Friday, 2016-09-02

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joehuangyour proposals for the name of sub-projects, especially for gateway project02:31
joehuangin mail-list02:39
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zhiyuanhi all, have you read joe's mail about figuring out a project name for our api gateway?07:22
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joehuanghow do you think about the project's name for the api-gateway part?07:49
joehuangwhat's your proposal?07:49
joehuangI listed triangle, tridonut, tricookie things like that07:50
joehuangthe name should not duplicated with some company's name or brand07:50
yinxiulin_how about triada07:51
joehuanga little difficult to pronounce07:51
joehuangwhat's the meaning for triada?07:56
joehuangif we search triada, there are some products or company names looks like triada08:00
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joehuangOutpatient Prospective Payment System08:03
zhiyuanthe magic of mobius ring is that if you cut along the center of a mobius ring, you can get two connected rings08:07
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joehuanghmm, one good candidate08:12
joehuangand more?08:12
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yipei_Hi, all, sorry, i am late08:20
joehuangcan you read the message posted today?08:21
joehuangif you can't , you can find it here:
joehuangyour proposals are welcome08:23
yipei_Yes, i can read the historical message08:23
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zhiyuanRainbow: seven colors, seven bottom pods08:23
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joehuangif the project starts with trixxx, will make it look like sibling of Tricircle project, and could be listed closely in order08:29
zhiyuantriangel, not triangle :)08:35
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joehuanghow about to vote among two candidates: triangel and tridonut? or one more candidate?08:37
joehuangone more candidate, then vote in the mail-list08:38
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zhiyuanone more: tricrystal08:52
joehuanggreat, we have 3 candidates now, so let's vote in the mail-list08:54
joehuangso everybody please post your vote in the mail-list, thanks08:55
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joehuangtricrystal sometimes releated to weapon, a relative neutral name is better09:10
joehuanghow about trigrape09:22
joehuangnot good idea for the last "rape" part09:24
yinxiulin_how about trifennel,shape look similar09:31
joehuanggood! now we have three09:33
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