Tuesday, 2016-05-17

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EmilienMdmsimard: the paramiko is only for newton AFIK, isn't?02:08
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dmsimardEmilienM: -/+03:00
dmsimardEmilienM: technically it's pinned at >=1.16 in Mitaka, not <203:00
EmilienMdmsimard: we really need to follow upstream constraints03:01
dmsimardEmilienM: I'm giving a no go on putting it in Mitaka03:02
dmsimardall 6 jobs failed03:03
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zoliXXLgood morning07:02
mflobogood morning07:03
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amoralejgood morning07:15
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rdobot[sensu] NEW: master.monitoring.rdoproject.org - check-delorean-liberty-current @ http://uchiwa.monitoring.rdoproject.org/#/client/rdo-monitoring/master.monitoring.rdoproject.org?check=check-delorean-liberty-current |#| Build failure on centos7-liberty/current: neutron: http://trunk.rdoproject.org/centos7-liberty/report.html08:22
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mfloboapevec, ping https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1272513 I can move the package to Bodhi and FedoraGIT if you want08:27
openstackbugzilla.redhat.com bug 1272513 in Package Review "Review Request: Murano - is an application catalog for OpenStack" [Unspecified,On_qa] - Assigned to hguemar08:27
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rdogerritJavier Peña created openstack/neutron-distgit: Remove midonet plugin  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/114608:49
mrungemflobo, re mistral-ui and openstack-dashboard dependency. that's a fall-out from removing openstack components from fedora.08:51
mrungemflobo, I somehow forgot that :(08:51
mflobomrunge, I see08:51
mrungemflobo, you might be able to build it in a different koji?08:52
mrunge... it just proves, the package doesn't build with tests enabled, due to missing dependencies, no?08:52
mflobomrunge, I did in my local environment. The tests passed. I did not try in any other koji, just in the fedora one08:53
mflobomrunge, yes08:53
mflobomrunge, that's the unique issue08:53
mrungemflobo, for tests, it pulls down all kinds of dependencies from the net?08:53
mrungeI mean, in your local environment?08:54
mflobomrunge, no, AFAIK, you have to install the BuildRequires in your local env in order to be able to run the tests08:54
mflobolike mock, mox3, etc08:54
mrungemflobo, it depends how you build it08:55
mrungerpmbuild still has a connection to the net08:55
mrungebut you can configure mock to disallow network access08:56
mflobomrunge, ah, ok, I didn't know that08:56
mrungemflobo, set config_opts['use_host_resolv'] = False08:56
mrungein /etc/mock/default.cfg08:57
mrunge(or your mock condig)08:57
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rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/keystone-distgit: Cleanup i18n  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/113709:00
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mflobomrunge, done, "$rpmbuild -ba .." worked as well with the new configuration for mock09:03
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mflobomrunge, should I scratch it in koji@fedora?09:03
mrungemflobo, you can't09:04
mflobomrunge, ok09:04
mrungemflobo, since openstack-dashboard is retired09:04
EmilienMgchamoul: hey, have you seen dmsimard's comment on the tarball patches?09:04
mrungemflobo, you can try on f2309:05
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mflobomrunge, I'll try on f23 just to be sure that works in some koji :)09:05
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gchamoulEmilienM: I saw but which one in particular you mean?09:11
gchamoulEmilienM: about puppet-tuskar?09:11
EmilienMgchamoul: I think all patches09:12
EmilienMlet me find one example09:12
gchamoulEmilienM: jpena already gave the answer here https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/1123/09:13
EmilienMoh I missed that one thanks09:13
EmilienMI'm reviewing the patches now09:13
gchamoulEmilienM: ack thx09:13
mflobomrunge, yeah, in f23 it failed because the BuildRequires: openstack-dashboard >= 8.0.0 http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=14126407 and in f23 there is openstack-dashboard-2015.1.3-109:15
mflobomrunge, makes sense09:15
mrungemflobo, it also fails, because mistralclient is not available09:15
mflobomrunge, yep09:16
mrungemflobo, then let's be honest and remove the check section09:16
mflobomrunge, so, what should be the next step? disable tests in SPEC file :) ?09:16
mrungeI still believe, it will fail die to missing deps09:16
mflobomrunge, yeah, we should have a proper scratch with tests09:17
mflobomrunge, to be sure09:17
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openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/packstack: Fix notifications for services  https://review.openstack.org/31614709:22
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EmilienMgchamoul: why don't we use https://tarballs.openstack.org/ (instead of http)? (don't kill me)09:27
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mflobomrunge, also if you are free :) I have other Plugin UI waiting for review https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=131831009:32
openstackbugzilla.redhat.com bug 1318310 in Package Review "Review Request: python-magnum-ui - OpenStack Magnum UI Horizon plugin" [Medium,New] - Assigned to karlthered09:32
number80(and no, I won't review it before next week so feel free to take it)09:33
gchamoulEmilienM: just because I did stupidly follow what you wrote in the email you've sent aboyt it! and it was http ... :-P09:34
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gchamoulEmilienM: but I can easily amend the bunch of patches09:34
EmilienMgchamoul: yeah, I did a mistake09:34
EmilienMgchamoul: don't you mind?09:34
EmilienMthanks, and I'll review right away09:35
mrungemflobo, number80 I'm not actively seeking for components to review...09:35
gchamoulno problem!09:35
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number80mrunge: then, next week if I don't extend my PTO09:35
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number80I'm tempted to take 3 more weeks09:36
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mrungenumber80, you definitely should extend your pto09:37
mrungenumber80, why are you here in the channel btw?09:37
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EmilienMit's raining in Lyon? :)09:38
apevecnumber80 needs two additional PTO days as punishment :)09:38
EmilienMapevec: we should hack his internet connection09:38
* jpena never thought PTO could be a punishment :P09:38
mflobo+1 for extra additional PTO days as punishment :)09:39
number80then, no pings :)09:39
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apevecEmilienM, wouldn't work, he has mobile data plan09:41
miscyou cna /kb him from the chan09:41
apevecok, until end of this week nobody is mentioning "number80" - we'll use codename MrH09:41
misc"the number before 81"09:42
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misc"the artist called by the number of mercury in the periodic table"09:42
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-aodh-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110209:43
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-ceilometer-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110309:44
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-ceph-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110409:44
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-cinder-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110509:44
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-glance-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110609:44
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-gnocchi-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110709:45
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-heat-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110809:45
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-horizon-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110909:45
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-ironic-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111009:45
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-keystone-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111109:45
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-manila-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111209:45
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-mistral-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111309:46
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-neutron-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111409:46
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-openstack_extras-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111509:46
apevecsuch spam09:47
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-openstacklib-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111609:47
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-sahara-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111809:47
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-swift-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111909:47
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-tempest-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/112009:47
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apevecmisc, going with pop music themes, here's tribute to Chapter 24 by Pink Floyd: "number80 forms when darkness is increased by two and multiplied by 10"09:47
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-tripleo-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/112109:48
