Wednesday, 2019-09-25

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openstackgerritguang-yee proposed openstack/keystoneauth master: Generate pdf documentation
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openstackgerritShogo Saito proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Adding basic implementation for Accelerator(Cyborg)
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openstackgerritVishakha Agarwal proposed openstack/keystoneauth master: Generate pdf documentation
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mordredefried: no - i version discovery endpoints should never require auth11:21
mordredgtema: nice photo :)11:22
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fricklermordred: iiuc efried was talking about the versioned endpoint. the discovery endpoint would seem to be just in his example11:31
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mordredfrickler: yeah- but that versioned endpoint is still a version discovery endpoint (it's where the versioned discovery doc would be located) - and should never require auth11:39
mordredefried: ^^11:39
fricklermordred: efried: hmm, then at least cinder, glance and nova are broken in that respect11:48
fricklerthe only service where I see this working is identity11:49
cdentplacement does no auth for the version doc11:50
cdentor if it doesn't, then something is broken11:51
fricklercdent: placement seems special in that it runs directly under the main endpoint afaict, i.e. there is no /placement/v1.0/ path11:55
cdentthat's correct11:55
* cdent wishes everything else was the same11:55
cdentversion numbers ins URLs are icky11:56
mordredfrickler: *awesome*11:58
mordredfrickler: well, I guess it probably doens't break sdk most of the time because we're usually set up with auth anyway11:58
mordredbut in a perfect world no version discovery docs should be auth protected - as they do not present any user-specific or special info11:59
mordredthey should also be naturally aggressively cacheable11:59
cdenti was surprised to discover on the ML recently that some entries in the service catalog still have project ids?12:01
cdent(in the urls)12:01
mordredyeah. some people still haven't gotten rid of those12:11
mordredkeystoneauth version discovery knows how to strip them and add them back when it's looking for version discovery docs - so I stopped caring, even though it's ultimately a tragedy12:11
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dtantsurmordred: an interesting topic came up on #release. with more and more projects relying on openstacksdk for x-project interaction, how do we prevent breakages?12:21
dtantsurwe cannot reasonably run so many jobs, can we?12:21
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fricklerI think we can and we should. possibly most of them non-voting12:23
dtantsurokay, I'll add an ironic-inspector job then12:25
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mordreddtantsur: I think we might want to do some file matchers ...12:28
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mordreddtantsur: you probably don't need to run ironic-inspector jobs on patches to openstack/image/* - for instance :)12:28
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add a non-voting ironic-inspector job
dtantsurmordred: that was my thought as well12:28
dtantsuralthough I'm not sure how to express it12:28
dtantsurI wonder to run it on e.g. openstack/resource.py12:29
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mordredyeah - I think openstack/{connection,resource,proxy}.py should likely run the world - but those should also be rare at this point12:29
mordredfwiw - I'm not opposed to these becomming voting if we figure out the right file matchers12:30
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mordredbut one step at a time12:30
dtantsurto use matchers, do we need to inherit the jobs? or can I do it in<>?12:32
mordreddtantsur, Shrews, gtema_: the new hotness in ansible land is collections, and the intent is to split out modules from ansible core into externally managed collections. these can be hosted anywhere. so - I think we should host the openstack collection in opendev as a deliverable of the sdk project (since the overlap is very high)12:33
dtantsurI very much agree with that12:33
mordreddtantsur: you can do it in<>12:33
mordredI'll get some patches up today for project creation and initial content import and whatnot12:34
dtantsurgreat! then we can add a bifrost job to verify ironic bits12:34
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mordreddtantsur: it's going to be some amount of fun for bifrost - because the module names are going to change12:55
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dtantsurmordred: can we also re-engineer ironic modules then?12:56
dtantsurthey're awkward to say the least12:56
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dtantsurand we should be doing os_baremetal_node, not os_ironic, etc, etc12:56
mordredI'm going to start by importing the existing modules as they are - but I figure since the modules names are changing anyway, it's a good time to rework stuff we're annoyed by12:56
