Wednesday, 2018-05-09

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fungitc-members and everyone else too: our second tc office hour of the week is now upon us01:01
cmurphyoh I'm in the right timezone for this one01:06
cmurphyhow strange01:06
fungiit's not generally very active, i'm afraid01:09
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ttxdhellmann: regarding approving governance changes, would you rather have me point you at actions I detect as missing, or act on them myself ?08:59
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cdentdhellmann: my reminder system is reminding me about [t 31hf]11:57
purplerbot<dhellmann> so we should probably do some sort of "here's what this 1 line agenda item means" email before the meetings [2017-11-27 15:10:35.068259] [n 31hf]11:57
cdentI _think_ you've already started that, but wanted to follow through11:57
cdenthola dims12:12
dhellmannttx: it would help if you point things out so I know what I'm missing13:03
dhellmanncdent : yes, I have that on my todo list. I'm hoping to get the agenda locked down first, but maybe I'll just do a brain dump of what's there now13:03
cdentdhellmann: I reckon doing a brain dump might stimulate people to think up more?13:04
dhellmannat this point there's not room to add anything to the agenda, it's more a matter of me talking in depth about something that gets dropped13:04
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* cdent nods13:05
dhellmannI'll start putting together notes about the parts that I know about and then others can fill in details on the thread13:07
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dhellmannttx: what's the plan for updating to be a list of the etherpads for the selected sessions? should we just do that and drop the "we are here" graphic?13:46
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smcginnisI think it might be nice to have something like
smcginnisI also wonder if we are going to get naming conflicts with YVR-x-y13:48
dhellmannyeah, using the airport codes for the names always bothered me as obfuscation13:49
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dhellmannfor past forums we just updated the planning page directly (see for example)13:50
ttxdhellmann: yes, let's do the same13:50
dhellmannmaybe cdent wants to get that going, since he has started creating some etherpads already13:50
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cdentIf it is desirable for that to be in the next 24 hours or so, then me is a bad idea, I'm still coming out of a deep hole. But happy to jump in later if that's fine.13:51
smcginnisI can get things started.13:52
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smcginnisThen send out a ML post letting forum session leaders take it from there to add their individual etherpads.13:52
smcginnisWe just want the format used for Sydney, right?13:52
* smcginnis brushes up his copy/paste skills13:52
dhellmannsmcginnis : yeah, that seems like a good place to start13:53
dhellmannand thanks :-)13:53
* dhellmann runs off to his regular wednesday morning errands13:53
smcginnisOn it13:54
cdentthanks smcginnis13:56
dims+1 smcginnis13:59
smcginnisNo problem.14:00
smcginnisttx: I don't suppose the Summit Schedule has an API that I could use to extract and list all of the schedule sessions>14:04
ttxsmcginnis: if you just need the schedule I bet you could just copy data from
smcginnisOh, that might work. Thanks!14:09
smcginnisOr I'll just start an example for others to follow to fill in their own. ;)14:09
ttxsmcginnis: btw I wrote down some notes on the discussions we had in Copenhagen... But my memory is not that great, so could use your help there14:09
ttxSee bottom of
smcginnisttx: Sure, I could try to add anything else I can remember.14:10
cdenttc-members: I've started the etherpad for the "openstack boundaries" forum topic at please feel free to embrace and extend as required14:14
fungithanks cdent!14:14
mugsiecdent: you forgot the 3rd step14:14
cdentmaybe I'll do that later if it proves necessary14:15
fungidhellmann: cdent: i thought i saw someone on the foundation staff mention they'd already precreated etherpads for all the forum sessions and linked them from the schedule entries? i could be mistaken but i'll double-check14:16
cdentfungi: if so, there're not linked on summit-schedule14:16
cdenthmm, that's an exciting typo14:17
fungidhellmann: cdent: ahh, no found it, that was just for the opendev sessions looks like14:18
fungi(those all have a "etherpad link" hyperlink in them)14:18
fungihrm... not even all those do now that i'm looking14:19
fungiaha, ashlee set up etherpads for the opendev collab sessions. i guess that was it14:22
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dhellmannin the past we haven't worried about adding links to the schedule descriptions, but if it's easy to do it might make sense14:53
dhellmannthe wiki page also works well, though, so if it's hard or would require a bunch of manual labor then there's no point14:53
