Wednesday, 2017-07-26

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fungiooh, it's that time again01:00
fungianybody officing or houring?01:01
dtroyerheyo fungi01:02
fungiright on01:02
dtroyerwow we're a talkative bunch tonight… :)01:15
dimsso... i've been trying to resurrect really old keystone PR's in k8s, ended up writing a webhook service that can call keystone (and kubernetes calls the webhook service).
dimsthat was just the authentication piece, need to poke at authorization next, looking through old pr(s), seems like everyone has a different idea of what that integration should look like01:22
dimsso asking help from kfox1111 and ayoung to figure out01:23
dimsi am seeing lots of pictures from openstack china as well01:23
fungithey seem like great choices01:23
dimscan you see if you can access this fungi?
dimsthere's one of alan clark vacuuming the stage (skit)01:25
fungiyep, seems to be reachable/browsable01:26
fungilots of shots of ttx on stage01:26
fungiahh, yeah there's alan01:27
dimstakes a while to load, more folks on stage as well01:27
dimsorange jump suit :)01:28
dtroyerare those keynotes recorded?01:28
dimsdtroyer : not quite sure will have to ask01:29
fungii'll see if anyone on staff knows01:31
dtroyerI found
dimsdtroyer : are you happy with ?01:33
dimsgoing to ship that now01:33
dtroyerdims: yes, thanks01:34
fungifor the first time, i think this slot was more lively than 09:00 tuesday session01:59
mtreinishdims: that looks like the same room that the linuxcon china keynotes were in02:44
mtreinishalthough given how gigantic that conference center is, there are probably multiple rooms that big there02:44
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openstackgerritChason Chan proposed openstack/project-team-guide master: Revise the format
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dimsmtreinish : i have no idea :)10:27
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* ttx waves -- back in France13:55
cdentwere you in china ttx?13:58
ttxcdent: I was indeed14:01
cdentgood times?14:01
ttxInteresting times. We learned about new massive users there14:01
ttxLike China Railways, China UnionPay, Wechat14:01
cdentthat sounds like a potentially good thing?14:02
ttxIt is. Need to double up on our efforts to turn them into useful contributors and new leaders14:03
ttxThey mentioned sync IRC meetings as being a problem, beyond the obvious off timezone and language barrier14:03
cdentwhat are the additional reasons?14:08
EmilienMttx: I'm also curious to investigate how to improve the surveys to know more about their deployments, seems like we're surprised to have big users there but it didn't appear in the survey14:08
ttxEmilienM: It's not specific to China. The Survey and the operators ML are unfortunately not covering 100% of our users14:09
EmilienMright, that's why I'm asking if we can improve our process14:10
ttxcdent: no, I mean, them working on a timew=zone zhen most of the others are sleeping is not really helping them. So does the language barrier14:10
ttxBut they specifically mentioned IRC meetings as extra painful14:11
ttxi.e too fast for them to type to participate to the discussion, and also happening at 4am14:11
ttxThey like email :)14:11
cdentI like email too :)14:13
cdentfor some of the more entrenched projects (e.g. nova) I suspect IRC can be extremely daunting, even if you speak english well14:14
ttxThey also don't mind the face-to-face stuff. Would prefer if they were held in China obviously, but otherwise they feel like those are ok14:14
ttxSpent some time with Alex Xu the nova-core (he and gcb led us on a Forbidden City tour)14:15
ttxso it feels like it is doable to work with the Nova team :)14:15
ttxalex_xu: thanks again!14:16
cdentI should have said “extremely daunting for new people"14:16
alex_xuttx: you are welcome :)14:16
* ttx needs to catch train14:18
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EmilienMcdent: +1 for irc meetings, I always have some hard time to follow everyone during the tc meeting when it happens16:20
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fungii have a hard time following irc meetings a lot of the time, even though i'm a native english speaker19:53
fungii used to think it was because of my dyslexia, but now i'm starting to realize that it's just hard to have a conversation with a dozen or more people at once no matter who you are19:53
fungii don't think it's a problem with irc specifically (in fact irc makes it easier)19:54
fungihaving a conversation with a dozen people at once on a phone call or in person is even harder19:55
EmilienMfungi: ++20:08
EmilienMthat's why small teams work :)20:08
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dhellmannfollowing and participating in the board phone calls can be pretty challenging20:12
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