Thursday, 2017-10-26

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pabelangeroh, I think I've confused office hours with today and yesterday01:09
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smcginnispabelanger: The door is always open. ;)01:50
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ttxmugsie, cdent: about "bucketing", it's actually separate from the idea of new strategic areas. Basically the bucketing is about the OpenStack map: separating *OpenStack* deliverables into multiple boxes (deployment tools, user-facing SDKs... etc)07:31
ttxWhile strategic areas are about the Foundation providing a legal umbrella to things that would not be called OpenStack07:32
ttxpabelanger: ^07:32
ttxThe flattening of git namespaces actually helps in both cases. For bucketing, it allows to use the same buckets on the map and the GitHub mirroring without affecting code hosting07:33
ttxFor strategic areas, it avoids creating everything under an openstack namespace.07:34
ttxThe idea being that we would encourage the sharing of the same infrastructure across strategic areas07:34
ttxI'll ask again about comms plans. Pre-summit is always hard to get hold of folks07:36
ttxUpdate on PTG, it appears the Board would have a meeting but there would not be a strategic meeting with TC/UC/Staff07:39
ttx(that Board meeting would likely be on Monday)07:40
cmurphyjohnthetubaguy: do you have a suggestion for which parts of I should reword?07:55
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openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed openstack/governance master: Add ansible-role-k8s-(keystone|mariadb) repos
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed openstack/governance master: Add ansible-role-k8s-(keystone|mariadb|tripleo)
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cdentHmm. I’m not entirely comfortable with limiting the joint meetings. I can see the value, can go with it, but we need something to replace the interaction. It can’t just go away.11:02
smcginniscdent: I agree. Even if there are not new agenda items to discuss, there's value in that interaction.11:15
cdentHmm. I’m not entirely comfortable with the hours that smcginnis sleeps. I can see the value, can go with it, but we need naps in the afternoon to replace the sleep. It can’t just go away.11:15
smcginnisGranted it does increase cost and make scheduling more difficult, but too likely things will get missed or there will end up being a lack of understanding on important things.11:16
smcginnisOr even just lack of awareness on important things.11:16
smcginnisI'm not comfortable with it lately either. ;)11:16
cdentYeah, it is the awareness things that bothers me. For example how many people are paying attention to this non-openstack non-tc foundation hosted projects?11:17
cdentDoes it matter? I’m not sure.11:17
smcginnisI suppose we can still self-organize a TC and hopefully UC meeting half the day Sunday, but that's not the same.11:18
cdentprobably worth a try11:19
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ttxdhellmann, fungi, smcginnis, flaper87: you all are sponsors for an item on the top5 list. Do you have any individual(s) that stepped up on one of the top-5 goals that you'd like the keynotes in Sydney to give a shoot-out to ?13:08
ttx(as we said we'd give volunteers for those extra exposure)13:08
ttx(not sure if we have anyone fitting that bill though)13:08
flaper87no one has reached out to me after Glance was added to the top-513:09
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fungittx: well, we added some "partial" (i.e. subteam) core reviewers, but the ramp-up time to reach root sysadmin is a lot longer than the period we've had that top-5 entry13:09
flaper87That said, smcginnis has helped quite a bit with reviews13:09
cdentspeaking of, I was wondering if maybe we could/should highlight dhellmann’s top-5 item at the board/uc meeting13:09
flaper87and new folks have been added to Glance core team13:09
ttxcdent: we should definitely give an update on the top-5 list in general13:10
flaper87cdent: not sure if specifically13:10
flaper87an update would be...... what ttx said13:10
cdentI thinks specifically13:10
cdentbecause pretty much everything depends on it13:10
ttxwe can always expand on that one in particular, but I think a review of the list should always be on the menu13:11
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cdent(not in its current form, but the suggested changes wherein in employers are made aware of their obligations)13:11
smcginnisNothing to highlight for designate. At least no one has reached out to me about it.13:15
