdo15:30
trownamoralej: precicely, and to be clear not directed at you :P, just sometimes upstream is odd15:30
*** nikre has joined #rdo15:30
nikrei created a centos 7 vm in virtualbox with nat and host only networks. when i "ip route get" it tries to reach outer network from the host only network instead of NAT. How can i fix this?15:30
dmsimardtrown: hey, it worked in devstack15:31
trowndmsimard: apevec: number80 I wonder if we need some process to deal with projects that are not trying to keep master working15:31
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:31
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo15:31
dmsimardtake a deep breath15:31
amoralejdevstack doesn't use admin_token15:31
dmsimardtrying to talk to them now15:31
trownit seems bad to block all of our progress for a project that has no intention to keep master working15:31
*** sgotliv_ has quit IRC15:31
number80trown: which projects?15:31
amoralejopenstackclient number8015:32
number80Erm, I am choking15:32
*** pgadiya_ has quit IRC15:32
number80trown: is it temporary hold-on?15:32
number80temporary might be ok, we used to do that in the past15:33
number80by creating a temp source branch which was used as source-branch in rdoinfo15:33
number80but since some projects started removing dedicated clients, openstackclient will be the default in newton15:34
number80we need to have it working or we're in deep shit15:34
trownya, I just feel like some projects (mostly libs) are of the opinion that people should not consume master but only releases, so they do not prioritize master being broken15:36
*** pkovar has quit IRC15:37
trownfor those projects, I am not sure that it makes sense to participate in dlrn15:37
*** pkovar has joined #rdo15:37
number80well, libs master releases are often broken15:38
*** dustins has joined #rdo15:39
number80Suse had issues with oslo newton releases recently15:39
*** belmoreira has quit IRC15:40
number80if we're speaking about promotion, alternative would be introducing a tag that will allow to skip projects15:40
number80but that means a new symbolic link15:40
number80consistent => as of now and consistent-min => all projects minus the ones who were tagged as less critical for promotions15:41
number80but to me consistent should be what we use for test days and post-M2 or M3 what we work on15:42
number80or we completely drop libs from DLRN but there'll more frequent breakage, as it takes time to update them in stable repo15:43
*** ohamada has quit IRC15:43
trownya, maybe I am overreacting...15:44
number80trown: no, valid question to ask15:44
number80but it's not an easy one though15:45
jschlueterso we have 3 categories now of packages ... supporting packages (-common), master (dlrn chasing), libraries? (which is faster than supporting but slightly slower than master)15:45
number80jschlueter: for now, just the first two15:46
* jschlueter knows bad naming just trying to capture and vocalize what I'm hearing15:46
*** nstrug_ has joined #rdo15:46
jschlueterwe have stuff to support the first 2 and the last is a concept at this point ...15:46
jschlueterthis current blockage lends itself to moving a package into that category ...15:47
trownya I think the last one would be more projects-that-respond-::shrug::-when-told-master-is-broken15:47
trowncould be libs, could be openstackclient15:47
number80jschlueter: I discussed w/ flepied about automating stable builds so the third one could be something doable after that15:47
jschlueterthen more slow_responding_master_is_broken packages15:47
jschluetercould be done with stable builds or with an exception list in dlrn for consistent ... but still not ideal15:48
*** amuller is now known as amuller_afk15:48
number80well, as a short-term solution, I'd favor a tag and add a new symlink to ignore such projects15:48
