Friday, 2016-04-01

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openstackgerritjunjie.huang proposed openstack/watcher: Workload balance migration strategy implementation
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openstackgerritjunjie.huang proposed openstack/watcher: Workload balance migration strategy implementation
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vtechGood morning guys, jed56, vincentfrancoise, so I suggest removing watcher_non_live_migrate_instance and adding cold_migrate_instance in The implementation of cold_migrate_instance will be similar to implementation of built_in_non_live_migrate_instance in What I don't understand is what is the NovaWrapper class used for. And why are the same functions implemented in and nova_helper.py07:39
jed56hello vtech07:40
jed56nova_wrapper is the ancestor of nova_helper07:40
jed56I think during the refactoring we removed the wrong version of the cold migration07:41
jed56I'm not sure that we can specify the destination of VM during a cold migraiton07:41
jed56It was maybe the reason of our cold migration07:42
vtechit's possible for sure07:42
vtechok, now it's clear07:42
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vtechjed56, it seems you are right, there is now way how to specify destinatation hypervisor in cold_migration - this is strange.08:03
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vtechjed56, was the watcher_non_live_migrate_instance previously working as expected? your implementation seems to be fine, although I think it worth to give a shout to nova guys to add an option to choose destination hypervisor in cold migration as implementing this in watcher is IMO ugly solution.08:22
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jed56vtech, yes i was working on our infrastructure not sure on "real life"09:20
jed56we can maybe ask the nova team09:20
jed56I agree it is ugly :)09:20
jed56i was the only solution i found09:20
jed56on the previous version of openstack09:21
vtechI asked already09:50
vtechand it went huge :D09:50
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jed56NP-Hard !11:50
jed56vtech :)11:51
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vtechjed56, heh?12:03
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jed56you said that went huge => :)12:08
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vtechjed56, so the conclusion is that cold migration currently doesn't support target hypervisor specification. Nevertheless this will be added to nova eventually. Until then I would just go with your solution.13:19
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jed56vtech, okay could you please verify that everything is working ?13:42
jed56this code was design for Icehouse13:43
jed56i think :)13:43
vtechright, I will give it a spin.13:43
jed56great, thanks a lot13:48
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anem0nei have a question about unit tests15:14
anem0nei've pulled master yesterday, and from that i have such errors in tests:15:14
anem0neoslo_config.cfg.NoSuchOptError: no such option in group DEFAULT: watcher_clients_auth15:14
anem0nedo you know what is wrong ?15:14
anem0nebug ? wrong conf option ?15:15
vincentfrancoiseHi anem0ne15:16
vincentfrancoiselooks a bit odd15:17
anem0nevincentfrancoise: hello15:17
vincentfrancoisehow many tests are failing?15:17
anem0nevincentfrancoise: I'm writing my own strategy, and all my tests are failing, but before pulling master, everything was ok, tests was passing15:18
anem0nebut there is more errors15:19
anem0netesttools.matchers._impl.MismatchError: 'SUCCEEDED' != u'FAILED'15:19
anem0nein watcher.tests.decision_engine.audit.test_default_audit_handler.TestDefaultAuditHandler.test_trigger_audit_state_success15:19
anem0neBad response: 400 Bad Request (not 200 OK or 3xx redirect for http://localhost/v1/audit_templates)15:19
anem0nein watcher.tests.api.v1.test_audit_templates.TestPost.test_create_audit_template_generate_uuid15:20
anem0neat least 10 tests from upstream is failing15:20
anem0neon my side15:20
anem0neit's a bit strange for me, because everything was working, have you pushed changes that could break things ?15:22
vincentfrancoiseit can't be15:22
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vincentfrancoisethe merge process goes through running all the tests15:22
vincentfrancoiseyou can try cloning once again  (say in /tmp) and run the tests in there to compare15:23
vincentfrancoisebut the tests you are pointing out clearly shouldn't be breaking15:26
anem0nevincentfrancoise: hmm... could be that, i have something broken on my side (some requirements)15:26
anem0neoki, checking15:26
anem0nevincentfrancoise: just to be sure, can you tell me how you run all unit test s?15:27
vincentfrancoiseso basically you just need to run "tox"15:28
openstackgerritVincent Mahe proposed openstack/watcher-specs: Provide efficacy indicators
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anem0nevincentfrancoise:  - Failed: 14 :/15:35
anem0nevincentfrancoise: you want see it ?15:36
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anem0nevincentfrancoise: sorry, need to go, I will be deeply checking this problem. Maybe it's something on my side15:40
vincentfrancoiseanem0ne: sorry I'm back15:45
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vincentfrancoiseanem0ne: so did you run these tests from a clean clone?15:56
vincentfrancoiseanem0ne: ok so I did clone and run the tests on my machine16:02
vincentfrancoiseon master16:03
vincentfrancoiseand everything's fine for me16:03
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