fungittx: also the hope was to get more help in emea and apac... still the majority of new help is coming from the usa and canada (though we have a bit appearing from western europe and/or scandinavia too now). i've heard rumblings that some asian companies have staff interested in helping but if they've shown up yet i haven't seen them (again, though, we have some serious learning curve so they may still be13:15
fungiin lurking phase)13:15
mugsiesmcginnis:  yeah I haven't had anyone reach out to me about it either13:16
mugsieI think I need to promote it a bit13:16
smcginnismugsie: If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know.13:16
smcginnismugsie: I had actually intended to try to help a little myself, but that hasn't worked out too well so far.13:17
mugsiewill do - thanks :)13:17
mugsieyeah - it feels like it just got merged13:17
mugsiemy perception of time seems to be skewed :)13:17
smcginnisHopefully it just needs a little time to get someone to notice it.13:18
smcginnisWhich does point to it being a good thing to highlight these things to make them more visible.13:18
cdentright, what are our expectations on how people are supposed to be seeing it?13:19
cdentpeople don’t read the governance web pages by habit do they?13:19
smcginnisI sure hope for their sake they don't. :)13:20
mugsieSuper User article?13:22
smcginnisProbably wouldn't hurt.13:23
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cdentdhellmann: I get the sense that you feel this board meeting stuff is running a might bit roughshod on your savoir faire?13:44
dhellmanncdent : I guess that did come out a bit strong. We've had the same scheduling conversation 3 times now, though.13:46
dhellmann"We don't want to be there on Sunday." "We're busy on Monday."13:46
dhellmannFriday would be better. Things tend to slow down by then.13:46
dhellmannthough I should let those board members speak for themselves, I guess13:47
cdentdhellmann: I didn’t think your response was overly strong, merely noticable that you have concerns13:47
dhellmannI'd have to look at who is an individual board member and technical contributor. I know mordred and gcb are. I don't remember the rest of the makeup of the board.13:48
dhellmannIf gcb is the oslo ptl again, he's end up having to choose between one of our cross-project days when the oslo team meets and the board meeting.13:49
dhellmannand we have a board election between now and then, so we may have more at that point13:50
dhellmannif the board and tc aren't going to meet together, I'm not sure there's a reason for the board meeting to be attached to the ptg at all13:51
dhellmannttx: let me know if it's better to put ^^ in an email13:54
cdentbut I’d rather see us meet, as we discussed yesterday, even if to just shoot the shit. Or (as said above) we need a replacement13:55
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ttxdhellmann: if you send an email with that to me I can insert it in the thread I have with Alan14:04
ttxdhellmann: i think the reason is...14:04
ttxthe board wants to meet F2F 4 times a year, so they want a venue for that14:04
ttxpicking one where we already have a contract *and* staff traveling to is convenient14:05
ttxeven if the TC people end up not going14:06
ttxagree on double-booking people like gcb or mordred that happen to want to attend PTG though14:06
ttxFriday would likely generate less conflicts for them14:07
ttx\if we keep cross-project stuff at the start of the week14:07
ttxdhellmann: let me add you to the thread, so you can reply14:12
fungii would say wendar is likely in the same camp where board/dev interests could collide14:12
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ttxdhellmann: email sent, now you can argue directly14:14
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EmilienMgood morning14:17
cdentIt occurs to me that without the in person board meetings, I would haven’t an easy opportunity to point out the issues with intel’s needs with regards to creating projects outside of openstack.14:17
ttxcdent: I think we should work more into workgroups and less in meetings14:18
ttxi.e. 4 times per year is both too much and too little14:18
cdentthat’s fine as long as it actually happens14:18
cdentbut there’s quite a lack of visibility14:18
ttxagreed, it's also a completely different type of commitment. Showing up to a meeting 4 times per year is not the same as trying to make weekly progress14:21
dhellmannI sent mostly the same text, fixing the paste-o in the final paragraph14:21
ttxyou always get volunteers when you ask for help in a meeting, but most of the time nobody follows up14:21
ttxlook at the various strategic issues and how many actually had more than 2 people doing the work14:22
cdentthat’s not going to change as a result of not having the meetings. that’s a matter of orchestration and organization14:22