trowntripleo might take a week to fix something, but people would be actively trying to fix it15:48
imcsk8jpena: hello15:49
trownit is the not caring that it is broken that bothers me15:49
*** nstrug has quit IRC15:49
number80yep, but with the continuous flow, it'd be easy to forget some stuff on the roadside15:50
*** Guest31553 is now known as redrobot15:50
EmilienMtrown: what bother me is that most of folks shrug when something is broken in master because they didn't release yet15:50
EmilienM*specially* libs15:50
trownEmilienM: exactly that15:50
*** sdake has joined #rdo15:51
EmilienMand the second thing is:15:51
EmilienMwhen you told them it's broken they say "if you look at project requirements, they don't use master but a version, so you're testing something that devstack didn't test"15:52
EmilienMso we're basically testing things before devstack15:52
EmilienMand it seems like devstack is a reference for global requirements testing15:52
*** chopmann has joined #rdo15:53
amoralejdevstack is not deployed from latest source in repos?15:53
trownya it is just a different philosphy all together than what we are going for with dlrn15:53
ayoungEmilienM, sorry...meetings.15:54
trownit is 'staged' integration rather than 'continuous' integration15:54
ayoungjust saw still need my input?15:54
amoralejanyway, i think the fact that we are detecting this errors shows that the way we are doing it right with dlrn, right?15:55
EmilienMamoralej: no15:55
EmilienMamoralej: it uses global requirements15:55
amoralejso, only the tested project is deployed from gerrit repo?15:56
amoralejbut anyone it worked in their gate15:57
*** toanju has quit IRC15:57
EmilienMfor projects like os-lib, tests are run from ZUUL_REF15:57
*** toanju has joined #rdo15:57
EmilienMbut for devstack gate (example), it will use requirements15:57
*** _milan_ has quit IRC15:57
*** Poornima_K has quit IRC15:57
amoralejin this case, for the change that broke things in openstackclient, they had ZUUL_REF for it, and global requirements for the rest15:58
EmilienMthe thing is: devstack does not deploy things with auth token enabled15:59
amoralejbut in this case, as devstack is not catching this issue, would have never catch it, no matter what versions of software15:59
amoralejthat's my point15:59
*** tumble has quit IRC16:00
amoralejbut, in any case, master should be deployable, not only point releases16:00
amoralejso, it should be fixed16:00
*** ashw has quit IRC16:00
*** myoung|biab is now known as myoung16:01
*** permalac has quit IRC16:03
*** nstrug__ has joined #rdo16:03
*** mcornea_ has quit IRC16:05
*** xinwu has joined #rdo16:06
*** sdake has quit IRC16:07
*** nstrug_ has quit IRC16:07
*** rasca has quit IRC16:08
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk16:08
*** nyechiel has joined #rdo16:09
*** Mohamed_fawzy has quit IRC16:11
*** mdavidson has quit IRC16:11
jschlueterdoes RDO have any CI around ceph integration?16:12
jschlueterjust wondering if and failure related to it would be caught by RDO CI or not16:12
dmsimardjschlueter: yes we do16:12
dmsimardjschlueter: puppet-openstack-integration has ceph coverage and we use that in RDO CI.16:13
trownjschlueter: not for tripleo-puppet-elements though16:13
trownjschlueter: there is an open quickstart review to add a ceph config though, so hopefully soon16:13
jschlueterok, so a hole in testing16:13
trownya, though it should be tested in tripleo16:14
jschlueterjust fyi we are seeing this issue downstream in OSP where python-cradox is not included in images iiuc16:14
jschlueterpradk and jjoyce are chasing the issue just thought I'd see if it was being or should have been caught in RDO or tripleo CI before this16:16
trownshould have been caught in tripleo-ci16:16
trownbut RDO is not re-validating that part of tripleo-ci16:16
jschluetertrown: ok16:16
trownwow... large job queue is large...