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-zaqar-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/112309:48
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-vswitch-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/112409:48
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-trove-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/112509:48
gchamoulEmilienM: ^^^^ done09:48
EmilienMgchamoul: thanks, I'm looking at it09:49
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rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed puppet/puppet-nova-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110109:59
rdogerritJon Schlueter created openstack/app-catalog-ui-distgit: Cleanup spec  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/114709:59
jschluetergchamoul: are the puppet/puppet-* packages built by dlrn ?10:00
jschlueterif so are they included in the current-passed-ci chain?10:00
apevecthey are10:01
jschlueterapevec: thanks10:01
apeveccurrent o-p-m is empty, has only Reqs: puppet-*10:01
apevecon Newton master that is10:01
jschlueterapevec: cool I see them now, looks good10:01
jschlueterapevec: http://review.rdoproject.org/r/1147 is a bit of cleanup I noticed going through spec files10:02
EmilienMapevec: I'm not core on puppet-oslo10:02
EmilienMit probably miss the puppet ptl group10:02
rdogerritMerged openstack/neutron-distgit: Remove midonet plugin  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/114610:03
apevecjschlueter, ack - keep them coming :)10:03
jschlueterapevec: will do10:03
apevecEmilienM, hmm, that was new project and create script missed to setup permissions10:03
apevecfbo, ^10:03
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC10:04
apevecEmilienM, I'll fix it10:04
*** nmagnezi has joined #rdo10:05
EmilienMgchamoul: it's all reviewed, except the puppet-oslo, but should be done very soon10:05
gchamoulEmilienM: yes thx!10:07
EmilienMwell, http://tarballs.openstack.org/puppet-oslo is missing10:07
gchamouljschlueter: exactly what I wanted to say! ;-) thx apevec10:08
*** fzdarsky|afk is now known as fzdarsky10:08
apevecEmilienM, hmm, then something is missing in upstream project-config10:08
EmilienMapevec: no, we didn't merge any patch since we have the jobs10:09
EmilienMI'll wait a bit and merge gchamoul's patch once we have a tarball for master build10:09
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC10:09
EmilienMapevec: my patch should land today: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/316525/10:10
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-aodh-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110210:11
*** fragatina has quit IRC10:11
*** fragatina has joined #rdo10:11
rdogerritGaël Chamoulaud proposed config: Add debug to puppet-integration-test  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/94310:12
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-ceilometer-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110310:13
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-ceph-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110410:13
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-glance-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110610:13
*** gszasz has joined #rdo10:14
*** sshnaidm has joined #rdo10:14
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-cinder-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110510:15
*** ade_b has joined #rdo10:15
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-heat-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110810:15
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-gnocchi-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110710:15
*** tosky has joined #rdo10:15
*** fragatina has quit IRC10:16
jschlueterapevec: the source0 entry for openstack-app-catalog-ui.spec is a file not a URL for where it can be retrieved?10:16
apevecshould be tarballs.o.o for all openstack projects10:18
rdobot[sensu] RESOLVED: master.monitoring.rdoproject.org - check-delorean-liberty-current @ http://uchiwa.monitoring.rdoproject.org/#/client/rdo-monitoring/master.monitoring.rdoproject.org?check=check-delorean-liberty-current |#| No build failures detected: http://trunk.rdoproject.org/centos7-liberty/report.html10:18
EmilienMapevec: yeah, but for puppet modules it was not so easy to implement10:18
EmilienMapevec: I made it working beside python jobs though, so we don't have our own JJB, etc10:18
apevecEmilienM, what did you do, add setup.py ?10:19
apevecno, that would be insance :)10:19
apevecinsane even10:19
EmilienMI used metadata.json and used "puppet module" CLI10:19
EmilienMlet me show you10:19
*** higgins has joined #rdo10:20
jschlueterapevec: ack let me see if I can find it10:20
*** saneax is now known as saneax_AFK10:20
apevecjschlueter, it's not there, looks like app ui is not setup properly10:20
*** xb_ has joined #rdo10:21
EmilienMapevec: https://github.com/openstack-infra/project-config/blob/master/jenkins/scripts/run-tarball.sh#L18-L3410:21
apevecah nice, so there isn't rake target like "sdist" ?10:24
EmilienMapevec: I don't know10:25
EmilienMI used puppet tool, which works out of the box10:25
EmilienMand the tarball is compliant10:25
fboapevec, Alright I added a comment in https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/967/3 to not forget to mention groups to include for projects under the puppet namespace for the next patchset of that create scripts patch.10:27
apevecfbo, thanks, I've fixed puppet-oslo10:27
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-horizon-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110910:32
*** athomas has joined #rdo10:34
jschlueterapevec: found it here https://github.com/openstack/app-catalog-ui/archive/1.0.0.tar.gz10:37
*** dgurtner has quit IRC10:38
*** devvesa has joined #rdo10:38
*** devvesa has quit IRC10:39
*** devvesa has joined #rdo10:39
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo10:40
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo10:40
apevecjschlueter, that's not proper sdist tarball10:40
apevecI'll check project-config to see what's missing10:40
apevecfbo, UX feedback (but that's gerrit really): I hate when it redirects me to login and my review comment is lost :(10:41
apevecit should redirect to sign in as soon as it opens review input box10:42
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-ironic-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111010:42
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-mistral-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111310:43
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-keystone-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111110:43
*** higgins has quit IRC10:43
*** nmagnezi has joined #rdo10:43
*** egallen has quit IRC10:43
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-manila-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111210:44
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-openstack_extras-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111510:44
*** v1k0d3n has joined #rdo10:44
*** adahms has joined #rdo10:45
*** Egyptian[Home] has joined #rdo10:46
*** josecastroleon has quit IRC10:48
*** higgins has joined #rdo10:48
*** jcoufal has quit IRC10:48
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-neutron-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111410:48
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-openstacklib-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111610:48
*** v1k0d3n has quit IRC10:49
fboapevec, yeah that's frustrating ! I'll open an issue for that and discuss with my team maybe we can find a solution.10:51
fboapevec, Have you been redirected to the comment box edition after the login ?10:51
apevecfbo, no, it returns to the review page, input box is all JS magic right?10:52
apeveci.e. it does not change URL10:52
chandankumarapevec, in RDO Bug traige day, we are traiging only New and Assigned bugs na or we are looking into QA, MODIFIED, ON-DEV bugs10:53
apevecchandankumar, let's focus first on untriaged NEW bugs10:53
*** jamielennox|away is now known as jamielennox10:53
apevecassigned should be triaged by definition, but we can review them after NEW ones10:53
apevecand only after that we do cleanup in the rest10:54
apevecmakes sense?10:54
chandankumarapevec, yes10:54
*** itamarl has joined #rdo10:54
fboapevec, well you're right I guess the redirection worked but as this box is fully JS you lost the content. But anyway It's better to have a look if we can improve the situation. thx for this report !10:54
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|bbl10:55
jschlueterapevec: thanks then I'll leave it to you for cleanup10:55
jschlueterapevec: of the ones I've looked at that's the only one without a url10:56
*** paragan has joined #rdo11:01
apevecjschlueter, ah I see MrH used github tarball for mitaka-rdo rebuild, https://github.com/rdo-packages/app-catalog-ui-distgit/commit/e1c1e804ca99ae2cc59f38094f81bc70b57635b411:02
apevecthis should have been pushed to rpm-master first...11:03
apevecjschlueter, ^ can you send follow up to your patch?11:03
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-hungry11:07
jschlueterapevec: ack11:08
chandankumarapevec, rdo bug traige bugs : https://chandankumar.fedorapeople.org/bugtriage.py11:09
*** jcoufal has joined #rdo11:09
chandankumarbug list https://chandankumar.fedorapeople.org/rdo-untraiged-bugs-17_05_2016.txt11:09
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-sahara-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111811:10
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-tripleo-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/112111:14
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-tempest-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/112011:14
