Saturday, 2018-03-10

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openstackgerritTony Breeds proposed openstack/governance master: Rename and clarify PowerStackers
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notmynameis this appropriate? I'm asking here because of the "tc" in the new URL.
notmynamefungi: maybe you could answer both the tc and infra side questions20:47
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funginotmyname: i suppose the change itself is okay enough... both urls work but the existing ones are a permanent redirect to what that change is switching them to. i don't know i'd consider it an urgent fix or anything as both will work22:43
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notmynamefungi: oh definitely. seems to be one of the "spew tiny patches at every project" sort of patches. however, if it's more "right", then I'll land it and not bother with thinking about it any more22:45
notmynamefungi: thanks22:45
fungiwe relocated the root-level content og the governance.o.o site when the user committee also wanted to start publishing things there, so now content specific to the tc and project teams are under a tc subdirectory and user-committee-governed bits are documented under a uc subdirectory22:45
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fungiand recently we added a sigs subdirectory for sig-related governance documents22:46
fungisince they fall neither under the tc nor uc but are a joint effort between the two22:47
fungibut yes, from what i've seen, people seem to be running url analysis over all our repos and then proposing "fixes" for any which are non-canonical22:50

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