cdentand the usual oversubscription14:23
cdentoften volunteers are willing to help, but not lead, so expect some kind of contact later that never comes14:23
cdentor if they are willing to lead, don’t know how without some guidance14:24
dhellmannwe need to be looking for help with these things *outside* of the board and tc14:25
dhellmannbecause continuing to ask the same people to do more work doesn't scale14:25
cdentyes, no dispute on that14:26
cdentbut that doesn’t change that the interface with the board, currently, is only the meetings14:26
dhellmannthey're related, but separable, issues14:30
flaper87dhellmann: +1 to your last email. I replied to the point of not having the joint meeting and failed to notice the conflict14:31
dhellmannflaper87 : thanks14:33
cdentsmcginnis: cinder has some tempest tests in plugin (looking at the related review) and some in tempest itself? any thought to making them _all_ plugin?14:39
smcginniscdent: I would actually like to see just the "defcore" ones in tempest and move the rest to cinder.14:40
cdentyes, that’s pretty much what I meant by “all”14:40
smcginnisEspecially given we are not even testing our currently supported API because I can't get a patch through to do it.14:40
smcginnisurgh indeed.14:40
cdentI mentioned the same idea to nova and got some huge pushback. But it seems kind of unfair to require some projects to be plugins while others are not.14:41
* cdent wonders if this topic will roust mtreinish 14:41
dhellmanncdent : I agree that it's unfair14:42
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mugsiecdent: ++14:52
mugsieespecially seen for the "add-on" programs we seem to be keeping the defcore tests in our plugins14:52
dhellmanncdent : is there some technical reason?14:53
mugsiewell, traditionally the tempest repo is not gated against the plugins, so breakages can (and have) happened when something in tempest itself changes14:54
cdentwhat sdague and mtreinish said, if I recall correctly was that nova had a central position. I would to check with them again, or go log digging to find the info. I hesitate to speak for them.14:54
cdentthere may be something on the original review for plugin stuff14:55
* cdent looks14:55
cdentI asked on ps3 of (offhandedly) but I think the response was out of band14:57
sdaguecdent: it's not really a nova statement, it's the compute starter kit minimal set. The complexity and effort to manage that on the QA side if it's all dispersed plugins, given the very real cross interactions they can have is big14:57
sdagueand if people are complaining about QA team responsiveness now, it only gets worse there14:58
cdentcan zuul3 help with that sort of thing at all?14:58
sdaguethere is nothing preventing *additional* testing stacks in projects that do anything they want. But base tempest jobs co-gate this subset really do need some global interlock14:59
zanebsdague: would a compute-starter-kit tempest plugin help resolve the conflict?15:00
sdaguezuul3 makes it possible to decentralize more things15:00
ttxtc-members assemble -- office hour coming up15:00
sdaguezaneb: it's still adding complexity there, I wouldn't want to speak for anyone who feels like they own it15:01
cdentit’s felt like office hour all day15:01
smcginnisIt seems like we have more than the minimal set in tempest today. I think there is a lot that can be moved out of there.15:01
ttxtwo things: last call for candidates for TC chairing, if interested please submit something similar to
ttxotherwise i'll approve it on Tuesday15:01
ttxsecond thing is the agenda for the Board+TC+UC meeting in Sydney15:02
cdentmaybe after another year or two15:02
ttxI pushed a couple of things to
sdaguesmcginnis: you definitely could, I would mostly start with proposing things you don't think should be tested regularly in the integrated gate with other projects.15:02
ttxAlan says he has an item coming up, request from Kandan from AT&T and Chris Price15:02
smcginnissdague: I'm hoping once we complete the new repo work that that can be phase two.15:02
* fungi feels all officey15:03
ttxJonathan said he is still working on items around the strategic area stuff15:03
cmurphyoh hello o/15:03
cdentthanks for adding the satisfactin agenda item ttx15:03
pabelangeris etherpad link on wiki^ incorrect? It looks to be pointing to a previous meetings notes15:03
sdaguepulling a lot of cinder testing back to project specific only, and not running it on neutron / nova / glance / keystone would be a big time win as well, as the cinder tests are usually some of the longest15:03
ttxmeeting will start at 1pm after all15:03
smcginnissdague: ++15:03
smcginnisAnd mostly meaningless in a lot of those scenarios.15:03
EmilienMpabelanger: true15:03
ttxpabelanger:wrong link, those pages are copypasted apparently15:04