mordrednew names will be like '' instead of os_ironic_node - fwiw12:57 ;)12:57
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gtemaoh cool. I like the idea. Let's do this12:59
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efriedmordred: Given that nova's versioned endpoint is requiring auth (I can fix that, but it's going to take time before we can rely on it), I'm seeing odd behavior in _validate_proxy.14:02
efriedin that it *seems* as though it's not using the Connection's auth when querying that URI14:03
efriedbecause I'm getting a 40114:03
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/ansible-collections-openstack master: Add collections metadata info
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/ansible-collections-openstack master: Import modules from ansible/ansible
mordredmnaser, dtantsur|afk: ^^15:33
mordredefried: ah. hrm. maybe there is an issue there we need to fix :(15:34
efriedmordred: let me resurrect the repro steps from yesterday...15:34
mordredmnaser, dtantsur|afk: we obviously need to add some zuul jobs and stuff15:34
cdent"add some zuul jobs and stuff"  is my mantra15:36
Shrewsmordred: what is the proposal for keeping the modules in sync (for the time being) between a-c-o and ansible/ansible?15:39
mordredShrews: mnaser and I were discussing just not doing that. saying that the a/a modules are good for 2.9 - and starting with 2.10 we just recommend people install the collection15:41
mordredShrews: and basically stopping accepting PRs in devel branch or something15:42
mnaseri think it's also neat if we added some sort of warning to repoint people too15:42
mnaser^ yeah and we should kill all issues/prs/etc15:42
Shrewsare collections compatible with older versions of ansible?15:43
mnasernope :<15:43
Shrewsthen i don't see how you can just tell people to install the collections15:43
mnaserwell i guess moving forwards the os_server will be frozen15:43
mnaserbut yeah i guessif someone jumps from 2.5 to 2.1015:43
mnaserit would magically disappear15:43
Shrewsand not accept bug fixes? i don't see that going over well15:44
mordredShrews: I think it's that older versions of ansible already have the built in modules in them15:44
mordredso we don't really need to do anything with those - it's only for ansible 2.10 and greater, which support collections, that anything would happen to the modules in a/a15:44
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mordredShrews: I think accepting stable branch bugfixes is totally a legit thing to do15:45
efriedmordred: okay, here we go:15:45
efried- Vanilla devstack running nova15:45
efried- Clone cyborg, pull down 682565 (to get proper opt registration) and pip install -e it15:45
efried- This /etc/cyborg/cyborg.conf:
efried- Run this script:
efried- Observe this output:
mordredefried: uh...15:46
Shrewsmordred: so i return to my original question... how are we going to keep those fixes in sync in both places?15:46
efriedmordred: just skip to the last paste :)15:47
Shrewsi'm guessing this is a problem all external collections are going to have. just wondering if there was talk about that process15:47
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mordredShrews: magic?15:48
mordredShrews: I think we should be able to make a zuul job that runs on changes to those that proposes patches to gerrit15:48
mordredefried: yeah. like - that is not output we want to see - but it makes me wonder how anything would be working15:49
efriedmordred: the last ten lines or so of that output show the 401 for auth required for the versioned endpoint, which shouldn't be happening because a) endpoint shouldn't require auth, but even if it does, b) we're using a proper auth to set up the Connection (which can be proven by using strict_proxies=False and using the resulting proxy to do real things).15:49
efriedmordred: The most obvious guess is that version discovery is not using the auth I pass in.15:49
efriedit's using... some other auth, or no auth.15:49
efriedthat would cause this behavior.15:49
efriededit: this particular version discovery path15:50
mordredyeah. something seems very strange there. I need to dig in to that - but it's lunchtime15:51
mordredthat is definitely not behavior I expect :(15:52
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efriedI'll open a story for this, I suppose.15:53
mordredShrews: it's a topic we definitely need to wrap our heads around15:53
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efrieddtroyer: Whom can we bug to get merged? It's a dep of a couple of nova doc patches that would be nice to get into rc121:13
efrieduhm, then again... I suppose that doesn't really help us unless osc is going to re-release for train, huh?21:14
dtroyerefried: right, I was holding off on new features until I was reasonably sure we didn't need a 4.0.1.  But that means 4.0.0 is stable/train21:19
efriedokay, never mind then21:19
efried<waves hand> I was never here21:20
dtroyerbut that really only matters for distro packagers… everyone else should be using current anyway :)21:20
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efriedpsshhht, distros <rolls eyes>21:21
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