Thursday, 2017-01-12

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zhiyuanhi yipei, are you online? what error you met after removing the current_version option? i removed the option in my env but the tool can still work03:26
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Yipei_hi, zhiyuan, the error is ERROR: no such option version in group [DEFAULT]03:30
Yipei_i remove version, too03:31
Yipei_if only remove the current version03:31
Yipei_it works03:31
Yipei_i will update the patch03:31
zhiyuanfine :)03:37
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Yipei_hi, zhiyuan, i am trying to install tricircle manually. Currently, tricircle and central neutron server are already registered in keystone06:23
Yipei_i can create net and subnet through central neutron server06:24
Yipei_however, when i starting central neutron server, i find an error. i pasted it here #link
Yipei_i ignore it, nevertheless, i still create net and subnet successfully06:27
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