flaper87(gentle reminder I won't be attending the meeting this time around)15:04
ttxflaper87: you're still allowed to put things on the menu if you can find someone to lead them for you15:04
sdaguesmcginnis: but I think that this whole thing shouldn't come down to trying to figure out rule slicing, but by collectively getting together and figuring out how to get the most valid sensible QA out of the resources we have15:04
EmilienMttx: fixed15:05
smcginnis"most valid sensible QA" is a very good goal to have with it.15:05
* ttx is a bit out of inspiration for this agenda, it's just too close to Denver meet for me15:05
flaper87ttx: oh, yeah! I was not going to give this opportunity up. Putting things in the agenda and not being there: Jackpot #joke15:05
pabelangerEmilienM: merci15:05
andreafsmcginnis: so as long as we can assume that we won't run v2 and v3 tests in the same job ever - which I think is reasonable - we can just remove the version bit completely from clients and tests in tempest15:06
andreafsmcginnis: and just make a new config value which is the API version to be used15:06
flaper87(16:30) Leadership Photo <- did y'all wait for me to miss a meeting to take the picture?15:06
dhellmannsdague , smcginnis : we do still need to address the issue of the perception of unfairness, even if that means better explaining why things are they the way they are.15:06
cdentflaper87: yeah, cuz you make the rest of us look bad15:06
andreafsmcginnis: v2 stuff won't change anymore, and v3 changes will only be in microversions, so it should work fine15:06
EmilienMflaper87: we'll use Gimp to add you, I promess15:06
flaper87cdent: suuuuuuuuure15:06
amritha q for people here, are you able to get to the site is unresponsive to me ...15:06
cdentamrith: me too15:07
EmilienMamrith: it was down for me this week as well, it's quite often down15:07
smcginnisandreaf: We don't enforce one or the other right now, but I think with the way I have it set up that could be an easy follow on.15:07
flaper87amrith: not working15:07
amriththx all15:08
amrithI have been analyzing the election results for some time now, I'd mentioned it after one of the elections a year or so back. I'm going to finally get my ***t in shape and publish the findings. wanted to get a refresh of the results from the last two and wasn't able to ...15:08
amrithwhy am I saying this here?15:08
fungiamrith: yeah, jbryce apparently put up a civs poll on saturday and went to check it on sunday and wasn't able to load the site. been down since some 5 days i guess15:08
amrithan explicit ask, would people here like to review in advance?15:08
amriththx fungi cdent EmilienM flaper8715:09
cdentttx: can you confirm that the entire day’s meeting doesn’t start until 1? the agenda currently suggests otherwise15:09
dhellmanncdent : it looks like the board is meeting separately before the joint meeting?15:10
EmilienMcdent: 11 you mean?15:10
flaper87so, one of the questions I raised to the candidates during the elections is what they would do to make our community more inclusive. One common theme was getting more data from our current community and people that have not contributed more. I would like to act on this ( cmurphy TheJulia want to help?). I think it would be useful to get the board involved or, at least, get feedback from them.  think15:10
flaper87there have been previous attempts15:10
EmilienMcdent: or 1, as well. Yeah confusing.15:10
flaper87so, it would be good to gather info from these attempts and see how we can collect new data, should there be such a need15:10
cmurphyflaper87: ++15:10
cdentI want to be sure that any TC folk who do happen to be around are there for the “New Projects Under The OpenStack Umbrella”. If not, we should put it on as a topic for “discussion while the tc is there"15:10
dhellmanncdent : ++15:10
flaper87cdent: ++15:11
TheJuliaflaper87: I would be happy to help15:11
flaper87TheJulia: cmurphy are you going to attend the joint meeting on sunday? Would you be willing to bring this up?15:11
flaper87Bonus is that you can sign me up for whatever comes up 'cause I wont be there15:11
flaper87do other folks think this topic is worth bringing up during this meeting? ^15:12
flaper87I remember discussing something similar back in Japan15:12
flaper87jeez, it feels ages ago15:12
smcginnisA long time ago, in a country far far away.15:13
TheJuliaflaper87: I'm planning on being there15:13
cmurphyflaper87: I'll be there15:13
TheJuliaflaper87: Noted, will sign you up for everything :)15:13
* flaper87 is scared now...15:13
* dims peeks15:14
dhellmannflaper87 : is there something specific to be brought up? asking for help? reporting progress? other?15:14
flaper87dhellmann: asking for help and/or feedback from previous attempts is what I would be after this time around15:16