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-swift-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/111911:15
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-zaqar-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/112311:15
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-vswitch-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/112411:15
*** josecastroleon has joined #rdo11:15
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-trove-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/112511:16
*** Egyptian[Home] has quit IRC11:16
rdogerritMerged puppet/puppet-nova-distgit: Switch Source URL to tarballs.openstack.org  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110111:17
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/cinder-distgit: Cleanup i18n  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/114811:18
rdogerritJon Schlueter proposed openstack/app-catalog-ui-distgit: Cleanup spec  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/114711:18
jschlueterapevec:  just updated my existing review to include all of the changes that number80 did over in mitaka-rdo branch11:19
apevecjschlueter, ack11:20
openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Reserve keystone admin ports in test executions  https://review.openstack.org/31460611:22
kashyapHmm, so many bots here - 5 of them.  Sometimes it's a bit hard to peek a glance here to watch for discussions.  Maybe it's just me.11:24
*** jistr has quit IRC11:24
*** jcoufal has quit IRC11:24
*** dgurtner has quit IRC11:25
*** smeyer has quit IRC11:25
*** athomas has quit IRC11:26
*** rhallisey has joined #rdo11:26
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo11:27
apeveckashyap, we're starting skynet, bots monitor us all over the place :)11:27
kashyapapevec: Yeah, dreading for that email with subject line: "Review: Replace kashyapc with 'bot-that-just-works'11:28
*** nehar has quit IRC11:28
apevecotoh seriously that bot chatter now just shows all the invisible background work we're doing11:28
chandankumarapevec, kashyap any improvement to this script https://chandankumar.fedorapeople.org/bugtriage.py ?11:28
kashyapapevec: Yeah, sometimes I do find it useful -- e.g I can now grep for IRC logs for specific strings / spec file changes, etc11:28
kashyapchandankumar: I saw the output just now11:29
*** [1]cdearborn has joined #rdo11:30
kashyapApart from the output formatting, maybe we should still retain Lars' HTML reports with proper hyperlinks -- http://people.redhat.com/~lkellogg/rdo/20150413/report-openstack-nova.html11:30
kashyaps/Apart from the output formatting,/Apart from the output formatting, I don't see what extra things the script you point to provides/11:31
* kashyap has to step out, bbiab11:32
jschlueterapevec: just following up on tripleo-common review  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/1139 any thoughts on version to use for obsoletes?11:35
*** rasca has quit IRC11:35
shardyHey all, a heads-up - recent mistral packages are broken because it recently added a dep on designateclient11:37
rdogerritJon Schlueter proposed openstack/tripleo-common-distgit: rename tripleo-common to openstack-tripleo-common  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/113911:37
shardyI posted this https://review.gerrithub.io/#/c/276918/1/openstack-mistral.spec11:37
shardyreviews welcome, it's impacting tripleo CI11:37
*** rasca has joined #rdo11:38
apevecshardy, ack - but why is that hard dep in mistral11:38
rdogerritJon Schlueter proposed openstack/tripleo-common-distgit: rename tripleo-common to openstack-tripleo-common  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/113911:38
shardyapevec: currently mistral bundles all-the-actions and installs them all by default when populating the DB11:38
apevecit should be soft dep, only when using that action11:39
shardyapevec: they have a plan to break those actions out, and make soft-deps, but currenty it is not possible11:39
shardyI checked with the mistral PTL a few minutes ago, it is planned but not yet implemented11:39
openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Remove workaround for VPNaaS configuration  https://review.openstack.org/31547811:40
apevecfbo, https://review.rdoproject.org/jenkins/job/DLRN-rpmbuild/375/console FATAL: Invalid object ID 15 iota=16 - Jenkins foobared?11:41
EmilienMapevec: why did you merge https://review.gerrithub.io/#/c/276918/ ?11:43
rdogerritJon Schlueter proposed openstack/tripleo-common-distgit: rename tripleo-common to openstack-tripleo-common  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/113911:43
apeveclooks like mistral is not in RDO zuul config https://review.gerrithub.io/27691811:44
EmilienMwe should use https://github.com/rdo-packages/mistral-distgit11:44
apevecEmilienM, uhm, I was blind11:44
apevecEmilienM, it's all the same gerrit to me :)11:44
socialjruzicka: ping /q11:44
apevecweb dyslexia11:44
* shardy is confused11:44
EmilienMme too11:45
shardydo you need me to push the same patch to the new repo?11:45
apevecI was wondering why CI doesn't  trigger :)11:45
*** rhallisey has quit IRC11:45
*** DV_ has quit IRC11:45
*** jhershbe has quit IRC11:46
apevecshardy, yes please11:46
*** DV__ has joined #rdo11:46
*** rhallisey has joined #rdo11:46
*** amoralej is now known as amoralej|lunch11:49
rdogerritMerged openstack/app-catalog-ui-distgit: Cleanup spec  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/114711:49
*** chandankumar has quit IRC11:50
shardyI'll have to do it after lunch, review.rdoproject.org doesn't know my email address and adding it seems to be slow11:51
hrwcan someone share working virt-install+kickstart setup for creating centos7 cloud image?11:52
apevecshardy, you need to have public email in your github account11:52
jschlueterapevec: can't review.rdoproject.org ask github for permissions to see private email addresses?11:52
EmilienMshardy: I can do it if you want11:53
apevecjschlueter, dunno, is there such permission?11:53
fboapevec, yeah this one is mysterious ! We saw it once on softwarefactory-project.io too. We don't have any solution to fix that atm. Does it occurred often on review.rdo ? Next version of SF will bring the last Jenkins LTS11:53
apevecfbo, or we just put Warning on login screen saying public email in github is required?11:54
rdogerritJon Schlueter proposed openstack/tripleo-common-distgit: rename tripleo-common to openstack-tripleo-common  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/113911:55
jschlueterapevec: iirc other services have asked for it and I haven't had issues with private email address vs public address using github id for auth11:56
fboapevec, jschlueter yes I thought about it yesterday too, but jschlueter raised a good point saying even with its email private with gerrithub it has worked (mail was fetched). So I really want to investigate and perform some tests because I'm pretty sure something does not work as expected there.11:56
jschlueterfbo, apevec: https://developer.github.com/v3/oauth/ user:email11:57
fboI'm going to have a deeper look to that this afternoon.11:57
apevecfbo, thanks! This does seem to impede first contact for lots of users11:57
jschluetera lot!11:57
fboapevec, yes it does :/11:57
jschlueterit's a failure to use the oauth interface to the extent it should be11:58
*** p-rodislav has quit IRC11:59
fbojschlueter, https://github.com/redhat-cip/cauth/blob/master/cauth/auth/github.py#L14612:00
*** jistr has joined #rdo12:00
jschlueterfbo: those 3 I think are the oauth scopes to be requested by gerrit if they are not already ... that gives you the email addresses of the user, their public keys, and orgs they are involved in12:00
jschlueterfbo: cool that looks right then,12:01
*** johnhunter has joined #rdo12:01
fbojschlueter, cauth is a lib we have developed for SF, and we use that code. So yeah it seems to be good but it's look like there is still an issue there :)12:01
jschlueterfbo: looking into what is currently requested by review.rdoproject.org12:02
*** jcoufal has joined #rdo12:02
*** lappy-rook has joined #rdo12:03
hrwlooks like no one ;d12:03
*** weshay has joined #rdo12:03
jschlueterfbo: question is there a reason to restrict who can submit a patch for review? other than they should be authenticated with github id?12:05
*** julim has joined #rdo12:05
*** gildub has quit IRC12:05
*** dpeacock has joined #rdo12:05
apevecanyone should be able to submit12:05
jschlueterapevec: exactly!12:06
jschlueterfbo: why the restriction on email address matching a registered user in gerrit?12:06
apevechmm, there isn't RegisteredUsers like on gerrithub12:06
apevecjschlueter, that's gerrit thing12:07
jschlueterfor a community project not accepting a patch because your email address doesn't match one that's registered is silly! but my opinion12:07
*** KarlchenK has quit IRC12:08
apevechm, maybe I'm wrong but I thought gerrit requires that12:08
larskstrown|outtypewww: fyi, I was hitting https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1319795 with our mitaka undercloud.  There is a fix upstream (currently waiting on CI).12:08
openstackbugzilla.redhat.com bug 1319795 in rhel-osp-director "Swift services fail to start on director install" [Unspecified,New] - Assigned to athomas12:08
jschlueterespecially if the verification email is required before the email is usable and it can take more than a minute to get the verification email if it get's stuck in the ether!  for a new user you likely have lost that user12:08
*** dprince has joined #rdo12:08
*** KarlchenK has joined #rdo12:09
*** trown|outtypewww is now known as trown12:10
*** puzzled has joined #rdo12:10
*** Guest72844 has quit IRC12:11
jschlueterfbo: https://developer.github.com/guides/discovering-resources-for-a-user/ read towards the bottom ...12:11
jschluetermight need user scope12:11
