Friday, 2018-03-09

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Add PowerStackers project
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Fix the invalid url in page
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Include ansible-role-redhat-subscription into tripleo
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openstackgerritChris Dent proposed openstack/governance master: Clarify testing for interop programs
cdentmugsie, zaneb I wall of texted in comment annotating that ^ update10:12
cdentI hope I've captured things well, but please let me know where I have not10:12
ttxwoof, that was a long post10:29
cdentthanks for doing that ttx10:39
* cdent loves email10:39
EmilienM++ indeed11:09
fungiit was nice to have a recap. even if i was there for all the discussions, the subsequent travel madness had wiped a good deal of it from my memory12:40
ttxAnd also nice to have cmurphy's and cdent's versions since I failed to capture everything13:18
cdentwhere is cmurphy's version? I think I may have missed that?13:18
cmurphyafter summing up four days of keystone i ran out of energy and just wrote about the things that stood out for me13:22
cdentcmurphy: did that make it to planet.o.o?13:23
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cdent(in any case, thank you)13:23
cmurphyno, i should do that13:23
cdentvery good writeup cmurphy13:29
cdentI like the level of detail, but I may be an outlier (fast reader I guess?)13:29
cmurphyi try to capture all the details because i know i'm going to refer back to it later13:33
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ttxI followed up on the idea of sending "Foundation" emails to champions to thank them and give then something to bring back to management. We are happy to do it, just need a list of names and addresses so we are sure to not overlook anyone16:40
ttxdhellmann: ^16:40
ttxWe could extend that to any help-wanted hero16:40
ttxI mean "help most needed" hero16:41
ttxdhellmann: you're listed as tracking the "Documentation owners" and "Goal champions" items, so please send me names for that16:43
ttxfungi: same for you on the "Community Infrastructure Sysadmins" item16:43
ttxsmcginnis: same for you on the "Designate Contributors" item16:43
ttxflaper87: same for you on the "Glance Contributors" item16:44
ttxIt's OK if you don't have any name to suggest16:44
fungioh, yeah including the help wanted volunters is a good idea16:44
ttxI feel like the bar should be reasonably high :)16:44
fungii'd probably ask clarkb to actually identify who we added after the help wanted sign went up16:44
fungi(for infra i mean)16:44
ttxof course16:45
dhellmannttx: ack16:45
clarkbdmsimard and frickler stepped up as new roots16:45
dmsimardI didn't step up, you forced me to volounteer (just kidding <3)16:46
dhellmannI'm not sure we've had anyone step up as a documentation owner specifically because of the request, but I can check with pkovar to see16:47
ttxI don't need the names today, but if we could get those sent next week that would be great. Send me by email, with a quick description of the increased engagement / void-filling16:48
fungithe infra team has elevated press-ganging and shanghaiing to a fine art16:48
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TheJuliafungi: at what point do you write a book about the fine art of it?17:11
cdentcoffee table book17:14
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fungionce we've reached full crew compliment, i guess17:26
fungiand take to the high seas17:26
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* persia thought the books were written by the survivors, in front of warm coastal fires, and far from the uncertainty of the deep17:30
cdentttx: you've probably heard this already but the ptg survey is saying "If you provided your email address, you will be entered to win free vintage OpenStack Summit swag to be given out onsite at the PTG starting Tuesday after lunch. Must be present to win." left over from the previous one?17:34
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cmurphydang i wanted more swag17:46
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fungithe survey also apparently went out to the denver attendees list rather than the dublin attendees list... some updates are probably forthcoming17:54
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dhellmannwho was our champion for the WSGI container work? we don't have anyone listed on that page :-/22:00
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dhellmannwas that sdague?22:04
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dimsfound one old etherpad dhellmann  -
dhellmannah, EmilienM had that one22:27
dhellmannthanks, dims22:27
dimshave a good weekend dhellmann22:31
dhellmannyou, too!22:31
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