cmurphywhat entity has made these previous attempts? the board? the foundation? the tc?15:17
fungi"the community"15:17
flaper87what fungi said15:17
fungi(i.e. various interested community members)15:17
fungii don't know that there's any one particular governing body that you could ascribe that work to (much like a lot of the work that gets done in openstack, honestly)15:18
flaper87IIRC, Edgar was also involved in this. We should get the User Committee involved too15:18
cmurphyso then what would the board provide in terms of resources for this?15:18
dhellmannit feels like there might be more prep work to do before bringing this up at a leadership meeting, to pull together what has been done in the past and start thinking about what we want to do in the future so there are specific requests to be made15:18
ttxcdent: the board meeting starts at 915:19
ttxthe joint leadership meeting starts at 1pm15:19
fungicmurphy: probably more useful for us to simply give the board a heads up that some people are going to work on it, i guess?15:19
dhellmannfungi : ++15:19
cmurphyah i see15:19
fungiso they don't get the impression that it simply sprang up out of nowhere when someone finally puts an analysis/report together15:20
flaper87dhellmann: true but I'd like to give a heads up and also set up a call for feedback and input if there's any since we're just starting with this15:20
dhellmann"we are starting to work on this, if you want to be involved here's how to keep up with what's going on..."15:20
ttxI'll ask that the new projects stuff is discussed during the common segment15:20
ttxI think they need to cover some of ity during the formal board meeting though15:20
ttxprobably something they need a vote on15:20
dhellmannyeah, I think that's ultimately going to come down to a board decision15:20
flaper87I'll also send an email to the ML and see if any of the folks that worked on this previously would provide some extra feedback15:21
dtroyerso by the afternoon whatever is going to be done on the new projects will be done?15:21
cdentI thought diana’s idea of contacting the departed or less active was spot on, and that there are existing tools for it, is great15:21
cdentdtroyer: I added another entry to the agenda to bring it back up in the afternoon15:22
ttxdtroyer: probably not "done" but formally on the table i suspect15:23
dtroyercdent: ok, but at that point it's basically a "here's what we did"15:23
ttxagenda says "proposed structure"15:23
cdentdtroyer: yeah, point taken, not sure what to say15:24
ttxagree we need to clarify what will be discussed in the morning and what should be discussed in the afternoon15:24
ttxideally everything in the afternoon if tey don't need a formal board resolution on it15:24
ttxI already mentioned that we are interested in that topic15:25
dtroyerat the risk of biting the hand that feeds me, yes we are interested… and as cdent mentioned earlier, in more than a generic structure discussion15:26
ttxanything else we are missing?15:27
cdentI’m going to be there all day anyway, because i’m just that kind of person.15:27
EmilienMit would be interesting to do some sort of TC retrospective15:27
EmilienMand see what went well/less well and maybe take some actions - I guess we're doing it over time but having in person discussions can also help15:28
ttxEmilienM: like ?15:28
ttxor something else?15:29
cdentEmilienM: do you mean something where the TC talks to itself, or other people talk to the TC. I would be interested to get feedback from the board on whether they think the TC is doing what they imagine we ought to be.15:29
ttxcdent: I know the answer to this one15:29
EmilienMcdent: of course with external people15:29
EmilienMalthough in my experience, retros happen within a team15:29
ttxcdent: they think the TC is not doing what it should do, which is forcing developers to work on each director personal priorities15:30
ttx(all of which are different obviously)15:30
EmilienMcdent: yes a bit like
cdentweren’t we planning some kind of education15:30
ttxwe've been explaining that it doesn't work that way at almost every meeting15:31
EmilienMttx: who is "they"?15:31
ttxthe Board.15:31
EmilienMoh ok15:31
ttxcdent: true, dhellmann had a plan15:31
* dhellmann tries to remember what that was15:31
ttxto do some education15:31
dhellmannoh, right15:31
pabelangerforcing how?15:32
ttxbut zuulv3 kinda took over last weeks15:32
dhellmann"How things get done in openstack" as a presentation15:32
ttxpabelanger: exactly15:32
EmilienMfor example, in the retro we could discuss if office hours went well (then continue) or not well (then stop or change it) -that's an example15:32
dimsright dhellmann15:32
dhellmannyeah, there's not going to be time to prepare a presentation for that15:32
