Wednesday, 2017-01-11

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Yipeihi, joehuang and zhiyuan, in the manual installation guide, for the step of setting up central server, the detailed operations are omitted02:19
Yipeii need to create a database neutron0, and configure a neutron0.conf, finally start the service?02:21
joehuangthe central neutron server should have already been installed02:24
Yipeiwhat do you mean? i just follow the guide and get stuck in step 902:34
Yipeithe central neutron server is not installed yet in my environment, i think02:36
Yipeionly local neutron server02:36
Yipeii think i need to install one alone, since i already installed a full openstack instance02:38
Yipeii have installed a full openstack instance, so i need to configure the existing neutron service as central neutron server?02:40
Yipeibut in another tricircle environment which is installed automatically by devstack, i find a screen named q-svc0 as well as q-svc, are they representing central neutron server and local neutron server, respectively?02:42
joehuangif you install one through devstack, and wants to install tricircle manually, comment the line of enable_plugin tricircle in local.conf, just like # enable_plugin tricircle
joehuangso that the tricircle will not be installed, and you will install them manually03:37
joehuangotherwise tricircle will be installed automaticly03:37
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Yipeiyes, i comment the line04:25
Yipeinow i have two tricircle environment, one is installed by devstack, i an trying to install tricircle in the other full openstack instance04:27
Yipeii first install a full openstack instance04:28
Yipeiwhich is without tricircle, just pure openstack04:28
Yipeithen i follow the guide to install tricircle manually04:29
Yipeicurrently, i get stuck in the step 904:29
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