Tuesday, 2015-12-22

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openstackgerritZhenzan Zhou proposed openstack/watcher: Remove duplicated nova wrapper  https://review.openstack.org/26035407:01
openstackgerritMerged openstack/watcher: Move glossary.rst to root folder of doc  https://review.openstack.org/25961907:10
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openstackgerritJean-Emile DARTOIS proposed openstack/watcher: Add Audit-template management in DefaultStrategyContext  https://review.openstack.org/26005610:00
openstackgerritJean-Emile DARTOIS proposed openstack/watcher: Add Audit-template management in DefaultStrategyContext  https://review.openstack.org/26005610:01
openstackgerritJean-Emile DARTOIS proposed openstack/watcher: Move Audit-template management in DefaultStrategyContext  https://review.openstack.org/26005610:02
openstackgerritJean-Emile DARTOIS proposed openstack/watcher: Move Audit-template management in DefaultStrategyContext  https://review.openstack.org/26005610:03
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alexstavGuys, hello from Moscow! Who may I ask a few questions about the project? :)12:01
alexstavI installed watcher on my liberty stands. Than created audit template + audit.12:35
alexstavBut it stacks in PENDING-state. I think, watcher-decision-engine should catch it and move to another state.12:36
alexstavBut it doesn't. Maybe i do something wrong?12:36
sballejed56: Morning12:45
jed56sballe: hello12:45
sballeI will be at the meeting with bzhou but will have to take it from my mobile12:45
jed56hello alexstav12:46
jed56alexstav: can you share with me the log of the watcher-decision-engine12:47
jed56you can use pastbin12:47
jed56you can also share with me the watcher.conf file12:48
alexstavAll [watcher-decision-engine] is commented (may be my fault), log-file is empty after service connected to rabbitmq.12:53
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alexstavBy the way, a ran watcher-services as a service via systemd *.service file. May the problem be with that?12:59
alexstavAll commands like "create"/"list"/"update" work normal.13:00
jed56alexstav :  where is hosted your rabbitmq instance ?13:10
jed56because in your configuration file  : rabbit_host rabbit_host = localhost13:10
alexstavThanks, i'll configure rabbit_* settings and tell you.13:13
jed56the documation is available here : https://factory.b-com.com/www/watcher/doc/watcher/deploy/configuration.html13:14
jed56alexstav: okay13:17
sballejed56: Did the team decide to have weekly meetigns during Christmas and New Year? I see a lot of teams have canceled them during hte next two weeks13:18
jed56sballe: yes we can cancel the meeting the next weeks13:18
alexstavjed56: sorry, somehow a missed that section. Now audit status is PENDING. But watcher-decision logs are empty after connection to AMQP.13:19
sballeHave oyu guys already made that decision? Oherwise let's meet at tomorrow's weekly meeting and decide13:19
jed56I will be out of the office starting from tomorrow evening until  the 413:20
alexstavWhat are the next steps?13:20
sballejed56: ok13:20
sballei'll send an email to the mailing list canceling our weekly meetings until the week of Jan 4th13:20
sballejed56: ^^13:20
jed56sballe okay thanks13:21
wootehfootHello! I'm a master thesis student is assigned with creating an OpenStack solution that meets cloud optimization goals just the way OpenStack Watcher does, but also take into account a network activity model. Is this something OpenStack Watcher already does?13:21
alexstavjed56: what i need to do to change audit status to ONGOING?13:21
jed56we need also the write an email for the watcher mitaka mid-cycle meetup13:22
sballejed56 agreed. I can take a stab at it later today and you can review it13:22
wootehfoot(I'm asking for advice such that I can do something that benefits OpenStack Watcher)13:22
sballewootehfoot: welcome13:22
jed56wootehfoot: hello13:23
wootehfoothello sballe jed56!13:23
jed56yes we have one PhD student working on the same topic13:23
vincentfrancoisewootehfoot: hello13:23
wootehfoothi vincentfrancoise13:23
alexstavwootehfoot: hy! :)13:23
jed56alexstav you need to trigger an audit with watcher python client13:23
jed56wootehfoot : but currenlty his work is not integrated in watcher13:24
jed56wootehfoot : you can collaborate with him if you want13:25
wootehfootjed56, ok, I'm about to do "Optimal utilization of resources in a virtualized environment", which is very broad, and I'd like to know whether our approaches will conflict. There's the purely mathematical approach, and the neural network approach.13:25
wootehfootjed56, I'd love to!13:25
jed56do you have some papers ?13:26
wootehfootjed56, planning phase13:26
wootehfootjed56, I can send the current problem statement13:26
alexstavjed56: i create an audit, how it should be triggered after that?13:27
jed56alexstav : you can take a look to the documation : https://github.com/openstack/python-watcherclient13:27
jed56did you create an audit or audit-template ?13:27
alexstavjed56: both :)13:27
