Thursday, 2016-03-31

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openstackgerritjunjie.huang proposed openstack/watcher: Workload balance migration strategy implementation
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apoorvhi vincent: there's no watcher_strategies section in example of configuration file06:58
jed56hi apporv07:00
jed56What example of the configuration file are you looking at?07:01
jed56In the watcher.conf file there  is not watcher_strategies07:03
jed56you can only defined the goals07:03
jed56but in the current version a goal in link to a strategy07:04
jed56watcher_strategies is in the setup.cfg file07:04
apoorvso should i copy this to watcher.conf file07:06
jed56no, what do you want to achieve ? :)07:08
apoorvi just want to create an audit template by defining a goal and for defining a goal i need a strategy entrypoint right?07:11
jed56by default you can create an audit template with the DUMMY goal07:13
jed56if you want to add a new goal07:13
jed56you need  update the section watcher_goals07:13
jed56my_strategy_1 is the unique id of the strategy07:14
jed56my_strategy_1 is defined in entry points in the setup.cfg file07:15
jed56e.g: dummy = thirdparty.dummy:DummyStrategy07:15
jed56my_strategy_1 = my_strategy_implementation_class07:16
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vtechhello guys, vincentfrancoise, last week, we've discussed adding cold migration support to Watcher. If there still is an interest I could do it.07:52
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vincentfrancoiseHi vtech07:54
vincentfrancoisewell yes you can go for it07:55
vincentfrancoisejust create a BP for it and ask acabot to see if you need a spec or if it can get approved as-is07:56
vincentfrancoisevtech: but IMHO, you won't need a full spec, the BP description should be enough07:57
vtechvincentfrancoise, ok, thanks. Today I will take a look on what changes will it require and submit a blueprint.08:06
vincentfrancoiseThanks for the initiative :)08:07
vtechbut as far as i can see right now, I will just add elif migrattion.type=='cold' here - and add _cold_migration function.08:09
vincentfrancoiseseems like it08:11
vincentfrancoisemaybe a BP is overkill then08:11
vincentfrancoisejust create a bug as whichlist then08:11
vincentfrancoisegive me the reference08:12
vincentfrancoiseand I'll mark it as triaged08:12
vincentfrancoiseThe only issue is that it won't be useful as long as we haven't introduce action parameters08:12
vtechstrategy can choose the type08:13
vtechI can adapt ours08:13
vincentfrancoiseoh yeah true08:13
vincentfrancoiseI got confused with the block/non-block problem08:14
vtechno, block/non block only applies on live migration08:15
vincentfrancoiseyes that's why I said I got confused :)08:16
vtechand i see nova helper already provides a cold migration function - so it really should be only a one file modification08:22
vincentfrancoisevtech: not sure but I think this function is unused and untested so you would have to add some tests for it as well08:24
vtechoh right, shall i still go only with a bug spec then?08:25
vtechI think yes08:27
vincentfrancoisea bug seems Ok since the action was already written in a way that was expecting the cold migration to be implemented08:27
vincentfrancoiseyou are basically filling the gap08:27
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openstackLaunchpad bug 1564297 in watcher "Add missing cold (non-live) VM migration support" [Undecided,New]08:43
vincentfrancoisevtech: done08:44
vtechvincentfrancoise, I don't see a way how to mark it ''wishlist'08:44
vincentfrancoiserefresh I made a mistake at first08:44
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vincentfrancoiseit's in the "Importance" field08:45
vtechvincentfrancoise, it is only changeable by project maintainer.08:48
vincentfrancoiseoh ok makes sense08:48
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apoorvwhat to do after make any changes in watcher.conf09:09
vincentfrancoiseHi apoorv09:10
vincentfrancoiseif you make some changes into watcher.conf09:10
vincentfrancoiseyou need to restart the Watcher services09:10
apoorvand also soecifying goal as DUMMY in template create works but BASIC_CONSOLIDATION doesn't09:13
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vincentfrancoiseapoorv: can you detail what doesn't actually work with BASIC_CONSOLIDATION?09:14
apoorvwatcher audit-template-create my_three_audit BASIC_CONSOLIDATION09:14
apoorvit shows BASIC_CONSOLIDATION (HTTP 400)09:15
vincentfrancoisecan you run "watcher --debug audit-template-create my_three_audit BASIC_CONSOLIDATION" and pastebin me the output please?09:17
vincentfrancoiseapoorv: audit template names should be unique, so can you try again with a brand new audit template name?09:26
vincentfrancoiseapoorv: if the problem isn't solved like this, this would mean that there is a problem on the server side (it should be logged)09:27
apoorvwhere is the keyword DUMMY defined09:35
vincentfrancoiseDUMMY is the goal we set by default in Watcher (mapped to the 'dummy' strategy)09:36
vincentfrancoiseso unless you change the 'goals' option in the [watcher_goals] section, this is the only goal that will be available to you09:37
vincentfrancoiseso you should have it set to something like: goals=DUMMY:dummy,BASIC_CONSOLIDATION:basic09:38
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apoorvokay it works after restarting all watcher services10:20
vincentfrancoiseapoorv: nice!10:20
vincentfrancoiseapoorv: FYI, the way goals are mapped will change very soon10:20
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openstackgerritAlexander Chadin proposed openstack/watcher-specs: Add Overload standard deviation strategy spec
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openstackgerritTomasz Kaczynski proposed openstack/watcher-specs: Add specification for Watcher Scoring Module
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tkaczynskihi guys. Jenkins build failed when verifying my spec update:
tkaczynskiis this  known issue? there is no error, just some time out12:32
vincentfrancoisetkaczynski: I guess this is some random failure12:33
