Friday, 2017-07-28

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Mark Octavia complete for queens policy goal
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Declare plainly the current state of PostgreSQL in OpenStack
ttxForgot to approve this one earlier in the week, sorry for the delay, but it's finally here ^07:47
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smcginnisGlad to see that PG update finally go through.10:59
cdentyeah, that took some time11:02
flaper87To be honest, sometimes it's hard for me to understand what format a resolution should follow. We don't have a good pattern, model, etc to follow other than examples, which are quite different from each other12:14
cdentflaper87: agreed12:15
cdentI’ve been moaning lately that a lot of the resolutions seem like referenes to me12:15
flaper87And the above has nothing to do with English, which is of course not perfect12:15
flaper87cdent: right12:15
cdentbecause they often don’t explicitly state “we will now do this"12:15
flaper87cdent: and some cross the line to "documentation"12:15
flaper87I should probably start working on a template12:16
flaper87or something that we can discuss on12:16
flaper87Hopefully, that will make future resolutions easier to write12:16
cdentgood plan12:16
flaper87of course, it's not like the template would dictate *exactly* what the resolution should look like but it would hopefully be a good reference12:17
smcginnisflaper87: I think that would be useful. If nothing, at least a standard format to follow.12:17
* flaper87 puts that in his todo list12:18
mugsiewhen I worked in representitive bodies we used to have a format and a list of requirements for resolutions. They had to have a a preamble describing the state of play, and current problems, and then have a (clear and actionible) mandate, along with who was actualy responsible for guiding the work12:21
mugsiewe also had more traditional policies as well, but resoilutions we stricter12:22
mugsieit definitely does not need to be as strict as a defined format, but some guidence like ^ might help ?12:22
cdentmugsie: yeah, those are good ideas. I think it would help make the resolutions more useful. At the moment it feels a bit like they get created and then …. ?12:24
flaper87mugsie: yeah, that's mostly what I'm looking for but perhaps one step beyond guidelines since we have plenty of non-native english speakers which have to struggle with format and language12:25
flaper87The less we waste time on format discussions when new resolutions are proposed, the more we can focus on the content12:25
mugsieflaper87: yeah - thats true. a simple template, that tries to avoid it being too "legal"ish would be good12:25
flaper87and, of course, the more consistent these resolutions are, the easier it will be for people to follow the resolutions12:26
flaper87Like, they know the format, they glance the parts they know and they focus on the final agreement12:26
mugsiein representitive politics things alway got into technicnal english debates12:26
cdentWhereas flaper87 created a template, and mugsie and cdent saw that it was good, be it resolved that henceforth, whereupon and such...12:26
flaper87cdent: lol12:26
mugsieI liked the way the TC top 5 work items had champions - maybe that is something to bring to reolutions12:27
mugsiecdent: you joke - but that is better than some of the things I saw proposed :D12:27
cdentI _never_ joke12:27
cdentnuh eh ver12:28
mugsieof course not :)12:29
mugsielike I am always in agreement with the majority12:29
cdentall ways12:30
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fungii always assumed resolutions were championed by their proposers unless otherwise stated13:56
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dhellmannmy understanding was that resolutions were meant to be point-in-time decisions, but the reference documents would be "living" and receive updates over time as things changed14:35
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fungithough sometimes a resolution might result in a significant change to a reference document and provide the rationale for that14:41
dhellmanngood point14:44
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thingeecdent, fungi ttx happy to have help on the simplification goal. it's something I task switch to here and there15:47
thingeeit's not my highest priority atm though15:47
thingeehappy to bring volunteers up to speed though15:48
cdentthingee: do have anything like a task list or set of goals, something like that?15:48
thingeenope. I had a set of reviews that have already been approved.15:48
thingeeit would be good to maybe brainstorm on some new targets. mostly been removing config options out of various projects like nova15:49
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openstackgerritJeremy Stanley proposed openstack/governance master: Normalize deliverables arrays in legacy.yaml
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thingeecdent: example
cdentthanks thingee will give those a browse15:58
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openstackgerritJeremy Stanley proposed openstack/governance master: Normalize deliverables arrays in legacy.yaml
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