jschlueter3 poc runs for same one in there?16:17
dmsimardtrown: I'm testing with VMs in ci.centos as we speak16:18
jschluetercorrection 416:18
trownthat is a POC gate for browbeat that does not run concurrently, those are fine16:18
trownall of those *gate*quick* are meant to run concurrently though and there just aren't available executors16:19
jschluetertrown: not run at all? can we disable the job so it doesn't add to the queue?16:19
trownjschlueter: no, I just have it set to not run concurrently (since it is POC), so there if two patches get submitted to browbeat at the same time, the second gets queued16:20
jschlueterok so the job queue for things that actually run is around 30 minutes wait time right now if I'm reading it correctly16:20
jschluetertrown: ahh ok16:20
trownthat part of the queue is fine, it is the stuff that is waiting for an available executor that is backed up16:20
*** degorenko is now known as _degorenko|afk16:21
*** nyechiel has quit IRC16:21
trownya we have almost a full slave worth queued, so probably about an hour wait16:22
*** satya4ever_ has quit IRC16:25
*** mbound has joined #rdo16:25
*** egallen has quit IRC16:26
*** dprince has joined #rdo16:28
*** dgurtner has quit IRC16:33
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: zuul was restarted for a software upgrade; events between 16:08 and 16:30 were missed, please recheck any changes uploaded during that time16:34
*** rbowen has quit IRC16:34
*** jpich has quit IRC16:34
*** mcornea has joined #rdo16:37
*** xinwu has quit IRC16:37
*** dtrainor has quit IRC16:39
*** Goneri has joined #rdo16:39
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo16:39
*** rbowen has joined #rdo16:41
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen16:41
amoralejEmilienM, maybe we could change puppet-keystone to bootstrap keystone as devstack does16:41
amoralejto be closer to the tested options in gate ci16:42
EmilienMamoralej: before that, I would like to understand why something broke16:42
amoralejsure, i was debugging the issue for some time but requires more experience with keystone libraries16:43
amoralejthat i have16:43
*** nehar has joined #rdo16:44
*** Amita has quit IRC16:44
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch16:45
*** akrivoka has quit IRC16:49
*** _degorenko|afk has quit IRC16:50
*** iberezovskiy has quit IRC16:50
*** puzzled has quit IRC16:50
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-afk16:51
*** jlibosva has quit IRC16:51
*** chopmann has quit IRC16:52
EmilienMamoralej: I'll kick a patch in puppet-keystone.16:52
*** nehar has quit IRC16:52
EmilienMjust dealing with infra issues all morning16:52
amoralejok, let me know when done to test it with packstack too16:53
*** degorenko has joined #rdo16:54
EmilienMI'll try today but really not sure16:55
*** iberezovskiy has joined #rdo16:55
*** shaunm has joined #rdo16:57
*** mcornea has quit IRC16:57
rdogerrithguemar created openstack/oslo-concurrency-distgit: Fix Source0 to use
*** nehar has joined #rdo17:00
pkovarcould someone confirm that is outdated and unneeded and can be removed?17:01
*** apetrich has quit IRC17:02
*** cwolferh has joined #rdo17:02
number80pkovar: outdated for sure17:03
*** shivrao_ has joined #rdo17:03
number80I'd lean for removal17:03
pkovarnumber80: will remove it, thanks!17:04
pkovarnumber80: what about ?17:04
number80pkovar: I'm not familiar w/ HA, I'd ask jpena if he's still around17:05
*** jpena is now known as jpena|off17:05
*** DV has quit IRC17:05
*** apetrich has joined #rdo17:06
number80pkovar: anyway, you can submit reviews for doc removal and set a timer17:06
number80if nobody shows up within 2 weeks => nobody cares :)17:06
*** shivrao_ has quit IRC17:07
*** DV has joined #rdo17:07
amoralejpkovar, i was thinking the same yesterday, i think the only useful parts whould be the the ipa and mysql sections17:07
