Tuesday, 2018-05-15

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zanebI thought there was usually a separate wristband to get into the board meeting00:05
zanebalthough, come to think of it, I probably haven't been to one since... last time it was in Vancouver00:06
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openstackgerritRobin Naundorf proposed openstack/project-team-guide master: Fix typo  https://review.openstack.org/56849107:43
openstackgerritRobin Naundorf proposed openstack/project-team-guide master: Fix typo in stable-branches docs  https://review.openstack.org/56849107:45
ttxmordred: did you ping jimmy to get your Forum slot added to schedule ? Or should I ?08:05
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ttxtc-members: rise and shine09:00
ttxEveryone got their #presummithaircut ?09:04
cdentoh noes!09:06
cdentIs there anything that needs to be decided or talked about before next week?09:19
ttxI don't have anything urgent09:22
cdentall the good office hours discussions have been happening outside of office hours09:25
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dtroyerttx: how did you see my calendar with the haircut on Saturday???11:18
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Retire tripleo-incubator  https://review.openstack.org/56584311:18
fungizaneb: pretty sure you just show up and tell the building security you're going to the openstack meeting upstairs. those meetings are open to the general public (or at least to all foundation members who want to attend) regardless of whether they're conference attendees11:35
TheJuliattx: pre-summit hair dye.... does that count?11:50
ttxit does !11:53
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fungii threatened my hair with a pair of shears... that should be sufficient12:25
cdentI approve12:27
dimsttx : yes i did! #presummithaircut12:33
dmsimard|offpre-summit haircut ? what did I miss ? lol12:53
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cdentdmsimard|off: don't believe these hypesters12:54
* mugsie wishes haircuts were a thing for him these days12:55
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TheJuliadmsimard|off: hair dye is acceptable instead of haircuts :)13:43
mordredttx: I have not - I wanted to make sure we had general agreement here - you think we're good to go on it?13:46
ttxyes looks like it. I can ask Jimmy to add it13:48
ttxmordred: would you have a session description ?13:48
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ttxmordred: would you have a session description ?15:04
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mordredttx: yes - one sec15:08
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edmondswmordred is the API version discussion for Wed 16:40 being added to the summit schedule? I'm not seeing it yet16:10
edmondswre: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23openstack-tc/%23openstack-tc.2018-05-14.log.html#t2018-05-14T17:27:0516:13
mordrededmondsw: it is - I need to send ttx a session description first16:13
edmondswcool... just don't want to forget about it and I will if it's not on my schedule :)16:13
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mugsiedims: re LCOO - look who the first reply to jay is :D16:48
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dimsLOL ok :)16:48
cdentyay! an actual post-report thread16:51
cdenti'm re-reading that jay thread and still don't really know what the lcoo is for16:54
cdent(despite jay's stalwart efforts to figure that out)16:55
jrollI like to think of lcoo as "low cost openstack ownership"16:55
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zanebcdent: it sounds like a bunch of companies with no clue about open source trying to be contributors without actually stooping to becoming part of the community18:36
cdentI was trying hard to avoid jumping to that conclusion, as that does seem to be the obvious one18:37
zanebwhich is unfortunate, not because it's a problem for us, but because it's going to be so ineffective for them :(18:39
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dtroyerI fear in the next two weeks we will see some affirmation of these conclusions and what the participants may or may not have learned in the time since those ML threads…18:59
dhellmanntc-members: can anyone remind me who the "champion" was for the WSGI deployment goal?19:12
dhellmannduring pike19:12
jrollI know sdague was heavily involved but not sure if he was champion19:14
dhellmanncould it have been mtreinish ?19:15
dtroyerdhellmann: my semi-accurate memory recalls that it was mtreinish19:15
jrollthere's an email in my archive where thingee said "Thanks to Emilien for leading our community wide goals for Pike"19:16
cdentdhellmann: mtreinish certainly did a lot of the leg work, according to merged goal reviews from last summer19:16
dhellmannit looks like EmilienM wrote the goal: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/419706/19:16
dhellmannjroll : cool, thanks19:17
jrollhttps://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ptg-pike-wsgi also says EmilienM19:17
jrolldhellmann: you're welcome :)19:17
mtreinishthere wasn't an official champion for the goal as I remember things (pre-dated that)19:19
dhellmannyeah, I think EmilienM was shepherding things but not quite the same as champion as we call it now19:19
mtreinishI just helped a lot because a bunch of projects either asked for help and/or said that it was too much work (which it never was19:19
zanebEmilienM was in charge of the goal setting process for Pike, but I don't know if he was the champion for that particular goal19:20
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EmilienMzaneb: I was helping with the httpd goal19:25
EmilienMdhellmann: how can I help?19:25
dhellmannI'm working on a presentation for sunday and wanted to have my facts right, so I just needed the name19:26
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