Wednesday, 2018-06-20

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fungioh, tc-members: it's technically office hour again (i missed the first 9 minutes, sorry!)01:09
fungi#startmeeting tc01:09
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fungi#topic Office Hour01:09
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mnaserI’m around. Escaped my backyard.01:18
mnaserBeing outside means mosquitos.01:18
fungi#chair mnaser01:19
openstackCurrent chairs: fungi mnaser01:19
fungiyes, i've been meaning to make some tiki torches for citronella oil01:19
mnaserA pleasent burger bbq turns out to be torture.01:19
fungii have a bunch of beer growlers and fiber glass tiki torch wicks, just need to do the assembly01:20
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mnaserquiet one today01:57
mnaseri guess it's about to be a wrap.01:59
mnaserfungi: close out? :)02:01
mnaseri guess you're not around, no worries02:03
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fungioh, yep, i lost track (again)02:26
fungithanks mnaser!02:26
mnasernp have a good night fungi02:26
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fungiyou too02:27
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openstackgerritAdrian Turjak proposed openstack/governance master: Adjutant official project status
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ttxdhellmann: re: buckets, it would make sense to limit trademark programs to the "openstack" main bucket -- although I think it's actually the other way around. The "openstack" bucket contains main cloud components (rather than operational add-ons), so candidates for the trademark programs belong in it07:48
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ttxI created and uploaded a set of traffic light images for use on
ttxGreen means no issues, Orange warning, Red immediate action needed09:38
ttxYou can use it to summarize your update09:38
ttx(see bottom of file for examples)09:38
cdentI have mixed feelings about that. It's a good visual aid, makes scanning easier, lots of positives.09:39
cdentNot sure how to describe the other feeling09:40
cdentyeah, some of that, and some of "we're doing systematized project management brought to you by something something trademark something"09:41
cdentBut I think the benefits outweigh my bad memories09:41
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ttxI share teh concern that what is a useful prioritization/escalation tool for us might be seen as something else if the greater public reads too much into it09:42
ttxTricky to balance our use of open tooling with others seeing it as an official statement09:43
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ttxWe can abandon it if it gets too... visible09:43
* cdent nods09:44
ttxhaving those images available in the wiki was useful uploads anyway09:44
* ttx is a visual person09:44
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smcginnisLook at the purdy lights.10:49
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* cdent wonders if smcginnis is getting out enough lately10:53
smcginnisProbably not.10:53
cdentme neither10:53
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jrollfungi: I like your growler torch idea, may have to use that11:43
jrollor even just 750ml bottles with interesting labels11:44
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fungiohayō gozaimasu13:15
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dhellmannttx: I like looking at it the map/trademark thing way you've expressed it.13:44
fungii think i understand what that sentence was supposed to mean, and agree13:47
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fungionly 2 active developers on ceilometer?
cdentI'll be highlighting such things when I come around to writing the telemetry health check notes14:40
cdentfor a long time it was three (+gordc) but he left openstack14:40
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/governance master: write up the python3-first goal
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Castellan-compatible key store is a base service
zanebdhellmann: you forgot to delete that last paragraph14:55
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dhellmannzaneb : bah, thanks14:56
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/governance master: write up the python3-first goal
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zanebdhellmann: also, "Yes, I should add a reference to for that and include the step of adding 3.6 jobs."15:00
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/governance master: write up the python3-first goal
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/governance master: write up the python3-first goal
dhellmannzaneb : I think that covers it ^^15:28
dhellmannand thank you for such a close review; clearly I should have gone back and re-read the notes I left to myself :-/15:29
zanebdhellmann: thanks!15:30
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dims"but members of the board recognise that now is the time to give the process some structure" ... was this from any recent board call zaneb ?15:41
zanebdims: no, from the forum session15:41
dimsgreat writeup btw!15:42
zanebso specifically "[some] members of the board", not "The Board"15:42
dimszaneb : ah, thanks.15:42
dimszaneb : y, just hoping against hope that they are going to do something. cross my fingers15:43
zanebI'm hopeful that the folks we talked to at the forum will carry the message back that it's time15:44
* zaneb stares intently at mordred15:45
dimswe have 6 individual representatives that we as a community elected. i am hoping they will go to bat for us.15:46
dimsi added a "What is the TC's role in influencing what's happening at the top level in the foundation?" in
mordredI didn't do it15:48
zanebit was like that when you found it?15:49
dimsdhellmann : could we link that etherpad in page?15:49
mordredzaneb: yeah - you think _I_ could accomplish something like that?15:49
dimsmordred : yes, i think you can :)15:50
zanebmordred: once you get talking there's no telling what will happen ;)15:51
* mordred hands dims what he thinks is a pie15:51
dhellmanndims : the conversation starters? sure, go for it15:59
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fungidims: 8 representatives we elected, right?16:11
dimsfungi : shows 6 when i search on "Individual Representative"16:12
dhellmannthe board is made up of 3 groups of 8 from each class of representative16:15
fungithat page also seems to only have 23 of our 24 board members16:17
dimswho are we missing from that page then?16:17
fungiand some don't mention what type of seat they hold16:18
smcginnisDid they add the latest member company yet?16:22
fungiby my tally we have 3 platinum seats filled, 4 gold, 6 individual and 10 unidentified with 1 still unaccounted for16:23
fungithe descriptions for two of the unidentified seat holders mention they're individual directors, so that's the 8 there16:24
dimsthanks fungi16:27
fungialso one of the unidentified mentions gold membership of their employer, implying they might hold a gold seat16:28
fungittx apparently correctly identified that our platinum director from tencent is the missing entry at the moment16:30
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fungii've put a bug in jamesmacarthur's ear and he's going to look into getting that page normalized and corrected17:10
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* dhellmann flashes back to Star Trek II17:18
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fungidims: jamesmacarthur updated the board of directors page about an hour ago18:46
dimsthanks fungi, james!18:46
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tbarronhey folks, gouthamr and I were curious why manila doesn't have the diverse_affiliation tag as defined at20:48
tbarronand he was so kind as to run the20:48
smcginnistbarron: Maybe because Red Hat and "others" account for 50%?
