01:09:07 <fungi> #startmeeting tc
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01:09:19 <fungi> #topic Office Hour
01:18:38 <mnaser> I’m around. Escaped my backyard.
01:18:46 <mnaser> Being outside means mosquitos.
01:19:02 <fungi> #chair mnaser
01:19:03 <openstack> Current chairs: fungi mnaser
01:19:24 <fungi> yes, i've been meaning to make some tiki torches for citronella oil
01:19:47 <mnaser> A pleasent burger bbq turns out to be torture.
01:20:01 <fungi> i have a bunch of beer growlers and fiber glass tiki torch wicks, just need to do the assembly
01:57:10 <mnaser> quiet one today
01:59:29 <mnaser> i guess it's about to be a wrap.
02:01:43 <mnaser> fungi: close out? :)
02:03:47 <mnaser> i guess you're not around, no worries
02:03:51 <mnaser> #endmeeting