*** shivrao has joined #rdo17:07
pkovarnumber80: i like that idea :)17:08
amoralejbut in fact, i'd remove the full doc17:08
pkovaramoralej: so i am going through the list here:
pkovarand really, i would just remove everything there :)17:08
amoralejyeap, there is a lot of obsolete docs,17:09
amoraleji removed all related to foreman17:09
openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Remove erlang package installation
*** mvk_ has joined #rdo17:11
*** ppowell has quit IRC17:11
number80Yeah our doc needs lots of love17:12
*** cpg|away is now known as cpg17:13
pkovari think i will create a wip pr and set a timer and ask around again :)17:14
*** coolsvap has quit IRC17:14
*** shivrao has quit IRC17:14
*** amuller_afk is now known as amuller17:15
*** mkrcmari__ has quit IRC17:15
shaunmpkovar: argh, I was just doing markup cleanup on securing-services!17:16
pkovarshaunm: ahh, i'd say don't work on anything linked from
pkovarthanks for helping out though!17:22
shaunmpkovar: ok. fyi, that page is also linked from
*** dustins has quit IRC17:23
shaunmand at the bottom of . possibly other places17:24
*** dustins has joined #rdo17:24
*** nstrug__ has quit IRC17:25
shaunmso, you know, grep before git rm :)17:25
pkovarshaunm: good catch, i apparently need to improve my grep skills17:25
*** dsneddon has quit IRC17:25
pkovari did but this site is special :)17:25
pkovarwith all the redirects and stuff17:25
shaunmoh, yeah17:26
*** toanju has quit IRC17:26
*** ppowell has joined #rdo17:26
shaunmredirects are a good feature to have, but they can sure make auditing content tricky17:27
pkovarespecially when you are auditing content converted from wiki...17:28
shaunmuh huh. there were some pretty serious and systemic markup errors in that page that were almost certainly straight from the wiki converter. so now I'm looking for those same types of errors in pages that aren't getting nuked17:30
*** pilasguru has quit IRC17:31
*** pilasguru1 has joined #rdo17:31
shaunmalso noticed a lot of non-breaking spaces in config file samples, probably also from a quasi-smart wiki wysiwyg editor, and I worry those won't work when copied and pasted into actual config files17:32
*** pilasguru1 is now known as pilasguru17:33
*** milan has joined #rdo17:34
pkovaroh no, non-breaking spaces in samples!?17:36
*** egallen has joined #rdo17:36
*** paragan has quit IRC17:38
*** sdake has joined #rdo17:40
*** apetrich has quit IRC17:42
shaunmpkovar: yeah, you want me to just change them all to regular spaces in a single commit?17:42
*** paramite_ has joined #rdo17:42
*** fragatina has joined #rdo17:43
*** fragatin_ has quit IRC17:43
pkovarshaunm: i think that would be best, yes17:44
*** apetrich has joined #rdo17:46
*** shivrao has joined #rdo17:46
*** egallen has quit IRC17:47
*** dsneddon has joined #rdo17:48
*** pblaho has quit IRC17:48
*** dustins has quit IRC17:49
*** mbound has quit IRC17:49
*** KarlchenK1 has quit IRC17:51
*** ccamacho has quit IRC17:52
*** tosky has quit IRC17:52
*** nehar has quit IRC17:54
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown17:55
*** dustins has joined #rdo17:57
*** ppowell has quit IRC17:57
apevecrbowen, pkovar - this is docs related :) Please review wording that SRT will put in CVE tracking bz filed by their tools:17:57
apevecThis as an RDO Project security tracking bug against <package-name>. It was created17:57
apevecto ensure that one or more security vulnerabilities are fixed.17:57
apevecFor comments that are specific to the vulnerability please use bugs filed17:57
apevecagainst the "Security Response" product referenced in the "Blocks" field.17:57
apevec[bug automatically created by: add-tracking-bugs]17:58
*** ashw has joined #rdo17:59
* Sketch wonders when neutron 8.1.1 will make it into rdo repos18:00
*** fragatina has quit IRC18:00
rbowenapevec: That looks fine to me.18:00