dhellmannmaybe the next time we meet15:32
dhellmannor maybe a blog post15:32
cdenthow things get done in openstack as a presentation as a service15:32
ttxEmilienM: I feel liek it's better done as a forum session then15:33
ttxEmilienM: since our constituency is the community-at-large15:33
ttxnot teh Board15:33
EmilienMyeah that's a good point15:33
ttxI like the idea of a forum session on whether the TC is a good steard15:33
EmilienM+1 for a Forum session "TC retrospective"15:33
johnthetubaguyseems a similar disconnect we have with the PWG15:33
ttxEmilienM: in-person office hour15:34
ttxOh, that makes me think...15:34
dtroyer++  we basically did that in Boston, right?  I think that time spent was valuable15:34
ttxIf you have any idea of a forum session that is really missing from schedule, there might still be time to add it15:35
EmilienMdtroyer: yeah, it was great15:35
ttxlet me check with the schedulers15:35
dims++ dtroyer15:35
dtroyerI'm not sure if I have the current schedule, but there are still a handful of openings15:36
ttxlet's see what they can propose15:37
johnthetubaguyEmilienM: I do like the retrospective idea, sadly not in syd, the session at the forum seem to exclude more than I hoped, but in the Forum there should be less clashes.15:38
ttxhmm so they have Tue 11:40 / conflicting with "Documentation and relnotes, what do you miss ?" and "openstack-sig-k8s and k8s-sig-openstack collaborations"15:41
dhellmannshould we plan a forum session to work on the inclusiveness stuff? or is that premature?15:41
dhellmannor is there one already?15:41
ttxWed 11-11:4015:41
ttxconflicting with "Bare metal as a service: Ironic vs. Mogan vs. Nova"15:42
ttxWed 4:30-6pm15:42
ttxThat last one is not bad15:42
ttxwe could do 5:20-6pm last session of the show15:43
ttxgood for retrospective anyway15:43
TheJuliaSounds kind of good, I would just worry about people heading to the airport around 4pm15:43
TheJulia(as crazy as that might be...)15:43
dhellmannTheJulia : it does happen15:44
dhellmannthat seems like the least bad conflict, though15:44
ttxhmm dims has a talk at 5:2015:44
fungiexcept we make TheJulia choose between ironic and tc15:44
ttxGetting started with contributing to OpenStack; Do’s and Dont’s15:44
ttxso maybe 4:30-5:1015:45
dhellmannfungi : oh, I thought the ironic thing was 11-11:40?15:45
ttxat that's cmurphy's talk slot15:45
ttxdamn this is hard15:45
fungidhellmann: oh, i misread the ordering in the scrollback i guess15:46
dhellmannwe need to start putting this on the schedule first15:46
dhellmannwe usually want one; just allocate the slot and avoid the conflicts with talks and other sessions15:46
fungiclearly we need tc members to stop being so involved in teh community so we can schedule tc-focused sessions at the last moment ;)15:46
dimsLOL fungi15:46
dimsi can ask amrith to go solo on the talk if it helps :)15:47
ttxdhellmann: all 4 proposed slots seem to generate some conflict15:47
smcginnisMeet early over breakfast?15:48
ttxdhellmann: I suspect you wanted to attend "Documentation and relnotes" one ?15:48
dhellmannttx: the docs session on tuesday is a nova thing so I could skip that15:48
ttxah, ok15:48
dhellmannpkovar will be there so he can attend15:48
ttxso maybe that Tuesday slot is not that bad15:48
ttxchecking other things hapening at that slot15:49
dhellmannsmcginnis : we sort of want other people to have a chance to come, too15:49
ttxIronic - Project Onboarding15:49
dhellmannI mean, we *do* want it15:49
TheJuliaI have the ironic project onboarding on tuesday at 11:40 :(15:49
ttxok so we need to pick between causing a problem to TheJulia, cmurphy or dims.15:50
pabelangermaybe see if we can swap with another forum session into the open timeslots?15:50
ttxpabelanger: from experience that causes a lot of pain15:50
ttxsince people did some scheduling already15:50
pabelangeryah, i would think the is disriptive15:51
ttxif we had spotted the issue earlier15:51
ttxwe could have done it once the schedule was not frozen yet15:51
dimsttx : i can check with amrith15:51
ttxwe also don't need to all be there15:52
* amrith tunes the knob over to the #openstack-tc channel15:52
ttxalthough it would be great to have all the new faces15:52
ttxslight preference for 5:20 Wednesday at this point15:52
ttxI like the concept of the last slot of the show15:52
fungiit's like we're sticking around 'till last call15:53
amrithso dims, when is the conflict for us?15:53
amrithof course you have to be there for the presentation dims15:53
amritha duet without one person isn't a duet15:53
ttxMy personal preference would be 4:30 since I don't have anything on that slot -- but I'd like to have cmurphy around :)15:53
pabelanger5:20 Wednesday +115:54
