Wednesday, 2017-08-16

* EmilienM up for the TC office hour00:59
fungicount me in!01:00
* amrith coughs01:00
amrithdo we have office hours today?01:01
amrithanybody home?01:01
amrithhello jeremy01:03
amrithfancy meeting you here01:03
amrithare you here for tc office hours too (or are you the tc member I'm here to meet :))01:03
EmilienMamrith: I think fungi and I are here for the tc office hour now01:05
amrithhi EmilienM, I'm not sure how this works so I'll pose my question01:06
amrithI sent this email to the ML earlier today01:06
amrithhow does one get on the 'top-5' projects in need of help list?01:06
amrithis there a defined process?01:06
fungiyeah, seems like we're just two tc members in the office hour so far01:07
fungiothers have a tendency to pop in once they realize it's that time or manage to free themselves up from whatever else they have going on01:07
fungiamrith: it's not really the top 5 teams needing help, it's more like the top 5 things the tc agrees we need more contributors working on01:08
fungiso might be particular teams, might be specific cross-project efforts, et cetera01:08
amrithok, sounds good, how can trove get some 'loving' from that focus?01:08
fungii don't think it has any different defined process than the rest of the governance... just make a proposal and the tc can debate, vote on and possibly approve it01:09
fungithis particular exercise was a result of attempting to help direct contribution from agents who know they want to participate in the project but aren't sure where they canmake the most effective impact01:10
fungifor example, we've heard that contributors from some asian cultures benefit from being given some sort of explicit permission/signal that it's okay to work on specific things and we hope that something like a top 5 most wanted or bounty board or what have you would fill that need01:14
amrithok,  that's helpful01:14
amrithany other pointers would be welcomed, thx fungi01:14
amriththx EmilienM01:14
amrithare these office hours usually this riveting?01:15
fungisimilarly, the foundation gets questions from new member companies wanting to know what they an do to help01:15
amrithor is today an exception?01:15
fungiamrith: i _think_ this may be the first time i've seen anyone who isn't the tc asking questions in the 01:00z wednesday hour01:15
fungiso... congrats? ;)01:16
amrithyeah, I got a first (at something) eventually01:16
amrithit only took 51 years ...01:16
fungibut yeah, this is usually our quietest of the three slots during the week01:17
fungithe 09:00z tuesday hour seems to get the most activity, but i'm usually asleep01:17
amrithcool. that's all I had. I'm going to run along and see if I can dig up a nice truffle or something01:17
fungihave fun!01:18
fungiand thanks for giving us something to do other than have a tc echo chamber!01:18
* fungi is playing with his compose key again01:21
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fungiwell, that was a more useful office hour than most02:05
amrithg'night fungi EmilienM02:13
openstackgerritzhurong proposed openstack/governance master: Add solum-tempest-plugin to solum project
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openstackgerritzhurong proposed openstack/governance master: Add solum-tempest-plugin to solum project
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openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/governance master: Refresh Pike goals status for Ironic
ttxSo.. we have extra rooms for Monday-Tuesday at the PTG if there is a cross-project issue we think would be good to discuss extensively (and that is not covered by the existing rooms as published @ )13:35
ttxthingee: was wondering if we should not have a room around "simplification"13:36
ttxdims: should we do a room around adjacent technologies and making pieces more reusable in other stacks ?13:37
mugsieI would be interested in ^ alright13:38
cdentttx I think both of those are good ideas, but will need some good advertising and discoverability13:39
ttxagreed, they mostly need someone to lead them and do advertising13:39
ttxwhich is why I pinged specific individuals :)13:40
dimsttx : +113:40
ttxI know i'll be busy between multiple rooms already13:40
ttxdims: would you be up to driving such a room ?13:40
ttxI think it's easy to justify with it being a Board+TC+UC prio13:40
ttxthe other prios should be covered by the TC/stewardship room13:41
ttx(growing next generation of leaders, closing the fedback loop, better comm what is openstack)13:41
ttxIf you have other suggestions, I'll take them. Ideally we'd set the list of rooms in stone this week :)13:42
dimsttx : yes, i can. sorry heads down on that upgrade thingy, will think a bit and ping you back13:49
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dimsttx : i was thinking of a session for new projects to give an update to tc and anyone else interested. (potential applicants for governance). but not quite sure how many folks will show up for it. we could ask on -dev@ i guess15:01
ttxdims: I think we can schedule that in the TC room alright15:01
ttxwill create an etherpad15:01
dims++ ttx15:02
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thingeettx: I think it would be great to have a room for simplification18:42
thingeettx: also to by then have a more formal plan given18:42
thingeein what we learned from the work that we've already done18:42
ttxcool! I think that could attract a number of people across projects18:44
ttxdtroyer: I have you up to lead the CLI/SDK/OpenStackClient room on Mon-Tue at PTG. You'rfe OK with that ?18:56
fungithingee: step #1 in simplification, revert the room and just gather in the lounge? simpler! ;)19:10
* fungi really isn't helping, is he?19:11
fungii suppose you could keep the room for this time, but post a deprecation warning over the door19:11
fungi"room deprecated, to be removed during rocky"19:12
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