apevecjschlueter, fbo - so https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/admin/projects/All-Projects,access looks fine: Registered Users can push reviews12:11
*** rodrigods has quit IRC12:11
*** rodrigods has joined #rdo12:12
apevecit's just matter of initial account setup/sync w/ github12:12
trownlarsks: cool, hopefully CI will cooperate today12:12
*** johnhunter has quit IRC12:12
*** v1k0d3n has joined #rdo12:12
jschlueterapevec: https://review.typo3.org/Documentation/access-control.html#category_forge_committer12:13
*** lucas-hungry is now known as lucasagomes12:13
larskstrown: In the context of testing that patch and thinking about https://review.openstack.org/316063, I wonder if we need a generic mechanism for applying patches to the undercloud (either during the virt-customize phase or via ansible when we run tasks on the undercloud).12:13
apevecjschlueter, yeah, I would not allow that, we just need to fix initial user registration12:14
jschlueterapevec: enable for Registered users?12:14
apevecit is enabled seee All-Projects,access12:14
trownlarsks: ya, the gating repo thing from adarazs could be part of that, I think there may be a dlrn based role in redhat-openstack (if not one is planned)12:14
apevectrouble is email sync from github, that needs to be fixed12:15
jschlueterwhat's the value of not enabling it? or what's the cost/risk for enabling it?12:15
*** v1k0d3n has quit IRC12:15
jschlueterreview.gerrithub.io doesn12:15
*** bdemers has quit IRC12:15
jschlueterreview.gerrithub.io doesn't restrict my committer email address matching iirc I can go verify to make sure12:15
trownlarsks: I would definitely prefer to use dlrn to build a package with patches rather than try to directly apply them12:15
apevecjschlueter, it's the same setup afaict https://review.gerrithub.io/#/admin/projects/All-Projects,access12:16
*** sshnaidm has quit IRC12:17
apevecanyway, let fbo invesitage email sync from github first12:17
*** ushkalim has joined #rdo12:17
openstackgerritDavid Moreau Simard proposed openstack/packstack: Reserve keystone admin ports in test executions  https://review.openstack.org/31742212:18
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Move repo handling to plugins, add git repo plugin  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110012:19
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Move repo handling to plugins, add git repo plugin  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110012:19
jschlueterapevec: ok, then I setup review.gerrithub.io with my additional email addresses ...12:20
trownlarsks: actually looking, and I dont see a ansible-role-dlrn-builder or something like it... but we definitely need that to be able to gate other projects with tripleo-quickstart so I would still prefer that as the mechanism for applying patches12:23
*** Guest72844 has joined #rdo12:23
*** ayoung has quit IRC12:23
*** Guest72844 has quit IRC12:24
*** jayg|g0n3 is now known as jayg12:25
*** rlandy has joined #rdo12:26
*** dgurtner has quit IRC12:27
*** aufi has quit IRC12:27
*** rbowen has joined #rdo12:28
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rbowen12:28
fbojschlueter, apevec AFAIK on every services (gerrithub, github) you should have an identity before being able to submit a patch. And for Gerrit in SF that's the case and your identity on Gerrit is created after your first login12:28
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo12:28
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo12:28
apevecfbo, yep, it's just identity setup which is trouble for us12:29
jschlueterfbo: but it also restricts your patch submits to match one of your "registered" email identity12:29
*** gkadam has quit IRC12:30
jschlueterfbo: which for whatever reason @redhat.com emails take forever to get through ... @gmail.com verification email came through right away12:30
fboAfter yes Gerrit does not allow you to submit a review if the mail is not know. And your are right if we want to do that there is the Forge [committer/author] identity but every registered users will then be able to send review with other identity ... not sure we want that ?12:30
jschlueterforge author is default and good, I just don't know the ramifications for enabling forge committer12:31
jschlueterdoes it allow me to submit a patch and make it appear as if you submitted it or does it attribute it to me?12:32
fbojschlueter, maybe mail transmission is mitigate by some rules between the review.rdo and the Red Hat MX12:32
* jschlueter doesn't know internals but sounds like a design decision was made to use the patch for information12:32
jschlueteras the storage for who submitted it?12:33
*** sshnaidm has joined #rdo12:33
jschlueteruseful gerrit feature RFE (rewrite committer to me) on submit12:33
jschlueterso that if the committer doesn't match one your registered email addressed it would re-write it to your prefered email address on the system12:34
fbojschlueter, yes I'm pretty sure you can commit on behalf of an other person, you know that git under the hood, so Gerrit adds a layer of ACLs behing but with flexibility12:35
jschlueterfbo: ack that would be why they don't recommend Forge committer12:35
*** thrash has quit IRC12:37
fbobut after all most importnat is to fix soon is the bug with the registration. I'll keep you inform with that as soon as I have more infos or a fix I hope :)12:37
jschlueterI'm thinking that's an area of improvement for the git review client side stuff. bounce current committer up against users email addresses if not ask if they want to update to their current preferred email address12:37
* jschlueter nods12:38
*** DV has joined #rdo12:39
*** ushkalim has quit IRC12:39
jschlueterfbo: any mechanisms to force review.rdoproject.org to re-fetch email addresses?12:40
fbojschlueter, not at the moment but this is in our backlog for cauth12:41
*** dneary has joined #rdo12:41
*** thrash has joined #rdo12:42
*** thrash has quit IRC12:42
*** thrash has joined #rdo12:42
*** _prad_ has joined #rdo12:42
*** DV__ has quit IRC12:43
*** ushkalim has joined #rdo12:43
*** ashw has joined #rdo12:45
*** dtantsur|bbl is now known as dtantsur12:45
*** akrivoka has quit IRC12:45
larskstrown: so, ideally we would back out https://review.openstack.org/316063 and the solution would be "build a custom image locally first"?12:47
larsks(for projects that want to gate using tripleo-quickstart)12:47
*** akrivoka has joined #rdo12:48
*** egallen has joined #rdo12:49
*** cdearborn has joined #rdo12:50
*** ohamada has quit IRC12:50
*** jpena is now known as jpena|lunch12:51
trownlarsks: no I think we need 316063, the idea would be to build a repo (using a yet to be written dlrn role) with our patches packaged, then provide that repo via the mecanism in 316063 (or rather the one it modifies)12:52
larskstrown: I guess I'm trying to figure out the workflow for someone (like me!) who needs to test a patch that is required in order for a successful deployment.  I would need to...build my own packages and host a repository?12:54
trownlarsks: there is a key missing piece (dlrn role), but I think that role should be able to take a gerrit review and build a repo and tar it up, then https://github.com/openstack/tripleo-quickstart/commit/9bdf34606dff9ff3477cddb804f1dbe5511a4c65 would take care of  putting it on the undercloud12:56
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo12:56
*** jprovazn has quit IRC12:56
*** coolsvap has quit IRC12:56
*** Ted has joined #rdo12:56
trownI did just notice that does not cover overcloud images...12:56
chandankumarlarsks, Hello12:56
chandankumarlarsks, https://github.com/larsks/rdostats/pull/112:56
larskschandankumar: hello, yes, just saw that!12:56
larsksWill take a look momentarily.12:57
*** amoralej|lunch is now known as amoralej12:58
larskstrown: I see.  I guess that makes sense.  Being able to simply provide a gerrit review to the quickstart (or even a list of gerrit reviews) and have it all handled automatically from that point would be awesome.12:58
*** jschwarz_ has quit IRC12:59
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/glance-distgit: Cleanup i18n  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/114913:00
*** rgogunskiy has joined #rdo13:00
trownlarsks: exactly, and we could do it directly in quickstart without using dlrn, but there is a lot of effort to do that, and it would be thrown out after we have a dlrn role13:00
*** shaunm has joined #rdo13:00
*** fultonj has joined #rdo13:01
trownadarazs: are you working on a dlrn role? or is that work captured somewhere?13:01
*** sasha2 has joined #rdo13:01
adarazstrown: https://github.com/redhat-openstack/ansible-role-tripleo-gate -- it's working -- though it doesn't handle depends-on things yet.13:02
*** noslzzp has joined #rdo13:02
*** morazi has joined #rdo13:03
larskstrown: separately, I think that https://review.openstack.org/#/c/316264/ is ready, but I would be more comfortable if someone other than me took it for a spin with network_isolation both on and off, and with both default and non-default network ranges for undercloud_network_cidr and undercloud_external_network_cidr.13:03
adarazstrown: but I have jobs that gate stuff, for example https://ci.centos.org/view/rdo/view/tripleo/job/tripleo-periodic-cat-delorean-stable-mitaka/ -- I'm debugging why the master job fails.13:03
larsksIt seems to work in my tests (although I needed https://review.openstack.org/#/c/317206/ to get a successful deploy).13:03
trownlarsks: I am looking it over now, but will give it a spin later today13:04
*** richm has joined #rdo13:04
*** jmelvin has joined #rdo13:05
*** [1]cdearborn has quit IRC13:05
adarazstrown: sorry, had the wrong link for the gate job, this is the correct one: https://ci.centos.org/job/tripleo-gate-tripleo-heat-templates-mitaka/13:05
trownadarazs: awesome thanks!13:06
trownlarsks: https://github.com/redhat-openstack/ansible-role-tripleo-gate is the missing piece13:07