tbarrontools/ script, with the following results:20:49
tbarronis there something we are missing here?20:49
smcginnistbarron: It could be that it's now diverse where it wasn't before. Maybe?20:50
tbarronsmcginnis: lots of reviews and contributions from huawei fibrehome, etc?20:50
smcginnistbarron: We've had some discussions around how that tag qualification tends to flap quite a bit for some projects.20:50
tbarronsmcginnis: i think historically it was dominated by netapp and mirantis20:51
smcginnistbarron: Might need to wait until the morning for ttx to be around as he's been the one running and taking care of those.20:51
tbarronsmcginnis: but nowadays netapp is still contributing, we have a lot more contributions from the west side of the pacific rim, and yes, red hat is interested too20:51
smcginnistbarron: But I concur, as you show, based on current results from that tool it would appear manila should have that.20:51
tbarronsmcginnis: sure, thanks20:52
tbarronsmcginnis: we'll look for ttx in the morning, and yes, I'd like to build up our EU contribution again too :D20:52
* TheJulia does her best zombie impresion20:56
smcginnisTheJulia: ni hao20:57
TheJuliaIt seems like it is morning here20:58
fungismcginnis: tbarron: the commit message from the last governance update applying/removing those tags may have rationale20:58
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fungitbarron: gouthamr: what am i missing? it says "team:diverse-affiliation" at and also lists "Manila (Shared File Systems service)"22:29
fungilooks to me like it's had that tag all the way back to 201522:31
fungiso i'm not sure what it is you'd like changed?22:33
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gouthamrfungi: that's right, we were kinda confused about that too22:52
fungistepping back for a moment... can you explain what made you think manila doesn't have the team:diverse-affiliation tag22:52
gouthamrfungi: but it doesn't show up on the tags in the docs/github, ex:
fungigouthamr: oh, that's something to do with "badges" support flaper87 figured out for projects to include in their readme files if they want. there's nothing official about it22:53
gouthamrfungi: oh.. thanks for the context22:54
fungithere's some tooling which generates and it must be malfunctioning22:54
fungi seems to include it, so the problem isn't specific to the tag itself i guess22:55
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fungi is the sphinx extension generating those22:58
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gouthamrthanks fungi, will see what's wrong with the generation on manila23:00
fungirunning `tox -e docs` should cause them to get built in doc/build/html/badges/ i think23:00
fungilooks like i'm missing a module pil wants23:02
fungilooks like i needed to install libfreetype6-dev23:03
fungiand clear the prebuilt wheel for pil out of ~/.cache/pip/wheels23:09
fungiseems to actually dump them into doc/build/badges/23:13
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gouthamrfungi: yep, found it.. so the tag itself is directly rendered from the projects.yaml23:16
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tbarrongouthamr: fungi: thanks for sorting this out!23:20
fungigouthamr: look at the content of the svg... there's an element with id="team:diverse-affiliation"23:22
fungii wonder if we're just incorrectly clipping the dimensions of that svg23:22
openstackgouthamr: Error: "!" is not a valid command.23:22
fungithe badge is 143 wide starting at x="348"23:23
fungioverall svg width claims to be 21623:23
fungii bet someone mathed wrongly23:23
* gouthamr heh, looks for one missing tag, finds two23:28
fungiright, there should be 5 badges total i think for that repo (official status, one team tag, three deliverable tags)23:29
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