Friday, 2018-06-08

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ttxHi! I missed the office hour yesterday due to being on a non-wifi enabled plane -- a few late comments09:07
ttx1/ diversity tag updates were done roughly every 2 months, not really per-cycle09:08
ttx2/ the 'help most needed' list is no longer a top-5 list, explicitly so that we can have less or more than 509:08
ttx3/ I'm a bit concerned that we restored the hectic "one-hour time window during which we must run to cover a number of predefined topics" that the TC meeting used to be, and multiplied it by 309:09
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ttx(I felt obliged to review the 600-line log due to it resembling a meeting much more than an open discussion during an office hour)09:10
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ttxIf we want to restore the meeting, we should do that, not pretend that it's office hours with one that suspiciously looks like a meeting where calls are made.09:11
ttx"Time is up" was especially concerning, since that's what made the old TC meetings so frustrating09:13
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ttx4/ The list of SIGs and WGs seem to be built from outdated wiki pages instead of governance.o.o, so it's not up to date09:28
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dhellmannyesterday was unusually full for topics13:20
dhellmannI was happy to see folks come with things to discuss, but yeah, it was a bit much13:21
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mugsieyeah - and it seems more like a single meeting, with a second "hangout" time, and then fungi talking to the void at night13:34
fungii concur ;)13:36
fungigranted we've had a few tc members show up for the "wednesday" office hour more recently, but we're usually all fairly braindead at that time of (for us) night so tend not to bring up particularly heated topics of dicussion13:37
ttxmugsie: agree.13:38
ttxcutting discussions short because we have an agenda and a time box was a thing of the past though, I'd hate if we went back to that13:39
mugsiettx: yeah :/13:39
mugsieis it to do with us now using meetbot?13:39
mugsiewe used to have conversations that just rolled over13:40
dhellmannit seemed reasonable to try to respect the idea that folks might have only planned to be around for an hour13:40
dhellmannI suppose my topic could have started on the mailing list, but I feel like there were good questions and suggestions in the discussion about how to organize it13:44
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: A misapplied distro security package update caused many jobs to fail with a MERGER_FAILURE error between ~06:30-12:30 UTC; these can be safely rechecked now that the problem has been addressed13:47
dhellmannI think I've updated the SIG and WG lists now13:51
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smcginnisI think part of the meeting feel yesterday, aside from the use of the meetbot, was that we had pretty decent turn out and a lot to discuss so we wanted to get it all in while we could. While respecting those that could only devote an hour.14:23
smcginnisBut yeah, didn't really like that it seemed back to having a meeting, but I think that it's just a temporary issue due to several things coming up at once after the Summit.14:24
ttxdhellmann: no FEMDC SIG ? Is that a voluntary omission to avoid the WG duplicate ?14:32
mugsiettx: FEMDC seems to have moved into the edge group14:32
dhellmannttx : yes, there was an email thread about that group disbanding or merging with LCOO14:32
dhellmannor edge ?14:32
ttxYou kept App Dev Enablement as a thing, too ?14:32
mugsieLooking at the email, it looks like edge14:33
ttxedge would make more sense14:33
mugsieseen as adrien seems active in edge, it makes sense14:33
mugsieLCOO fell off my radar at the summit, after talking to mrhillsman, I need to get back on that actually14:34
ttxdhellmann: what about the Financial team ?14:34
mugsieshould we be doing this for UC groups?14:36
mugsieI wouldn't want to over step14:36
ttxmugsie: looks like we already are, which is why I'm asking14:36
ttx(Ops Tags is a UC team)14:36
ttxmugsie: I'm also not convinced that we should track UC teams14:37
smcginnisI think it would be good if the UC did something similar and we kept to our domains.14:37
smcginnisNot that we can't overlap and work with each other.14:37
ttxsmcginnis: I wouldn'y mind a generic UC liaison14:37
mugsiesmcginnis: for sure, I just wouldn;t want to just jump on their stuff14:37
smcginnisttx: That's a good point.14:37
ttxbut a per-team per-WG liaison, maybe not14:38
smcginnisOther than personal relationships, we don't really have an interaction between UC and TC.14:38
ttxsame for board actually14:38
smcginnisI think it would make sense at a high level for UC and TC to communicate maybe more regularly, but each group working with their own working groups.14:38
dhellmannwe should definitely priority the project teams, but I think keeping up with the activity being driven by those other groups is also important for us to do14:38
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zanebI think we need to be clearer about what we're actually expecting to do in these liaison roles14:48
dhellmannsure, that's a good point14:48
dhellmanninitially I think we want to take an active role in checking the health of the project teams14:48
zanebif we're just going to a WG a couple of times a cycle and saying 'hey, can the TC do anything for you' then it's not a problem14:49
dhellmannover time, I want us to have someone informed about what's going on, so when we have a question like "is anyone even working on trove any more" we have an answer at hand14:49
dhellmannI also want us to be able to spot, and address, issues like we had between glance and the qa team that mugsie dealt with at the summit14:49
zanebif we're, like, actively policing UC WGs then it starts to look like a lot of toe-steppage (and an infeasible amount of work when applied to project teams)14:50
dhellmannbefore they become the sorts of soul-degrading issues that cause people to get fed up and quit14:50
dhellmannnot "policing", just "listening to what they have to say"14:50
ttxdhellmann: I think we have good coverage if we have tracking for SIGs on one side, and a liaison for the UC in general14:51
ttxmaybe that's because I'd like to see most of those workgroups turned into SIGs, though14:52
dhellmannperhaps. I think we need some people to be participating actively in the interop group. I don't know if that's a sig or what. But when we stopped participating directly, we started having issues.14:52
ttxso that we no longer ask the question whether stepping in is appropriate :)14:52
ttxIt's current a Board WG, but I haven't abandoned the idea of turning them into a SIG. They just have renamed a bit too often and need a break before next rename14:53
dhellmannI guess I'm not comfortable with the idea that it isn't OK for us to participate in and help groups because they're governed by someone else.14:56
dhellmannbut I'm OK with prioritizing the project teams and SIGs. that cuts our list down anyway.14:58
mnasersmcginnis, dhellmann, ttx: given that we only have 1 hour per week, there was a few of us that had their own discussion to bring up15:13
mnaseri thought it was a bit important to allocate bits of time because if we get carried away discussing one thing15:13
mnasera certain important subject for someone might not have time at all to be discussed..15:14
mnaserotherwise i think we'll drag on the same topic and certain subjects won't get as much attention because.. they weren't brought up first15:14
smcginnisI think we need to bring up discussions outside of office hours too.15:14
smcginnisI should have done that with the goals.15:14
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zanebyeah, office hours was supposed to be the time when people could bring things to us, not the only time we could work together on stuff15:33
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dims++ zaneb15:55
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openstackgerritIan Y. Choi proposed openstack/governance master: Update PTI around project doc translation and PDF
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openstackgerritIan Y. Choi proposed openstack/governance master: Update PTI around project doc translation and PDF
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openstackgerritkaka proposed openstack/governance master: fix tox python3 overrides
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