*** fragatina has joined #rdo18:01
apevecSketch, 8.1.2 is in testing repo18:01
EmilienMamoralej: what is the bug url again? (oslib)18:03
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo18:03
openstackLaunchpad bug 1593664 in python-openstackclient "openstackclient fails with --os-token and --os-url" [Undecided,New]18:05
*** dmsimard sets mode: +v openstack18:05
EmilienMoh right18:05
dmsimardsorry openstack18:05
EmilienMayoung: any chance we can look together?18:06
*** dprince has quit IRC18:06
EmilienMrichm: ^ it might be a provider thing18:06
*** dprince has joined #rdo18:06
*** ccamacho has joined #rdo18:08
dmsimardtrown: I think I've fixed all the performance problems with the centos-cloud, working on slaves now18:11
dmsimardturns out I mistakenly configured qemu in nova instead of kvm18:12
dmsimardthat'll slow things down18:12
trownah indeed18:12
ayoungEmilienM, will do18:13
ayoungEmilienM, do you have this reproduced right now?18:13
EmilienMayoung: yes18:13
ayoungEmilienM, run it with --debug18:14
ayoungEmilienM, can we suppress the warning?18:14
ayoungthere is an option in the config to do so, I thought18:14
EmilienMayoung: it sounds like a regression for us18:15
ayoungexport PYTHONWARNINGS="ignore:Certificate has no, ignore:A true SSLContext object is not available"18:15
Sketchapevec: cool18:19
amoralejayoung, EmilienM,
amoralejwith --debug18:24
amoraleji think latest version removed the warning message18:24
EmilienMamoralej: how using devstack way will help?18:24
*** aortega_ has quit IRC18:24
EmilienMamoralej: I think it's a puppet provider thing, isn't?18:24
EmilienMmhh or really a bootstrap thing, indeed18:25
amoralejwell, correct me if i wrong but puppet-keystone18:25
*** mkrcmari__ has joined #rdo18:25
amoralejfallback to auth_token when not normal credentials fail18:25
amoralejin devstack, they create the admin user, password and tenant since the bootstrap18:25
EmilienMok, let me kick off a patch in the next hour18:26
*** toanju has joined #rdo18:26
amoralejso they never use the admin_token18:26
EmilienMI need to finish something18:26
EmilienMok, i'll try this way18:26
EmilienMbut really, this is a non backward compatible thing again18:26
amoralejno prob, i'll be watching the Spain football match in 30mins, so i'm not sure if i'll be here, :)18:27
dmsimardtrown: ok, help me brainstorm what we need on a ci.centos slave ?18:27
*** fragatina has quit IRC18:27
dmsimardtox, cicoclient, really not much else ?18:27
*** mvk_ has quit IRC18:28
EmilienMamoralej: vive la France !18:29
trownI think all of the quickstart jobs take care of deps via pip in venv18:29
trownincluding cicoclient18:29
dmsimardtrown: so I guess development libraries like openssl-dev and stuff18:29
EmilienMamoralej: ok if France loose I'll support Spain :P18:29
trownah right ya18:29
dmsimardfor crypto, ansible and etc18:29
amoralejEmilienM, hopefully we'll have a France-Spain final match, :)18:30
amoralejwould be cool18:30
EmilienMamoralej: we'll loose 3 - 0 o_O18:31
*** fzdarsky is now known as fzdarsky|afk18:31
amoralejbuff, playing as local.... i don't know, you have a good team this year18:31
openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Fix Heat CFN template
*** aortega has joined #rdo18:33
dmsimardEmilienM: I still remember the headbutt Zidane gave to Morazzi (?)18:35
EmilienMdmsimard: well deserved18:39
trowndidnt know morazi was a pro soccer play18:40
dmsimardMaterazzi apparently18:40
EmilienMthat was epic18:41
*** dustins has quit IRC18:43
*** akrivoka has joined #rdo18:46
*** akrivoka has quit IRC18:47
*** rbowen has quit IRC18:49
*** fzdarsky|afk has quit IRC18:49
*** saneax is now known as saneax_AFK18:49
*** ccamacho has quit IRC18:50
*** mbound has joined #rdo18:50
*** panda has quit IRC18:50
*** panda has joined #rdo18:50
*** ccamacho has joined #rdo18:52
*** rbowen has joined #rdo18:52
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen18:52