*** eharney has joined #rdo13:07
*** Goneri has joined #rdo13:08
*** egafford has quit IRC13:08
*** egafford1 has joined #rdo13:08
*** egafford1 has quit IRC13:09
*** egafford has joined #rdo13:09
*** egafford has quit IRC13:09
*** egafford1 has joined #rdo13:10
*** noslzzp has quit IRC13:11
*** mosulica has joined #rdo13:11
*** rasca has quit IRC13:11
*** noslzzp has joined #rdo13:11
*** rasca has joined #rdo13:12
*** zoli|wfh is now known as zoli|lunch13:14
*** egafford1 has quit IRC13:14
*** jschwarz_ has joined #rdo13:15
* chandankumar will connect from home13:15
*** lappy-rook has quit IRC13:20
*** chandankumar has quit IRC13:20
*** rdas has quit IRC13:21
*** rgogunskiy has quit IRC13:25
EmilienMapevec: we seriously need paramiko >= 2.0 ASAP13:26
*** rasca has quit IRC13:26
EmilienMour upstream CI is failing a lot on messaging issues with nova13:26
*** rasca has joined #rdo13:26
*** dtantsur has quit IRC13:27
*** cdearborn has quit IRC13:27
EmilienMok, we discussed about it on #puppet-openstack13:29
dmsimardEmilienM: you can follow https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1336566 for status13:29
openstackbugzilla.redhat.com bug 1336566 in distribution "Paramiko needs to be updated to 2.0 to match upstream requirement" [Unspecified,Modified] - Assigned to apevec13:29
EmilienMdmsimard: https://github.com/openstack/requirements/blob/stable/mitaka/global-requirements.txt#L13013:29
*** athomas has joined #rdo13:29
EmilienMit's pretty clear paramiko needs to be < 2 in Mitaka...13:30
EmilienMI'm wondering why we try to keep same deps between Mitaka & Newton, it does not make sense13:30
*** dtantsur has joined #rdo13:30
*** mlammon has joined #rdo13:30
number80EmilienM: note, this is only Newton13:30
dmsimardnumber80: we tried it with Mitaka anyway13:30
dmsimardEmilienM: also, it wasn't clear until we tried it13:30
EmilienMeven if we tried, it's not supported13:30
dmsimardEmilienM: how so13:30
number80dmsimard: upstream CI says 1.1613:30
EmilienMhttps://github.com/openstack/requirements/ is a reference13:31
*** athomas has quit IRC13:31
EmilienMright number8013:31
dmsimardEmilienM: I know about upper constraints, but single project requirement was set to >= 1.1613:31
EmilienManyway, let's fix this asap, our CI is seriously broken13:31
dmsimardnot ==1.1613:31
*** jobewan has joined #rdo13:31
number80yeah, but not in common, we need newton tag13:31
*** athomas has joined #rdo13:32
dmsimardthat's what I told apevec :)13:32
dmsimardnumber80: back from pto already ?13:32
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC13:32
number80dmsimard: nope, I'm hacking on rust pet project13:33
dmsimardah, rust looks fun.13:33
number80much more fun than RPM :>13:33
*** openstackgerrit has joined #rdo13:33
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v openstackgerrit13:33
dmsimardI'm eventually going to try out go or rust13:34
apevecoh no again that MrH :)13:34
* apevec reads back13:34
number80meh, I wanted to avoid issues for future me :)13:35
*** READ10 has joined #rdo13:35
*** jprovazn has joined #rdo13:36
*** rain has joined #rdo13:36
*** links has quit IRC13:36
*** rain is now known as leanderthal13:36
apevecdmsimard, are we sure  ValueError: Circular reference detected is caused by paramiko update?13:37
dmsimardapevec: Not sure about that but I'm pretty sure the other error is :p13:37
dmsimardit's a paramiko stacktrace13:38
*** jschwarz__ has joined #rdo13:38
dmsimardapevec: upstream in newton added a short lived compat layer13:38
apevecah two backtraces13:38
dmsimardthis compat layer probably doesn't exist in mitaka13:38
*** kgiusti has joined #rdo13:38
apevecthat's all just bad nova code :)13:39
dmsimardbah, meanwhile we're stuck with that13:39
*** ohochman has joined #rdo13:39
dmsimardalso, amoralej is killing it with all those test flapping fixes13:40
*** bdemers has joined #rdo13:40
dmsimardamoralej: did you end up figuring it that cirros thing for sure ?13:40
apevecwhere was the fix?13:40
amoralejthere is not fix yet13:40
amoralejit's in the backlog13:40
amoralejmy backlog13:41
dmsimardamoralej: ok, thanks13:41
dmsimardhttps://review.openstack.org/#/q/Id0ed2dc9ae962e701dbc8c8ab7d4791ea26ce987,n,z is pretty cool too.13:41
apevecyeah we had that in RPM13:41
amoraleji hope we will fix some with that too13:41
amoralejbut if we can reserve asap, even better13:41
*** jschwarz_ has quit IRC13:41
amoraleji found that several times also13:42
dmsimardoh wow it looks like pabelanger finally fixed the locale issue in https://github.com/openstack/diskimage-builder/blob/master/elements/yum-minimal/pre-install.d/03-yum-cleanup13:42
*** gfidente has quit IRC13:43
*** gfidente^2nd has joined #rdo13:43
dmsimardwe can try removing https://github.com/openstack/packstack/blob/master/run_tests.sh#L12613:43
*** gfidente^2nd is now known as gfidente13:43
pabelangerdmsimard: shocking13:44
*** sdake has joined #rdo13:44
dmsimardpabelanger: we no longer need to reinstall glibc now right?13:44
pabelangerdmsimard: Ya, you shouldn't with 1.16.113:45
jschlueterapevec: is openstack-glance -doc build disabled on the TODO list anywhere? just noticed the comment in the spec file13:45
pabelangerdmsimard: but we haven't updated images in the gate yet13:45
dmsimardpabelanger: ah, ok, I'll wait a bit13:45
*** rasca has quit IRC13:47
*** jpena|lunch is now known as jpena13:47
*** rasca has joined #rdo13:48
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo13:48
*** sdake has quit IRC13:49
*** dustins has joined #rdo13:49
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo13:50
*** dneary has quit IRC13:50
rdogerritJon Schlueter created openstack/heat-templates-distgit: remove alphatag as it's not used in spec file  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/115013:50
*** fzd has quit IRC13:51
*** egallen has quit IRC13:52
*** jaosorior has quit IRC13:52
*** egallen has joined #rdo13:53
*** ohamada has joined #rdo13:54
dmsimardlarsks: I think we're missing a relationship from task_result -> playbook_id13:54
dmsimardI'm trying to see how to fix the disconnect between the stats and the filters13:55
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/swift-distgit: Cleanup i18n  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/115113:55
larsksdmsimard: task_result->task->playbook_id13:55
larsksdmsimard: it's a transitive relationship.13:56
larsksI don't think we need to track it directly.13:56
*** tosky has quit IRC13:56
dmsimardlarsks: hm, I'm trying to see how to resolve the stats and filter disconnect13:56
*** pnavarro has quit IRC13:56
larsksLet me take a look.  Just have to spend a few minutes fiddling with some cables for a minute.13:56
dmsimardlarsks: bah, let me take a stab at it13:56
*** myoung|lunch is now known as myoung13:57
dmsimardthe gist of the issue is that 'ok' doesn't exist in a task result13:57
dmsimardit's something calculated by ansible for the stats13:57
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Move repo handling to plugins, add git repo plugin  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110013:57
*** tosky has joined #rdo13:58
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Move repo handling to plugins, add git repo plugin  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110013:58
*** bdemers has quit IRC13:59
*** visibilityspots has joined #rdo14:01
*** thrash has quit IRC14:01
*** vimal has quit IRC14:03
dmsimardbut whatever I do, I'm not able to get the amount of tasks the stats are showing.14:03
*** dneary has joined #rdo14:04
*** abregman has quit IRC14:04
larsksdmsimard: can you give me a particular link for that sample database that demonstrates the problem?14:06
*** Ted has quit IRC14:06
dmsimardlarsks: for example
dmsimardThere are 23 tasks in that playbook, the stats are showing 20 ok, 12 changed and 3 skipped (numbers make sense)14:07
dmsimardif I click on the host, I see 18 tasks14:07
*** cdearborn has joined #rdo14:08
*** Amita has quit IRC14:08
larsksIt looks like the list for the host does not include the "include" tasks.  Hence the difference (18 vs 20).14:09
*** thrash has joined #rdo14:10
*** thrash has quit IRC14:10
*** thrash has joined #rdo14:10
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo14:10
larsksdmsimard: and that's because there are no TaskResults for the include tasks.14:11
larsksE.g., try: select * from task_results where 'd217a872-0902-4759-a03d-67f548d88554';14:11
larskswhoops, typo.14:11
chandankumarlarsks, your patch looks good.14:11
larsksselect * from task_results where task_id = 'd217a872-0902-4759-a03d-67f548d88554';14:11
larskschandankumar: thanks, I will merge it, then.14:11
chandankumarlarsks, np :-)14:12
*** egafford has joined #rdo14:12
larsksdmsimard: (you still there?) we could just skip 'include' tasks altogether (e.g., not even bother logging them)14:12
*** zoli|lunch is now known as zoli|wfh14:13
chandankumarlarsks, what about moving rdostats project under rdo namespace?14:13
chandankumarapevec, ^^14:13
larskschandankumar: that is fine with me.14:13
*** vimal has joined #rdo14:17
rdogerritJavier Peña proposed DLRN: Move repo handling to plugins, add git repo plugin  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/110014:17
dmsimardlarsks: in a meeting half paying attention14:18
larsksdmsimard: hey, you started it ;)14:18
dmsimardlarsks: started it before the meeting started* :P14:19
*** eliska is now known as eliska-call14:21
*** absubram_ has joined #rdo14:27
*** absubram has quit IRC14:28
*** absubram_ is now known as absubram14:28
*** lkuchlan has quit IRC14:31
*** eliska-call is now known as eliska14:32
*** egallen has quit IRC14:32
*** egallen has joined #rdo14:33
rdogerritMerged openstack/instack-undercloud-distgit: Add requires for new packages  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/107414:34