dhellmannyes, it would be good to have all of our new members present for this15:55
smcginnis4:30 looks like a good slot other than cmurphy's conflict.15:55
smcginnisOr 5:20 if dims leave amrith holding the mic.15:56
ttxwell they can do it fast and have all their public join us as a practical exercise15:56
TheJulia5:20 is clear on all of my calendars15:57
ttxLet me get it on the agenda at 5:2015:57
ttxthen if we can find a solution we'll swap it15:57
ttxbut I doubt it15:57
ttxsorry dims :/15:57
dimsno worries ttx15:58
smcginnisTheJulia: Sad that calendar has to be plural there. :)15:58
smcginnisBut same situation for all of us I'm sure.15:58
TheJuliaYeah :(15:59
EmilienMjust a question, it's not documented on where is the meeting15:59
EmilienM"in the Sydney ICC"15:59
EmilienMI guess it's easy to find?16:00
dtroyerThere are usually signs, " in a conference room to be determined later"16:00
dhellmannEmilienM : there are usually signs16:00
dhellmannand the hotel staff usually knows, too (or can find it)16:01
fungiyeah, it's possible the organizers haven't picked what room they'll be putting us in yet16:05
ttxwill let you know as soon as I have the details16:08
smcginnisThat was quick.16:14
ttxI pinged the magic Jimmy McArthur16:16
fungimagic jimmy always comes through16:16
*** jbryce has joined #openstack-tc16:19
amrithsmcginnis ... hell hath no fury like a co-presenter left on stage with a live mic, just saying.16:31
amrithhow am I supposed to do a presentation by myself about contributing to openstack; dims was the only one (of two) who knew anything about that16:32
amrithI guess I have to learn between now and next week16:33
amrithdims, you owe me dinner in sydney16:33
smcginnisamrith: Better get cracking. :)16:33
smcginnisamrith: Or you can steal the stage to talk about how awesome hoard is.16:33
amrithsmcginnis is there any dummies guide to openstack book available?16:33
amrithsmcginnis that's a good idea but 40 minutes would not suffice16:33
dimsamrith : for sure :)16:34
amrithi have to agree with dims, the popcorn gallery in the new format tc office hours isn't that bad after all16:34
dimsamrith : i will help with the presentation too16:34
amrithdon't y'all have any real stuff to chat about that you can tell me to shut up?16:34
smcginnisamrith: Gotta work on your marketing skills. I've worked with some marketing people that could easily talk for 40 minutes about products that don't exist yet.16:34
amrithlike in the good old days :)16:34
amrithsmcginnis that's vile. I said 40 minutes wouldn't suffice. I could talk for hours about the great things in hoard16:35
amrithis the TC office hours done? or am I interrupting?16:36
ttxit's done and you never are16:36
* ttx can't wait for the end of DST and having all office hours at very inconvenient times16:36
amrithttx, I'm rare16:36
amrithsometimes medium16:36
amrithnever done16:37
ttxnever are interrupting I mean16:37
ttxnot never done16:37
ttxthat's what you get for asking two questions at the same time16:37
amrithnot never, head explodes :)16:37
amrithoh, sorry, I thought I put two quarters in the machine16:38
amrithok, dims, let's figure out what we do about the presentation16:39
amrithsmcginnis see you in sydney16:39
amrithttx see you in sydney16:39
*** cdent has quit IRC16:39
fungiamrith: not interrupting, tc office hour "officially" wrapped up 48 minutes ago at 1600z16:48
fungithough interruptions during office hours are welcome too, and more or less the point of having them16:48
dimsthere are no interruptions ... only conversations :)17:02
*** cdent has joined #openstack-tc17:17
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk17:22
openstackgerritTelles Mota Vidal Nóbrega proposed openstack/governance master: Marking Sahara policy in code goal as done
openstackgerritGraham Hayes proposed openstack/governance master: Mark Designate policy in code as done
openstackgerritKendall Nelson proposed openstack/governance master: Add Storyboard Migration to Rocky
fungitc-members: according to that forward to the uc ml, "The meeting is located in the ICC (convention center) on Level 3 in Room E3.1/E3.2. On Sunday morning when you enter the convention center registration lobby, there will be signage and helpful way-finder staffers there to help people find their way upstairs and over to the board meeting room."18:32
fungiso not unlike at previous summits18:33
*** cdent has quit IRC19:17
*** harlowja has quit IRC19:46
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/governance master: make sahara-dashboard a separate deliverable
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/governance master: split up sahara deliverables
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-tc20:33
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