Wednesday, 2017-08-02

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fungidisappointed (though not surprised) mugsie indicates 99% of dns admins wouldn't want dnssec00:36
fungialso wondering whether mwhahaha's script could run for puppet-openstack ptl00:36
mwhahahaNot since yamllint changes :(00:37
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EmilienMI'm online for TC office hours00:52
dimshey EmilienM00:54
EmilienMdims: o/00:54
fungiso it is!01:01
fungioffice hour time01:02
dimsfungi : EmilienM : seen this? "What is the process for developing Go?"
dimsinteresting way to look at how they use feedback01:07
EmilienMI haven't but it looks like a nice reading01:07
dimsEmilienM : i liked your "PTL wanted" email :)01:08
dimsanyone bite yet?01:08
cdentoh feh, I’m still awake since the last office hours. this is a bad sign01:08
EmilienMdims: thanks for feedback! not yet :-)01:09
* EmilienM sends some tisane to cdent01:09
fungicdent: that's exactly what i'm afraid would happen if i got out of bed early enough for the first one01:10
cdentI had reasonable plans to be asleep long before now but I got sucked into doing some reviews, then looking at some bugs, then a few more reviews, and then a very confusing bug that took far too long to figure out… blah blah01:11
fungii was planning to have a quiet evening, but stuff kept breaking01:11
fungii can quiet evening some other time01:11
dimshey cdent !01:15
dimscdent : ?01:16
cdentyeah, that’s about right01:16
cdentI think I better get off the computer before I start something else. Good night all.01:21
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dimsgood night cde01:21
dimsfungi : i had occasion to revisit
fungithat was a while ago01:23
dimsy some folks are still using pki tokens... :(01:24
EmilienMare you guys going to Sidney?01:29
EmilienM(I guess yes)01:29
fungiyeah, my sponsor would really prefer i not miss summits if possible01:34
dims:) fungi01:50
dimsEmilienM : y, too early to book flights though01:50
EmilienMdims: same01:55
fungiquiet office hour, but we've had far quieter i suppose02:05
EmilienMfungi: can I use the fact you're online to get a review on ?02:25
openstackgerritGergely Csatari proposed openstack/governance master: Removal of installguide-cookiecutter
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openstackgerritJames Page proposed openstack/governance master: charms: Add Gnocchi charm and supporting interfaces
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ttxPike vs. Newton team activity variation data:
ttxIt's interesting since Newton is considered a "peak" activity cycle13:11
mugsiettx: we were only -47% ?13:12
ttxIt's a combination of changes proposed, changes merged, and contributors involved13:12
ttxbut yes13:12
* mugsie would have put that higher13:12
ttxlet me see what the raw data says13:12
ttxDesignate Changes proposed: - 54.58 %, Changes merged - 59.69 %, Contributors - 30.91 %13:14
ttxSo the fact that contributors are still around compensates a bit13:14
ttxmy "activity" metric is a combination of all 313:15
mugsieyeah - I suppose we have been around, but not hugely active13:15
mugsiethere is a few outliers there, especially at the growing end, but that is not quite as bad a picture as the "OpenStack is dead" tech press would have you believe13:17
ttxAlso Newton was arguably in overdrive13:18
ttx shows overall merged changes13:19
ttxin commits/day13:19
ttxBasically that last year is still significantly above July 2014 - July 2015, only a small drop compared to our peak year13:20
ttxGranted that's fueled by new projects activity, but still13:20
mugsiehow much are projects like zun contributing to the total ? they are up 300 odd %, but is that 300% of 20 commits ?13:21
ttxIt's interesting that at the peak of the hype in 2014 we were merging 150/day and now we are at 250/day but dead13:21
ttxmugsie: let me see13:23
ttxthat 300% increase probably starts from very low :)13:23
mugsieyeah - I was tempted to set up a twitter bot that tweeted every time we merged something, and then when people said we were dead, I could point them to that account13:23
ttxZun Merged commits: Newton: 11413:23
ttxPike: 526 (+ 361.4 %)13:23
ttxSignificant, I'd say13:23
mugsieyeah, definitely13:24
ttxAlthough they were arguably just getting startedin Newton, it's not a statistical oddity13:24
mugsieare you pulling this from gerrit, stackalytics, or $other_thing ?13:25
