Wednesday, 2015-12-23

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openstackgerritjunjie.huang proposed openstack/watcher-specs: outlet Temperature based migration strategy spec
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Move Audit-template management in DefaultStrategyContext
jed56alexstav: yes08:38
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sballeAll just a reminder that we decided not to have a weekly IRC meeting today12:28
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alexstavHi, guys! May somebody help me with watcher errors fix? :)13:33
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jed565:57 PM <jed56> alexstav: can look at rabbitmq and check if the decision engine is connected to the topic watcher.decision.control14:02
alexstavjed56: i found error in keystone. It can't find 'default' domain.14:03
alexstavBut it exists.14:03
alexstavMaybe problem is in auth_uri version?14:03
alexstavBut when I execute commands like 'audit-list' watcher authorise successfully.14:05
jed56yes audit-list is querying watcher-api14:05
jed56but the decision-engine is querying nova14:06
jed56maybe the problem is
jed56alexstav : can you try :
jed56This will allow us to check if you can call nova api we your parameters14:14
jed56This will allow us to check if you can call nova api with your parameters14:14
alexstavjed56: it stack on getting wrapper14:19
jed56line 16 ?14:19
jed56ok good news I think we have isolated the problem.14:20
jed56so we need now to figure out what is the problem :)14:21
alexstavSo in /watcher/metrics_engine/cluster_model_collector/ it can't get wrapper = NovaClient()14:21
alexstavBecause keystone can't find 'default' domain with current creds.14:22
alexstavAnd I can't understand why, cause 'default'-domain exists :)14:22
alexstav'openstack domain list' show it to me14:22
jed56to be sure that the problem is with keystone14:23
jed56can just try keystone.get_session()14:23
alexstavNo, keystone.get_session() executes.14:25
alexstavI execute this
jed56do you have a token ?14:26
alexstavAnd see14:26
alexstavbefore keystone14:26
alexstavafter keystone, before get_session()14:26
alexstavafter keystone.get_session(), before wrapper14:26
alexstavNo, i can't get token.14:27
jed56so it's why :)14:28
jed56I think to need to take a look to the logger of keystone14:28
jed56I think you  need to take a look to the log of your keystone$14:28
jed56with this code14:30
jed56you have to retrieve the list of your hypervisors14:31
alexstavjed56: thanks a lot for your time! Here are my logs of keystone and engine, whene audit triggered fails:
jed56are you using LDAP with keysyone ?14:37
alexstavjed56: no, i need?)14:38
alexstavjed56: i have the same problem: keystoneauth1.exceptions.http.Unauthorized: Could not find domain: default (Disable debug mode to suppress these details.) (HTTP 401) (Request-ID: req-5f9222de-f012-44f4-8bb5-5e39964a5736)14:39
alexstavI forget to change IP in yours code. :D14:40
alexstavSo, after I change it, it became to raise this exception.14:40
jed56ok so here
alexstavSo, I'm seriously can't understand, why it doesn't see 'default'-domain.14:41
alexstavHere :)14:44
alexstavKeystone raises from here.14:45
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jed56alexstav: okay I'm sorry I think the trouble is in the configuration of your  Keystone not in watcher14:53
alexstavjed56: ok, thanks again for your time, i'll try to fix it. :)14:54
jed56alexstav : you are welcome14:55
jed56let me know if you find the error :)14:55
alexstavYep, of course.14:56
jed56Where are you living in russia ?14:57
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alexstavMoscow :)15:02
alexstavThe capital of Russia.15:02
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alexstavI'm from Servionica Ltd team. My15:04
alexstavMy colleagues talked about our Nova-LB project at Tokyo summit.15:05
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jed56yes I remember!15:15
jed56alexstav : tu parles français ! :)15:21
alexstavjed56: Très mauvais. :(15:23
alexstavI learned it at school and, unfortunately, did not achieve great success. But the language is very beautiful. :)15:24
jed56coffe time15:24
alexstavBon appétit! :)15:25
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alexstavjed56: R u here?23:07
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