*** mgarciam has joined #rdo14:36
*** aufi has joined #rdo14:38
*** hynekm has quit IRC14:39
*** mosulica has quit IRC14:39
*** vimal has quit IRC14:40
*** adahms has quit IRC14:43
*** ade_b has quit IRC14:43
*** mlammon has quit IRC14:47
*** mlammon has joined #rdo14:48
*** tshefi has quit IRC14:48
*** eliska has quit IRC14:49
*** itamarl has quit IRC14:49
*** bdemers has joined #rdo14:52
dmsimardlarsks: ok, back. So there are tasks for include tasks (eh) but no task results for them and that's the reason for the disconnect ?14:52
larsksRight.  Ansible never calls the task completion callback for include tasks.14:53
dmsimardI think we have no task result for that because it's a different method in the callback14:53
dmsimardlike v2_on_include or something14:53
dmsimardhang on14:53
larsksYes, there is an include callback available.14:53
larsksBut it's not clear that we actually want to synthesize a task result.14:53
dmsimardWe'd need to include it because it's included (hah) in the stats14:54
dmsimardotherwise there's a mismatch between the stats and the amount of tasks we display14:54
larsksIs there?  I thought that was the problem we had *now*.14:54
larsksOh, wait, I think I see.14:54
larsksdmsimard: We still have a problem.14:57
larsksTask results are *per host*.  Include files *are not*.14:57
*** gildub has joined #rdo14:57
*** ohochman has quit IRC14:57
*** ohochman has joined #rdo14:58
dmsimardThey could be ? Include: blah.yml when: var is defined14:58
larsksThat makes handling them in the callback difficult, because ansible doesn't provide the on_include callback with any host information.14:58
*** ohochman has left #rdo14:59
*** rhallisey has quit IRC14:59
*** rhallisey has joined #rdo14:59
*** ade_b has joined #rdo15:00
dmsimardhm, I'll look15:00
larsksdmsimard: Honestly, I am calling "ansible bug" on this one :)15:01
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:01
*** coolsvap has joined #rdo15:01
*** satya4ever_ has quit IRC15:03
dmsimardLooks like they handle includes as a special case too https://github.com/ansible/ansible/blob/devel/lib/ansible/plugins/callback/default.py#L6815:03
*** fultonj has quit IRC15:04
*** gildub has quit IRC15:04
*** fultonj has joined #rdo15:05
*** sdake_ is now known as sdake15:06
dmsimardlarsks: we have access to the items from within the include callback15:07
larsksdmsimard: more importantly we seem to have access to the *hosts* from within the include callback.15:07
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/neutron-distgit: Cleanup i18n  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/115215:07
larsksIn the _hosts key.15:07
dmsimardyeah so we could probably use that15:08
larsksThat other stuff doesn't get us anything, because the missing information is "what host is this associated with".15:08
larsksI think the solution is to call log_tasks once per host with a synthesized result object.15:08
*** weshay is now known as weshay_mtg15:09
*** absubram has quit IRC15:12
*** fragatina has joined #rdo15:12
*** ushkalim has quit IRC15:12
*** dtrainor has joined #rdo15:14
rdogerritSteven Hardy created openstack/mistral-distgit: Add dependency on python-designateclient  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/115315:14
*** fultonj has quit IRC15:16
larsksdmsimard: https://github.com/dmsimard/ara/pull/3815:16
*** pilasguru has joined #rdo15:16
*** fragatina has quit IRC15:16
*** aufi has quit IRC15:20
dmsimardlarsks: ah, yes15:20
*** fultonj has joined #rdo15:22
*** jprovazn has quit IRC15:23
*** vaneldik has quit IRC15:23
dmsimardlarsks: trying it out15:25
*** jlibosva has quit IRC15:26
rdogerritMerged openstack/heat-templates-distgit: remove alphatag as it's not used in spec file  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/115015:27
*** ayoung has joined #rdo15:28
*** belmoreira has quit IRC15:28
dmsimardlarsks: wfm, perfect15:29
dmsimardshall I merge15:29
*** READ10 has quit IRC15:30
EmilienMsorry for asking that but can I have a timeframe of having correct deps for newton?15:31
*** Liuqing has joined #rdo15:31
*** JuanDRay has joined #rdo15:31
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:32
*** pilasguru1 has joined #rdo15:32
apevecI need to setup separate target, standalone common which was requrested15:32
larsksdmsimard: yeah, go ahead!15:32
*** yfried has quit IRC15:33
apevecI'm thinking about hierarchy15:33
dmsimardapevec: if you need help let me know15:33
larsksalso, take a look at recent fixes to https://github.com/dmsimard/ara/pull/3715:33
dmsimardtesting the new common or some other stuff15:33
apevecdmsimard, oh, you didn't figure it out already? :)15:33
dmsimardapevec: I don't follow15:33
apevecjoking that you've already solved it, as usual :)15:34
apevechere are constraints: we can't use common tag, that goes into all testing/release repos15:34
*** pilasguru1 is now known as pilasguru15:34
*** KarlchenK has quit IRC15:34
apevecso we can either create usual set of tags for newton15:35
apevecor create something which can be used for standalone deps repo15:35
*** enriquetaso has joined #rdo15:35
*** KarlchenK has joined #rdo15:35
apevecI'm not sure how that something would fit with existing tag hierarchy15:36
dmsimardwhat's the problem doing the same thing as we did for mitaka ?15:36
*** ohochman has joined #rdo15:36
*** pilasguru1 has joined #rdo15:36
EmilienMyeah, good question15:36
apevecit's one solution, I'm trying to figure out if I could prepare us for that standalone repo15:36
apevecand what versions would be in that repo15:36
*** pilasguru has quit IRC15:37
apevecalso if we create newton repo with deps only, it might confuse folks (as it did in the past) if it were deps only w/o openstack-* yet15:37
*** pilasguru1 is now known as pilasguru15:38
*** jistr has quit IRC15:38
EmilienM++ for repo versionning15:38
apevecbut anyway, let me request "classic" newton CBS tags15:38
*** akshai has joined #rdo15:38
apevecand keep standalone deps in the background-though-mode15:38
dmsimardstandalone repo, like the release repository you mean ?15:39
*** mvk has quit IRC15:39
rdogerritMerged openstack/mistral-distgit: Add dependency on python-designateclient  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/115315:41
*** hrw has quit IRC15:42
apevecdmsimard, it's all TBD, for start we need pabelanger to kick the thread on rdo-list to define the use-case, request came from him on RDO BoF, for upstream infra usage15:42
dmsimardayoung: noob question, if I create a _member_ role (cause it's no longer created by default, right).. and then I create a user, a project and add the user to that project. Should he be given the _member_ role automatically ? It used to be that way iirc but I'm probably missing something.15:43
pabelangerapevec: dmsimard: Sorry, I've been focus on other stuff atm. Let me get some notes / thoughts.15:44
*** hrw has joined #rdo15:44
*** hynekm has joined #rdo15:44
*** hynekm has quit IRC15:45
EmilienMdmsimard: no15:46
EmilienMdmsimard: afik new users don't have _member_15:47
EmilienMsince mitaka maybe?15:47
dmsimardEmilienM: it used to be that way, though, no ?15:47
dmsimardEmilienM: so is there a config in keystone now to automatically assign a role ?15:47
EmilienMsee https://review.openstack.org/30735215:47
EmilienMI don't think so15:47
dmsimardthat's why I was asking the expert :)15:47
pabelangerdmsimard: apevec: This was specific to rolling OVS bits into a repo outside of the RDO main repo.  Plus, maybe CI specific repo for shade dependencies.  But will bring it up on ML15:47
*** rhallisey has quit IRC15:48
*** chandankumar has quit IRC15:51
dmsimardlarsks: if you have nothing else to add, that PR lgtm15:52
larsksI think I'm all set.15:52
*** severion has quit IRC15:53
dmsimardlarsks: oh, we should probably move that diplay_result macro to the macros file ?15:55
*** leanderthal is now known as leanderthal|afk15:55
*** garrett has quit IRC15:56
larsksI didn't think so (because it is particular to that one template).15:56
*** JuanDRay has quit IRC15:56
*** edannon has quit IRC15:57
*** Liuqing has quit IRC15:57
*** fragatina has joined #rdo15:57
dmsimardlarsks: do you mind if I improve it's readability with indentation https://gist.github.com/dmsimard/e0b6ca95981ff85ded69bb22e33f06ea ? I prefer template readability to html niceness when viewing from source.15:58
openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Reserve keystone admin ports in test executions  https://review.openstack.org/31742215:59
*** v1k0d3n has joined #rdo15:59
*** absubram has joined #rdo16:04
*** zoli|wfh is now known as zoli|gone16:05
ayoungdmsimard, nope16:05
ayoungwith v2 there was an API "add user to project" that would set whatever the default role was...that is set in the config file16:06
ayoungdmsimard, in V3 you just assign the user a role on the project always16:06
*** zoli|gone is now known as zoli_gone-proxy16:06
dmsimardayoung: that's sort of inconvenient :/16:06
dmsimardcreate user, create project, add user to project, set role16:06
dmsimardthat's 4 steps to get a user to work16:07
ayoungdmsimard, the config option is http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/keystone/tree/keystone/common/config.py#n10116:07
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC16:07
*** fragatina has quit IRC16:07
ayoungdmsimard, no need for "add user to proejct" in v316:07
ayoungjust assign user role on project.16:07
ayoungdmsimard, which are you using, v2 or v3?16:07
*** fragatina has joined #rdo16:07
* ayoung hopes answer is v316:08
ayoungcreate user, create project, assign user role on project16:08
*** jschwarz__ has quit IRC16:08
dmsimardthe user role would be the _member_ that I created prior ?16:08
larsksdmsimard: I updated the pr with your formatting.16:08
ayoungdmsimard, yes, or any other.  Right now, there is no role specific logic in the RBAC (I know...) other than for Admin16:09