*** mbound has quit IRC18:54
jschluetercool the packstack issue for heatcnf landed upstream19:02
amoralejhave a nice weekend!19:03
*** dpeacock has quit IRC19:03
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|off19:03
*** fragatina has joined #rdo19:04
*** dneary has quit IRC19:07
*** dustins has joined #rdo19:08
imcsk8you too amoralej|off19:09
*** dgurtner has quit IRC19:10
*** vaneldik has joined #rdo19:11
*** fragatina has quit IRC19:14
*** fragatina has joined #rdo19:15
*** pkovar has quit IRC19:21
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*** toanju has quit IRC19:27
*** vaneldik has quit IRC19:28
*** toanju has joined #rdo19:40
*** mbound has joined #rdo19:51
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo19:55
*** mbound has quit IRC19:56
*** toanju has quit IRC19:59
number80damn Materazzi, the most hated italian guy in France in 200620:00
* number80 don't care about soccer20:01
number80my local basketball team just won championship \o/20:01
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC20:03
*** dustins has joined #rdo20:03
*** shaunm has quit IRC20:04
*** noslzzp has quit IRC20:05
*** DV has quit IRC20:10
*** DV has joined #rdo20:11
*** pilasguru1 has joined #rdo20:12
*** rook-lappy has quit IRC20:14
*** apetrich has quit IRC20:14
*** pilasguru has quit IRC20:14
*** pilasguru1 is now known as pilasguru20:14
*** rook-lappy has joined #rdo20:14
*** toanju has joined #rdo20:14
trownnumber80: how local? and what championship?20:15
* trown loves basketball20:15
trownmostly USA college basketball though20:16
*** apetrich has joined #rdo20:18
*** akshai has quit IRC20:18
*** visbits has quit IRC20:19
number80trown: french pro basketball championship20:22
trowncool, I bet there are players I know... most college players end up in Europe20:22
*** ihrachys has joined #rdo20:22
number80Yeah, we had great ones :)20:22
trownat least most of the ones from my Alma Mater :P20:22
trownnumber80: is it ?20:23
number80Yes \o/20:23
cpghi, are there any insights with the dependency issues in current rdo on centos 7 ?
number80last year, TP even played few matches during the NBA strike :)20:24
*** danielbruno has quit IRC20:25
rdogerritMerged openstack/oslo-concurrency-distgit: Fix Source0 to use
trowncpg: how are you hitting that?20:30
cpgtrown: it’s a 2-week fresh centos-7 install with rdo20:30
Sketchno 3rd party repos?20:30
trowncpg: right, but there are a few different ways to install rdo20:31
cpgi periodically try to update20:31
trownwhich repos are you using20:31
number80cpg: known issue w/ erlang20:31
cpgnumber80: nothing to worry about then?20:32
number80workaround is yum remove erlang\* rabbitmq-server && yum install -y rabbitmq-server20:32
number80cpg: yeah, we pushed new erlang stack and some packages disappeared ...20:32
trownhuh TIL yum can take an escaped wildcard20:32
number80I think apevec is working on fixing that20:32
*** dustins has quit IRC20:33
number80trown: actually, bash would interpret it otherwise and yum sees it unescaped20:33
*** danielbruno has joined #rdo20:33
trownnumber80: right, just more mean that I did not know yum dealt with wildcards at all20:33
number80I remember being regularly scolded for that by a fp.o founder for doing yum something crapcrap* when I began a long time ago :)20:34
cpgnumber80: that worked well, thanks! I was a bit scared of removing rabbitmq-server20:34
*** mvk_ has joined #rdo20:35
number80cpg: yeah, sorry for the inconvenience :(20:35
cpgnumber80: np. it looks like rabbitmq is not running20:35
cpgshould i restart it after reinstalling?20:35
number80cpg: yes, if it's not enabled by default20:36
cpgi did not check ahead of time if it was running. my bad20:36