ttxIt's from Gerrit data13:25
ttxA bit hackish which is why I need a delay to answer your questions, involves live-editing the scripts :)13:25
mugsieah - fair enough. I have my own collection of these scripts that I used in designate - it seems everyone does13:26
ttxGood to see barbican activity increasing13:28
ttxsurprised to see congress activity increasing13:28
ttxor ec2api13:28
mugsieit is hard work, and unfortunately the kind of work that is rarely ever user facing, or "glamorious"13:28
mugsieyeah - I thought ec2api get retired ?13:28
ttxand yes, concerning to see keystone in that top group13:29
ttxmugsie: not yet, partially due to their increasing activity13:29
ttxalso good to see glance and horizon having most of the drop behind them13:30
cdentI hope we’re careful with how we wield these numbers. It’s probably not the case with most openstack things, but for a project in general, lack of activity can mean “it just works".13:38
cdentAnd the goal we should be striving for in the projects is that they “just work"13:38
cdent(very long term goal in many cases)13:38
cdentI’ve seen comments on requirements changes where people get nervous about a library that hasn’t had a lot of commits recently. As if that’s a bad thing.13:39
mugsieyeah - and I am guilty of it as well. If I am lookig for a tool, and the repo is last updated a year ago, gets put as a negative in my head13:43
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dhellmannit depends on whether there are a bunch of open bugs or pull requests against it that haven't seen any traffic either13:44
cdentdhellmann: sure, but in isolation, lack of activity is meaningless13:45
ttxcdent: yes, which is why looking at the trends (is it getting worse or better) is also an indication13:51
ttxSome people would consider a slow drop to be natural after the peak of feature development/rewrite13:51
ttxcdent: 25% drop is, I think, within natural evolution. Beyond 36% is slightly more concerning13:53
ttxor at least warrants some attention and deeper analysis13:53
ttxwhich is why I regrouped the teams in that viz13:53
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dtantsurhi folks! where are names pulled from in mine does not look great :( this seems to be my really old launchpad name (using cyrillic back then)14:15
EmilienMdtantsur: from openstack/elections I think14:28
EmilienMdtantsur: or maybe not14:29
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dtantsurEmilienM: oh fun! I have two accounts at, one with incorrect name, the other one is real14:39
* dtantsur talks to infra14:42
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dimsdtantsur : ouch15:08
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fungicdent: a good example is a command-line utility i maintain to grab weather conditions and forecast data... it's gone years without a commit at some points, but then i notice or get bug reports that data locations have changed and i scramble into action to fix that, then silence again for years18:27
cdentkeeps on tickin18:28
fungii personally like "stable" software. it's good for users and for those writing it, as long as it continues to do exactly what it's designed for18:29
funginot everything needs constant "innovation" to remain useful18:29
fungiso completely agree with your concerns there18:29
openstackgerritJeremy Stanley proposed openstack/governance master: Normalize deliverables arrays in legacy.yaml
cdentfungi: do you know if it is by design the gerrit bot is reporting both here and -dev ?19:01
cdentbecause both is rather like noise19:01
mtreinishcdent: it is, in that I pushed the patch to add it here without removing it from -dev19:03
mtreinishcdent: I don't think it's necessarily noise since -dev has a much higher membership than -tc and governance changes do effect everyone19:04
cdentI mostly meant noise here. I do think it is good in -dev19:04
cdentbut since nearly everyone in here will also be in -dev, duplication seems ammiss19:04
cdentit’s by no means a bid deal though19:05
cdentso if people like it, that’s great19:05
cdentbut if it was an oversight…19:05
fungicdent: i have no objections to having the gerritbot _not_ report in here, however it may be useful to people who look at the (much quieter) tc channel logs. i have no real preference either way19:11
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