dmsimardlarsks: but I merged that16:09
ayoungdmsimard, I thought we were createing a Memeber role now.16:09
*** amuller is now known as amuller_afk16:09
dmsimardayoung: well, I'm not talking about tripleo or packstack right now16:09
* ayoung just tore down his working cluster16:09
dmsimardthis is an installation driven solely by puppet16:09
ayoungdmsimard, and no default sample data?16:09
imcsk8apevec: i'll try to upload the file again16:10
dmsimardayoung: well, right now I only create the _member_ role16:12
ayoungdmsimard, that will work.  But the name was an attempt to not step on Member which we didn't know if it would be there or not.  Member is a better name.  Whatever you like, though.16:13
ayounghacks upon hacks16:13
dmsimardI can create Member too, I'm not particularly attached to the _member_ name16:13
dmsimardmy question was around the role assignment that seemed to be required16:13
dmsimardbut I'll do some more testing16:14
dmsimardI haven't played a whole lot with v3 yet16:14
imcsk8jpena: i'm reading your email :)16:14
dmsimardjpena: I recalled just now, I sent you some messages yesterday but didn't realize you were on PTO16:14
jpenaimcsk8: cool, let me know what you think16:14
dmsimardjpena: I think it's pretty bad that the dlrn CI returned green for those puppet module source file updates16:14
*** mgould has quit IRC16:15
dmsimardjpena: the obvious example was puppet-tuskar which had no tarballs upstream16:15
jpenadmsimard: dlrn just ignores whatever is in Source0, so that's expected16:15
dmsimardthis means we just merged all of these updates without knowing if they actually worked16:15
*** mgould has joined #rdo16:15
jpenathey work for dlrn, but they could fail for koji16:15
dmsimardwhich reminds me, there *are* koji-something jobs in software factory16:16
dmsimardmaybe they're meant for that16:16
*** degorenko is now known as _degorenko|afk16:16
jpenathat's an option16:16
*** spr2 has joined #rdo16:17
*** rhallisey has joined #rdo16:17
*** oshvartz has quit IRC16:17
dmsimardthe stuff here: https://review.rdoproject.org/r/gitweb?p=config.git;a=blob;f=jobs/distgit.yaml;h=889d38fa711e3fe07bb6d379c6bf1af7f6085d6e;hb=HEAD16:18
dmsimardthat I have no idea how it works :D16:18
*** xinwu has joined #rdo16:20
*** chandankumar has joined #rdo16:21
*** dgurtner has quit IRC16:22
*** jtomasek has quit IRC16:22
rdogerritJon Schlueter created openstack/dib-utils-distgit: prune changelog from rpm-master  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/115416:23
dmsimardlarsks: I cut a new release and uploaded to pypi, I'll update demo database when a few runs comes back16:23
*** saneax_AFK is now known as saneax16:23
dmsimardAre we ready to show this to the world ? :D16:26
*** dgurtner has joined #rdo16:27
ayoungdmsimard, http://paste.openstack.org/show/497382/16:28
*** racedo has quit IRC16:29
*** noslzzp_ has joined #rdo16:29
dmsimardayoung: yeah I was hoping the Member role could be set by default16:29
ayoungdmsimard, how?16:30
ayoungdmsimard, you might be able to do that...16:30
ayoungbut it takes a config change16:30
ayounglet me see...16:30
dmsimardayoung: the same way it was for v216:30
ayoungdmsimard, there is was "add user to project" or "set default project"16:31
ayoungso you could (and I think still can) set the default project in the user create, but i don't think there is any way to do the automatic role assignment.16:31
ayoungIf there is, it is in the user create path.16:31
ayounglet me look16:31
dmsimardBut there was a default role assignment before, right, I'm not crazy16:32
*** Son_Goku has quit IRC16:32
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch16:32
*** noslzzp has quit IRC16:32
dmsimardI have to afk for food but I'll follow up after16:32
ayoungdmsimard, you can only do that in V2, and I won't suggest you use it. Its deprecated.16:33
*** mgould has quit IRC16:36
*** mgould has joined #rdo16:36
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC16:37
*** rasca has quit IRC16:37
*** rasca has joined #rdo16:38
*** devvesa has quit IRC16:43
imcsk8jpena: thanks for the feedback16:45
imcsk8jpena: i think you got right the whole point of the refactor, i've cc'ed to EmilienM to see what he thinks about it16:46
*** derekh has quit IRC16:46
jpenaimcsk8: cool16:46
*** jhershbe has quit IRC16:46
imcsk8jpena: i like the module suggestion, please check my answer to see if i undersood correctly16:47
*** panda has quit IRC16:48
*** panda has joined #rdo16:48
*** xinwu has quit IRC16:49
*** amuller_afk is now known as amuller16:54
*** ushkalim has joined #rdo16:54
*** choirboy has joined #rdo16:54
rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/heat-distgit: Cleanup i18n  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/115516:54
*** mgould has quit IRC16:54
*** jhershbe has joined #rdo16:55
*** ushkalim_ has joined #rdo16:56
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*** jlibosva has joined #rdo17:00
chandankumarapevec, jpena how to keep track how many people participated in RDO Bug Traige Day?17:00
apevecrbowen might have suggestion, but we can use the same "methodology" as for test days17:01
apeveci.e. count folks active on IRC17:01
*** saneax is now known as saneax_AFK17:01
apevecbz query during that time period17:01
chandankumarotherwise we can use bugzilla api to find bugs updated and by whom17:01
apevecyeah, data mining in BZ :)17:01
chandankumarapevec, https://chandankumar.fedorapeople.org/20160517/17:02
chandankumarit is the list of untraiged bug generated using rdostat tool17:02
*** shivrao has quit IRC17:02
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-dinner17:02
*** jhershbe has quit IRC17:02
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk17:03
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*** laron has joined #rdo17:06
*** ushkalim_ has quit IRC17:06
*** ushkalim has quit IRC17:07
*** sshnaidm has quit IRC17:08
rbowenchandankumar: One possibility is to log IRC and then count usernames.17:08
rbowenchandankumar: It's not very accurate, though.17:08
rbowenAnother is to count comments/changes on tickets, and count usernames.17:08
*** thrash is now known as thrash|biab17:08
chandankumarrbowen, second one is more feasible.17:09
chandankumarrbowen, do we need to forward this email internally https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2016-May/msg00080.html ?17:10
*** visibilityspots has quit IRC17:10
rbowenchandankumar: It certainly woudln't hurt. People *should* be following rdo-list, but sometimes things get lost in the noise.17:10
*** egallen has quit IRC17:11
*** visibilityspots has joined #rdo17:11
chandankumarrbowen, if you are loginned, please do that.17:11
chandankumarrbowen, Thanks :-)17:11
*** dmsimard has quit IRC17:13
*** mgarciam has quit IRC17:13
*** Goneri has quit IRC17:13
*** mgarciam has joined #rdo17:14
*** dmsimard has joined #rdo17:16
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*** jpena is now known as jpena|off17:21
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*** unclemahc|westfo is now known as unclemarc17:41
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rdogerritAlfredo Moralejo created openstack/ceilometer-distgit: Cleanup i18n  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/115617:43
openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Remove eventlet support for Keystone  https://review.openstack.org/30770317:44
openstackgerritMerged openstack/packstack: Revert "Dashboard's local_settings file should not be world readable"  https://review.openstack.org/29482517:44
*** ppradhan has left #rdo17:45
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dmsimardtrown: I didn't really make progress on tripleo promotion on the new dlrn instance while you were out. We last agreed that we would not store the job in JJB and that we would change the script that runs as a cron in tripleo-ci.18:31
dmsimardDid we follow up with derekh to complete the work on the script side ?18:31
trowndmsimard: I talked with him earlier today about that, I took the action to submit a patch for tripleo-ci once we have something in RDO18:33
dmsimardWhat do we need on our end ?18:34
trowndmsimard: is that the only thing blocking moving to the new dlrn instance?18:34
*** rhallisey has quit IRC18:35
*** rhallisey has joined #rdo18:36
*** akrivoka has quit IRC18:36
*** saneax_AFK is now known as saneax18:38
dmsimardtrown: Right now tripleo uses trunk.rdoproject.org with their symlink. Once the migration is over, they'll want to use the buildlogs repo, right ? They're okay with the latency between promotion and CDN replication ?18:38
chandankumarrbowen, ping pm?18:39
dmsimardThere'll be two options available, either buildlogs or the passive instance18:40
*** saneax is now known as saneax_AFK18:41
*** akshai has quit IRC18:43
rdogerrittrown created openstack/ironic-distgit: Do TFTP/iPXE setup in packaging  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/115718:48
trowndmsimard: what is the latency?18:48
dmsimardnon-zero :)18:48
*** chandankumar has quit IRC18:49
dmsimardright now it's sync'd every 2 hours, we can drop that down but even when it is synchronized, the cdn will not update immediately18:49
trownwell.. there is already non-zero latency between merge and dlrn build, so it is probably fine18:49
*** racedo_ has joined #rdo18:50
dmsimardtrown: what's the story behind https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/1157/ ? That looks pretty tripleo centric and not generic/upstream ironic to me18:50
trowndmsimard: try using ironic without that :P18:51
dmsimardI left $oldjob just as we were standing up ironic but it wasn't my project :(18:51
trowndmsimard: it is moving stuff from instack-undercloud bash into packaging so it can be used for ironic in the overcloud as well18:51