*** iranzo has quit IRC20:36
*** paramite_ has quit IRC20:36
*** rbowen has quit IRC20:36
cpg   Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/rabbitmq-server.service; disabled; vendor preset: disabled)20:37
cpghmm. it was disabled20:38
*** mkrcmari__ has quit IRC20:38
cpgthis is an all-in-one install. is it not needed in this case?20:38
cpgshoudl i enable it?20:38
*** ihrachys has quit IRC20:38
apeveccpg, yes20:40
apevecrpc is always used20:40
apeveccpg, number80 - there's lighter workaround in bug 1346240 in distribution "Erlang 18.3.3 update fails" [Urgent,Assigned] - Assigned to apevec20:41
cpggot it20:42
apevecI'm discussing w/ petro to add Obsoletes in erlang builds w/ disabled modules, like the latest in rdo20:42
apeveccpg, check also rabbitmq configs, in .rpmsave20:42
number80could be a macro btw20:43
apevecthey might have been lost after yum remove20:43
cpg-rw-r--r--. 1 rabbitmq rabbitmq 21023 Apr 11 09:16 /etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq.config20:43
cpg-rw-r-----. 1 rabbitmq rabbitmq   575 May 29 22:51 /etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq.config.rpmsave20:43
* number80 goes back chasing liberty and mitaka updates20:43
cpgmuch larger now20:43
cpgbut i am not sure if i should be messing with that, since i do not know the deets of that stuff20:44
cpgany guidance on that?20:44
apevecit might be with doc comments while previous was configured by puppet from a template20:44
apeveccpg, just rename old .rpmsave to .confg, keeping rpm provided .confg in backup20:45
apevecyum update would keep old .config20:45
apevecand put new as .rpmnew20:45
number80to automate that =>
*** fragatina has quit IRC20:47
apevecah nice20:47
*** egallen has joined #rdo20:48
*** fragatina has joined #rdo20:53
*** trown is now known as trown|outtypewww20:54
*** mkrcmari__ has joined #rdo20:54
pradkjpena|off, fix python-pytimeparse in rawhide.. now it should build both py2 and 320:55
Sketchnumber80: neat20:55
*** kgiusti has left #rdo20:56
*** KarlchenK has joined #rdo20:56
*** karimb has quit IRC20:57
number80pradk: should it be updated in CentOS?20:57
*** fragatina has quit IRC20:57
*** mvk_ has quit IRC20:57
cpgthanks, guys20:58
pradknumber80, yea probably ..
*** arif-ali has joined #rdo20:59
number80pradk: ok, I'll do them before I call it a day :)20:59
pradknumber80, thx20:59
*** livelace has quit IRC20:59
*** mvk has joined #rdo21:01
number80 passed \o/21:01
*** mkrcmari__ has quit IRC21:02
number80remains wrapping up kilo EOL and prepare a new promotion for stable liberty/mitaka21:04
apevecnumber80, yep, I'll have kilo .4 builds done over w/e21:10
*** arif-ali has quit IRC21:11
number80wfm, I was going to wrap up on monday/tuesday so that we can EOL the repo21:11
*** arif-ali has joined #rdo21:12
*** egallen_ has joined #rdo21:18
*** egallen has quit IRC21:20
*** egallen_ is now known as egallen21:20
*** arif-ali has quit IRC21:21
*** apetrich has quit IRC21:30
rdogerritMerged openstack/cinder-distgit: Remove dependency on openstack-utils
rdogerritMerged openstack/neutron-distgit: Wait indefinitely for neutron-server service
rdogerritMerged DLRN: Detect and fix cases where Git URL changed
*** apetrich has joined #rdo21:33
*** shaunm has joined #rdo21:34
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*** erlon has quit IRC21:36
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rdogerritMerged openstack/manila-distgit: Remove openstack-utils from requirements
*** jdob has quit IRC21:41
*** abregman|afk has quit IRC21:41
*** ashw has quit IRC21:48
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*** myoung is now known as myoung|afk21:59
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rdogerritpkilambi created openstack/gnocchiclient-distgit: Add python3 support for gnocchiclient
*** Guest7793 has joined #rdo22:02
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*** DV has joined #rdo22:07
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