Friday, 2017-06-30

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ttxmordred: from zaneb: "In retrospect, if our top priority was to avoid renaming we should have moved the official projects to the stackforge/ namespace instead of the other way around."08:20
ttxEmilienM:  let me know if should be abandoned08:41
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mordredttx: :)09:35
ttxmordred: still *very* concerned that making it too disconnected would reduce the already-limited investment in maintaining the infrastructure. It's not as if offering free hosting gave us people outside of openstack helping with maintaining the infrastructure09:39
ttxWe'd have a to find a magic name that makes it clear it's "what's used for openstack development"09:40
ttxAlso, getting rid of repo prefixes across the board, and setting up partial github mirroring appear to be things that can/should be done anyway09:41
mordredttx: I mean - I think we just keep talking to people investing about investing in openstack09:41
mordredttx: ++09:41
mordredyes - I think there are several things that are orthogonal concerns09:41
mordredand, honeslty, SHOULD be09:42
mordredrepo organization and naming _should_ be separate from inclusive project policies and/or decisions about  hosting non-affiliated projects in our infrastructure09:42
mordredthey are sadly interconnected today which makes everything way more confusing09:43
ttxThose threads tend to inevitably trigger tangential discussions, which makes them long and hard to follow09:44
ttxbut then every thread on debian-devel turns into a systemd discussion, too,. It's not unique to us09:44
fungii'm waiting on the current umask thread on debian-devel to circle back around to systemd12:34
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