fungisure, i was less concerned about whether they're linked in the session descriptions and more about not duplicating effort if pads had already been created14:57
fungibut seems like they haven't14:57
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clarkbmnaser: you had asked about board meeting location previously I've updated the wiki to include it. But room 302 at the convention center appears to be the answer18:43
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: add the new constellations repository to the documentation team
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: add goal-tools repo to tc list
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Add ansible-role-tripleo-keystone to governance
mnaserclarkb: thank you18:44
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fungimordred: what was the next pep 541 step for keystone after ?18:58
fungiand presumably we need to do something similar for magnum as well?'18:58
fungii've also accidentally discovered that nobody's registered manila on pypi yet. i wonder if we have any other api service projects in the same boat18:59
diablo_rojocdent, cmurphy dims dhellmann flaper87 TheJulia any of you willing to help out with the Forum 101 session right after keynotes on Monday? Just covering the basics of the forum, how it works, who should go, etc. Traditionally there has been one staff member, one tc member and one uc member.19:02
fungii can volunteer, but wouldn't want it to be too staff-heavy19:03
cmurphydiablo_rojo: i think i have a forum session right after keynotes :(19:04
cmurphyit even got rescheduled just for me so i'd feel pretty bad about missing it19:04
diablo_rojocmurphy, no worries :)19:05
dimsdiablo_rojo : i can be last resort if no one else can make it.19:06
diablo_rojoThanks dims :) We can wait a bit for others to respond first.19:10
cdentdiablo_rojo: I reckon I can probably do that if what's required isn't a huge deal in terms of prep (several other things on that). There are a couple of sessions I wanted to go to in that slot, but only casually and it would be nice to be useful.19:17
cdents/on that/on that day, but later/19:17
diablo_rojocdent, basically no prep required. I think we are mostly going to reuse the etherpad from SYD (ttx is updating for this round). I think all that needs to happen is get there and look it over. Talk for a bit, answer questions and skedaddle.19:19
diablo_rojoI remember being done in like 15/20 min last time19:19
cdentcool, I'm up for that unless someone who is more enthusiastic comes along19:20
dhellmanndiablo_rojo : I was planning to go to ttx's talk, but I can watch that later and drop by to help for a bit19:33
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TheJuliadiablo_rojo: cdent: it looks like that time is available for me, so happy to help19:41
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cdentlet's all be there!19:42
TheJuliaall the introvets!19:42
TheJuliaOr if there is a cat available, purrfection19:43
diablo_rojoHa ha isn't that like 60% of attendees?19:43
cdentdiablo_rojo: speaking of, I forgot to arrange a room for the couch-sigh19:44
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TheJuliadiablo_rojo: Sounds about right19:45
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cdent'night all19:45
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smcginnisThat reminds me, that was one nice thing I saw at Kubecon. They had a "quiet room" for people that wanted to get away from all the activities.19:45
TheJuliaThere has been some discussion of that before, but I don't think it went anywhere19:46
diablo_rojoOh man. Nap SIG.19:46
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dhellmanntc-members: here's my rough description of the items on the upcoming leadership meeting agenda:
smcginnisI think in the past, the first part of the day was closed and the last part was open with TC and UC.20:13
smcginnisThat's switched now with just a short board meeting at the end. Am I understanding this right?20:13
clarkbsmcginnis: the board meetings are always open aiui. They may or may not have an executive session that is closed. Then within that open meeting there may or may not be joint leadership topics with teh TC/UC participating directly20:14
smcginnisOK, I usually missed mornings due to participating in the upstream institute activities, but I had thought most of it was closed anyway.20:15
smcginnisGood to hear the majority is not.20:15
dhellmannyeah, I thought they weren't going to have a separate board meeting at all but I guess they need to20:22
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cmurphydhellmann: thanks for that agenda summary, that's really helpful21:24
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mnaserdhellmann: indeed, it is very helpful (and slightly comforting to know what to expect for someone being there the first time :))21:33
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