trowndmsimard: and we are getting rid of all bash elements in instack-undercloud https://review.openstack.org/#/c/31293218:52
*** racedo has quit IRC18:52
dmsimardyeah I can understand that, I was just wondering if as a user I'd expect those to be part of the ironic packaging18:52
*** visibilityspots has quit IRC18:53
trownwell without some method to provide images, ironic is not very useful18:53
*** racedo__ has joined #rdo18:53
dmsimardour job is to package ironic, though, not make it work18:54
dmsimardwell, that statement was weird18:54
*** racedo_ has quit IRC18:54
trowndmsimard: nope18:54
trownotherwise why would we provide systemd unit files and the like with packaging18:55
trownin any case it is not tripleo specific... it is steps that need to be done to make ironic usable18:58
*** ade_b has quit IRC18:58
*** Son_Goku has joined #rdo18:59
*** akshai has joined #rdo18:59
dmsimardyeah I just looked at how it worked in devstack (tm)18:59
dmsimardI wrongly assumed it was tripleo specific due to it being ported from instack19:00
*** dpeacock has quit IRC19:01
trownthere is definitely stuff that can be cleaned up in that patch though... like moving xinetd.d/tftp to a file in packaging rather than a heredoc19:01
trownI just wanted to get something rough up so that I can test it19:02
*** akshai_ has joined #rdo19:02
*** akshai has quit IRC19:04
trowndmsimard: are the rpms from dlrn CI available for consumption?19:07
dmsimardtrown: tristanC might know19:08
dmsimardthey're supposed to be at one point for sure because we want to hook weirdo jobs using dlrn ci repos19:08
dmsimardbut I haven't discussed with him around that in detail yet19:08
* tristanC looking at jobs configuration19:09
dmsimardwhich reminds me I still haven't set up the logging recovery from the dlrn ci jobs19:09
dmsimardtristanC: were you able to get logging to work during the summit ?19:10
tristanCdmsimard: oups, nop, got sidetracked on the weirdo stuff19:11
*** shivrao_ has joined #rdo19:12
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tristanCtrown: well we could activate artifacts publishing to swift storage, then you could be able to point your local yum to the newly created repo19:27
tristanCi mean, for DLRN-rpmbuild output19:27
*** shivrao has quit IRC19:28
trowntristanC: ya in the job it looks like it copies everything to "artifacts/" where is that? https://review.rdoproject.org/jenkins/job/DLRN-rpmbuild/394/console19:28
*** nyechiel has quit IRC19:30
tristanCtrown: it's the standard name used by the zuul-swift-upload publisher (see configjobs/sf_jjb_conf.yaml +27)19:30
*** spr has joined #rdo19:31
*** shivrao_ has quit IRC19:32
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo19:32
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hrwapevec, number80: for info: I am doing build of OpenStack under RHELSA to check how it runs there19:40
*** ihrachys has joined #rdo19:41
*** dprince has quit IRC19:41
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*** adrian_otto has joined #rdo20:15
adrian_ottoHey RDO pros, can you help me find the right people to ask about this: https://github.com/CentOS/sig-cloud-instance-images/issues/5720:16
*** jbrooks has quit IRC20:16
adrian_ottoit's an apparent problem with the CentOS 6.7 yum repo that affects the centos:centos6 docker image.20:16
adrian_ottoprevents me from installing a bunch of different packages.20:17
adrian_ottoI have tried a few different mirrors and they all act the same way.20:18
*** ccamacho has quit IRC20:18
*** laron has quit IRC20:20
*** kgiusti has left #rdo20:21
*** laron has joined #rdo20:21
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*** akshai has joined #rdo20:25
hrwadrian_otto: looks like iproute got deps totally wrong20:25
*** fragatin_ has quit IRC20:26
*** akshai_ has joined #rdo20:26
*** shivrao has quit IRC20:27
adrian_ottohrw: yes, sir.20:27
*** shivrao has joined #rdo20:27
*** pkunicki has quit IRC20:27
*** fragatina has joined #rdo20:27
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*** shivrao has quit IRC20:28
hrwadrian_otto: can you check 'yum install util-linux-ng'? how it will end20:28
*** fragatina has joined #rdo20:29
hrwadrian_otto: and 'yum list libblkid' please20:29
*** jbrooks has joined #rdo20:29
*** akshai has quit IRC20:30
adrian_ottohrw: checking20:33
adrian_ottohrw: the `yum install util-linux-ng` has the same outcome as attempting to install iproute.20:34
*** READ10 has quit IRC20:34
hrwadrian_otto: iproute depends on util-linux-ng20:35
hrwadrian_otto: check the second one20:35
adrian_ottohere is what the yum list returns for libblkid20:35
adrian_ottolibblkid.x86_64                     2.17.2-12.24.el6                     @CR/6.720:35
adrian_ottoAvailable Packages20:35
adrian_ottolibblkid.i686                       2.17.2-12.18.el6                     base20:35
hrwutil-linux-ng wants older version of libblkid than you have so yum tries to provide i686 one instead20:35
adrian_ottothe first one is labeled "Installed Packages"20:35
adrian_ottoso is there a way to work around this?20:36
rdogerrittrown proposed openstack/ironic-distgit: Do TFTP/iPXE setup in packaging  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/115720:36
hrwadrian_otto: rebuild util-linux-ng20:36
hrwadrian_otto: also open a bug20:37
adrian_ottois the bug I linked above in the right place?20:37
hrwif all packages are from centos repos then I would report in bugs.centos.org20:37
*** laron has quit IRC20:38
adrian_ottoexcellent, thank you, hrw!20:39
*** jlibosva has quit IRC20:39
*** rcernin has quit IRC20:41
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*** shardy has quit IRC20:53
adrian_ottoJust learned that if I specify centos:centos6.7 instead of centos:centos6, that works. Also Jim Perrin mentioned that he will push up a fix for this tonight.20:53
adrian_ottoso the 0e0df567c3e1 version of centos:centos6 is busted.20:53
*** cwolferh has quit IRC20:54
*** absubram has joined #rdo20:55
*** absubram_ has joined #rdo20:56
*** sdake_ has joined #rdo20:58
hrwapevec: fio 2.2.10-1.el7 from openstack-mitaka/common does not build on aarch64. 4712099cfcc13fa720484c9f95c2d0a581c6a5e5 is probably fix but not tested it yet20:59
*** sdake has quit IRC21:00
*** absubram has quit IRC21:01
*** absubram_ is now known as absubram21:01
*** julim has quit IRC21:01
EmilienMimcsk8: Hi what's up?21:02
*** trown is now known as trown|outtypewww21:02
imcsk8EmilienM: oh jpena|off and i where bouncing ideas around packstack refactor, i cc'ed on one of the mails21:02
*** bdemers has quit IRC21:03
EmilienMimcsk8: oh, ok just saw the email. I'll look21:03
*** athomas has quit IRC21:03
imcsk8EmilienM: since you're better at puppet than us i thought of getting your opinion :)21:03
*** pilasguru has quit IRC21:04
imcsk8EmilienM: we're modifying packstack to run only one manifest per host and by doing so we're fixing a lot of redundant and deprecated stuff we've been carrying for years21:05
*** paramite has quit IRC21:07
EmilienMlol I'm so bad in puppet why people thinks I'm good21:07
EmilienMimcsk8: I'll read it and reply tonight or tomorrow! thanks for sharing21:07
imcsk8EmilienM: hahahaha if you think you're bad at puppet i don't what to think what's my level :P21:08
*** dsneddon_ has quit IRC21:10
hrwall I can say is 'wth is puppet' ;D21:10
*** dustins has quit IRC21:12
* hrw off21:13
*** ohochman has quit IRC21:18
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*** ccamacho has joined #rdo21:45
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apevecjruzicka, so what do we do with patch reviews in rpmf, just leave it open, how does rdopkg update-patches gets them?21:47
apevecI have one for swift mitaka: https://review.rdoproject.org/r/1145 and update-patches worked b/c I had it in local mitaka-patches branch21:48
*** ccamacho has quit IRC21:50
*** fultonj has quit IRC21:51
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*** sdake_ is now known as sdake21:54
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*** fragatin_ has joined #rdo22:29
dmsimardoh, look22:31
dmsimardanother telemetry project https://github.com/jd/panko22:31
pradkdmsimard, hehe yep22:32
dmsimardpradk: we're going to need to package that for newton I guess ?22:32
pradkdmsimard, we split out meters, alarms and now events22:32
*** fragatina has quit IRC22:32
pradkdmsimard, yea we will have to once its officially in.. one day we wont have ceilometer anymore hopefully22:33
dmsimardpradk: as long as it doesn't become a dependency of something as soon as it's in and blocks trunk until it's packaged .. :)22:34
pradkyea i understand the pain22:35
*** ccamacho has joined #rdo22:37
dmsimardpradk: <322:39
dmsimardlarsks: I'm still lost in that stats mismatch thing.22:40
dmsimardIt doesn't add up at all.22:40
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dmsimardOne thing I noticed is that if there are two actions in a task (i.e, with_items), if one succeeds and the other fails, it's reported as both changed and failed22:46
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dmsimardso it's effectively one task with two statuses.. sort of like in my PoC when I displayed failed+ignored22:47
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dmsimardthat's probably where the mistake is22:48
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imcsk8dmsimard: have you hit this error during a packstack run? Error: /Stage[main]/Main/Nova_flavor[m1.large]/ensure: change from absent to present failed: Could not authenticate23:05
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imcsk8in this setup the admin user is not a member of the services project and i'm getting that error23:12
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openstackgerritIvan Chavero proposed openstack/packstack: -WIP- Packstack manifest unification  https://review.openstack.org/30751923:43
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