vincentfrancoiseyou can re-run the test by issue the magic "recheck" comment12:33
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Updated purge to now include goals and strategies
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Added /strategies endpoint in Watcher API
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Documentation update for get-goal-from-strategy
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openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/watcher: Remove watcher_goals section from devstack plugin
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tkaczynskivincentfrancoise sorry for a delay. how do I do this magic comment? reply with "recheck" word and some magic bot does the job? :)13:09
vincentfrancoisewrite a "recheck" comment as a reply onto your changeset's latest PS13:10
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vincentfrancoiseand yeah there is a bot :)13:11
tkaczynskitrying, we'll see :)13:12
vincentfrancoiseIt worked13:13
vincentfrancoiseyou can check if it got triggered by going to
vincentfrancoiseyou can then filter by openstack/watcher-specs and you'll see the job you just triggered13:14
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tkaczynskibookmarked, thanks!13:16
openstackgerritVojtech Cima proposed openstack/watcher: Added cold VM migration support
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/python-watcherclient: Updated CLI for new goals/strategies API
openstackgerritVincent Françoise proposed openstack/python-watcherclient: Added Strategy support in Watcher CLI
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openstackgerritVojtech Cima proposed openstack/watcher: Added cold VM migration support
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vincentfrancoiseHi vtech14:53
vincentfrancoisejust a quick question on did you try to run this action onto the applier to see if it works?14:53
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vtechvincentfrancoise, hey, you mean the underlying function? Unfortunately I didn't as i currently don't have an access to a multi node watcher deployment.14:56
vincentfrancoisevtech: ok so the problem with this action now is that we have no easy way to validate it14:58
vtechbut the binding between the function and strategy should work as it is now14:58
vincentfrancoiseare you planning on adding it to your consolidation strategy?14:58
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vtechyes, that's the plan14:59
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vtechshall I open another bug for that?14:59
vincentfrancoisebut link your changeset that updates the strategy to this one15:00
vtechI have to talk to brunograz as he might have an access to a multinode watcher deployment.15:00
vincentfrancoiseanytime soom we might be able to add a multinode gate on review.openstack.org15:01
vincentfrancoiseso if you write a tempest test for your strategy, we can validate both the strategy and the cold migration: 2 birds 1 stone :)15:02
vtechI may just internally try to produce action list containing cold migrations to be sure that watcher_non_live_migrate_instance() works15:03
vincentfrancoisethe advantage of doing it with a tempest test is that we can also make sure that your strategy will work at any time15:03
vincentfrancoiseI have a meeting15:03
vincentfrancoisesee you later ;)15:04
vtechI was very surprised to find out there is no function for cold migration in nova compute api.15:04
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acabottpeoples : hi Taylor, would you mind reviewing vincent code ?
acabotI would like to have it ready for mitaka15:40
tpeoplesacabot: yes, I will review today15:41
acabottpeoples : thx a lot15:41
jed56vtech i think that there is a function for cold migration15:43
jed56in nova api15:43
jed56you have migrate() and resize()15:43
vtechthat's in doc, but wasn't able to find it in actual code base15:44
jed56in the watcher code  ?15:45
vtechi found it in watcher code15:45
jed56need to be removed15:46
jed56I think there was bad refactoring
vtechI used this function as i expected this works15:46
vtechbut was surprised by its implementation as i would assume, cold migration should be by default implemented in nova compute15:47
jed56We should remove ef watcher_non_live_migrate_instance(self, instance_id, hypervisor_id,15:52
jed56                                          keep_original_image_name=True):15:52
vtechbut it needs to be replaced with something else then.15:56
vtechlet's say cold_migrate_function()15:57
jed56yes you can replace more less with this code : ?15:58
jed56what do you think ?15:58
vtechok, I will check it out. I was actually expecting solution like nova.migrate() which does the whole migration without a need for "manual" volume and floating ip management.16:02
vtechbut couldn't find migrate() function at
vtechso then i thought your implementation of watcher_non_live_migrate_instance does exactly what i wanted, and it's implementation is so complicated because there was no other way.16:03
jed56the watcher_non_live_migrate_instance was a test :)16:06
vtechok just to make it clear - is the function which should be used for cold migration, right16:06
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vtechsorry, i mean this one
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jed56yes i think that the function you mention is the build in "cold migration"16:09
vtechI guys, I have to go now, thanks for the pointers, I will replace deprecated watcher_non_live_migrate_instance.16:09
jed56thanks vtech16:09
jed56good evening16:10
vtechyou too16:10
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jed56it's that you can't choose the destination16:11
jed56it's was maybe the reason why i wrote watcher cold migration16:11
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alexchadinI've changed servionica logo in presentation to english version16:19
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alexchadinofftop: is there any way to look missed messages?16:40
vincentfrancoisealexchadin: you mean from this channel?16:41
vincentfrancoiseeverything said on this channel is logged at the address above16:41
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