jed56watcher audit-create -t ONESHOT -a13:28
jed56wootehfoot : you can me an e-mail jean-emile.dartois@b-com.com13:28
jed56I will take a look next year13:28
alexstavI did it. And now i have an audit "my_first_audit" in "PENDING" state.13:28
jed56and we maybe organize a meeting with our PhD student13:29
jed56alexstav: can you check that in your configuraiton file you have control_exchange = watcher13:30
alexstavjer56: yes, that's so.13:30
alexstavIf you mean only watcher.conf file.13:31
jed56yes only in watcher.conf13:31
jed56it seem that the decision-engine is not connected to rabbitmq13:32
alexstavjed56: I see decision-engine trigged audit: https://glot.io/snippets/ea9ga1h7zp13:33
wootehfootjed56, thank you, you've got mail!13:34
alexstavjed56: But than, reconnected to AMQP and that's all. Is that normal? :)13:35
jed56can please set the decision-engine in debug mode ?13:36
jed56and share the complete log13:36
alexstavdebug=true in watcher.conf13:36
jed56yes and verbose=True13:36
alexstavjed56: https://glot.io/snippets/ea9ga1h7zp13:38
sballejed56: I need to pick up my dog but should be back for 9am13:39
jed56sballe : okay :-)13:45
jed56alexstav you can try watcher audit-template-create my_first_audit DUMMY13:46
jed56watcher audit-template-list13:46
jed56watcher audit-create -t ONESHOT -a my_first_audit13:47
wootehfootjed56, once more information will be known I'll mail you again, that should happen ~18 January :)13:47
jed56and share again the log of watcher-decision engine13:47
jed56wootehfoot : okay :)13:48
wootehfootjed56, also, feel free to give my email to your PhD student, we can brainstorm from there13:48
jed56wootehfoot : yes of course13:49
openstackgerritMichele Santuari proposed openstack/watcher-specs: Define an api to allows the description in watcher of constraints  https://review.openstack.org/26055213:49
alexstavjed56: https://glot.io/snippets/ea9ga1h7zp13:54
alexstavNo changes, as i see :(13:54
jed56alexstav : how many servers do you have  ?13:57
alexstavService starts new connection after audit triggered.13:57
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alexstavjed56: i have two instances.13:58
alexstavand two compute-nodes. :)13:58
jed56okay this is small13:58
alexstavI should add some more instances?13:59
jed56because the current strategies are not scalable13:59
jed56but we two servers no problem14:00
sballejunjie: morning14:01
alexstavjed56: we wanna to work at overload/underload blueprints, but first of all, watcher should be configured :)14:01
jed56alexstav : yes I understand :)  I try to figure out what is your problem :)14:01
alexstavjed56: thanks a lot for you time!14:02
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jed56alexstav are you try watcher with devstack ?14:03
alexstavjed56: No, that is full openstack :)14:03
sballejed56: I missed last weeks meeting on the Intel poc. Isn't there a meeting today? What did you Zhenzan and Junjie decide?14:03
alexstavLiberty version14:04
sballeWill be back online in 5 mins14:06
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jed56sballe : we have decided nothing during the last meeting.14:09
jed56the "outlet temperature patchset" needed to be reworked to take into account the comments14:10
jed56IMHO,  It looks good for a PoC.14:11
jed56but the strategy need further work before to be really usable14:11
sballeOk make sense14:12
sballeI will look at the patch14:12
sballeBut so no meeting today because if Christmas?14:12
jed56We can have a meeting with me for b<>com but I don't know for the others14:13
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jed56alexstave: IMHO, the audit is trigger by it's seem that the call to nova to retrieve the cluster data model failed14:14
jed56are you sure about the credentials ?14:14
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sballejed56: both bzhou and junjie are offline. I will catch up with them off line. BTW we are looking are doing some very cool stuff with watcher in 2016 so I am looking forward to sharing our ideas with you and b-com but that will be after jan 4th. Joyeux Noel and Bonne Annee14:18
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jed56sballe +2 :) Joyeux Noël à toi aussi susanne  :)14:20
sballemerci :-)14:20
alexstavjed56: credentials of watcher user at openstack?14:24
alexstavjed56: default_project_id of watcher user in keystone is 'service' project ID, that's wrong?14:35
alexstavjed56: i checked creds: they are in normal state (i changed it two wrong and commands like 'watcher audit-list' stoped working), so i think all is right in creds. Another ideas? :(15:00
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openstackgerritJean-Emile DARTOIS proposed openstack/watcher: Move Audit-template management in DefaultStrategyContext  https://review.openstack.org/26005616:52
jed56alexstav: can look at rabbitmq and check if the decision engine is connected to the topic watcher.decision.control16:57
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alexstavjed56: r u here?19:47
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